Mark's Revenge

Chapter 5

I didn‘t get a chance to see Bobby again for several weeks. He’d been on vacation with his family. They had visited his grandmother in South Dakota. He said he’d had a boring time. There was very little to do. During the entire time, he said he’d only seen a handful of other teens when he was there.

He said the only bright spot came when they visited Mount Rushmore. When observing the presidents, he said he had this feeling someone was watching him. He then noticed a boy of about thirteen standing behind him with his parents. He said the boy smiled at him and then blushed.

He saw him again later in the gift shop. When he went to the restroom, the boy followed him in. He said the boy walked up to the urinal beside him and began peeing. He stepped back and let Bobby watch him pee. Bobby stepped back and let him watch as well. He said they didn’t say anything as they finished and then washed their hands. But it had been the highlight of his trip.

I giggled when he told me about this. It was so cute to see him get so excited when he related the story. I told him if he gets so turned on seeing a guy’s dick, he can see mine anytime he wanted to.

“Been there, done that,” he laughed and rolled around on the bed. “Not all that much to see.”

“Bitch!” I shouted as I jumped on him and began wrestling. Because of his small size, he was easily able to squirm out of most holds I’d put on him. Finally, I rolled him over on his back and lay down on top of him. He fought me, but was unable to throw me off. We were breathing heavily with our faces inches apart. Suddenly, he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss.

I sat up on top of him and looked down on his face. He began to blush and then a stunned look overtook his face. I think he thought I was going to hit him for kissing me.

“Let me up, Asshole!” he shouted while trying once again to get me off him.

“No, Squirt,” I laughed as he continued to fight. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my ass. I sat back and moved around on top of it.

“Please?” he pleaded as tears formed in his eyes.

“No,” I responded as I leaned in and returned his kiss. My first real kiss with another boy! It was awkward. It was obvious neither of us knew what to do. We both had our eyes closed as we pressed our lips together. When I opened my mouth for him to stick his tongue into, he began to giggle. I opened my eyes to see him looking into my face and begin laughing. Talk about a blow to your ego. My first kiss with a boy and he begins to laugh.

“Ew! That’s gross,” he laughed. “The kiss was nice, but I don’t want to swap spit.” 

“Fucker!” I began to wrestle once again on top of him. I leaned in and began kissing him all over his face. He was laughing hysterically. “I’ll teach you to ruin my first kiss.” He stopped squirming and looked into my eyes.

“Really?” He seemed amazed. “I’m the first boy you’ve ever kissed.”

“Yep,” I smiled. He leaned forward and gave me another kiss. His lips were soft and gentle. This time I didn’t try to force him to enter my mouth. Like him, I really didn’t like the idea of sticking my tongue into someone’s mouth and licking around.

“You’re my first, too,” he admitted. “I liked it.”

I could feel him gently pushing his cock against my ass. I sat back again on him and began to move back and forth while we continued to kiss. Seconds later he let out a whimper and thrust hard against me. I could tell by the way he was breathing that he had just shot a load in his pants.

“Please let me up,” he insisted. I looked into his face and he was blushing. I didn’t know if it was because he was embarrassed or excited. I crawled off him and he jumped up and ran to the restroom. He came back several minutes later. He was holding up his stained shorts. I noticed that his underwear was also wet.

“I can’t wear these,” He remarked embarrassedly. I began rolling around on the bed laughing hysterically. He threw the shorts at me.

“Asshole.”  He was trying to hold back a smile. I looked at him again and continued laughing. He started to laugh also. “You got anything I can wear?” 

“How about a diaper?” I continued to roll around on the bed laughing. He raced across the room and jumped on me and began wrestling again. He let out a squeal when I reached out and grabbed his dick and squeezed.

“You’re dead!” he shouted. He then reached under my shorts and snaked his hand into my underwear. He grabbed my dick and began stroking. I was trying to resist, but not too much. I was enjoying the feeling. Soon I could feel that I was about to explode.

“Stop, Bobby. You’re going to make me cum,” I said breathlessly.

