Writing for Joe

Chapter 8

Jeremy woke up to the sound of a doorbell ringing. He nudged a still sleeping Franklin. They had spent the night together, holding each other for comfort.

“Franklin, someone’s at the door.” He nudged him again.

“What? Oh, Okay.” He got up with a small tent in his underwear. Jeremy reached out and gently stroked it.

“Stop! I can’t go to the door like this,” he giggled as he put on a pair of shorts. “I’ll be right back.” He hurried through the bedroom door and down the stairs.

Jeremy threw back the covers and began playing with his now hard cock. It had been a few days since he had jacked off, so he was eagerly awaiting Franklin’s return. He was hoping they could have a mutual suck section. Franklin had an expert mouth, and he had satisfied him many times over the past couple of years. His cock was throbbing for attention.

Suddenly he heard two people coming up the stairs. Unsure of whom the second person might be, he hurriedly threw the covers back over him.

“Get your ass out of that bed!” He jumped at the sound of his sister’s screaming voice.

“Damn, Tiff. Can’t a guy get a good night’s sleep around here?” He started to laugh, but Tiffany let him know that she was in no mood to be played with.

“Sleep, my ass. You just want to stick your prick up little cutie here,” she replied.

“Why don’t you make like a tree and leave,” he joked.

“Shut up, Jeremy. We got problems.” She walked over and sat at Franklin’s desk while Franklin sat down beside Jeremy.

“What’s up?” Franklin asked.

“Cobra, that’s what’s up.” She didn’t have to say anything more. Both boys looked at one another as their faces lost all their color.

“Wellston sent him out to take care of Matt, and now no one has seen him. I’ve called his apartment a dozen times and he doesn’t answer.”

Jeremy asked worriedly, “So, that doesn’t mean anything, does it?”

“Then I called Reggie and he says he hasn’t seen him in three days.” Reggie was Wellston’s limo driver. Since his incarceration, he had been employed to drive Cobra around to make sure things were still running smoothly. Reggie never left Cobra’s side. If he didn’t know where he was, then Cobra was out on his own. It could spell big trouble for everyone.

“Maybe he took a vacation or something,” Franklin said hopefully.

“Nope, don’t think so,” Tiffany said. “Reggie went by his place and everything’s still there except his weapons. Where ever he is, he’s heavily armed.”

“Shit!” Jeremy’s face paled. He gave Franklin a worried look.

“You guys get dressed. We have to get out of here. For all we know, Cobra’s already watching us.” Tiffany rose from the chair and threw Jeremy his underwear. They were black boxers with a large yellow smiley face on the front.

“Nice. Bet these get you a lot of action,” she laughed as she exited the room. “Hurry, we gotta get out of here.”

Jeremy and Franklin dressed quickly. Jeremy was upset because he had hoped to have a little action. With the new turn of events, it was now the last thing on his mind.

Before leaving, he took Franklin in his arms and kissed him. It was nothing passionate, just a gentle reminder of how much he meant to him.

“Where are we going?” asked Franklin.

“I don’t know,” replied Jeremy. “We have to go into hiding until things blow over.” They kissed again before heading downstairs.

“You guys ready?” Tiffany asked.

“Yeah. Where we going?” Jeremy inquired.

“Don’t know yet. We’ll figure it out when we get home.”

They opened the door and went outside. As they walked down the steps heading to the car,


* * * * * * * *

“Knock, Knock.” Matt smiled as he opened Joe’s hospital room door. Joe was sitting in a chair waiting for him to arrive. After spending the night for observation, the doctor had given him permission to leave.

“Hey! I’m ready. I’ve got to call for a nurse to take me downstairs.” He rolled his eyes, causing Matt to laugh. Joe pressed the button, while Matt walked over to him.

“Let me help you up and get you to the wheelchair.” He held out his hands and Joe reached for them. Matt lifted him up and pulled him into his body.

“God, I’m glad you’re all right.” He put his arms around him and held him tightly. Joe hesitated for a moment, and then returned the embrace. In a moment of temporary bravery, Matt kissed his cheek. He then pulled back and helped Joe into the chair. Joe hissed as pain surged through his sore kidneys.

“You all right?” Matt asked worriedly.

