Mark's Revenge

Chapter 14

I tried to call Ryan on Saturday night, but he wasn’t home. I was finally able to get a hold of him on Sunday morning. He was still angry with Scott. He said Scott had been calling his cell phone for the past two days, but he refused to answer it.

We arranged to meet him that afternoon. Bobby and I rode our bikes to Riverside. If we were going to put the plan into action, we had to move quickly. My aunt would only be gone for the weekend, and an opportunity like this might not come again.

Ryan only lived about three blocks from Aunt Janice. We rode past her house so he would know where she lived. He said he had actually met her a few times around town. She was active in the town’s attempt to build a skate park near where he lived. He thought it was cool for a woman her age to fight for something she probably would never use. I told him to not be too sure of that. I could picture Aunt Janice doing a kickflip on a board.

When we arrived at his house, we went to his bedroom to go over the plan that Bobby had devised. Its success would depend on Ryan’s willingness to participate. We knew he wanted to get even with Scott, but we weren’t sure he would agree to what we had planned.

“How bad do you want to get even with Scott?” I asked him after we had sat down on the bed.

“I told you Friday night. I’m willing to do anything,” he responded angrily. “What he did to Bobby was terrible. I want to see him fried.” 

“Would you be willing to have sex with him?” My face turned red with embarrassment when I asked him. I didn’t know Ryan very well and it was hard to ask him to have sex with someone else, especially someone he no longer liked.

“You’re kidding, right?” He said amazed. When he saw the serious look on our faces he became concerned. “You’re not kidding, are you?”

We then explained to Ryan the plan that we had worked out. Ryan was to accept Scott’s apology and then agree to meet with him on Sunday afternoon at ‘his aunt’s’ house. She was not going to be home and they could safely meet there to ‘make up.’ 

That was the easy part. Now we had to convince him to let us video them having sex.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” he shouted. “You can’t video me having sex with Scott!”

“We can edit your face out,” I assured him. “All we need is your cock fucking Scott’s ass.”

“He’ll never go for it,” he informed us. “He’s a total top. He’d never let me fuck him.”

“Tell him that’s the only way you’ll agree to get back together with him,” suggested Bobby. “You said yourself that he loves you. If he wants you back, he’ll agree to do it.”

“It’s worth a try,” said Ryan. “He did tell me he’d do anything for me. Although, I don’t think he had that in mind.”

We explained the rest of the plan. He would bring Scott to Aunt Janice’s house around 2:00 pm. They would make out on the living room couch, and then end up on the floor. Aunt Janice’s house has French doors that divide the living room from the dining room. There are also heavy sheer curtains on the window. They would never be able to see through into the dining room. Bobby and I would be on the other side with a web cam hooked up to Bobby’s laptop computer.

When Ryan would begin to fuck Scott, he was to keep his head up, out of view of the camera so that we could catch just Scott’s face and Ryan with his cock in his ass. We assured him that no one would know who he was. We would carefully edit the tape so that Ryan’s face would never be seen.

“What if he hears you guys?” Ryan said worriedly.

“Play the radio real loud,” said Bobby. “We’re also going to steal a bottle of liquor from my father’s bar. Make sure you get him drunk before you fuck him. He won’t know a thing.”

Ryan started smiling. “You know. This just may work. I’ll get even with that son of a bitch and get a piece of ass in the process. He deserves it.”

“Can you get Scott to meet you Sunday?” I asked.

“Are you kidding?” he laughed. “He’s been calling me non-stop since Friday night. He’s left about a hundred emails on my computer as well. Yeah, he’ll meet me.”

“Good,” I said. “Bobby and I will get there around noon. We’ll have everything set up by the time you arrive. Just make sure he doesn’t snoop around and come into the dining room.”

“What are you guys going to do with the video?” Ryan asked. “I know you’ll use it to get him, but how?”

“I’m still working on that,” Bobby told him. “It’s kinda complicated, but just be assured, no one will ever know it was you in the video.”

“I trust you guys,” he said. “After what he has put you guys through, I hope your plan really turns out.” 

We talked a little longer, getting to know each other better. Ryan was a really good guy. I felt kind of guilty that we had involved him in our plan, but he kept telling us he was all right with it. I think he was just looking forward to fucking Scott. After a while, we rode our bikes home.

I was in my room catching up on some homework that I’d been postponing all weekend. Bobby’s dad had made him stay home as well. His teacher had called his house and told his parents that his grade in Biology had fallen to a ‘B.’ His parents were in a panic. Poor guy. For someone to have such supportive parents, they could sure put the pressure on him when it came to his grades.

I was in the middle of writing a paper for my lit class when my cell phone rang. It was Richard. I hadn’t talked to him yet about his date with Randall.

“Hey, Richard,” I said as I answered the phone.

“Hi, Mark. Are you busy right now? I need to talk to someone.” He sounded desperate. I immediately thought that things had not gone so well.

“Sure. What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Can I come over for a while?  I’d rather talk in person,” he said.

“Yeah. All right.”

