Chapter 2

When I returned to Craig’s room, Stacy was sitting quietly in a chair, and Craig was sitting upright in bed. Stacy looked at me and put her finger to her lips. I gave her a puzzled look, and then I heard someone shouting in the room next door.

“What the hell is going on with you, Blake?” A man’s voice boomed behind the green curtain.

“Sorry, Dad,” replied a boyish voice.

“Sorry?” shouted the man. “We give you everything you want, and this is how you repay us?”

I then heard a woman’s voice. “How can you embarrass us like this?”

“Mom,” the boy whined. “I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean, it’s not your fault?” shouted the man. “The goddamn police brought you here. And you tell us you’re sorry?”

I looked over at Stacy as she raised an eyebrow and mouthed, “Police?”

“We’ve had it with you, Blake,” warned the man. “We told you the last time you got in trouble, there would be consequences.”

The boy began to cry. “I’m sorry, Dad,” he sobbed. “I didn’t do anything.”

The woman spoke angrily, “It’s always the same, Blake. God only knows what you were doing. Well, this time we’ve had enough.”

“What are you going to do?” asked the boy.

“You’ll find out when you get home,” replied the man. He then said, “Come on, Irene.” For the first time I saw the two adults. They appeared very angry. They scowled at me as they stormed through the room and out the door. On the other side of the room, I could hear the boy crying softly.

Craig looked at me and Stacy and mouthed, “Wow!” I got angry when Stacy started to giggle. I knew the boy could hear her. I walked over and peeked into the boy’s room. He was curled into a ball under his sheet and crying softly.

Hesitantly, I walked over to the side of the bed and looked down. “Are you alright?” I asked softly.

“Go away,” he cried under the sheet. “Leave me alone.”

I was unsure what to do. It was obvious that he was very upset, and it didn’t feel right to leave him alone. He lifted the sheet slightly and peered out under it. “I said get out!” he shouted. Sadly, I left the room, walked back to Craig’s side and sat down in a chair beside Stacy.

“What was that all about?” she whispered. I shrugged my shoulders. It appeared the boy had done something wrong, and his parents were upset. Other than that, we had no idea what had happened.

Stacy and Craig began to talk about school. He was excited about getting released tomorrow and returning home. I had mixed feelings about him returning home. I was happy that I wouldn’t have to bring Stacy to the hospital and sit around waiting for her to leave. However, I was concerned about the boy next door. I would never know what he did and what might happen to him. His Dad’s threat sounded very ominous. What consequences might he have to face?

At eight, visiting hours were over, and Stacy and I had to leave. When she started kissing Craig goodbye, I crept over to the curtain and peeked into the boy’s room. He was still lying quietly with the sheet over his head. I whispered softly, “Goodbye.”

He pulled the sheet back and looked at me. For the rest of my life, I don’t think I’ll ever forget how sad he looked. Tears welled up in my eyes. I walked over to his bed and asked, “Are you okay?”

“No,” he began to cry. “Everybody hates me.”

I didn’t know what to say. His hand was outside the sheet, and I reached down and gripped it. “I don’t hate you,” I said tearfully. I turned and left the room.

I was quiet all the way home. Stacy kept trying to guess what the boy had done. Only Stacy would turn someone else’s sadness into a guessing game. I couldn’t erase the sad expression on his face when he said everyone hates him. And I don’t know why I held his hand and told him I didn’t hate him. I don’t even know him.

Mom had dinner ready when we got home. That is if you want to call hot dogs and baked beans a dinner. Sometimes I believe that she still thinks Stacy and I are five years old. Stacy talked about Craig. Mom said she called his mother earlier, and she was sure that the doctor would release him in the morning. Of course, Stacy said she wanted to stay home from school so she could go to the hospital to be with him when he was released. My mother told her that she had to go to school. She started to pout, but Mom got up from the table. On her way out, she said, “Seth, put the dishes in the dishwasher.” I was going to tell her to make Stacy do it, but Stacy had already left the kitchen.

I hate the drive to school in the morning. Stacy rides with me, and she always invites one of her girlfriends to ride with us. This morning it was Maggie, and I hate Maggie. She is pretty, and she knows it. When she rides with us, all she talks about is what boy she is going to refuse to date on the weekend. I often wonder if she makes up lies about boys, or if they really do ask her out. I know she gets a lot of boys’ attention in the halls and cafeteria at lunchtime. Most girls have nothing to do with her except Stacy. Stacy has worshipped the ground she walks on since fifth grade.

When I pulled up, she hurried to the car. She looked at her watch and said, “You’re five minutes late, Seth.” I wanted to tell her to walk to school, but Stacy gave me a challenging look. She knows how much I hate Maggie. Stacy immediately started talking about Craig.

