A Mourning Storm

Chapter 13

Gabe ran to the car and shouted, “Shotgun!” He then jumped into the front seat of the car.

“Come on,” I whined. “Let me sit up front.” I didn’t want to sit in the back seat with Freddy and his little brother. It was a two-hour drive to the theme park, and I didn’t want him trying to talk to me.

“Fair is fair,” he grinned through the window at me. “I called it first.” I flipped him off and then climbed into the backseat. Andrew jumped into my lap while Harley sat in the middle and Freddy on the other side.

“I thought Harley was going to sit in your lap?” I asked my brother as he wiggled around in my lap trying to get comfortable.

“I wanna sit here,” he insisted as his weight smashed my left ball against my leg.

“Ouch!” He giggled as I spread my legs and made him sit on the edge of the seat.

“This is uncomfortable,” he whined. He looked down at Harley. “Trade places with me. You’re more littler than me.”

Harley looked at me and grinned. “Yeah, sure!” he said excitedly. Before I could protest, he slipped his small body into my lap while Andrew fell into the middle seat.

He turned to me and smiled. “I’m Harley.” It was really the first time I had seen him up close. He had a mischievous look about him that reminded me of Wade. His hair was curly blonde, but not as long as Wade’s. His eyes were also big and brown. They seemed to dance with excitement when he spoke. He had freckles running across his nose, and a front tooth was missing when he smiled.

I looked over at Freddy and then back at Harley. They didn’t resemble each other. Like Andrew and I, they must have inherited the characteristics of different parents. I had seen their mother and Freddy looked her. Harley, I thought, must look like their father.

“Hi, Harley.” I returned his smile. “I’m Richie.”

“I know who you are, Silly,” he replied. “Andrew talks about you all the time.”

“I do not,” replied my brother.

“Do too,” insisted Harley.


“Do too.” This went on several times until Aunt Barbara told them to stop.

I looked out the window on the way to the park. Andrew and Harley started to sing songs they had learned in school. My aunt even joined in on a few.

Occasionally, I would look over at Freddy and he would smile nervously. Gabe was right, he did seem like an all right guy. It didn’t hurt that he was also cute. Today he was wearing a blue baseball cap and designer sunglasses. He had on a pair of shorts that nicely showed his tanned legs that had a light dusting of hair. He caught me staring at them several times.

Harley continued to rearrange himself in my lap. Several times, his wiggling made my cock start to harden. I would have to position him so he wouldn’t notice. However, on one occasion I saw Freddy staring down at my lap. When he looked away, I looked down. My dick had made a very obvious tent inside my shorts.

We had driven for about an hour when Harley turned in my lap and faced me. “Would you be my big brother?”

“What?” I asked surprisingly. I looked over at Freddy. “You already have a big brother.”

“I know, Silly,” he huffed. “But I need another one.”


“There’s this kid in my class. His name is Russell,” he explained. “I don’t like him.” He wrinkled his nose, and Andrew started giggling.

“Why don’t you like him?”

“Because every time someone picks on him, he tells them he’s got two big brothers who will beat them up.”

“You’ve got your brother,” I reminded him as I looked over at Freddy. He was trying hard to contain a laugh.

“Yeah!” he said excitedly. “But he’s got two.” He looked at me pleadingly. “I need another brother so I can tell him I got two brothers, too.”

Gabe turned around in the front seat. “Harley,” he said, “You tell them you have three brothers.” Harley’s face lit up. “And if anyone gives you any problems, you tell me and I’ll kick their…”

Aunt Barbara shouted, “Gabe!”

“Cool!” Harley squealed as we erupted into laughter.

By the time we arrived at the park, I never wanted to hear another round of ‘99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.’ My aunt started it, and of course Andrew and Harley had to go through the song twice. Even Gabe, who had begun singing with them, had his head hanging out the window and was howling like a dog. Freddy had sat quietly the entire time and never said anything. A few times I noticed him staring at me out of the corner of my eye. When I would look over, he would quickly turn his head away.

“I wanna ride the roller coaster!” Harley shouted as soon as we got out of the car. He grabbed my hand and tried to lead me away, but my Aunt stopped us.

“Here’s what I want you boys to do,” she said sternly. “I don’t want the younger boys out of your sight, not even for a second.” She looked at Gabe and me. “If you older boys want to ride on a ride, then I want at least one of you to stay with Andrew and Harley.”

“Where will you be?” I asked. I had thought that maybe she would stay with my brother and Harley.