“Be there in ten minutes.” He hung up the phone. I was confused because he had sounded so worried. I couldn’t figure out what had happened. He and Randall had seemed to have hit it off yesterday. Minutes later he came walking into my room.

He sat on the bed beside me and just looked at me without saying anything. His behavior was beginning to worry me. After a minute of awkward silence he began to speak.

“Are you in love with Bobby?” he asked. This had taken me totally by surprise. I had no idea where this conversation was going.

“Yes,” I answered him. “I think so, anyway.”

“When did you know it?” he asked questioningly.

“I don’t know. It wasn’t like right away. It just kinda happened,” I told him.

“So it wasn’t like the first time you met?” He was still probing.

“Richard. What’s with all these questions?” I asked out of frustration.

“I think I’m in love with Randall. Can that happen so quickly?” He looked at me searching for an answer. “I can’t think of anything but him. I’m going crazy.”

“He told me he loved me too last night after we..” Suddenly, he stopped and his face burned a crimson red.

“After you what?” I started laughing. He reached over and poked me in my side.

“Shut up, fucker,” he laughed. “You know after what.” 

“Damn, you guys didn’t waste any time,” I said. “First date and you’re already in bed.”

“He spent the night,” he grinned. “God, I am so much in love with him.”

“I want details,” I laughed. “Inch by inch.”

“Nine and a half.” He said blushing.

“No shit?” I screamed. “What did you do with it?”

“Everything I could think of,” he began laughing. “God, he’s great in bed. We didn’t just have sex, we actually made love.”

“I am so happy for you,” I said. He sat grinning from ear to ear. “Dude, you’ve got it so bad.”

“Yeah, but it feels sooooooo good,” he laughed.

We talked for about an hour. Actually, he talked about Randall and I listened. Richard was really in love with him. I was very happy for them. They were great guys and definitely made a cute couple. Richard was afraid of outing Randall at school, but like Randall always says, “Fuck ‘em. Who cares what they say.” He was afraid, though, it could jeopardize Randall’s chances of getting a basketball scholarship if scouts heard rumors he was gay.

After Richard left, Ryan called. He said he finally answered the phone when Scott called. He said Scott cried and then pleaded with him for another chance. He said he was in love with him and wanted to see him again.

Ryan agreed to meet with Scott on Sunday as we had planned. I asked if he had agreed to let him fuck him, and he said Scott said he’d do ‘anything’ to make him happy. Plan B was finally being set in motion.

I called Bobby after talking to Ryan and he was ecstatic with the news. We talked for a while about how we’d go about taping Scott and Ryan. We both got hard and ended up having phone sex. It wasn’t as good as the real thing, but we had fun doing it. When I got off the phone it was well past midnight and I was nowhere close to finishing my homework. I decided it could wait until tomorrow. I’d try and finish it in one of my other classes.

When Bobby and I entered the cafeteria the next morning, Richard and Randall were already sitting eating breakfast. They were pressed up again each other and laughing.

“Hey guys,” I said as I sat down across from them. They looked over and grinned.

“I told Randall that I told you,” said Richard. Randall was beaming with excitement. I don’t think I’d seen him this happy when he’d won a big game.

“I’m really happy for you guys,” I told them.

“Me too,” chimed in Bobby. “You guys are cute together.” 

“You guys look pretty good together too,” replied Randall.

“Yeah,” laughed Richard. “We’re every girl’s worse nightmare. Four unavailable guys!” We began laughing as we high fived each other.

I told them that Ryan had called and had set up the date with Scott on Sunday. They were excited about the meeting. I tried to get them to tell me what Plan C was, but they’d just look at each other and laugh. They kept telling me they didn’t want Bobby and me involved. It was a complete mystery what they were planning to do.

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive. I don’t think I ever experienced time going so slow. It seems like when you want the time to go fast, it just comes to a halt.

We saw Scott sitting on his usual table staring at us from across the cafeteria. Randall looked over and stared back. Then he flipped him off. We started laughing when Scott got up and left the cafeteria. The bell rang and Randall and I headed off to gym. Randall actually reached out and gave Richard a hug in front of the whole cafeteria. You could see students suddenly start talking as the buzzing of busy mouths filled the room.

“Fuck ‘em,” Randall said coldly when he noticed the attention they had received. He then threw his arm around me and we headed out the door. When we got to the gym, Randall had to leave and go talk to the coach about practice after school. I started getting dressed when I was suddenly hit from behind in the back. I turned around and Scott hit me in the stomach.

“You don’t look so bad now,” he spat angrily. “Where’s that giant fag you’ve got guarding you?”

“I’m right here, Mother Fucker.” Randall stepped up and slammed Scott against the lockers. He grabbed his tee shirt and lifted him off his feet. He then reached down and grabbed his balls and squeezed tightly. Scott let out a yell. His face was filled with panic as he was overpowered by Randall. He leaned into Scott’s face and said calmly,

“You ever touch Mark, Bobby or Richard again and I’ll kill you with my bare hands. Do you understand me?” He then removed his hand from Scott’s balls and hit him sharply in the stomach. Scott dropped to the ground writhing in pain.

