Dancing on a Star

Chapter 10

Dancing on a Star    Chapter 10


Tracy looked at his watch and announced that he had to go home. When he left his house, his mother had reminded him that he had a dance lesson.

“You’re taking lessons?” I asked. “I think you’re good enough now.”

He laughed and replied, “I’ve been taking lessons since I was seven. How do you think I got to be so good?”

“You sure are dedicated to dancing,” I remarked. “I’m not sure I would want to spend all the time practicing.”

He shrugged his shoulders and responded, “I guess I’m used to it. Besides, I’m going to try out for a new role next week. I have to be ready.”

Jeff asked, “A new role? You didn’t mention that before.”

“You know how I’ve been wanting to dance the prince in the Nutcracker?” I nodded my head. I remember his mother mentioning it when she was at our house. It is what inspired him to want to dance when he was seven.

“They are auditioning for parts for the show at a theater downtown. I’m going to try out.” He was beaming with excitement. “My dreams may finally come true.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Jeff. “That’s great!”

“Yeah,” replied Tracy. “Maybe now I can stop dancing on a star.”

I made a puzzled face and asked, “Dancing on a star? What does that mean?”

Tracy sat back down on the bed and looked at me and Jeff. “You guys promise you won’t laugh?”

“Laugh?” asked Jeff. “Why?”

“Okay,” he said as he moved so he was sitting Indian style on the bed. Jeff and I scooted back so we were leaning against the wall. Tracy looked intently at us and continued, “When I dance, I sometimes close my eyes and imagine I’m dancing on a star.”

“Wow!” remarked Jeff. “That’s cool.”

“Yeah,” replied Tracy. “I block out everything, and I feel so free. It’s just me, and I can be whoever I am. Everything around me is dark, and all I see is me. It’s a great feeling.”

“Wish I could do that,” I responded. “It would be great to feel like that.”

“It is,” replied Tracy. Then his mood became more somber. “There’s only one problem with that.”

“What?” asked Jeff. “How could that be a problem. I would love to experience that.”

“Oh,” said Tracy. “It’s wonderful and all, but…”

Jeff asked, “But what?”

Tracy looked like he was getting ready to cry. “When I finish,” he explained, “I look around me, and I’m all alone. Stars are a million miles away.”

Jeff and I didn’t know what to say. It was obvious that Tracy was telling us how lonely he felt. When he got up to leave, we gave him a big group hug.

“That was strange,” I said after he was gone. Jeff and I were sitting on the side of his bed. It felt awkward being alone with him, especially after he had just kissed me earlier. Things were moving too quickly, and I wasn’t sure what direction they were going. At least for a while, I had forgotten what happened in Tracy’s bedroom.

“I feel sorry for him,” replied Jeff. “We’ve talked a lot the past few days, and I think he’s really lonely. From what he’s said, he has had a pretty difficult life.”

“Yeah,” I said. “He’s such a great guy, but it seems like everyone gives him a hard time because he likes to dance. You should see how Jimmy and the other guys reacted.”

Jeff became sullen and said, “I don’t have to see. I know how they already are.”

I reached down and gripped his hand. “Sorry,” I apologized. “I guess you haven’t had it too easy, either.”

He shrugged and replied, “It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

Suddenly, a wave of sadness overcame me. I realized that now I would have to endure what Tracy and Jeff had been through. I would now be subjected to ridicule and torment from my classmates, especially Jimmy. Jeff looked concerned when he sensed my sadness.

“It’s going to be okay,” he tried to assure me as he squeezed my hand. “It’s not the end of the world, you know.”

“Yes, it is,” I muttered as I rose from the bed, walked over and looked out the window. “Everything changed today.” I turned and faced him as tears started to fall down my cheeks. “I don’t think I can go home again.”

He rose from the bed, walked over and embraced me. I hesitated before wrapping my arms around him. He seemed so small against my body. “It’s not going to be easy,” he said, “but you’ll learn to survive. We all do.” When I looked down into his face, he stood on his tiptoes and kissed me.

I pulled away and started giggling. Jeff looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“It’s insane,” I replied. “Just last week I was avoiding you because you’re gay, and now I’m in your room kissing you.” I ran my hands through my hair. “None of this is making any sense.”

“You’re gay,” he said. “If you can accept that, then it will all make sense.”

