Chapter 16

Blake looked at Craig and muttered, “Shit.”

“Don’t look at him,” I warned. “Let’s get our snacks and leave.” I was hoping that since Stacy was with him, he wouldn’t do anything. Besides, there were several teachers behind the table distributing snacks and beverages. Looking quickly around, I also noticed the principal standing nearby.

I let out a sigh of relief when Craig grabbed Stacy’s arm and led her away to talk to some other players on the football team. Blake and I lined up and got slices of cake and fruit punch for ourselves and the others. On the way back to join our friends, Blake asked me if he thought Craig would do anything at the dance.

“I doubt it,” I replied. “There’s too many teachers and parents around.”

We joined the others, but I kept a watchful eye on Craig. He was talking to friends, and Stacy was pressed to his side. However, occasionally he would look over our way and scowl. Roni noticed, reached down, took my hand and led me away from the others.

“What’s going on, Seth?” she asked worriedly. “You and Craig have been staring at each other since we got here. Did you talk to him like I asked you to?”

“No,” I replied. “I’m scared he’s going to do something.” She squeezed my hand and assured me that Craig wasn’t going to hurt me.

I managed to put Craig out of my mind. Our small group was having fun. Ty and Maryanne began dancing. He grabbed my arm and forced me and Roni to join them on the dance floor. After watching us for several minutes, Blake and Amber came dancing toward us. I positioned myself so that Blake and I could face each other and dance. Since Amber and Roni know we like each other, they encouraged us. We danced as a foursome so it wouldn’t be obvious what we were doing.

I thought a fight would break out when a member of the football team and his girlfriend danced up beside us. He leaned over and snarled, “Fags!” I had to grab Blake and hold him back.

“Mother fucker,” he muttered. “I’ll show you what fags can do to pussies like you.”

“Bring it on,” challenged the boy. People around us stopped dancing. Mr. Stevenson walked up and asked if anything was wrong. The boy walked away, and Roni assured him that everything was okay.

After that incident, we were a little more careful. When there were slow dances, Blake and Roni danced together. I would dance with Amber because she refused to dance with her cousin.

By eleven, we were exhausted. I have to admit that I had a great time. Everyone did. After I was able to forget about Craig and Stacy, I enjoyed myself. In fact, I hardly saw them the entire evening. They sat at a table with football players and cheerleaders. I don’t even remember them dancing. Maggie and Jerry seemed to enjoy themselves. I think Jerry had sneaked in some alcohol because when he talked to me at the reception table when I went to get some more cake, I could smell it on his breath.

We gathered around talking about what a great time we had. Well, that is expect Sherman. His sister danced with a boy while he sat at the table by himself most of the night. I felt sorry for him. I suggested a couple of times that Roni ask him to dance. She did, but each time he refused because he said he didn’t know how.

As we were getting ready to leave, Amber asked us if we were going to Jim Owen’s after party. Roni said we hadn’t been invited, but Amber said that Jim told her that she could attend and bring friends. They had dated in the eighth grade, and they were still good friends.

“I don’t think that is a good idea,” I replied. I remembered that Stacy and Maggie had talked one morning about attending the party. Since Craig is popular, and Jim is on the football team, I’m sure he and Stacy would be there. After seeing his reaction earlier in the evening when he saw me and Blake together, I was afraid of what he might do without chaperones around.

Roni, however, thought it would be fun. She was having such an enjoyable time that she didn’t want the night to end. For someone who had avoided any social activities since grade school, she was becoming a party animal. I pulled her off to the side and told her that I was worried how Craig would react if I attended Jim’s party.

“It will be okay,” she assured me. “Craig isn’t going to act stupid with so many people around. Besides, he’ll be with Stacy. He won’t do anything with her around.

“I’m not so sure,” I replied skeptically.

I was surprised that Blake seemed excited about going to the afterparty, especially after the incident earlier when the boy called us fags. However, he thought it would be a good chance to meet some of our classmates. I think he wanted to go because he had been ogling a few of them during the evening. One boy, Ernie Fellows, is openly gay. He and Blake had been staring at each other all night. I began to get jealous. However, how could I be so hypocritical to try and stop him from talking with other boys when I was messing around with Craig? We had agreed that we would just remain friends until I decided what I wanted to do.