“Girl,” laughed Maggie. “I know you can’t wait for him to get out of the hospital. If that sofa in your family room could talk, I can only imagine what it might tell.”

“Amen,” giggled Stacy as she turned and high-fived Maggie. I wanted to puke. The thought of Craig and Stacy making out was not an early morning thought I wanted running through my mind. Although, I probably wouldn’t be able to erase the image of his big dick that he had showed me yesterday. I had trouble sleeping last night, and I finally fell asleep after masturbating while remembering him pulling the robe up and rubbing his hard dick.

Maggie told Stacy about a phone call she had received from Martin Vandyke, a boy in our class. I listened closely because Martin and I are friends at school. I’ve heard him talk about Maggie, but he’s never talked about asking her out. To me, he always seemed like the last person Maggie would ever show interest in. He’s scholarly and not athletic. He’s very good looking, but he comes across as just a normal boy. If Maggie was looking for a quarterback-type of guy, then Martin wouldn’t be the guy she would date. They didn’t seem to have anything in common.

As she told Stacy about the phone call, I wondered if they were talking about the same boy. Maggie seemed interested in going out on a date with Martin. My ears perked up when she talked about a rumor she had heard from another girl.

“Trish went out on a date with Martin,” she informed Stacy. I briefly remembered him talking about a date he had with Trish a few weeks ago. He said he had a nice time, but that is all. “You know what kind of slut Trish is,” she laughed. “She said she was making out with Martin in the theater, and she pulled his dick out.” By now, I was starting to harden inside my pants. “Girl,” she cooed, “Trish said he is enormous!”

“Martin?” squealed Stacy. “I wouldn’t think that someone like him would have a big one.”

“Trish said it must be at least eight inches long,” Maggie said excitedly. I had to grab the wheel tightly so I wouldn’t wreck. Martin and I had the same gym class in the seventh grade, and I saw him naked almost every day. Then, it seemed normal. He must have matured a lot over the past few years. I was still almost the same size as I was then.

“Are you going to go out on a date with him?” asked Stacy.

“I’m thinking about it,” giggled Maggie. “I want to break him in before someone else does.”

Stacy reached back and high-fived Maggie. “You go, Girl,” she laughed.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I don’t even think they even considered that I was listening. Maggie was thinking of taking advantage of Martin because he was hung. It just didn’t seem real. Guys usually talk about dating a girl because she has big tits. I never considered that girls talked the same way.

I thought about warning Martin, but how would I do it? “Hey Martin. Maggie Murphy wants to fuck you because she heard you have a big dick.” Besides, Martin may even like the idea, although I’ve never thought of Martin in a sexual way. He’s just Martin. Now, I’m not sure I can look at him again without glancing down at his crotch to see if I can see an eight-inch outline.

I dropped Stacy and Maggie off at the front entrance. It was a good thing because I was fully erect, and they would have noticed if I got out of the car. By the time I parked and exited the car, I was only semi-hard.

The halls were crowded when I entered. I looked at my watch, and I only had ten minutes to hurry to the cafeteria before first period. I wanted to see if I could find my best friend, Ty Chambers. Ty and I have been friends since the sixth. I guess we’re good friends because we are a lot alike. That year, our science teacher, Mrs. Waters, assigned us to do an ecology project together. We had to purify water using charcoal. It was messy, and we usually ended up rubbing charcoal into each other’s face. After that, we began to spend a lot of time in the library together working on homework assignments after school. I asked him once to come home with me so we could do it in my room, but he said his mother wouldn’t allow it. When I asked him why, he simply said she wouldn’t, and we never talked about it again.

I looked across the cafeteria, and I noticed Ty sitting by himself with a book open, and he was writing something in a notebook. I’ve never thought of Ty in any sexual way. He has always just always been Ty. There is nothing that stands out about him. He’s about six-foot tall with short brown hair. He has a few zits on his face, but what sixteen-year-old boy doesn’t have zits? Well, except for me and maybe Craig. Ty also dresses very casually in jeans and a tee shirt. As I approached, for the first time I wondered if he was straight. We never talk about girls, and I’ve never noticed him looking at anyone. There were a lot of times I had to be careful so he wouldn’t notice me looking at some cute boy making his way across the library.

“Hey,” I said as I sat across from him. Ty looked up and smiled.

“Hey, yourself,” he replied.

I looked down at the book that was open before him. It was the literature book assigned to Mrs. Fremont’s class. “Did you finish reading the story we started Friday?” She had a assigned a short story by Edgar Allen Poe, the Masque of the Red Death. I did read it after returning home from the hospital, but I hadn’t answered the handout Mrs. Fremont had given us. I was hoping to finish it in another class if I finished the classwork early.