“Me?” she laughed. “I’m going to find a nice shady spot and wait for you boys.” She looked at her watch. “Synchronize your watches.”

Gabe started laughing as he pulled out his cell phone. “Barb, no one wears a watch anymore. We use our phones to see what time it is.”

She looked at him and frowned. “Anyway,” she instructed us. “I want everyone to meet me back here at the gate at four. It’s noon now, so that will give you four hours.”

“Four hours!” I shouted. “We have to stand in line for a half hour to ride just one ride.”

“Then find shorter lines.” She turned and walked away. After paying for our admission, she reminded us to meet sharply at four. “It’s a long walk home,” she warned.

We walked for a little while around the park. Harley held my hand while Andrew held Freddy’s. I thought it was strange since I was sure that Andrew would have preferred to be with me.

Harley was the first to see the roller coaster. He started jumping up and down. “I wanna ride!” he shouted as he pulled me toward the ride.

“Uh, oh,” Gabe said as we approached. He pointed to a figure that appeared to be about five feet tall. ‘You must be this tall to ride this ride,’ it said. Andrew was two inches too short, and Harley didn’t even come close.

“What’s wrong?” he asked Andrew when he saw the sad look on his face.

“We’re not tall enough,” he told him. Tears formed in Harley’s eyes. Freddy walked over and picked him up in his arms.

“There’s a lot of rides for you,” he assured him. “You’ll still have a lot of fun.”

“But I wanted to ride the roller coaster,” he said sadly. Freddy wiped a tear off his cheek.

Andrew looked up at me, “Me too.” He walked over and wrapped his arms around me. I looked over at Freddy.

“I guess we better find them some rides.” He nodded his head.

“What about me?” Gabe asked. “Don’t tell me I have to ride everything by myself while you guys babysit.”

“We’re not babies,” Andrew said defensively.

I grabbed Andrew’s hand and started to lead him away. “No, you’re not,” I said. I turned toward Gabe. “You go ahead. I’ll call you later, and we can meet after they get tired.”

“All right,” he said before turning and heading toward one of the larger attractions.

When Andrew and I started to walk away, he grabbed Freddy’s hand. The four of us walked in a line toward the children’s rides.

Freddy and I sat quietly on a bench under a shade tree as Andrew and Harley ran from ride to ride. I kept wondering when they would tire out. Freddy kept looking over at me as if he wanted to talk. I know it looked stupid as we sat side by side without speaking to each other. There wasn’t much I wanted to say to him.

Finally, he turned to me. “You think they’re ever going to get tired of riding?” I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders. We sat in silence for several more minutes.

He turned to me once again. “You don’t like me very much, do you?”

“I don’t have anything against you,” I responded without looking at him. When he looked back to watch his brother and Andrew on a ride, I glanced over at him.

As Gabe said, he really was a nice guy. For weeks, he had tolerated my disdain for him. I guess he understood why I didn’t like him. However, he really wasn’t to blame. He was only doing what he was told to do. He had even offered me my room back on a couple of occasions.

I glanced over again, only this time longer. He was attractive. Most guys our age are cute, but there was something different about him. He seemed grown-up. He didn’t act like most guys our age. Today he had on a blue ball cap and dark sunglasses. To a stranger he could pass for eighteen. He was staring straight ahead, and the sun was shining through the branches of the tree, casting a soft shadow on his face. I thought he could have been on the cover of any teen girls’ magazine. I wondered why girls weren’t always following him around. Maybe the rumors about him were true.

After all, he had stared at me when I came back home high and drunk that night I partied with Wade. I stood unashamedly naked before him, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my cock. He even seemed to enjoy wiping my naked body off when I got out of the shower. Other than that, though, he had never given me any indication he wanted more. Then again, I guess I really hadn’t given him a chance.

I laughed when Andrew jumped off a ride and fell to the ground. Harley quickly ran over and helped him up. I turned to Freddy. “I guess they’re at least having a good time.”

“Yeah,” he said as he looked at me surprisingly. It was the first time I had actually said anything to him.

“Why don’t I call Gabe and he can come get you,” I offered. “I’ll watch Andrew and Harley.”

“ It’s okay. I’ll stay here,” he replied. His voice sounded sad. I guess he thought I was trying to get rid of him.

We sat quietly for several more minutes before Andrew came running over. Harley was close behind. “I gotta go pee,” he said urgently as he grabbed his dick through his shorts and squeezed it.

“Me, too,” squealed Harley as he mimicked Andrew’s action.