Amber called her father and lied to him, telling him that she and Blake were going out for pizza with friends. She assured him that they would have a safe ride home. Roni said her mother wasn’t concerned what time she came home. I was worried because my mother was going to call at one o’clock. She warned Stacy and I repeatedly that we better be sitting by the phone or there would be consequences.

“I’m going to have to leave around twelve-thirty,” I informed Roni. She said that would be okay. She would take Blake and Amber home around one.

It was decided that Blake would ride with me, and Amber would ride with Roni. We would follow them since Amber knew where Jim lived. Blake was playful on the ten-minute drive to the party. He kept reaching over and squeezing my cock. He giggled when I became erect. “I’d lean over and suck it right now,” he said with a frown. “But you won’t let me.”

“It won’t be long,” I assured him. When he tried to unzip my pants, I batted his hand away. He turned towards the window and pouted. “Okay,” I sighed. “You can take it out.”

“Goody!” he squealed as he unbuckled my pants. I raised up and he lowered my pants slightly. I had to slam on the brakes because I almost ran into the back of Roni’s car when she stopped at a light. Blake began to stroke it. When the light changed, he quickly leaned down and took it in his mouth.

“No, Blake!” I shouted. “Don’t do that!”

“Why?” he asked sadly. “Because of Craig?”

“No,” I laughed. “Because I’m horny, and you’ll make me cum.”

He begged, “Can I later?”

I looked over, smiled and replied, “Maybe.”

Blake shoved my erection back into my pants. “Remember,” he said cheerfully. “You promised.” Just then, Roni pulled onto a side street and parked. I saw students heading into a large house down the block.

I walked up to Roni and said, “I still don’t think this is a good idea.” I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to avoid Craig. Our paths would surely cross sometime.

“Relax,” replied Roni as she took my hand. Blake reached out and held my other. When we approached the house, he let go of my hand and walked beside Amber. Loud music was blasting from inside and the backyard. Jim’s house is huge. It is a modern home with two floors and a finished basement. There is also a large patio with a big swimming pool. Off to the side is a hot tub.

Jim greeted us at the door. He embraced Amber, but he looked skeptically at Blake, Roni and me. I think when he invited her, he thought she would bring her girlfriends, not a lesbian and two boys. He pointed towards the kitchen. “Drinks are in there.”

I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. The music was loud, and many of our classmates already seemed to be drunk. Others seemed to be in various degrees of foreplay. They were sitting on the couches and chairs kissing and making out. Leonard Galway had his hands down Freda Summers blouse as he squeezed on her tits. Another couple was making out as they groped each other with their tongues down each other’s throats.

I whispered to Roni, “I want to go home.”

“It will be okay, Seth,” she replied. “We’ll have one drink and then leave.” She grabbed my hand and led me into the kitchen. I looked around for Craig and Stacy, but I didn’t see them. Blake and Amber joined us at the makeshift bar on the counter. Since I never drank before, I wasn’t familiar with any of the bottles of liquor lined up on it. Randy Treadwell was acting as a bartender. He was staggering around as he made drinks for everyone. After pouring the contents of the bottle into the glass, he would take a sip. I could see why he could barely stand.

“What will it be, Guys?” he asked as he slurred his words. He looked at Roni and laughed. “I bet you want a bloody Mary.”

“Bloody, this!” replied Roni as she gave him the finger. He leaned back and roared with laughter. “Give me a gin and tonic.”

“A gin and tonic for the little lady,” he exclaimed as he grabbed a couple of bottles. He looked at me. “And you, Seth?” I didn’t know what to order.

I looked at Roni and then replied, “I’ll have a gin and tonic too.” Amber and Blake asked for the same. I guess none of us knew anything about alcohol. Roni laughed when I took a sip of my drink and grimaced.

“You’ll get used to it,” she assured me. A minute later, I placed the full glass on a table and walked away.