“Poe was a weirdo,” exclaimed Ty. “The story was scary.”

I laughed and said, “Poe was an alcoholic and smoked opium. You would write scary shit if you did that.”

“I suppose,” replied Ty as he looked at his watch and closed the book. “We’d better get to class.” Just then, the first bell rang for first period. Ty and I share the same class, Earth Science with Mr. Stevenson. Class was boring. Mr. Stevenson talked all period about rock formations. I really don’t care if they are sedimentary or igneous.

I didn’t see Ty again until lunch. We usually eat with two other students, Jennifer and Sherman Drummond. They are twins like me and Stacy. However, they are nothing like us. They are very close, and many students who don’t know them think they are dating. Other than having red hair, they don’t look alike. Sherman is rather thin, and Jennifer looks like she’s been eating at a buffet all day. Like my sister, she tries to boss Sherman around. He usually does whatever she says. I asked him once why he lets her, and he replied that it is easier to agree with her than argue. I could never do that with Stacy.

We were eating when we heard a commotion at the other end of the cafeteria near the doors. I looked over and saw Craig entering with Stacy clinging to his side. Several members of the football team approached and fist-bumped him.

Jennifer watched and remarked, “I heard he got a concussion at the football game Friday night. I hope it knocked some sense into his lame brain.”

Ty, Sherman and I started laughing. Jennifer looked over and apologized. “I’m sorry, Seth. I know your sister is dating him, but he’s such an arrogant shit.”

Sherman giggled and said, “You’re just mad because you can’t have him. You’ve been crushing on him since elementary school.”

“I have not!” insisted Jennifer.

Sherman showed his sister his palm and replied, “Whatever.” I guess this was one of his ways of not arguing with her.

I turned and watched Craig and Stacy as he walked around like a rock star. Even a few teachers approached and talked to him. I quickly turned away when Craig looked over and noticed me looking at him. He nodded and winked at me.

Ty noticed and asked me what that was about. I replied, “I had to take Stacy to the hospital over the weekend and sit in his room.”

Jennifer replied sarcastically, “I bet that was a lot of fun. What did he do, spend the whole time looking in the mirror?” I started to harden when I remembered him standing naked before me as I helped him change his gown.

My face reddened when Craig and Stacy approached our table. I noticed that Stacy was holding tightly onto his arm and trying to pull him in another direction. He pried her arm from around his and walked over to the table.

“Hello Guys,” he said smilingly. I froze when he put his right hand on my shoulder. “How’s it going, Seth?” I was too embarrassed to answer. Craig patted my shoulder and said, “Thanks for helping me out Saturday.” I wanted to die right on the spot. It was obvious to both of us what he was saying. I glanced quickly at Ty, and he had a puzzled look on his face.

“Come on, Craig,” snarled Stacy. She looked angrily down at me and hissed, “I don’t know why you’re thanking Seth. I’m the one who took care of you.” Craig winked quickly at me, and then he walked away with Stacy clinging to his side.

Sherman gave me a puzzled look. “What was that all about? I thought you and Craig didn’t get along?”

“We don’t,” I insisted. “I don’t know what Craig is talking about.”

“Whatever,” remarked Sherman as he bit into his hamburger.

Fortunately, Stacy didn’t ride home with me. Since Craig was better, she wanted to go to football practice with him. Coach Abernathy had decided that he should not practice with the team for a day or two. Stacy wanted to sit in the bleachers with him so he wouldn’t be alone.

I went to my room and lay down on my bed. I considered doing my homework, but then I would have nothing to do the rest of the night. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. I kept replaying seeing Craig naked body in my mind, and his hand on my shoulder in the cafeteria. What was his game? I haven’t had any experience with anyone. I’ve never been on one date. Besides, he’s dating Stacy. He couldn’t possibly have any interest in me. Could he?

I began to harden thinking about him. I got out of bed, walked over, locked my door and stripped off my clothes. I then did what every sixteen-year-old boy does. I jerked off thinking about having sex. I tried to imagine doing it with other boys. I even thought of doing it with Ty and Sherman, but they didn’t appeal to me. Instead, I coated my stomach thinking of Craig.

I was showered and dressed when Mom came home. She called me downstairs to help her with dinner. That meant I had to set the table. Stacy hadn’t come home yet. Even if she had, I would still have been given the task. Mom rarely asks Stacy to do any chores around the house. She makes me do everything.

“How is school going?” Mom asked as I got the silverware from the drawer.

I responded nonchalantly, “Okay, I guess.”

She stopped and stared at me. “Are you taking anyone to the dance next week?”

“What dance?”

“The one Stacy is going to with Craig?” she replied. “It’s for the junior class. Aren’t you going?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Nope.” I then walked from the kitchen to the dining room.

