It's Not Easy Being a Tree

Chapter 9

I don’t think I’d ever been so nervous in my life. Standing in front of Mrs. Chapman’s class and reading my stupid report about the oak tree didn’t even come close to the dread I was feeling.

This was a huge step, and I prayed silently I wasn’t making the biggest mistake of my life. In a few short minutes I’d be exposing myself to the world. I wished that Indyboi91 and I could do it privately, but the chat room didn’t have that option. I didn’t know anything about camming, but I’m sure there was some way we could do it without other guys watching.

I plugged in the webcam and held my breath as my image appeared on the screen before me. I looked up at Indyboi91. He was slowly stroking his cock, waiting on me to show. I swallowed what little saliva was in my dry mouth and led my cursor to the icon that said, ‘Open cam.’

I closed my eyes and clicked on it. When I opened them, my body was on the screen. It appeared small, but my seven and a half inch cock was standing erect. There was also another screen showing Indyboi’s massive cock.

Indyboi91:  WOW!!!

I watched as numerous guys began flooding into my webcam. Within what seemed like a few seconds, fifty eight guys were watching me. The chat began scrolling rapidly as guys commented on the size of my cock.

Indyboi91: damn elmer that’s huge!

ElmerFudd: so u like it?

I laughed when over twenty guys responded, ‘YES.’ I was also offered numerous requests to suck it. One guy asked to see my feet! What is with that?

Indyboi91: u got me hot here

I watched as he started to stroke his cock more rapidly.

Indyboi91: let me suck that

I responded okay, wishing that there was a way he could. Precum was flowing from the tip of my cock. I reached down and scooped some onto my finger and lifted it to my mouth.

Bidad36: let us see u eat it

Indyboi91: DONT SHOW UR FACE!!!

I was almost ready to lean down and lick it off my finger when I read his urgent warning.

Bidad36: do it elmer we want to see u eat it

Several other guys were encouraging me to lick the cum from my finger

Indyboi91:  DONT DO IT!!

ElmerFudd: I won’t show my face

Indyboi91: cool

Several guys starting calling me chicken shit and names like that. Bidad36 told me I had no balls. I cupped them and showed him my large nuts. Several guys typed LMAO.

After several minutes, I was becoming comfortable masturbating on cam as guys urged me on. Of course, I ignored all their requests. They said some things I’d never heard of. One guy asked if I would fist myself, whatever that is. And why do guys want to see someone’s feet?

I tried to only respond to Indyboi91. He seemed really excited to be watching me. He kept remarking how large my cock was and that he’d like to suck it. I know it was just sex chat, but I still wondered what it would feel like if he really could do it.

Indyboi91: im going to cum elmer

                   r u close?

I had been trying to hold back for several minutes. I had stopped several times because I thought I was close to shooting my load. I wanted to wait and watch Indyboi before I came.

ElmerFudd: yah im almost there

Indyboi91: then lets do this shit

I watched as his leg muscles tightened as he leaned back in his chair. His chest was hairless and ripped. His stomach tightened and then he exploded a massive load onto it.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I looked down at my cock as cum spewed from it. I looked up at the screen and watched it shoot out onto my bare stomach.

The chat was going crazy. It was scrolling so fast I couldn’t even keep up with it. It appeared everyone was thanking Indyboi and me for the show we had put on for them. When the chat began to slow down, I read a response from Indyboi91.

Indyboi91: that was awesome elmer!

                   u r one hawt dude

I grinned broadly as I typed back, u2

Indyboi91: when will u be back on

Biddad36: u guys were hot as hell

                  I shot a huge load watching u

I didn’t know when I could return again and jack off on cam. I had lucked out tonight because Jon didn’t have his car all weekend and wanted to spend time with Debbie. I figured I probably couldn’t until the weekend.

ElmerFudd:  don’t know

Indyboi91: we GOTTA do this again

ElmerFudd: okay ill try

Indyboi91: g2g


ElmerFudd: cya

His screen went blank. Several guys asked me to stay on, but it wasn’t any fun if I wasn’t doing it with Indyboi.

Bidad36: can we get together sometime and u can suck my cock

I closed my cam, and then exited the room. I had had enough for one night. I was proud of myself that I’d been able to muster up the courage to jack off for Indyboi. What I thought would be a scary situation turned out to be really exciting.

I picked my shorts off the floor and ran across the hall to the bathroom. I needed to take a shower and wash off the cum on my stomach. As I showered, I jacked off again as I closed my eyes and remembered Indyboi91’s cum shooting out across his smooth, muscled chest.