We walked around the house seeing what others were doing. Some students were in the family room in the basement playing a nasty game of Twister. Each time a color was called, they would twist so that their bodies would end in a lewd position. Roni grabbed my hand and led us upstairs.

“I can’t believe this,” she said when we reached the top. “They talk about me, and this is nothing but a sex pit. Cindy and I don’t act this way when we’re together.”

Blake responded, “I think it’s exciting. I’ve never seen so many boys with hard-ons.”

“You’re a perv,” replied Amber as she pushed him toward the backdoor.

It wasn’t much better on the patio and pool. By now, everyone seemed to be getting drunk. I was also growing concerned that the police might arrive at any minute if a neighbor reported that a bunch of drunk teenagers were disturbing the neighborhood.

I grew frightened when I saw Craig and Stacy sitting at a patio table with a large umbrella overhead. Stacy was kissing on his neck, and he was holding her leg which she had draped over him. He looked over, and he glared at me. I pulled the others to a retaining wall on the other side of the backyard and sat down.

I looked at my watch. It was a little after midnight. I would wait a few more minutes and then leave. We listened to the music playing, and Roni and Amber rose and danced. Blake scooted nearer to me and let our legs rub against each other. After a few minutes, Amber and Roni sat down.

I looked again at my watch. “I have to be going soon, Guys,” I informed the others. “Before I go, I better pee.” I rose to find a bathroom. I asked a girl nearby where the bathroom was. She pointed toward the pool house.

“It’s that door there,” she said before turning back to her boyfriend.

I started walking toward the door. Blake walked up beside me and said, “I have to go too.” When we reached the door, I told him he could go first. He giggled, grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

He closed the door, and he instantly started kissing and groping me. “I’m so horny,” he exclaimed as he reached down and fondled me. “Watching all this sex has really gotten me hot.” He began unbuckling my pants. “I want you, Seth.”

I knew I should have stopped him, but I couldn’t. I was as horny as he was. One of the reasons I wanted to hurry home was to masturbate with the images of what I had seen our classmates doing. I didn’t resist when he unzipped my pants and my hard cock became visible. Blake dropped to his knees, opened his mouth and took the entire length into his mouth. I thought I was going to explode right then.

“Oh God, Blake,” I moaned as I grabbed the back of his head and thrust deeper into his mouth.

Suddenly, the door opened. Blake sprung to his feet, and I tried to cover myself. I squinted in the darkness to see who had interrupted us. It was Craig!

He grabbed Blake around the neck and lifted him off his feet. He dropped him and exclaimed angrily, “Get the fuck out of here.” He then pushed him out the door.

He closed the door and looked threateningly at me. “What the fuck are you doing, Seth?” I started to pull my pants up, but he stopped me. “Leave them alone,” he ordered.

“Please let me go, Craig,” I pleaded as tears filled my eyes. “Don’t hurt me.”

“Who said I’m going to hurt you?” He then leaned in and kissed me passionately. “I’d never hurt you.” I could taste the alcohol in his mouth and smell it on his breath. He appeared to be very drunk.

I was stunned, and I didn’t know what to do. I thought Craig would kill me when he saw Blake sucking my dick. Instead, he was holding on to me and kissing me. I tried to push him away, but he resisted. “You’re mine, Seth,” he said as he looked into my eyes. In the darkness, I could see tears glistening in his eyes. “You’ll always be mine.” He kissed me again, and then he dropped to his knees and looked up. “Let me prove it to you.” He then started sucking me as it hardened in his mouth. I wanted to stop him, but I couldn’t. Warning bells were ringing in my head, but I couldn’t move. I was completely caught off guard by Craig’s actions.

Suddenly, the door opened, and I could hear Stacy screaming. “You bastards!” she yelled as she picked up a pool noodle and began swinging it at Craig. I rose and quickly zipped my pants. “You fucking faggots! God, Craig! What are you doing to Seth?” She kept crying and hitting us.  I looked out the door, and a large number of students had assembled to watch what was happening.

