Chapter 11

Unfortunately, Ty and I were in the next class together. As we walked down the hallway, I could sense that Ty was looking at me. I think he was beginning to realize that one of his best friends is gay. All the signs are there. I had accepted going to the junior dance with Roni without even worrying about the fact that she is a lesbian. Now, I had shown an unusual friendliness with a stranger that had just enrolled in our school. Ty was unaware that I had already met Blake.

Before entering class, Ty grabbed my shoulder and stopped me. “So, Seth,” he said nervously, “What is…” He shook his head and added, “Never mind.” He then entered the class, and I followed behind him and took a seat next to him. We had a test scheduled, so I was able to avoid any more questions for the period.

When the bell rang, we headed to the cafeteria for lunch. We met Sherman in the hall, and he walked with us. I was glad because it prevented Ty from trying to ask me any more questions. I knew I would have to confess to him soon that I am gay. I know Ty is mature enough to accept it, but I’m just not ready to come out now.

After going through the line for our lunch, we sat down with Jennifer. She immediately started talking about an incident that happened in her 2nd period class. A fight broke out between two boys who were dating the same girl. I know the girl, and I didn’t understand why two guys would want to fight over her.

I looked up when Blake approached the table carrying a tray. He had a wide grin on his face. He walked up and asked, “Can I join you guys?” I scooted over, and he sat beside me. He spoke to Ty, and then he said hello to Jennifer and Sherman.

Ty looked at me and asked, “Aren’t you going to introduce Blake?” My face reddened as I told them who he was. I explained that he was a new student. They were surprised when I told him that he was Amber’s cousin, and that he was staying with her. After telling them, I looked worriedly at Blake. I was afraid that he might not want them to know that. However, he didn’t appear to care.

He blushed when Jennifer told him he was cute. She proceeded to ask him a bunch of personal questions which he managed to avoid answering. She wanted to know what school he had attended, and why he was living with Amber. Jennifer and Amber are friends, so I know she will ask her later. I was also suspicious because Jennifer seemed interested in Blake. I had never seen her act so friendly with another boy before. Even Sherman made a joke about her questioning of Blake. He laughed and said, “Someone’s looking for a boyfriend.” Jennifer slapped him in the chest and told him to be quiet. Ty made me uncomfortable because he kept staring at me and Blake. I was glad when the bell finally rang for our next class. I tried to leave alone, but Blake ran up beside me as I was leaving.

“I like your friends,” he said. “Ty is really cute. How long have you two been dating?”

I stopped and turned toward him. “I told you,” I replied angrily. “Ty is not my boyfriend.” I then started walking away.

“I’m sorry, Seth,” apologized Blake. He looked at my neck. “I just thought he was the one who…”

I interrupted him. “I gotta get to class,” I said as I turned and walked away. I know I was rude. I could tell by the hurt look on his face. But right now, I’m confused. I like Blake, but Craig is planning for us to get together after school. I also have to deal with coming out to Ty and the others. If Blake and I do eventually get together, I’ll certainly have to tell them. We won’t be able to hide our feelings for each other. Luckily, we were able to avoid that at lunch today.

Fifth period was boring. It is Spanish III, and it is the only class I don’t share with any of my friends except Roni. Our school requires only two years of a foreign language. The others stopped after last year. I like the teacher, Mrs. Beauford, so I enrolled in the class for a third year.

We did some translations, and then she gave us an assignment from the book. About the middle of the class, my phone vibrated in my pocket. It is against class rules to talk or text on our phones during class. We are supposed to turn them off during class, but most students usually just silence them so they don’t ring. I looked to see who was texting me. It was Craig!

urmancraig: don’t forget

I looked quickly toward the front of the room to see if Mrs. Beauford saw me look at the text. She was busy doing something else. I certainly wasn’t going to respond. I still hadn’t decided if I wanted to hook up with Craig later. However, the erection in my pants that grew when I read the message told me that ‘he’ wanted to.

When the bell rang, Roni walked over and started giggling. “You better be careful, Seth. Mrs. Beauford will take your phone if she sees you on your phone. Tell your new boyfriend to text you after class.” She grinned and walked away before I had a chance to ask her what she meant by ‘new boyfriend.’

I nervously walked toward class. I had read Blake’s schedule, and I knew that we would be sharing the same class together. Craig was also in the class, although I sit towards the front, and he sits in the back, and we rarely speak. Craig was standing outside the door. He smiled when he saw me approach. My face reddened when he reached down and rubbed his crotch. I looked around to see if any other students noticed.

I went in and took my seat. Craig followed me into the classroom. He looked down and grinned as he passed me. I then noticed Blake come hurriedly into the room just as the bell rang. He approached Mr. Lattimore, our literature teacher. They talked for a minute, then he told Blake to have a seat. Blake saw me and approached. “Hi, Seth,” he said as he looked around for a seat. He pointed to a seat behind me and told me he would sit there. We didn’t get a chance to talk to each other because we were given a reading assignment and a handout to complete by the end of the period.

When the bell rang, Blake stepped up beside me. He started to say something, but Craig passed him. When he did, he brushed up against Blake. Blake almost lost his balance and fell. I reached out and grabbed him. Craig turned and gave me a dirty look. Blake looked at Craig as he left and asked, “What’s his problem?” I shrugged my shoulders and told him I didn’t know.

As we walked out, Blake asked, “Can I get a ride home?” I wasn’t sure how to respond. Normally, I would have enjoyed giving him a ride. However, I was afraid that Craig might see us get into the car together. His earlier behavior showed that he was jealous of Blake. He had even warned me to stay away from him.

“Um…” I stammered. “I can’t today. My mother wants me to come home right away.”

A frown appeared on his face. “Okay,” he replied. “Maybe tomorrow.” He turned and walked away. I felt bad. However, I was trying to protect him from Craig’s wrath. Craig considered me his property, and I knew he didn’t want anyone to ruin that. Having a boyfriend was out of the question as long as we messed around.

I was glad that I hadn’t taken Blake home. On the way to my car, I came up behind Craig and Stacy as they walked to his car. Stacy was whining, “But I don’t know why you have to go home right away. Can’t you stay with me for a while?”

“I told you…” he started to say before he turned and saw me. He nodded and said, “Hi, Seth.” When Stacy looked at me, he gave me a quick wink. I said hello, and then I rushed to my car. Before pulling off, I watched as he and Stacy argued outside his car. If she only knew that her boyfriend was going to hook up with her twin brother.

When I arrived home, I went to my room, stripped off my clothes and went across the hall to take a shower. I had decided that I wanted to go to Craig’s house. I know it is wrong, but I can’t resist Craig’s advances. Someday it will end, but I just want to enjoy the times we get together now. All we have to do is be careful and no one will ever know.

When I returned to my room, I could hear Stacy in her room talking loudly on the phone to Maggie. I heard her ask, “Do you think Craig is seeing another girl? He’s always finding excuses not to be with me. I’ll kill him if he’s seeing someone else.” I walked over and closed my door so I couldn’t hear the rest of her conversation.

About a half hour later, I left my room and went downstairs. Stacy was in the kitchen. When I reached for the door, she asked me where I was going.

“I got to be somewhere,” I informed her.

 She gave me a skeptical look and said, “You better be home for dinner. Mom leaves in the morning, and she’s going to read us the riot act before she goes.”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied as I headed for my car. As I pulled out of the driveway, I saw Stacy standing at the kitchen window watching me. A chill ran down my back when I thought that she might suspect where I was going.

I nervously pulled into Craig’s driveway. I kept thinking what if his parents come home early from dinner and catch us? He said they wouldn’t be home until late, so I guess it is okay. When I knocked on the door, Craig opened it. All he had on was a pair of athletic shorts. He was hard, so he must have been playing with it before I arrived. “Hey,” he said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. He immediately stepped out of his shorts and stood naked before me. “I’ve been waiting on you, Seth,” he said lustily as he stroked his cock a few times.

He walked over and pulled my tee shirt off over my head. “I want you naked,” he said.

“Shouldn’t we go to your bedroom?” I asked worriedly.

“My parents won’t be home for hours,” he assured me as he took my hand and led me into his family room. I looked down at the couch and wondered if he had ever done the same thing to my sister. He tossed my shirt on the floor, and then reached over and tried to pull my shorts down. I resisted and held onto them.

I asked, “Aren’t we going a little too fast?”

“No,” he replied as he pushed me back onto the sofa. He knelt and pulled off my shoes. He then reached up and pulled at my shorts. I raised my body, and I was instantly sitting naked before him.

“Wow!” he said admiringly as he looked at my body. At that moment, I knew. Craig is like me. He is gay. A straight boy wouldn’t look at another boy the way Craig was looking at me. Before he had acted like he wanted me only for sex. This time felt different. It was as if needed me. I moaned as he continued to rub his hands on my chest. I don’t think my cock had ever been so hard. Craig almost purred when he said, “You don’t know how much I’ve wanted you.”

He grabbed my waist and ordered me to roll over. My ass was exposed to him. He began rubbing it, and then he pulled my cheeks apart. I gasped when he leaned in and started licking me. I’m glad no one was home because I was shouting from the sensations I was feeling. Craig was eating my ass! I almost came when he stuck his tongue into it. I couldn’t believe what he was doing. This wasn’t playfulness. It was intense and raw sex. I jumped when he inserted a finger deep into my ass. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I told you I was going to do something for you.” He started kissing the side of my neck.

“Craig!” I yelled. “Don’t give me another hickey! Everyone was asking me about the one you gave me last week.”

“Okay, Baby,” he said as he kissed my neck gently.

‘Baby?’ I thought. Where did that come from? He was treating me like I was his girlfriend. Suddenly, he rolled me back over and sat down beside me. He started stroking his hard cock.

“Do me, Seth,” he ordered urgently. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. He began to moan, and I was afraid he would come into my mouth. “Oh, yeah, Baby,” he moaned loudly.

I stopped sucking him and began running my tongue up his chest. He trembled when I began licking his nipples. Craig has a hair on his chest, and I found it extremely sexy to run my tongue over the silky hair. His eyes were closed, and he was enjoying what I was doing. So was I. Never in my dreams would I have imagined that Craig would let me do what I was doing. Before it was sex. This was something completely different.

I continued to lick his upper body, and then I moved to his neck. He continued to moan as I licked his neck and ears. I was careful not to get too carried away to give him a hickey. His eyes were still closed. I decided I would take a chance and kiss him. When our lips touched, I was surprised when he moaned, opened his mouth and let me kiss him. I continued to kiss him for a few seconds before he opened his eyes and pushed me away.

“I can’t,” he apologized. “I’m sorry.”

I replied, “I understand.” And I did. Kissing would take what we were doing to another level. Craig could probably justify what we were doing as just sex. The act of kissing would involve love. I’m not sure if I want to go there.

He grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s lie down on the floor.” He lay down and I began to suck him. We were in a 69 position, and my cock was facing him. I moaned when he began to stroke me while I sucked him.

Suddenly, I felt a warmth around my cock. I looked down and Craig had put my cock in his mouth! He wasn’t sucking it. It was as if he didn’t know what to do. I think he was even surprised he had done it. When I thrust forward, he took more into his mouth and began to suck it. I was in heaven! I had never imagined that Craig would ever suck me.

We continued for a few more minutes until Craig pulled away and sat up. “I need to fuck you now, Seth!” he stated urgently. He reached for the lube that was lying nearby. I hadn’t noticed it before. “Get on your knees.” I did as he said, and he positioned himself behind me.” At first there was a searing pain as he inserted his big dick into my ass. This time, however, I knew what to expect. The pain soon subsided, and we were fucking. When he pushed forward, I pushed back. He was moaning so loud that I was afraid the neighbors would hear us. Suddenly, his body went rigid, and I felt him erupt inside me. When he finished, he withdrew and fell limp beside me. I watched for a minute as he breathed heavily. I smiled knowing that I had completely satisfied the boy of my dreams.

“God, Seth!” he moaned as he put his arm over his eyes. “That was fucking fantastic. You are the best fuck.”

I looked over and smiled. He pulled his arm away and smiled at me. I asked nervously, “Can I kiss you?”

It surprised me when he replied, “Okay. I guess I owe you that much. Just don’t do it too long.” I leaned over and kissed him passionately. He didn’t resist. When I pulled away, he smiled at me.

He sat up and said, “Your turn. Lie back.” He poured some of the lotion on his hand and reached for my hard cock. I lay back and he began to masturbate me. I was hoping he would suck me again, but he didn’t. After several minutes, I erupted in his hand. “Cool,” he said as my cock began to soften. He put his hand to his mouth and licked some of the cum off. “Not too bad,” he said as he wrinkled his nose. I laughed at him.

I looked at the clock. Over an hour had passed. “I better go,” I said as I stood and looked for my clothes.

Craig looked disappointed. “I thought we could take a shower together.”

I apologized, “I don’t have time. Mom is expecting me for dinner tonight. I can’t be late.”

“Okay,” he replied as he pulled on his shorts. I got dressed and headed for the door. “Seth,” he said as he grabbed my arm. “What we just did no one can never know.”

I giggled and said, “Or you’ll kill me?”

A worried expression appeared as he replied, “I’m serious, Seth. I’m not gay. We’re just having fun, okay?”

“Sure,” I smiled as I leaned in and quickly kissed him. He was rubbing his lips when I turned and waved goodbye.

As I drove home, I kept worrying how all this would end. There is no way Craig and I can continue having sex without someone finding out. Roni already knows, but I think I can trust her. If she wasn’t Craig’s cousin, I might be concerned. I don’t think she would do anything to hurt him. I keep thinking that maybe we should stop before we do get caught, but I’m not sure Craig would want to. He’s enjoying what we are doing. Each time we get together, he wants to experiment more. I still can’t believe he sucked me, and he even let me kiss him. He may say he’s not gay, but I am beginning to believe that he is.

Dinner was ready when I got home. Mom was scurrying around the kitchen preparing lasagna. Stacy was sitting at the counter just watching her. I’ve never understood why Mom lets her do that. I would think that she would want to teach Stacy how to cook. However, Stacy has never shown any interest.

“Hi, Mom,” I said as I walked through the kitchen. I didn’t even look at Stacy. I’m beginning not to feel guilty every time I see her.

My mother said, “Dinner in half an hour.” I nodded and headed into the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth and cleaned my dick and ass. I wanted to take a shower, but there wasn’t much time. I also checked to make sure that there was no blood. When I finished, I returned to my bedroom and lay down on the bed until dinner was ready. I fell asleep until I was awakened by my mother hollering upstairs that dinner was ready.

She and Stacy were already sitting at the dining room table. Most nights we eat at the counter, but I guess since she wanted to discuss her trip, she decided to eat at the table. I began to eat the lasagna when Stacy looked over at me and started sniffing.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

I was shocked when she replied, “You smell like Craig.”

“What?” I asked. I then grew worried that I did smell like Craig. We had been so close earlier that his cologne probably rubbed off on me. My face began to redden, and I had to think fast.

“Why are you wearing Craig’s cologne?” asked Stacy. Her eyes narrowed in anger.

“It isn’t Craig’s cologne,” I answered quickly. “Me and Ty were at the mall, and I was trying on some different colognes at one of the kiosks.” Stacy continued to stare angrily at me.

“Well,” interrupted my mother as she sniffed the air. “I like the fragrance. Craig always makes the room smell nice when he visits.” She laughed and added, “Although he does overdo it sometimes.”

We finished eating without anything else being mentioned about the cologne. I needed to make sure that the next time Craig and I hook up, he doesn’t have any on. I was lucky this time, but I won’t be able to use the mall excuse again. Besides, I wasn’t sure that Stacy had bought it this time.

As usual, I had to clean the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Stacy and my mother waited until I was done. After finishing, I sat back down and waited for ‘the speech.’

It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I guess since we are now juniors in high school, she is going to treat us like young adults instead of children. She still expected us to come home after school and remain in the house. Her main concern was that we might fight while she was gone. I assured her I wouldn’t, but Stacy remained silent. I think she was waiting for my mother to leave so she could start bossing me around. My mother also reminded us that we couldn’t have visitors while she was gone. Of course, Stacy had to argue that it wasn’t fair. She didn’t understand why Craig couldn’t come over. “Besides,” she said. “Seth will be here. We won’t do anything while he’s here.”

That upset my mother. “You’re implying, Stacy,” she said angrily, “that something would happen if he wasn’t around. Do I need to worry what is happening between the two of you?” Stacy’s face reddened as she tried to argue that she and Craig weren’t doing anything. I had to hold in a laugh because I knew the truth. She had more to worry about what Craig and I were doing behind her back.

My mother also discussed the upcoming dance. She told us that we had to be home by one. She was going to call the house to make sure we were home. “If I come home Sunday afternoon and find that you had friends over after the dance,” she warned, “there will be consequences to pay.”

“Mom,” whined Stacy. “Can’t we be home at two?” For a minute, I thought she was going to slip and mention the after party that she and Craig were going to attend.

“One,” my mother replied sternly. “When I call, you both better be sitting by the phone.” Stacy rose and stormed off to her room.

She shook her head and looked at me. “You’re the big brother, Seth. I expect you to watch out for your sister. Don’t let her get in any trouble.”

“Mom,” I whined. “I’m not going to be Stacy’s babysitter. She’s old enough to know what to do.” I thought it was unfair that she was laying all the responsibility on me. Stacy would just have to answer for any trouble she got into.

She rose and looked down at me. “Well, you know what I expect. Marie better give me a good report when I return. If she doesn’t, then there will be consequences.” She turned and left the room.

I was very upset. Why did I have to be responsible for everything? She let Stacy storm from the room without saying anything to her. But if she gets in trouble, then it will be my fault. I know one thing; the next few days are going to be hell for me.

I rose from the table and went to my room. I stripped off my clothes and walked across the hall to the bathroom. I needed to take a shower and wash off Craig’s scent from my body.


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