“Good,” he laughed as he continued stroking me. Within seconds I began to cum in his hand. He didn’t stop until I fell back on the bed exhausted. He removed his hand and looked at it

“Ew! Gross!” He sniffed his hand and then got off the bed and ran into the bathroom. He came back a minute later wiping his hands on a towel. He walked over and threw it down at me.  I pulled my pants down and began cleaning myself off. Bobby sat on the side of the bed and watched me intently. When I was done, I began to pull my shorts up.

“Wait.” He grabbed my hand and stopped me. He then reached over and took my dick once again in his hand. He didn’t stroke it; he just held it and looked at it. “Nice.” He then helped me pull my shorts up.

“Thanks Mark. That was fun,” he said smilingly. “I don’t feel dirty like I did with Scott.” His smile faded into a frown and I knew he was getting ready to cry. I reached for him like I was going to hold him. Instead, I pulled him over on his back and began tickling his ribs. He began to scream.

“Stop, Mark! You’re going to make me pee my pants!” he shouted laughingly. He managed to squirm out from under me and ran to the door.

“Come here.” I held out my arms towards him.

“No. You just want to tickle me again,” he remarked warily.

“I want another kiss,” I insisted as I puckered my lips. “Please.” He walked cautiously over to me and I reached out and I took him into my arms. I got my second kiss of the day from Bobby.

I found him a small pair of shorts that I had outgrown a few years ago. Once we were both dressed, we went downstairs to the kitchen to find something to eat. I was surprised to find my mother home at this time of the day. She was at the stove preparing dinner and she eyed us suspiciously when we walked in.

“Hi, Mom,” I said trying not to blush. I wondered if she had heard us in my room. We had thought no one was home so we had been pretty loud when we were playing.

“Hello, Dear.” She looked over at Bobby. “And who are you?”

“Bobby Owens,” he replied politely. He even held out his hand for her to shake. She looked over at me with an approving smile. It seemed that Bobby had made a big first impression on my mother.

“Well, Mr. Bobby Owens. You are a very polite little boy,” my mother replied as she shook his hand.

“I’m fifteen, Mrs. Williams,” he responded indignantly. I think he thought my mother was assuming he was just a child.

“I’m sorry, Bobby,” she said with an amused smile. “Of course, you’re a young man. I didn’t mean to insult you.”

“I didn’t mean to be rude,” he apologized. “It’s just that everyone always thinks I’m twelve years old.”

“Well, you are rather tiny... um... I mean I mean...” She was getting flustered. Bobby began to laugh. She reached over and ruffled his hair.

“You are a mischievous thing, aren’t you?” she smiled warmly at him. “Why don’t you stay for dinner? I’m fixing fried chicken and mashed potatoes.”

“I’d love to,” he replied. “I’ll have to get permission first.”

“Of course. You dial the number and I’ll talk to your mother.” Bobby pulled out his cell phone and started talking to his mother. After about a minute, he handed the phone to my mother.

“You boys run back upstairs,” she said. “I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave the room with my mother talking to Bobby’s mother. I was dying to know what they were going to say. I’d met his mother and father a few times when I went to his house. They were very nice to me. I think they were happy that Bobby had a friend. From some of the things they’d said, I don’t think he’d ever had any other boy come to his house before.

When we got to my room, Bobby headed over to the computer. All the rumors about his being a computer geek were true. He knew his way around a computer the way a mechanic knows his way around a car. He could easily hack into porn sites after just a few attempts. He said it was mainly a matter of human nature. If you understand people, you can understand websites. Most people have addresses and passwords that relate to their lives.

He explained that if a person’s last name was Brown, there was a good chance that their password would be something like Brownie or another variation of their name. He would also use common pet names to find passwords. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who name their dogs Lady or Buddy.

“What did you say Scott’s last name was?” He turned towards me and asked.

“I don’t know if he said,” I replied. “His uncle’s last name is Olsteen, if that helps.”

He typed a few things into the computer and asked, “Where did he tell you he was from?”

“Arizona. But didn’t he tell you he was from Florida?” I asked.