Tears welled up in my eyes, and I replied sadly, “But I don’t want to be gay.” Jeff closed his eyes, stood on his tiptoes and kissed me again. I closed my arms around him and kissed him passionately.

When I pulled away, I took a step back, smiled and said, “Okay. I’m gay.”

Jeff returned my smile and asked, “Now, what are you going to do about it?”

I walked over, sat on the side of the bed and ran my hands through my hair. “I still can’t believe my mother saw me kissing Tracy.” I felt like I wanted to burst into tears, but I felt empty. “I don’t know what to do.”

Jeff walked over, grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go talk to my dad. I heard him and Mom come in a little while ago. He’ll know.”

I resisted as he tried to pull me from the room. “I don’t think I can.”


I shrugged my shoulders and replied, “I don’t know. I just don’t think I can.”

“Sure you can,” he said as he gripped my hand tighter, pulling me from the room. When we went downstairs, his mother and father were watching a cable news show. Jeff walked over to his father, leaned down and whispered something in his ear. His father looked over at me, nodded and rose from his seat. When he left the room, Jeff motioned for us to follow him. I thought it was strange that he headed out to the garage and got in his car. Jeff opened the rear door, and I got in. He sat in the front seat with his father. Ten minutes later, we were pulling into a KFC restaurant.

I followed Jeff to the back, and we sat at a booth waiting for his father. He ordered and then came and joined us. He looked at me and said, “I hope you like the spicy chicken.” I nodded my head.

We didn’t say anything while we waited for our food. Minutes later, the girl behind the counter approached with a bucket of chicken and a side order of fries and biscuits. I didn’t want to hurt Mr. Munson’s feeling by telling him I wasn’t hungry. Well, actually I was. I was just afraid I might get sick if I did eat anything. My stomach felt tied in knots all evening.

Jeff’s dad took a chicken breast from the bucket and started eating. “Eat up, Boys,” he insisted. “I can’t eat all this myself.”

I took a chicken leg, and Jeff grabbed a wing and started nibbling on it. I ate the leg and grabbed another. I guess I was hungrier than I thought. I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast.

After eating a biscuit, Mr. Munson leaned across the table and softly asked, “Now explain what is going on.” He looked at Jeff and added, “You said it was important.”

Jeff looked over at me. He wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell his father what was going on, or if I wanted him to do it. I nodded my head and said, “You tell him.”

Jeff spent the next few minutes explaining what had happened earlier in Tracy’s room. Since he already knew that Tracy was gay, I didn’t feel that we were outing him to Jeff’s father. However, I felt embarrassed that he knew I was. I’m not sure why since this was the first time ever meeting Jeff’s father.

After Jeff told him about the incident, he looked at me and asked, “So, they don’t know you’re gay?”

I shook my head and sadly replied, “No, Sir. Well, they do now, I suppose.”

 He asked, “Are you afraid to go home?”

Tears appeared in my eyes as I replied, “Yes, Sir.” I felt like crying, but I was able to stop the tears. “I don’t think they want me to come home.”

“Have you talked to them?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then how do you know?”

I shrugged my shoulders and replied, “I just know they don’t.” Suddenly tears started to flow down my cheek. I cried, “You didn’t see the look on my mother’s face when she saw me kissing Tracy.”

Mr. Munson didn’t say anything for several minutes. He took another chicken leg from the bucket and stared at me while he nibbled on it. Finally, he asked, “Would you let me call your father?”

My heart started pounding as I asked, “Why?”

He replied, “One, he has to know where you are. He must be worried sick by now.  And secondly, it may not be as bad as you think.”

I replied, “It’s as bad as I think. I know.”

“Please, Jack,” he pleaded. “Let me talk to your father. Trust me.”

Jeff reached down and gripped my hand. I was surprised when his father noticed him do it, but he said nothing. “Okay,” I said, “but just tell him I’m safe. Don’t tell him where I am.”

Mr. Munson frowned and replied, “I can’t promise you that. What I will tell him is that you are safe, and you’ll be spending the night at our house. I’ll take you home in the morning. Deal?”

I hesitated a moment before agreeing. I knew that Mr. Munson couldn’t stop Dad from coming to get me once he found out where I was. Besides, I could always run out the backdoor when he came. I had nothing to lose. “Okay,” I answered as I took out my phone, speed dialed my father’s cellphone and handed it to Jeff’s father. He rose from the table and went outside. Jeff and I watched from the booth as he calmly spoke to my father on the phone.