Mom trailed behind me and asked, “Why not?”

“I’m just not going,” I answered angrily. “Can you drop it?”

She grabbed my shoulder and turned me toward her. Her face was red with anger. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that, Seth. I was merely asking you a question. Why are you getting so upset?”

“I’m not getting upset,” I replied. “I don’t want to go to some stupid dance.” I turned and headed into the kitchen. Mom followed behind. It was obvious she wasn’t through questioning me about the dance.

“Can’t you get a date?”

“Mom,” I insisted, “I don’t want to go.”

“Perhaps Craig knows a girl you can take,” she suggested. “He’s very popular with the girls, you know.”

I was getting very upset. First, Mom suggests that I can’t get my own date. And now she wants Craig to set me up with a girl. “That’s it,” I shouted. “I’m not going to that stupid dance. And if I did, I could find my own date. I don’t need Craig to set me up.”

I started to leave the kitchen, but Mom yelled, “Come back here, Mister!”

I turned and asked, “What?”

She gave me a puzzled look and asked, “Why have you never been on a date? You’re sixteen and very nice looking. Stacy has been dating since she was fourteen, but you’ve never been on a date.”

“I don’t want to date,” I insisted.


I almost slipped and said it was because I’m gay. Fortunately, I caught myself and asked, “Can I go to my room?”

She studied me for a minute and nodded. “Go on.”

I ran to my room, slammed the door, fell on my bed and trembled. “She knows,” I said to myself. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she had concluded that I didn’t date was because I didn’t like girls. And, if I didn’t like girls, that could only mean one thing. I’m gay. I curled into a ball and eventually fell asleep. When she hollered an hour later for me to come to dinner, I refused to go. I opened my door and shouted back, “I’m not hungry.” I slammed the door and returned to bed. I slept the rest of the night. Not once did she check on me to see if I was all right. She knew.

Mom was gone when I went downstairs for breakfast. Since I hadn’t eaten the night before, I ate two bowls of Cheerios. I was cleaning up when Stacy entered the kitchen.

“Hey, Nerd,” she said. “Why is Mom mad at you? What did you do, get a ‘B’ on a test?” She laughed like she had said something funny.

“Shut up, Stacy,” I replied angrily as I grabbed my bookbag by the door. “You need a ride to school?” I knew the answer, but I was trying to hurry from the house.

“Maggie needs a ride too,” she hollered out as she followed me to my car.

When I got to school, I headed to the library. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Stacy and Maggie had talked about the upcoming dance. She was considering asking Martin, but she had heard that he had asked another girl. Normally, I would have listened to see if they talked about the size of his dick again, but I ignored their conversation.

Since I had slept all night, I had two assignments I needed to complete. I was working on a chemistry problem when someone sat down beside me. My heart stopped when I looked over. It was Craig!

He looked at me and smiled. “How’s it going?”

“What do you want, Craig,” I nervously asked.

He looked around and leaned closer so no one could hear him. “I want to help you out, Man.”

“What do you mean?”

He looked around again before continuing. “This is just between us. Okay?” I gave him a blank look and didn’t respond. “Now, don’t get upset, but your mom asked me last night to do you a favor?”

“What!” I shrieked. Craig grabbed my arm and told me to be quiet. He looked around to see if anyone heard me.

“Your Mom wants me to set you up for a date for the dance,” he said nervously.

“What?” I asked again. I couldn’t believe what Craig was saying.

He continued, “Yeah, when Stacy left the room last night, she asked me if I could set you up with a date for the dance. She doesn’t want Stacy to know.”

I was growing angrier. I couldn’t believe my mother had asked Craig to find me a date. She said she was going to, but I didn’t believe her. I pushed myself from the table. “I don’t need a date,” I insisted.

Craig grabbed my arm and stopped me from standing up. “Sure, you do,” he replied. “I think your mom suspects you’re gay. We got to find you date as cover.”

I shook my head. “I don’t believe this.”

He continued to grip my arm. “I know you’re gay,” he smiled. “I saw how you looked at my dick in the hospital.” He reached down and lightly rubbed the front of his pants.

“I don’t want you,” I insisted as I looked down at his crotch. “I’m not gay.” I started to get up, but he had a tight grip on my arm.

“Listen,” he said. “This could work out for all of us.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I know this girl who is a lesbian,” he replied. “Her mom is on her to find a date to the dance. She has a girlfriend, but no one knows about it but me. I can hook the two of you up. It would be perfect.”

I gave him a puzzled look. “Why are you doing this?”

He stood, and I was looking directly at the large bulge in his pants. He smiled and replied, “You’ll find out.” He laughed and walked away.