“Yeah. Give me a minute.” He typed away for about ten minutes as I watched him from the bed. I couldn’t tell exactly what he was typing. Suddenly, he leaned back in the chair and shouted, “Bingo!” He turned with an excited look on his face.

“What is it?” I ran over to the computer to see the mug shot of a prison inmate. The man looked to be in his thirties. He was very attractive with blue eyes and blonde hair. I looked at the name above the picture. It read: Scott Olsteen, Sr.

“Damn!” I shouted. “That’s not Scott’s dad, is it?” I said excitedly.

“The one and only,” exclaimed Bobby. “This is the Arizona Inmate site. It has information of everyone who’s incarcerated in the state. It appears Scott’s dad has been a naughty boy.” He started laughing.

I read over the information on the website. He was serving a twenty year sentence at the Arizona State Penitentiary for embezzlement, money laundering and extortion.

“That’s why Scott’s here,” Bobby said excitedly. “His old man was just sentenced last month.” He pointed out the date of incarceration.

“I wonder where his mother is?” I questioned. Bobby began furiously typing again. Within minutes another picture popped up. It was that of a pretty woman with light brown hair. Her image looked very sad. The name read:  Sarah Olsteen. She had been sentenced to two years at a women’s facility for aiding and abetting.

Bobby began typing again. I went back over to my bed and lay down. I figured whatever he was doing was going to take awhile. I fell asleep briefly. I felt the bed sink beside me and looked up to see a grinning Bobby staring back at me.

“We’ve got the fucker now!” he shouted. He held out a sheet of paper for me to look at. He had taken the information and had made a wanted poster with pictures of Scott’s mother and father. I looked down and noticed he’d printed off about twenty copies. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“What are you going to do with those?” I asked, but I probably already knew the answer.

“Blackmail!” he grinned. “I dare the asshole to pick on us now.” The look on his face was priceless. He knew he had Scott by the balls. It was now just a matter of time until he began to squeeze. I leaned in and gave him a quick kiss.

“I’m glad you’re my friend,” I laughed. “I’d sure hate to have you as an enemy.”

“You are my friend,” he smiled. “My best friend.” He leaned in and returned the kiss. This time it lasted much longer.

“Boys!  Dinner’s ready,” my mother shouted upstairs. After a quick rearrangement, we headed downstairs. My mother had dinner ready in the dining room. We only ate in there on special occasions, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t know why, but she seemed to be trying to make a big impression on Bobby. Maybe she was thinking future son-in-law!

Amy came in and gave me and Bobby a dirty look. She still didn’t like the fact that I had those pictures of her and Josh. She did break up with him the following day and hadn’t found a new boyfriend yet. I was going to have to be particularly careful when Bobby was over. We weren’t doing all that much, but she would still love to walk in on us and catch us doing ‘the dirty deed,’ as she refers to it.

“Did you boys have fun today?” my mother asked as we began to eat.

“Yes, Mom,” I replied. She looked over at Bobby and smiled. I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. Since her talk with Bobby’s mother, she seemed to have taken an exceptional interest in him.

“Your mother’s a very nice lady,” she said to Bobby.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied politely.

“Your mother told me she and your father are members of PFLAG,” she informed us.

Bobby began to blush. I guess he felt uncomfortable talking about his sexuality with someone he didn’t know very well. He was also concerned because I had never told him that my mother knew I was gay.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said shyly. He gave me a tentative glance.

“I told them that I will attend Wednesday night’s meeting with them,” she said. Bobby almost spit his milk across the table. I started laughing and began patting him on his back.

“I take it Mark didn’t tell you,” she began to laugh.

“Yes, Ma’am. He told me about him. I just wasn’t aware that you knew,” he replied.

“Oh, yes. A little birdie told me several weeks ago.” She cast a sly glance at my sister.

“Oh, yeah. Blame me because he’s a fa..”  My mother gave her a harsh look. “Gay. I mean gay.” She looked over at me and rolled her eyes.

“Your parents tell me you’re a wonderful student. You had the highest GPA in your class

last year.” I looked over quickly at him. He had his head down and was blushing. “Maybe you can be a good influence on Mark.” 