“Let’s get out of here,” Randall said as he put his arm protectively around me. “It smells like shit in here.” Everyone started laughing as we walked out of the locker room past Scott who was crying out in pain on the floor. After we were a safe distance away, several of Scott’s friends went to him and helped him up. They never appeared for class that day. It was fun being able to play basketball without having to worry if someone was going to jab me in the side.

Scott showed up for our sixth period computer science class, but he didn’t even look at me once. He was busy writing all period. I laughed thinking that Bobby was probably in the library watching what he was sending to Ryan. I couldn’t wait until class was over to find out.

Bobby was waiting for me at the locker when I arrived. He had a worried look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Scott’s pissed at you,” he said. “What happened in gym?” I explained how he had hit me and how Randall had come to my defense.

“He spent the whole period talking to some guy named Vic,” he explained. “He’s trying to buy a gun.” My face drained of blood.

“Don’t worry,” Bobby said calmly. “The guy wouldn’t help him.”

“But it’s just a matter of time until he gets one,” I said nervously.

“Well, after Sunday I don’t think we’ll have to worry about it,” stated Bobby.

“What if it doesn’t go well?” I looked him in the eyes. “We’ll be screwed.” 

“Nothing will go wrong,” he said reassuringly. “Trust me.”

We went to Bobby’s house but I was still tense from worry. The thought of Scott getting a gun and shooting Bobby or me was overwhelming.

“Lie down,” instructed Bobby as he point to the bed. He took my shoulders and laid me gently down. He then removed my shoes. “Roll over.” I lay on my stomach as Bobby sat on my ass and began rubbing my back. I lay there purring like a kitten.

“You’re so tight,” he said while rubbing my shoulders. “I massage my dad sometimes when he’s had a bad day. It will make you feel better.”

“Take off your shirt.” I removed it and threw it on the floor. Bobby continued massaging my back. I could feel the tension slowly leaving my body.

“Take off your pants,” said Bobby. “I want to do your legs.” I rolled over and unbuttoned my pants. He moved my hands away and unzipped my pants and then slowly pulled them and my underwear down. My cock was standing straight up. After throwing my pants on the floor, he reached out and stroked it a few times.

“Later, for that,” he grinned. “Roll back over.” I closed my eyes as he began massaging my neck and shoulders. After a minute he got up and disappeared into the bathroom. He returned a couple of minutes later and sat back down on my ass. I could feel his cock poke me in my crack as he continued to rub me. He had gotten naked as well!

“Roll back over,” he said excitedly. By now my cock was aching. The massage felt great, but it had sexually aroused me like I’d never been before.

Bobby leaned in and began to kiss me. Our cocks were rubbing against each other. He sat up and maneuvered his ass so that my cock was rubbing against it. His face was flushed with excitement. He leaned over and opened his dresser drawer and removed a bottle of baby lotion. I watched as he rubbed it on my stiff cock and then poured some in his palm and applied it to his ass.

“Bobby. We don’t have to do this,” I said worriedly. I knew that I had enjoyed it when he had fucked me a few days earlier, but I was bigger than he was. I was afraid I might hurt him.

“Shhhhh,” he said as he took hold of my cock and placed it against his ass. We stared into each other’s eyes as he fought to get it to penetrate him.

“I love you so much,” I whispered as I felt my dick begin to inch into his ass. He hissed in pain when I had gotten about and inch in. I started to tell him to stop, but he leaned in and gave me a kiss. He sat harder against me and I felt myself go deeper into him. I had never experienced such a feeling. It felt warm and tight against my hard cock. I was fighting desperately not to shoot my load before I had completely entered him.

With a final kiss, he sat up and slowly sank down on my cock. I could feel my pubic hairs brushing against the cheeks of his ass. I was all the way in! Bobby looked down at me and grinned.

“I’m not a virgin anymore,” he smiled as he slowly began rising and then falling on my cock. “Oh, Mark. This feels great. You’re finally in me!”

I grabbed his waist and began to slowly fuck him. His cock was jutting out and rubbing against my stomach. I reached out with my right hand and began stroking him as I continued to penetrate his warm ass.

“I’m cumming Mark!” he moaned as his cock exploded. I could feel his ass tightening around my cock as he continued to shoot out onto my chest. I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Unnngggggggg!” I yelled as I exploded. He continued to tighten his ass muscles as I unloaded shot after shot of cum into him. He leaned in for another kiss and I felt my dick pop out. He gave me a surprised look and jumped off the bed and ran to the bedroom. I started laughing as I watched his red ass suddenly disappear through the door.

He returned a few minutes later blushing brightly.

“That was close,” he laughed. “I almost shit on the bed.” We both rolled around laughing hysterically. I pushed him down on his back and began kissing him again. He moaned under me.

“I love you so much,” I said with a smile.

“I know,” he grinned. “I love you too. Did that make you forget about Scott?”

“Who’s Scott?” I asked. We both started laughing again.