When I arrived at school the next morning, Jeff was standing by my locker. He smiled when I walked up. He stood quietly by as I opened my locker and retrieved my morning books. Every time I’d glance over at him, he had an expectant look on his face.

I looked up at him and said, “Okay.” He started smiling broadly. I knew he’d been waiting for me to give him my response about spending the weekend with him. Flashes of Kate kidding me about us having sex entered my mind. I even briefly glanced down at his cock when I reached for my lit book.

“Cool,” he responded cheerfully as he put his arm around my shoulder and walked me to homeroom. It felt kind of weird and I kept looking at other students’ faces to see if they thought we were acting a little too gay. No one seemed to care.

At lunch Jeff sat closer to me than he usually does. Even Kate noticed and raised an eyebrow. I saw Lucas coming out of the cafeteria line, but he headed in the other direction and sat with some students I didn’t know. It was probably just as well. After Jeff’s reaction yesterday, he might get mad again. For now it seemed like he had forgotten about it.

Jeff was excited about me spending the weekend with him. I thought he was kind of acting like a giddy little thirteen year old girl, but I figured living by on a farm he didn’t have a lot of friends. He always talked about doing chores, and the only enjoyment he got was going to the mall with me on weekends.

On Thursday, I teasingly asked him as he was walking me to homeroom, “What are we going to do this weekend?” I raised my eyebrows and wiggled them slightly.

He started laughing. It surprised me when he sexually replied, “We’ll think of something.” He then looked down at my crotch and then back into my eyes. I jerked off that night thinking about what he meant and the suggestive way he’d looked at me. It seemed that having sex with Jeff was becoming a possibility. Now all I had to do was get up the nerve to do something. I was tired of watching porn and having sex with Rosy Palms.

I snuck into the chat room almost nightly, but I had to be quick. I never knew when Jon might enter. He usually has a routine where he goes down to the basement at 8:00 and works out for about forty-five minutes. He then comes upstairs and takes a shower. After that, he talks to Debbie for about a half hour. Most nights I go downstairs and watch television with my parents when he’s on the phone. He may be all muscular and manly, but he sounds like a spineless wimp when he’s talking to her. I guess that’s the price a guy has to pay to get some.

Indyboi91 wasn’t in the chat room at all during the week. The usual guys were there. I was beginning to recognize their names. I was even becoming comfortable making a few comments to them. Bidad36 was on almost every night. It appeared he knew my schedule and would wait until I came on.

He always talked about my big cock and how he’d like to suck me off. I have to admit, I would bone up occasionally when he’d tell me what he would do. On Wednesday night I even turned my cam on and let him see it for about five minutes. I was almost ready to shoot when I heard Jon coming up the stairs. I quickly pulled up my pants and hid my webcam. Fortunately, he went straight into the bathroom or he might have caught me. Since my erection wouldn’t go down, I quickly shot a load into a sock before he finished his shower.

Connor came over Thursday night. He and Jon went into the basement and worked out. When they came upstairs, I left. I didn’t particularly like being around Jon when his friends were over. It seemed like he’d always take the opportunity to embarrass me about something in front of them. Connor and Ross used to laugh at his jokes, but lately they were telling him to lay off me. Ross seemed particularly protective of me, but Connor on a couple of occasion in the car on the way to school got upset when Jon said something insulting to me.

“Why don’t you lay off him?” Connor said once when Jon had kidded me about never getting any pussy. He’d made some remark that I probably wouldn’t know what to do with it if a girl did offer it to me.

Jon looked over at Connor. He seemed angry that Connor had admonished him. “Why don’t you bite me?” he said bitterly. Connor just looked at him and shook his head. They didn’t say anything to each other the rest of the way to school.

Around nine o’clock, Jeff called and asked me if I was ready to go home with him after school the next day. We figured it was easier that way than me coming home and having to have Dad or Mom take me to his house. I knew Dad wouldn’t because he would be going to the football game. When I’d asked for permission a few days earlier to spend the weekend with Jeff, the first thing he said was, “Who’s going to go with me to the game?” Fortunately, he talked Glenn into going. Glenn had been begging Dad for a new bike for several weeks, so I think he saw it as an opportunity to score some brownie points.

“Do you have any new video games?” Jeff asked.

“Well, Duh,” I laughed. “Of course. I’m sixteen. Everyone our age has video games.”

“I don’t,” he replied.