“Mom!” I whined. “My grades were good. I had 3 A’s and 3 B’s. What more do you expect?”

“I’m not complaining about your grades. You just don’t have the best study skills. You remember when you had that science project last year? You waited until the last minute to do it. Even then, I had to stay up with you half the night helping you write it.” It was my turn to blush when Bobby looked over and giggled.

“You mean that sorry report you read in class?” he laughed. He stopped suddenly when he saw the look my mother gave him.

“I helped him with that, young man,” she acted insulted.

“Sorry,” he said with a grin. “that you can’t write any better than your son.” He added quickly. My mother laughed and threw her napkin at him.

“When you give your valedictorian speech, I’m going to heckle you,” she laughed.

“Then I’ll fail a few classes,” he threatened. She frowned and they began to laugh. I sat back and watched the two of them. They seemed to be really getting along. I was so proud of my mother. After a rocky start, she had remarkably accepted the fact that she had a gay son. I could now tell that she was thinking of Bobby as my boyfriend.

“When we get finished eating, Bobby’s father wants to talk to both of you,” my mother informed us. We cast a questioning look at each other.

“What does he want to talk about?” I asked. Bobby reached for my hand under the table. I could tell he was getting upset. My mother saw the gesture and gave me a smile.

“Just go talk to him when you get done. I want you home by 11:00,” she said.

“11:00!” my sister screamed. She’d sat quietly all through dinner. When she heard this she responded quickly. “That’s not fair. I have to be home by 9:00.”

“Mark’s older than you,” she reminded Amy.

“He shouldn’t be given special treatment just because he has a boyfriend,” she said angrily. I looked over at Bobby and he was blushing a crimson red.

We’d messed around a couple of times, but we had never talked about being anything more than just close friends. I know he was thinking the same thing too. I was worried that I would lose him as a friend if he thought I wanted more.

He was still holding my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. I squeezed back. Maybe we were going to be more than just friends. We had a lot of talking to do first before we took that step. He would be my first boyfriend and I’m pretty sure I would be his. He’d never said anything about being with another boy other than the time Scott forced him to have sex.

Mom noticed that Bobby had become embarrassed by Amy’s comment. She threw her a very disgusted look.

“I think you need to go to your room. We’ll talk about this later.” Amy got up and gave me a nasty look. I could tell she was going to flip me off, but Mom was watching her. I felt sorry for her. I was going to have to talk to Mom and tell her not to be so sensitive when Amy made comments about my sexuality. It seemed to be causing more problems. I know she had my best interests at heart, but she was going to have to ease up on Amy.

We finished eating and went back to my room so we could change clothes before we went back to Bobby’s to talk to his dad. As we walked down the hall Amy opened her door and quietly said, “Fags.” We were stunned at first, and then Bobby grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss.

“That’s nasty!” we heard her say as she slammed her door shut. Bobby grabbed my hand and led me into my room.

“What does your dad want?” I asked as soon as we entered the room. I had been trying to remember if we had done anything wrong. The two times we’d messed around had been in my room and I’m pretty sure no one saw us. We’d never done anything in his home.

“I think I know, but if I tell you, you won’t go home with me.” He looked at me and frowned.

“What?” I was really curious now.

“He wants to talk to us about S-E-X.” His face reddened when he spelled it out. “I have a feeling he thinks we’re getting serious. I’ve never brought a boy home before.”

“Oh, God!” I screamed. “I can’t talk to your dad about sex!”

“Do you want to see me again?” He looked into my eyes.

“Of course. You know I do,” I told him.

“Then we have to get this over with. Better now than later.” He sighed. “It won’t be too bad. We’ve had the talk before. I don’t think he ever thought I’d need it. But now you come along, and..well.. I don’t know,” he began to stammer.

He looked so cute. He was blushing brightly as he tried to put his feelings into words.

“I know. I feel the same way.” I kissed him on the nose and grabbed his hand and headed for the door. Now all we had to do was get through ‘The Talk.’