Jeff looked over and asked, “What do you think will happen now?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “but it won’t be good.”

“It may not be as bad as you think,” he assured me. “My parents had no problem when they found out I was gay.”

“I think Dad will be okay,” I said, “but I don’t think my mother will be.” Tears welled up in my eyes when I told him, “You didn’t see the look on her face. I just know she hates me.”

Several minutes later, Mr. Munson returned to the booth and handed me my phone. My hands were shaking as I took it and placed it in my pocket. I was afraid to hear what he had to say about the conversation he had with Dad.

I didn’t help when Mr. Munson looked across the table and said, “You’ll have to give them time, Jack.”

I started to cry. “I don’t know what that means,” I sobbed. I looked at him and asked, “They don’t want me to come home?”

He shook his head. “I didn’t say that, Jack. I said they need some time to sort out their feelings.” He reached across the table, gripped my arm and assured me, “Your father wants you to come home.”

I cried, “What about my mother?”

He sadly shook his head and replied, “I don’t know. Your father didn’t mention your mother.”

He squeezed my arm tighter and informed me, “You don’t have to go home tonight. I convinced him that you were upset, and I thought it was best if you spent the night at our house so I could continue to talk to you. I told him you needed to deal with it first before you confronted him.” I sadly nodded my head.

“Well, let’s go,” he said as he grabbed the bucket with the remaining chicken and smiled at Jeff. “Your mother would kill us if we didn’t save her some.” Jeff pressed against me as we walked to his father’s car and got in.

When we got to the Munson home, Jeff’s father told us to go into his den and wait for him. I walked over and sat on the sofa, and Jeff sat beside me with our legs touching lightly. He looked over and started giggling.

“What?” I asked. I couldn’t understand what he found so funny.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “It’s just that I’ve had such a crush on you for several years, and now you’re here.”

I asked disbelievingly, “You’ve had a crush on me?”

“Yeah,” he replied as his face reddened. “I think you’re really cute.”

I started to protest, but his father entered the den and sat in a recliner. He looked over and asked, “Jack, are you going to be alright?”

I shrugged my shoulders and replied, “I don’t know.’

He looked over at Jeff and said, “Son, can I speak to Jack alone?”

“Sure, Dad,” Jeff replied as he rose and left the room. Mr. Munson rose from his chair and sat beside me.

Mr. Munson sat quietly for a moment before speaking. Finally, he cleared his throat and said, “When Jeff came to me and his mother several years ago and told us he might be gay, our first reaction was disbelief.” I gave him a puzzled look. If he was trying to reassure me, he was doing a horrible job.

“It took us a while to adjust to the fact he was gay,” he continued. He rose, walked over and looked out the window. He then turned back to me. “As parents, we want what is best for our children. So, when he told us he was gay, we immediately thought the worse. At first, we wondered what we had done wrong.”

He sat back down and stared into my eyes. “But that was four years ago. Since then, I’ve watched Jeff becoming a man.” Tears started to well up in his eyes. “There is nothing I would change about him. He’s a wonderful son.” He wiped tears away with his sleeve.

“So, Jack, I guess what I’m trying to tell you, is give your parents some time.” I nodded my head. “Right now, this is something they weren’t expecting, or prepared for. No parent is.” He gently patted my leg. “I just met you tonight, but I can already sense that you are a good person.” He smiled and said, “Your parents raised you right. In time, they will come around to realize that.”

Tears appeared in my eyes as I asked, “But what do I do in the meantime? I know they hate me now.”

“Hate is a strong word,” replied Mr. Munson. “They love you. I can tell by the way your father reacted to me when I told him you were safe. Give them time to adjust.”

I asked, “What if they don’t adjust? Then what do I do?”

“We’ll deal with that if it happens,” he assured me. “One thing I want you to do, is trust me, Jack.” I nodded my head. “I’ve gotten Jeff through this, and I want to help you, too.”

“Why?” I asked. “Hasn’t Jeff told you how me and the other guys treated him?”

He smiled and asked, “Haven’t you heard a word I just said?”

“About what? I don’t understand?”