I grabbed both their hands and looked around for the nearest restroom. A sign to my left indicated there was one nearby. Once inside, they ran into a stall and I could see their shorts fall to the floor. They started giggling when their piss began to hit the water.

I walked over to a urinal, unzipped my shorts and relieved myself. I turned and looked at the door when someone entered. It was Freddy. He walked up to the urinal beside me, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. My eyes widened when I glanced over quickly and saw the size of it. It was uncut and about four inches long soft. Mine was only about an inch larger when it was hard.

I glanced over quickly again and watched as a yellow stream flowed from the covered head. Freddy took a step back, giving me a better view. I looked up and he was staring down at my cock. Without realizing it, I had finished pissing and my cock was beginning to harden.

My face reddened as I quickly pushed my erect cock into my pants. He stepped forward when a man entered and walked up to the urinal. I was nervously washing my hands when Freddy stood beside me and began washing his. I looked at his face in the mirror. The dark sunglasses masked what he might be thinking. By the embarrassed look on my face, I’m sure he knew what had been on mine.

Andrew and Harley came bounding out of the stall. They rushed over to the faucet and raced to see who could wash their hands the fastest.

“Hey, no fair!” grumbled Harley when Andrew ran over to the hand dryer and started wiping his hands dry. “You didn’t put soap on your hands.”

“Did too,” insisted Andrew.

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

Freddy and I left the restroom laughing.

We walked around the park for a while. I held Harley’s hand while Andrew took Freddy’s. For some reason, Harley seemed to want to be with me. He had even enjoyed sitting in my lap in the car. I guess at six his life was filled with innocence. He didn’t sense the contempt I had for his mother and my father.

My cell phone rang. When I looked, it was Gabe. “Where are you guys at?”

I looked around. “We’re in front of the water slide.”

“Cool,” he said. “We are not too far from there. Stay put.”

“We?” He hung up before I finished asking who was with him.

It didn’t take long to find out. A minute later Gabe appeared with two girls beside him. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Hey, guys,” he said timidly. “This is Sasha.” Sasha was about sixteen and very pretty. She had long brown hair, blue eyes and a flawless complexion.

“This is her sister, Cindi.” Cindi was just as cute as Sasha. She looked to be about a year younger. She had braces on her teeth. Every time she smiled, she would cover her mouth with her hand.

Gabe introduced us to the girls. They both gave us a shy wave when he was done. “They want to ride the water slide,” he announced. He grabbed Freddy by the arm. “Come on.”

He then turned to me. “You don’t mind do you, Richie?” Before I could answer, he led Freddy away. Gabe walked beside Sasha while Cindi took Freddy’s arm and wrapped hers around his.

I was furious at Gabe. He hadn’t even asked me to join them. He could have at least let me and Freddy decide who would go. We could have flipped a coin or even done rock, paper, scissors. I guess because he knew I was gay, I wouldn’t want to be with a girl.

I tried to have fun with Andrew and Harley, but I couldn’t help wondering what Gabe and Freddy were doing. It even crossed my mind a few times that I might actually be jealous.

Jealous? Why would I be jealous? However, I couldn’t escape the feeling. It couldn’t be for Gabe. He told me he had kissed Teresa and I teased him about it. I wasn’t jealous then. So that meant… No, I told myself. I couldn’t be. That wouldn’t even make any sense. I would hardly talk to him. Why would I be jealous if he was with a girl?

I rode twice on a smaller water ride with my brother and Harley. The ride operator at first said I was too big to ride, but I was able to talk him into letting me ride with the younger boys. Besides, he was about seventeen and I think he was flirting with me. He tried to get us to ride a third time.

We looked like drenched rats when we finished. Andrew and Harley’s long locks were sticking to their face. I had to take them back into the restroom and have them stand under the hand dryers until their hair was reasonable dry.

“That was fun!” Harley squealed as he tried to pull me back toward the ride. “Let’s do it again.”

“I’m hungry,” I said. “Do you guys want something to eat?”

“Yes!” They shouted in unison. We were eating hot dogs at one of stands near the water slide when my phone rang. It was Gabe.

“Where are you?”

“Eating,” I answered coldly.


“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?” he asked. “What is around you?”

“Andrew and Harley,” I answered.

“Funny, Asshole,” he laughed. “Where are you? We want to join you.”

“That didn’t bother you earlier,” I replied. I looked down at my phone. It was 3:42. We were to meet Aunt Barbara at the gate in twenty minutes. I figured it would take us that long to get there.