“Yeah,” he said. “I never have time to play games,” he explained. “Besides, if I did, my little brother would probably steal them anyway.”

“You have one of those,” I giggled. “Glenn’s always coming in my room and taking mine.”

“Anyway,” Jeff reminded me. “Bring some with you to school tomorrow. If we get bored, we can always play a game.”

“Get bored?” I asked. “I thought you had the weekend all planned out.”

“I do,” he laughed. “You’re going to help me with my chores.”

“You mean like in milking the cows?” I remembered him telling me one time that they had about thirty cows he had to milk daily.

“We’ll do that at six-thirty, and then…”

“Six-thirty!” I shouted into the phone. “You’re going to get me up at six-thirty on a Saturday to milk some damn cows?”

“Well, yeah,” he replied as if it was something he thought I’d enjoy doing. “We have to do it Sunday morning, too. They need milked everyday.”

“Uh,” I said thoughtfully. “I’m beginning to reevaluate this spending the weekend with you thing.”

“No!” he pleaded. “I’ve been looking forward to you coming all week.”

Suddenly, I realized what he had said. I started laughing uproariously. “What is so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing,” I cried. I was trying hard not to laugh.

“No,” he insisted. “What are you laughing about?”

I caught my breath. “You said you were looking forward all week for me to come.”

“I have,” he said innocently. I started laughing again. “What is so funny?”

“Wanting me to come?” I laughed. “Get it.”

He started giggle. “Yeah,” he laughed. “I get it.” There was a brief pause. “Maybe you can.”

“What?” I squealed.

“Nothing,” Jeff replied nervously. “I was just trying to be funny.” Again, there was a pause. “Now how about the videos? You going to bring some?”

“Damn,” I thought. He was trying to change the subject. I wanted him to explain what he meant by saying maybe I could. For a few seconds, I felt he maybe did want to have sex with me.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied disappointedly. “I’ll go to my room and get some. I’ll see you in the morning, K?”

“Cool,” he said cheerfully. “I can’t wait. Bye.” He hung up before I had a chance to tell him goodbye.

When I went to my room to get some games, Connor was sitting at the computer desk. Jon was lying on his bed watching ESPN. My top drawer was open and Connor quickly closed it when I walked in. It appeared he might have been rummaging through my desk. I wouldn’t have minded except that was where I kept my webcam.

I walked over to my desk as he got up. “Hey, Woody,” he said. He had a nervous smile on his face. I think he knew I’d seen him looking though my drawer. My first reaction was to say something to him, but then it would probably have made matters worse. Jon seemed to have forgotten that I bought the camera. Mentioning it would have reminded him I had it.

I sat down and started going through the pile of video games on my desk. Jeff didn’t mention what he liked to play, so I wanted to take a variety of different games. As I was picking through them, Connor stepped up behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Wanna play a game?” I kind of moved my shoulder, hoping he’d remove his hand, but he didn’t. It seemed strange for him to be touching me. I was also afraid Jon would look over and see him doing it.

“Uh,” I replied nervously. “Maybe in a minute. I’m trying to get some games together to take with me to Jeff’s this weekend.”

“Jeff?” Connor squeezed my shoulder. “Who’s Jeff?”

“His boyfriend,” Jon muttered loudly and then started laughing. I was getting ready to say something to my brother, but Connor tightly squeezed my shoulder.

“Forget it,” he whispered softly so Jon couldn’t hear. We both looked when Jon started swearing at the television over a bad play his team had made.

I stacked about ten games on the corner of my desk. I found a plastic bag in a drawer and placed them in it. Connor sat down beside me.

“Ready?” he asked as he reached for a newer version of Mortal Kombat. “You’ve got a pretty big collection.” He handed me the game and I inserted it.

Connor was even more competitive than his brother, Ross. He was also more animated. He’d stand and shout at the screen every time he’d make a bad play. And like it was when I played with Ross, I started to lose concentration. Several times when he’d jump up, he’d rub his cock across my upper arm. I don’t think he was aware he was doing it. A couple of times I even leaned over slightly so I could feel it better. Since he and Jon had been in the basement working out, he was dressed in a tee shirt and thin, athletic shorts. I could feel his cock through the material as it rubbed against my arm.

I tried not to focus on it like I had with Ross. Ross had kicked my ass in the game when I’d lost my concentration. But as we continued to play, his actions intensified. Once he even stood and danced around for a few minutes as he tried to maneuver the control. When he did, he’d turn slightly and his cock would rub against my arm.