Stacy threw the noodle down, and she began hitting and scratching at us. “I’ll kill you!” she screamed. “Now I know why you couldn’t fuck me. You’re fucking my brother!” There were loud gasps coming from those gathered around. I could hear Blake screaming my name. However, the crowd was preventing him from coming nearer.

I hollered, “Blake! Help me!”

Craig grabbed my hand and pushed his way through the throng while Stacy continued to yell and pound on his back. He pulled me across the patio, and we ran out through a gate. I almost lost my balance several times as we ran through Jim’s yard and out onto the street. “Come on!” yelled Craig as he pulled me toward his car. I could hear Stacy and the others following closely behind us. Craig opened his car door and shoved me into the passenger seat. He hurried around, jumped in and started the car. As he pulled away, he almost hit Stacy who was attempting to block him from leaving. A couple of students grabbed her and pulled her away. Craig gunned the engine, and he sped away.

I looked over, and panic filled his eyes.  

When we were about two blocks from Jim’s house, three police cruisers went speeding past us with their sirens blaring. Craig slowed down but sped up once they had passed. I was growing increasingly worried. I didn’t like the expression on Craig’s face.

“Where are we going?” I asked nervously. He didn’t respond and kept driving as he looked forward. Not once did he look over at me. Suddenly, he started sobbing uncontrollably. His hands were shaking as he gripped the steering wheel. We were also picking up speed.

I hollered, “Craig! Let me out!”

He screamed back, “No!”

“What are you doing?” I was becoming panicked. I looked at the speedometer. We were going 90 miles an hour. “Please, Craig!” I cried. “Stop the car!”

“No!” he sobbed.

“What are you going to do?”

He cried, “Kill us!” I screamed as he careened down the street. We were on an open highway, and fortunately, there were no other cars on the road.

I began pounding on his arm and screaming, “Stop this car! I don’t want to die!”

He was still crying uncontrollably, but I noticed that the speedometer was dropping. We were now doing 60. “I want to die,” he sobbed. “I can’t go back.”

“Craig,” I pleaded. “Please don’t kill us.” I gripped his arm and started crying. “Please don’t kill us. You can’t do this.”

I sighed when he pulled over to the side of the road and sobbed. “I can’t go back,” he kept saying over and over. I got out of the car, went around to the driver’s side, opened the door, pulled him out, walked him around the car, and helped him into the passenger side. I walked around, got in the driver’s side and trembled. It took me several minutes to gain my composure before I could pull away. All I could think about was how close we came to dying. I looked over at Craig, and he looked like a zombie. He had his head back on the headrest, and he was staring straight ahead. I put the car in gear and drove off.

I didn’t know where to go. I looked at my watch, and it was almost one. We couldn’t go back to my house. Stacy would be there. I couldn’t imagine what she might do to us if we entered the door together.

We couldn’t go to Craig’s house. By now, his parents might have been informed of what had happened at the party. His dad is a big supporter of the football team, so I’m sure one of them may have called to check to see how Craig was.

I drove around for about a half hour trying to decide what to do. Both our lives were ruined. Everyone at the party had witnessed Stacy’s tirade. In her anger, she outed both of us. We had been so careless. Surely, Stacy had watched him enter the bathroom. She probably wanted to sneak in and make out with Craig. Instead, she found her boyfriend on his knees sucking her twin brother’s cock.

I still don’t understand Craig’s reaction when he caught Blake sucking me. I would have expected him to hurt both of us. Instead, he pushed Blake out and took his place. Maybe he was too drunk to know what he was doing. But somehow, I think he was jealous of Blake, and he wanted to prove to me that he could be a better boyfriend. I don’t know. None of it makes any sense. Chaos has been cast down on us, and there is no way out. Maybe Craig had the right idea. Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped him from driving the car into a tree at 90 miles an hour. At least the chaos would be over.

I drove up to the abandoned warehouse and parked Craig’s car behind a dumpster so it couldn’t be seen from the street. Craig was numb when I helped him from the car. He didn’t say anything as I led him down the dilapidated hall and pulled back the door. I led him over to the makeshift bed and helped him lie down.

He looked up dejectedly at me and asked, “Why Seth? Why?”


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