“People change, Jack,” he replied. “If you can’t understand that, then it’s going to be harder for you to accept the situation you’re in. You have to give people time to change.”

I felt like crying when I asked, “It’s going to be hard, isn’t it?”

He smiled and responded, “Life is always hard. You just learn to roll with the punches.”

“I guess so,” I replied somberly.

He looked at his watch. “It’s getting late,” he said. “Why don’t you go on up to Jeff’s room and try to get some sleep.” We rose, and I hesitated before reaching out and giving Mr. Munson a hug.

“Thanks,” I said.

He hugged me tightly. “I mean it, Jack. You come see me anytime you want.”

I smiled and said, “I will, Sir.” I then left the room and headed to Jeff’s room.

Jeff was lying on his bed in his underwear and appeared to be watching television when I entered. There was no light on, and the glow from the television illuminated his thin, hairless body. I walked over and stared down at him. When he didn’t move, I realized that he was asleep. I started to tiptoe from the room when he softly said, “Don’t leave. I’m awake, Jack.” He turned over onto his back, and I noticed a bulge in his underwear.

Nervously, I asked, “Where am I supposed to sleep?” I stretched and added, “I’m kind of tired.”

Jeff rose from the bed, and his cock strained against the material of his underwear. I couldn’t help but stand and stare at him. He giggled and readjusted his erection. “Sorry,” he laughed. “I was just dreaming of you.” If the room hadn’t been so dark, I’m sure he was blushing brightly.

“Uh,” I repeated, “Where do you want me to sleep?” I quickly scanned his near naked body. His body was completely hairless except for a light dusting of hair on his legs. He was petite and had a girlish figure. It wasn’t muscular like Tracy’s. He put his hands in front of his underwear in an attempt to hide his erection.

“I can make you up a place to sleep on the sofa in the family room,” he suggested. He turned and pointed to his bed. “Or you can sleep in bed with me.” He gave me a wicked grin. “I promise not to rape you when you sleep.”

I laughed and replied, “Who said I’m going to sleep?”

“Damn,” he giggled. He turned, sat on the side of the bed and pointed to a door. “You can take a shower in my bathroom if you want to.”

“Okay,” I replied. “I need to clean up before bed.” I looked around the room as my face began to redden. “I don’t have anything to sleep in.”

Jeff giggled and replied, “I sleep in my underwear, as you can see.”

“Um,” I responded nervously. “Okay.” I turned and headed toward the bathroom.


I turned and asked, “Yeah?”

“You can undress here and put your clothes over that chair,” he suggested.

“Yeah, sure,” I said nervously. I was afraid to undress with Jeff watching me. I took a deep breath and removed my shirt. Jeff gulped nervously and continued to watch me. I toed off my shoes and removed my socks. I looked at Jeff, and then I removed my pants. Jeff’s eyes widened when he saw my erection straining in my underwear. Undressing in front of him had excited me. It was the first time since the ninth grade I had undressed in front of another boy.

“Wow, Jack!” he said excitedly. “You have a nice body.”

“Thanks,” I replied as I turned and headed to the bathroom. I closed the door and turned on the shower. When the water warmed, I removed my underwear and entered. As I was lathering my body, I could see Jeff enter through the stained glass of the shower door. He was naked!

“Jack?” His voice trembled nervously. “Can I get in the shower with you?”

I felt my heart stop. I knew I was entering dangerous territory. It was obvious that Jack wanted to have sex with me. He had been flirting with me all night. Other than Tracy sucking me off earlier, I had never had sex with another boy. I wasn’t sure I was ready to open that door yet.

When I didn’t respond, Jeff turned and sadly said, “Sorry, Jack. I hope you’re not mad at me.”

Before he closed the door, I hollered out, “Wait, Jeff.” I could see him halt and turn toward me. “Okay,” I responded, “but only if we just shower.”

I could hear the happiness in his voice as he responded, “Okay.” He pulled back the shower door and looked in. I immediately noticed his small dick jutting out about five inches. He grinned as he stepped into the shower and faced me.

It was extremely awkward. Now that we were standing naked before each other, we didn’t know what to do. We each just looked down and stared at the erections before us.

Jeff giggled, grabbed his dick and asked, “What should we do about these?”

I laughed, grabbed mine and replied, “I don’t know.”

