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May 28, 2024: Short Story Rewind
Posted by Ronyx

Short Story RewindSee the source image

Letters fromShakespeare

Garret is a junior in high school. He is required to spend three weeks reading Macbeth in a literature class. Suddenly, love letters signed by William Shakespeare begin to appear. Are they from Maryanne, a girl who has invited him to her party? Or could they be from a secret admirer?

April 25, 2024: Story Rewind
Posted by Ronyx

Story Rewind

You Promised Me A Tomorrow

This story begins with Randy crying over TJ's grave. What happens to the beautiful boy, TJ, he meets the first day of school? You will have to read the story until its dramatic ending to find the answer. Did T.J. break his promise?

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April 19, 2024: Comsie Notice
Posted by Ronyx


We have lost a legend . Comicality has died. I can't begin to express how heartbroken I am. When I began to write 18 years ago, I was unsure of my writing skills. I feared that no one would be interested in what I had to say. Then along came Comsie. I had been an avid fan, but I wasn't aware that he had been following my stories on Nifty.  We began to communicate, and he encouraged me to keep writing. He supported me when I created The Mustard Jar. I was honored when he featured me in the May 2021 issue of his Imagine Magazine. I will miss my dear friend. RIP Comsie.



February 29, 2024: New Story!
Posted by Ronyx

New Story!

Window Stories

I remember my life now as if I'm looking out a window. Streaks of my life flash by me. I try to open the window and catch them, but the window won't open. So, I sit and watch them, and I wonder did they really happen or was it just a dream? Take a journey back in time as 78-year-old Phil Reid relates his life experiences to a younger man.

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February 9, 2024: Story Rewind
Posted by Ronyx

Story Rewind

Reggie's Journal

A witty and entertaining story of a young man, Reggie Ferguson, who is assigned by his creative writing teacher to maintain a weekly journal. Follow along as he begins to understand himself better through his weekly entries.

February 8, 2024: One Million Views
Posted by Ronyx

February 2, 2024: February Feature Story
Posted by Ronyx

February Feature

Finding Good Trouble

Parker Frazier attends Somerset High School, a suburban white school. Over the weekend, a fight breaks out during a basketball game against an inner-city black school. Tempers flared, and racial epithets were shouted. On Monday, protestors appeared outside the school. One young man caught Parker's attention. While driving home after school, he witnessed a police officer brutally arrest the young black man he saw that morning. Parker videotaped it with his phone and posted it on Facebook. He was not prepared for what happens next. This story deals with the sensitive issues of racism and racial injustice. Do not read if you are easily offended. (Any names or places mentioned in the story are fictional and are entirely coincidental.)

January 29, 2024: Thanks, The Story Lover!
Posted by Ronyx

January 28, 2024: This Weeks Featured Author Is Ronyx
Posted by The Story Lover

'Goos' PNG

Dear Readers,

Yes, the featured author of the week is Ronyx and his heartwarming and consciousness-raising stories. In particular his latest story A Delicate Situation!

Ronyx's Stories are courtesy of his site The Mustard Jar.

Happy Reading,


* * *   To TMJ readers: Here is a link to The Story Lover. Visit and explore the wonderful stories there. The Story Lover has been hosting TMJ for nearly three years.


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