“We’re heading to meet my aunt,” I informed him. “She said four.” I closed my phone and placed it back into my pocket.

“Time to go, Guys.” Frowns appeared on Andrew and Harley’s faces. I got up and started to walk away. They ran up and grabbed my hand as we walked back to the entrance gate. I had to listen to them whine about going home until we met up with Aunt Barbara.

She looked behind me and asked, “Where’s Gabe and Freddy?”

“Dunno,” I answered. She looked at her watch and then once again behind me.

“There they are,” she announced. I turned and saw them approaching. Gabe was walking with his arm around Sasha, while Cindi was walking with her arm still wrapped around Freddy’s arm. All four were engaged in a lively conversation.

“Now be sure and call me tonight,” cooed Sasha to Gabe.

He held up his cell phone and kissed it. “I have your number right here.” I rolled my eyes, turned and headed for the exit gate.

“You too,” reminded Cindi. I looked over my shoulder just as she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Freddy on the cheek.

“Where did they meet them?” My aunt asked as she walked beside me. “They’re very pretty.”

“Beats me,” I answered angrily. I looked behind me as Gabe and Freddy waved goodbye to the girls and ran to catch up with us.

“Did you have fun, Buddy?” Gabe threw his arm around my shoulder. I reached up and removed his hand.

“It was all right,” I answered as I stepped away. He gave me a puzzled look and then stepped over to Freddy. I could hear them talking about Sasha and Cindi.

As we approached the car, my aunt unlocked the door with her remote from about twenty feet away. Andrew whispered something to Harley, and they bolted for the car.

“Shotgun!” They screamed as they opened the front door and jumped in.

“Hey!” Gabe ran to the door and began pounding on the window. “That’s my seat!”

Harley grinned and shouted, “We called it first.” He flipped them off which resulted in a stern look from my aunt. He then opened the back door. Freddy got in first and the he got in. I walked to the other side and opened the door. Freddy scooted toward Gabe to give me room to sit down. It was more crowded with Gabe in the backseat than it had been earlier.

Harley giggled when Andrew looked over the front seat and stuck his tongue out at Gabe. “I’m going to cut that off with a paring knife,” he warned.

“Won’t,” giggled Andrew.

“Will too.”


“Will too!”

“Boys!” Aunt Barbara shouted. “Do I have to listen to this all the way home?”

“He started it,” Gabe whined. Andrew turned around and quickly stuck his tongue out again. Harley giggled beside him.

As soon as we exited the parking lot, Gabe started talking about Sasha and Cindi. He seemed really excited about having met Sasha. “You going to call Cindi?” he asked Freddy. Freddy shrugged his shoulders.

“She’s pretty, Man,” he said. “She seemed to really be interested in you.”

“We’ll see,” he responded nonchalantly.

I leaned back and rested my head on the back of the seat. Gabe continued to rant about Sasha. He couldn’t wait to get home to call her. She and her sister lived about twenty-five miles from us, so he would have to have his mother or father take him to see her. I was going to ask him about Teresa, but I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Andrew and Harley began a game of who could spot the most license plates from different states. After a while they got quiet, so I assumed they had fallen asleep.

I leaned my head to the side and soon fell asleep myself. I don’t know how long I had slept before I awoke from a pressure on my shoulder. As I awakened, I realized that Freddy had fallen asleep and had his head burrowed comfortably into my right shoulder.

When I stirred slightly, he let out a little mumble, licked his lips and then continued to sleep. I didn’t know what to do. The side of his face was lightly touching mine. I could feel his breath on my skin. He stirred, and when he did, his hand fell onto my thigh. It was only inches from my crotch. My heart started pounding as my cock began to expand inside my shorts.

I opened my eyes slightly. Everyone seemed to be asleep in the car except Aunt Barbara. Gabe’s head was turned away from us as he rested against the window. When I moved to sit up, Freddy moaned softly and nestled his head further against my shoulder. Suddenly, his eyes shot open and he stared at me. It took him a couple of seconds to realize the position he had fallen asleep. He quickly removed his hand, but not before noticing the bulge in my shorts.

“Sorry,” he muttered embarrassedly as he sat up. “I didn’t…” His voice trailed off as he once again stared into my eyes.

“It’s okay,” I assured him. His eyes again dropped to my noticeable erection. His face reddened when he looked back up at me.

I was disappointed when he shifted in his seat and turned toward Gabe. I rested my head against the window and sighed.