At first I thought he was doing it unintentionally. After all, Ross had reacted almost the same way. Nothing had come from that. But as Connor continued to play, his movements began to intensify. So did his cock. Once when he made a play, he jumped up and started yelling at the screen. I looked at his shorts and they were tenting out. He was completely hard. I glanced over at Jon. He was still watching the television and wasn’t paying any attention to us. Besides, Connor had angled himself so that Jon couldn’t see if he did happen to look over.

Connor pressed his hard cock against my arm. He was making no attempt to even act like it was accidental. My heart starting pounding and felt like it would explode. I couldn’t believe that Jon’s best friend was being so openly sexual with me. Connor wanted me to feel his hard cock.

I was also getting aroused. My dick was straining inside my shorts. When I reached down to adjust it, Connor rubbed his cock against my arm even more forcefully. I quickly glanced over when Jon started moving on the bed.

“I’m going downstairs for a Coke.” He looked over at Connor who quickly sat down. “You want one?”

“Sure?” He looked over at me. “Do you, Woody?”

I blinked my eyes at him a couple of times. “Yeah, sure.” My mind was still on overload from what had been happening the past fifteen minutes.

“Be right back,” Jon said as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Connor looked over and smiled. “Finally,” he muttered as he stood up. My eyes flew open when he stood and pulled down his shorts, releasing a thick, hard cock. “Suck it, Woody,” he begged, “before Jon comes back upstairs.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I just kept staring at the erect cock in front of me. He was rubbing it, and precum was beginning to emerge from the bulbous head.

I looked up into his eyes as he smiled down at me. “Why are you doing this?”  I started to push away and stand, but he pushed me back down and thrust his cock closer to my mouth.

“Suck it, Elmer,” he begged. “Please.”

It took a few seconds for my mind to register what he’d just said. I had been concentrating on his hard cock just an inch from my mouth. Suddenly, it hit me.

“What?” I shouted as I jumped up. He smiled, then reached out and grabbed my erection in his left hand and started stroking me. I wanted to pull away, but my body wouldn’t cooperate.

“I’m Indyboi,” he said softly as he took my hand and placed it on his cock. I wrapped my hand around it, too stunned to do anything else. I couldn’t even react when he pulled down my shorts and took my cock in his hand.

Before I realized what was happening, he sat down, leaned in and took it into his mouth. I gasped and my knees started to buckle. I looked down as his lips moved back and forth on my cock. I could feel my orgasm quickly growing.

Just then we heard Jon’s footsteps on the stairs.  “Dammit!”  Connor jumped up and pulled his pants up. “Hurry,” he whispered softly as I frantically pulled up my shorts. We had just jumped back into our seats when the door opened and Jon walked in with three Cokes.

“You still beating the runt’s ass?” Jon laughed as he looked down at the score. I didn’t have any idea what the score was. Connor was ahead, but not by much.

“Of course,” Connor replied as he looked over at me and winked. Jon returned to his bed and continued watching the game.

Connor and I returned playing the game, but neither of us was into it. I think both of us were overwhelmed by what had just happened.

I couldn’t believe Connor was Indyboi91. Connor is straight! He has always been straight. There is no way the muscular, athletic boy sitting next to me had just sucked my dick. And he is Jon’s best friend.

Connor was Indyboi91!

We kept looking taking quick glances at each other. If he was Indyboi91, then he must have somehow figured out that I was ElmerFudd. That must have been why he had been looking through my desk. He must have put two and two together when I bought the webcam last weekend and then gone online with him a few days later. But Connor being Indyboi91? My mind couldn’t wrap around that.

He looked over at me worriedly. “You okay?” he whispered softly. I looked blankly at him and shook my head.

“We’re cool?” he whispered again as we played the video game. “Right?”

I attempted a slight smile and nodded my head. I could tell by the expression on his face that he realize he may have made a big mistake in coming out to me. “You won’t tell anyone will you?” His whispered plea had a tone of urgency and regret.

I shook my head. “I won’t tell anyone.” He attempted a strained smile. I looked over at Jon who was sprawled out on his bed watching the game. “Trust me.”

Connor seemed to ease slightly. “Thanks.” He put the control down. “We gotta talk real soon, okay?”

I nodded my head. “Okay.” He patted my leg, then went over to Jon’s bed and sat on the edge and watched the game. Occasionally, he’d look over at me and smile.

Connor Radford is Indyboi91!

No fucking way!!