“I do,” said Jeff as he stood on his tiptoes and kissed me gently. When I responded to his kiss, he hesitantly placed his hands around my hard dick.

“Mmm,” I purred into his mouth. He reached for my hand and had me wrap it around his stiff, small dick. We continued to kiss as we masturbated each other.

He pulled away and mumbled, “This is nice. I always dreamed doing this with you, but I never thought it would happen.”

I gasped when he dropped to his knees, took my dick into his mouth and started sucking me. I wanted to tell Jeff to stop, but I couldn’t. What he was doing felt too good. I put my hands on his head and began pumping my cock into his mouth.

After several minutes, I pulled away and warned, “I’m cumming!” He grabbed my cock and engulfed it just as I started to cum. I felt my knees weakened, and I leaned against the wall to prevent myself from falling. Jeff then rose, embraced me, and we kissed passionately.

“That was wonderful, Jack,” he said softly as he held me tightly. We broke our embrace, and I stepped back.

“We’d better finish showering,” I suggested. “The water is going to get cold.”

Jeff seemed disappointed. I know he expected me to do what he did to me, but I was too afraid. I had never sucked another boy, and I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do.

Jeff grabbed the soap and started lathering my body. It felt strange to have another person running their hands over my body. I had just cum, but my cock began to harden when Jeff lathered my genitals and soaped my pubic hairs. I thought I would cum again when he ran his hand over my butt and lathered it. When he finished, I stepped back and let the water rinse the soap off me.

He grinned and handed me the soap, “Your turn.” I took the soap and ran it over his slim chest. He closed his eyes and seemed to really enjoy the sensation. Hesitantly, I reached down and ran my hand over his erect cock. He moaned, and I was afraid he was going to cum. I stepped behind him and rubbed the soap into his sparse pubic hair. I then ran soap over his narrow butt. He moaned again and leaned into me. My erection rubbed against his ass, and I felt like I too might cum again.

“Oh, yeah, Jack,” he moaned as he humped against my hard dick. I pressed my erection into him and began to rub it against his ass crack. I reached around and started to jerk him off.

He grabbed my hand. “Not yet,” he said excitedly. “I want to wait.” He stepped away and let the water rinse him off. He turned off the water, reached for two towels and handed me one. We took turns drying each other off before we stepped out and headed over to his bed. When I started to put on my underwear, he stopped me.

“Can we sleep naked?” he asked.

 Nervously, I responded, “Sure. I guess.” He smiled and climbed into bed. I got into bed beside him. He turned off the light and lay back.

In the dark, I watched as he reached for his dick and started to masturbate. “I still haven’t cum,” he announced. He continued to jerk off for a minute before he stopped, grabbed my hand and placed it on his erection. “Jerk me off, Jack,” he pleaded.

I lay on my side just inches from his dick as I stroked him gently. He moaned when I flicked my tongue against his dick. I was curious what it would feel like. “Will you suck me?” he asked lustily.

I was afraid. I had never done it before, even though I had watched boys doing it on the internet many times. Tracy and Jeff had both sucked me, but I was afraid to take the final step. “Please?” he begged as he thrust his cock towards my face.

Hesitantly, I took about an inch into my mouth. Jeff hissed and shoved it deeper. I opened wider and let him put it in deeper until I felt his pubes rub against my lips.  “Mmmmm,” he moaned louder.

I was beginning to gain confidence as he continued to thrust his cock into my mouth. In fact, I found it extremely exciting because Jeff seemed to be really enjoying what I was doing. After several minutes, he tensed up and whispered softly, “I’m going to cum.” I pulled off and could feel his cock pulse in my hand as he erupted. After several large volleys of cum, his body went limp. Hesitantly, I took his softening cock and sucked it gently. I was curious what it would taste like. Jeff let out a stifled moan, and he shot a few drops into my mouth.

He jumped from the bed and hurried into this bathroom. I could hear him running water as I imagined he was cleaning the mess from his body. He returned with a towel and handed it to me. I wiped my mouth as he got into bed.

Jeff crawled on top of me, and we kissed for several minutes. We both hardened, but neither of us felt like having sex again. He finally rolled off and snuggled next to me.

“Thanks, Jack,” he said softly.

“You too,” I replied. I soon heard him start to snore lightly. I lay awake for a while afterwards listening to him sleep.

“Jack,” I said to myself. “You are officially gay.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep.