Love on Trial

Chapter 15

“What’s going on?” I asked as I walked into the living room. My father was pacing angrily around the room. He walked over to the bar and began pouring himself a drink.

“Chris is going to stay with us for a few days,” my mother said quietly, still holding Chris in her arms. I walked over and sat down beside him. He reached out and grabbed my hand, squeezing it tightly. My mother looked down, but she didn’t say anything. When she looked up, our eyes met, and she gave me a knowing smile.

“I’ve known John since college,” my father ranted from the other side of the room. “I didn’t realize he was such a jackass!”

“What happened?” I asked. Chris squeezed my hand tighter.

“Not here.” Dad left the room and I got up and followed him into the kitchen. We sat at the table and he explained what had happened when he took Chris home.

My father confronted Mr. Brewster about hitting Chris. They got into a big argument after that. Mr. Brewster didn’t want Chris to be gay, and he was very adamant about his feelings. He said he was just trying to make him straight.

When my father mentioned that he had a gay son who he loved very much, Mr. Brewster became even more upset. He told my father he couldn’t understand how he could accept me being gay. My father became enraged as he told what happened next.

Mr. Brewster told him if he liked gay boys so much, then he could take Chris with him. He told Chris to go upstairs and pack his bags because he was leaving. Chris’s mother tried to intervene several times, but he wouldn’t change his mind. Fearing that his father might harm him if he did stay, my dad agreed to bring Chris home with him.

“What about Chris’s mother?” I asked. “Surely she had something to say about it.”

“I don’t think she knew what had been going on,” said my father. “She seemed completely stunned by everything. Besides, she seemed scared of John. I don’t think she has the courage to say anything, anyways.”

“How long will he stay here?” I asked.

“I honestly don’t know,” he replied. “We’ll just have to play this by ear right now. I’ll call Bernie in the morning and see if he has any suggestions.”

“Thanks, Dad.” I walked over and hugged him. “I’m so glad you’re my father.” He held me tightly for a minute.

We returned to the living room. I grabbed Chris’s luggage off the floor and carried them up to my room. A few minutes later he came walking in.

“Sorry,” he said. “I don’t mean to be so much trouble.” I walked over and hugged him.

“You’re no trouble,” I whispered in his ear. I held him a minute and then said, “We’d better get to bed. It’s late and we have school in the morning.”

He opened his luggage and pulled out a pair of pajamas. I started laughing when I noticed they had big smiley faces printed all over them. When he realized why I was laughing, he started blushing.

“No you don’t!” I teased. “You sleep in smiley faces?”

“Shut up,” he mumbled and then walked across the hall to the bathroom. A minute later, I heard the shower start. I pulled down the covers on the twin bed where he would be sleeping. I smelled to make sure they were clean. I couldn’t remember if my mother had changed the linen the last time Jason had spent the night.

“Taylor!” Chris opened the bathroom door and shouted out, “I forgot to get a towel.”

I walked down the hall and took out two large bath towels. He was waiting behind the door, trying to keep his body hidden from me. I handed it to him. When he reached out, I pulled it back. When I did, he almost lost his balance. He took a step back and I got a good look at his naked body.

He was hot! His body was tanned and well sculptured, probably from many hours of swimming and working out. When he had given me a tour of his house at the party, I remembered seeing an exercise room in the basement. It was obvious he had spent many hours down there.

“Damn.” I said appreciatively as my eyes quickly wandered over his body. He grabbed the towel and threw it around him, covering his four inch soft uncut cock. My eyes traveled upward and admired his large, dark nipples. His chest had just the right dusting of hair on it.

“Do you mind?” He quickly slammed the door shut. I went back over to my room and sat at my computer desk.  When he walked back in a few minutes later wearing the smiley pajamas, I started giggling again.

“Shut up,” he said. He got into the bed I had pulled back for him. He lifted himself up on one elbow and smiled at me.

“Now, it’s your turn,” he grinned.


“You saw me naked. Now I get to see you.” My face began to blush brightly. I knew he was teasing me, but it still felt awkward. After seeing his body, there was no way I wanted to reveal mine to him. I wasn’t at all athletic, and I never worked out. Big Macs had taken away the toned look I had a few years ago.

“No way!” I exclaimed. He pouted and then started laughing.

“Chicken!” He began squawking.

“I’m not a chicken,” I insisted. I knew as soon as I said it, he would challenge me.

“Then prove it,” he grinned. He had backed me into a corner. I had seen him naked, so it was only fair that he should see me. Besides, if we were going to be living together for a while, we might as well get the modesty out of the way early.

“Fine,” I replied, pretending to be angry. “Have it your way.” I took off my shirt and threw it on the bed. I then toed off my shoes and removed my socks. I looked over, turned my back and pulled down my pants. I was left standing in just my boxers.

From across the room, he began to whistle seductively. “Take it all off,” he laughed. I started to panic when I felt my cock begin to harden.  It was one thing to get naked before him, but I didn’t want him to know that it was arousing me. He continued to whistle and shout for me to get naked. The more he did it, the harder my cock grew. I looked down and it was poking out through the slit in my boxers.

I took a deep breath and pulled down my boxers. I heard him let out a small gasp when I exposed my bare ass to him. I leaned down, grabbed the towel that was laying on the bed and then turned towards him. His eyes were riveted to my hard cock. It was jutting out to its six inch length.

“Happy?” I pretended to be upset.

“Hell, yeah,” he said huskily.

“Well good,” I huffed. I then walked across the room and left the room. I giggled when I heard him again mumble, “Hell, yeah.”

I thought about jacking off in the shower, but decided it would probably take too long and he would tease me if he suspected I did. After showering, I toweled off and returned to the room with my boxers on.

I looked over at him and he appeared to be asleep. I turned off the light and climbed into my bed. I kept looking at him over at him while he slept. I was getting excited because another boy besides Jason was asleep in my room. Soon, my cock was hard. I rolled over on my back and pulled down my underwear. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I knew I should have gotten up and gone into the bathroom, but I was too excited. I reached under the bed and pulled out my cum rag. Like the one all boys keep hidden under their bed.

I kept watching Chris as I masturbated to make sure he was still sleeping. I stopped when he rolled over and lay on his side facing me. In the faint light coming in through the window, I could tell that his eyes were open. He could see me lying on my back with my cock in my hand. I held my breath, not quite sure what to do. He had seen me playing with myself!

He stirred again, and then he rolled over on his back. I watched as he raised his body and pulled his pajamas down. His cock sprang into the air. He looked over at me as he grabbed his cock and started quickly stroking it. We didn’t say anything as we continued to look at each other and jerk off.

After a couple of minutes he whispered, “I going to cum.”

“Me too,” I whispered back. I watched as his body tensed. Thick ropes of cum sprayed up onto his chest. As I watched him, I let out a low moan as cum erupted from my cock. We looked at each other and started smiling. I cleaned the cum off my chest and stomach with the towel. I pulled my boxers back up, got out of bed and tiptoed across the room.

“Wait a minute,” I whispered before leaving. I went across the hall, got a wad of toilet paper and returned to the room. I sat on Chris’s bed and handed it to him. He started cleaning the cum off him as I watched.

“That was fun,” he said excitedly. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Yeah, it was,” I replied. I didn’t want to tell him that Jason and I had jacked off many times in the past together.  When he reached down to pull his pajamas back up, I stopped him. I reached out and took his dick in my hand.

“You have a nice one,” I said admiringly. It was the first time I had seen an uncircumcised cock up close. Both Jason and I were cut. He reached out and snaked his hand into the opening of my boxers. He felt around and then wrapped his hand around my dick.

“You do too.” I could feel myself hardening again. We stroked each other a couple of times before stopping. I leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss.

“Goodnight, Chris.”

“Night, Taylor.”

I tiptoed back to my bed and got in. I was lying on my side with my back to Chris when I heard his bed rustle. Seconds later my covers were pulled back. I scooted over as he lay down beside me, threw his arm over and pulled me into him. He let out a deep sigh. Within minutes, we were both sound asleep.

“Wake up.” I groggily opened my eyes when I heard my father’s voice. The sun was beginning to shine through the window. “You boys need to get up and get ready for school.” My eyes flew open with the realization that Chris was spooned against me as my father stood over my bed.

“Okay, Dad,” I mumbled. If he had looked closely, I’m sure I was as red as a beet. It was the second time my father had caught us in a very compromising situation. When the door closed, I nudged Chris gently with my elbow.

“Chris,” I whispered. “We have to get up.” He muttered something, and then he pulled me in closer. I could feel his hard cock poking into my ass. Suddenly, I began to curse the fact that we had school. I could lie in bed all morning cuddled in Chris’s arms.

“Chris.” I gently rolled over and faced him. His green eyes slowly opened, and I watched them focus on me. A smile began to emerge on his face.

“Hey, you,” I whispered. He leaned in and we began to kiss.

“Ewww,” he muttered. “Morning breath.” We laughed as we covered our mouths. When he rolled onto his back, I noticed the sheet was nicely tented. I started rubbing his erect cock. He reached and found mine, poking once again out of my boxers. I reached into the elastic of his pajamas and held his warm cock.

“Mmmm,” he moaned softly. I wrapped my hand around his cock and began to quicken the speed. His eyes were closed tightly as I ran my hand up and down his cock.

“I’m going to shoot,” he moaned. I felt him erupt onto my hand, coating it with warm cum. I continued to rub my hand over his cock until he begged me to stop. I reached under the bed, pulled out my cum rag and cleaned him off. He watched as I gently ran the towel over his stomach and chest.

As I did, he wrapped his hand more tightly around my cock. I pulled the covers back and lay back, giving him a view of my naked body. I lay back as he continued to stroke me rapidly. I moaned when he leaned in and licked the precum from the tip of my cock. I felt a warmth encircle my dick, and I looked down as Chris had about two inches in his mouth. “Oh, God,” I moaned louder. I quickly grabbed his head and pulled him off, just as I erupted. The first volley hit my chin. Chris watched as the rest ran out onto his hand.

“Cool,” he looked up and smiled at me. “I’ve never seen another guy cum before.” He took the towel and cleaned me off.

Suddenly, there was a banging on the door. We quickly pulled the blanket over us.

“You boys up yet?” My father hollered out.

“Yes, Dad!” I shouted. “We’re coming!” Chris grabbed my mouth and started giggling.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you realize what you said?” he laughed. When I realized what he meant, I started laughing too.

“We better get ready for school.” he said as he climbed out of bed. “You want the bathroom first?”

“No, go ahead.” I watched as he got out of bed and stripped off all his clothes. I watched in awe as he stood naked before me. He grabbed his cock and shook it a few times before walking out of the bedroom.

I can’t begin to describe how I was feeling. I had just had sex with the most wonderful boy in the world. My body was still tingling with the excitement of what we had just done. I had dreamt for years of how my first experience with a boy would be. After what had happened with Jason, I felt that I had cheated myself from feeling the happiness of being with someone else for the first time.

But being with Chris was a wonderful feeling. I was always afraid that I would feel embarrassed; but with Chris it was... I don’t know how to explain it. I guess it was just perfect. Being with him seemed so natural.

I was awakened from my blissful thoughts when the door opened and he walked back in with the towel wrapped around him. I crawled out of bed, dropped my boxers and stood naked before him. He looked over appreciatively at me.

“I could wake up every morning like this,” he smiled. “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.” I watched his green eyes grow misty.

“Me, too.” I walked over and wrapped my arms around him. He dropped his hands and started squeezing my ass cheeks.

“Nice ass,” he commented as he continued to massage my butt. I reached down and started massaging his though the towel.

“Yours ain’t too bad, either,” I said. When our cocks began to grow hard again, I pushed him away.

“We better stop,” I said. “Dad is going to come in and get us if we don’t hurry up and get downstairs. I went into the bathroom, showered and brushed my teeth. When I returned naked to my room, Chris was sitting on the bed. Jason was sitting beside him.

My face reddened as I quickly wrapped the towel around me. Jason started laughing. “Oh, you can walk naked into the room with Chris here, but not me?”

I hurried to get dressed as Jason walked over to my bed and held up my cum rag with his fingers. He dangled it out in front of him. He knew I kept it under my bed because we had used it many times years together.

“What do we have here?” He raised a suspicious eyebrow. “What have you guys been up to?” I looked over at Chris and I thought he was going to die from embarrassment. I don’t think his face could have gotten any redder.

“Come on, Jason,” I pleaded. “Don’t.” He watched as I looked worriedly over at Chris.

He walked over and sat down beside him.

“It’s all right, Chris,” he assured him. “I’m happy for you two. Really.” Chris relaxed when Jason threw his arm around his shoulder. He looked over at me and smiled.

“Let’s go, Asswipe,” he said. “I’m hungry. Your mom was making pancakes when I came in.”

We raced downstairs. We almost tripped over each other on the stairs, pushing and pulling to get ahead. We were breathless when we reached the kitchen. I almost fell over Chris when he stopped suddenly. He reached around and grabbed my hand. I looked over my shoulder and saw a woman I had never seen before sitting at the table.

“Mother,” said Chris as gripped my hand tighter. She looked down and saw our hands intertwined.

“Christopher,” she said softly. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, Mother.” He let go of my hand, walked over and kissed her on her cheek.

“And you must be Taylor?” She looked up at me and smiled. I stepped forward and shook her thin hand. She was a very small woman, but extremely attractive. The first thing I noticed were her green eyes. They were the same color as Chris’s.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied politely.

She was immaculately dressed in a cream-colored business suit. Her hair was an auburn shade, but I suspected that she had the same color of hair as Chris. She seemed rather shy, but friendly. I immediately liked her. She didn’t seem anything like Chris’s father.

She asked my mother, “Is there some place that Chris and I can go and talk? Alone.” 

“You can use my office.” My father got up and directed them down the hall. He reappeared a minute later. We sat down and quietly began to eat breakfast. Usually, breakfast is a bowl of cold cereal and a Pop Tart with a glass of milk. This morning my mother had prepared pancakes, bacon and eggs and toast. I guess she was trying to make a good impression on Chris.

“This is really good,” mumbled Jason with a mouthful of food. My parents started laughing.

My mother asked, “Doesn’t your mother feed you breakfast, Jason?”

“Not like this,” he replied.

“Me neither,” I muttered, which got me a disapproving look from my mother.

We were putting our dishes in the dishwasher, when Chris and his mother returned to the kitchen. They were holding hands; and by the looks of their red eyes, they had been crying.

“Is everything all right, Mrs. Brewster?” asked my mother as she took Chris’s mother by the arm, led her over to the table and poured her a cup of coffee.

“Yes,” she looked over at Chris and smiled. “Everything is fine now.”

My mother took plates out of the oven that she was keeping warm and placed them on the table. We sat and listened to her explain what she and Chris had discussed.

She told us that until last evening, when my father confronted Mr. Brewster, she had no idea what was going on. She knew there was tension between them, but she just figured it was a normal growing up process a boy goes through with his father.

After my father left with Chris, she said they got into a horrible fight. When he said he never wanted to see Chris again, then she told him that she was going to leave and take Chris with her. Realizing that he was going to lose his wife and son, he relented and said that he would do anything to keep the family together. She insisted that he get counseling, and he agreed. She told him that if he ever mistreated Chris again, then she would take him away and file for divorce.

She had come over this morning to see if Chris would agree to come home and give his father another chance. After discussing it, Chris did agree; but only if he would accept the fact that he was gay- and had a boyfriend.

Chris looked over at me for my approval when he said boyfriend. I broke out in a wide grin and nodded. Jason stepped over and patted me on the back.

Chris’s mother decided that it was best that he stay home from school and return home to have a family discussion. There were a lot of deep wounds, and she felt that they should start trying to heal them immediately. After stealing away for a few minutes to my room for a goodbye kiss, Chris left for home. Afterwards, Jason and I headed to school in his car.

“Man, I didn’t know all that was going on,” he said on the way to school. “Did you know about it?”

“Yeah,” I informed him. “We talked about it yesterday before you came over.”

We drove in silence for several minutes. Jason kept looking over at me. I was looking out the window, worrying about Chris. I was hoping that he could patch things up with his family.

“You got it bad, don’t you?” Jason asked.


“You’re in love, aren’t you?” he grinned. “My boy Taylor has it bad. Just look at you.”

“Shut up,” I said, shoving his shoulder.

He looked over knowingly and grinned. Yeah, I guess I did have it bad. I was in love. It seemed weird for the guy who I had been in love with for years, telling me I was in love with someone else.