“Yeah. I’m not going to be lifting weights for awhile,” he replied sarcastically. Joe spent several hours a week working out at the college gym. Even in street clothes it was evident that his body was well-toned.

“Did the rents go home yet?” Matt asked. He was hoping to avoid yesterday’s awkward encounter. It was becoming apparent why Joe was so messed up with his sexual feelings. His father had indoctrinated him for years into believing that gays were the scourge of the earth.

“Yes, thank God!” Joe exclaimed. “I don’t think I could take too much more of my old man.”

“Yeah, he’s a real work of art,” Matt laughed. “Your Mom’s a fox, though.”

Joe started laughing. “Like you would know.” Matt reached down and punched him on his shoulder.

“Hey! Watch out! Sick guy here.” They both laughed. Just then a middle-aged nurse walked into the room and escorted them to the hospital entrance where Matt’s car was parked. They gently helped Joe into the car. They could not buckle him into the seat belt because the pressure on his sides was unbearable. The doctor had given him a prescription for the pain, but it did little good when he was moving around so much.

Officer Daniels walked over to the car. “You guys ready?” Daniels had been tailing Matt since the incident. Another officer had been stationed inside the hospital to guard Joe when he was alone. For their safety, it had been arranged that they should remain together until Cobra was arrested. Matt had eagerly agreed to this security procedure.

“We’re going to stay at Jessica’s apartment.” Joe turned and looked at him. It was the first time he was hearing this information.

“We are?” Joe questioned. “Why can’t we go back to my place?”

“Nichols and I talked last night, and he didn’t think we’d be safe there. They were going to put us up in a hotel, but that would be too far from the college. Jessica said we could use her apartment, and she’d stay with Brian.”

“We’ve got to go by my room and pick up my stuff,” Joe insisted.

“Nope, been done. I took care of that before I came to pick you up.” Joe gave him a stern look.

“Glad I was involved in the planning,” he said mockingly.

“You’re sick, remember? You said so yourself,” responded Matt as he looked at Joe and grinned.

Daniels said, “Matt, Nichols went over everything with you. You fill in Joe. I’ll follow you in my car and keep surveillance outside the apartment. You’ve got my number, so if you feel in danger, give me a call. Pronto.” Matt nodded his head.

As they pulled out onto the street, they had to pull over for an ambulance which was being closely followed by a police cruiser with its siren blaring. Matt thought he recognized the tear-stained face of one of the passengers in the back seat of the cruiser.

* * * * * * * *

“Welcome home, Sweetheart.” Matt laughed as he opened the door to Jessica’s apartment. It had a typical girl’s touch. The drapes matched the carpet, and the throw pillows coordinated with the couch. Everything was in shades of blue.

Matt had been in the apartment hundreds of times, but it was Joe’s first visit. He looked around and began laughing at Jessica’s large collection of stuffed bears which adorned a bookshelf in the corner of the room.

“Damn, look at the bears!” he laughed.

“Tell me about it. One good thing, though. I always know what to get her for her birthday and Christmas.” He walked over to the bookshelf and held up a blue bear wearing a white dress. “Christmas, 2004.”

“Come on. I’ll show you your room. Your things are already there.” He led Joe down a small hallway. “You’re in the room on the left. I’m across the hall. There’s only one bathroom, so we’ll have to share.”

“No problem.” Joe walked into the room and began to laugh. “Not more blue!”

Matt had given him Jessica’s room. Everything was blue. He crossed the h all to the guest room in which Matt would be sleeping. They laughed when everything was adorned in blue.

Matt asked Joe, “Are you tired?”

“Yeah, kinda. My sides are killing me like a son of a bitch.” He winced in pain as he sat on the side of the bed. Matt bent down, removed his shoes and helped him turn onto the bed to lie down.

“That mother fucker could throw a punch,” he softly whistled as he gently touched his side. He held up his shirt, and for the first time Matt saw the deep purple bruises that were on both sides of his body.

“Ouch!” Matt hissed. “I didn’t know he hurt you that bad. You never did tell me what really happened. Nichols filled me in a little bit.”

Joe spent the next few minutes retelling his encounter with Cobra. He became worried when he told him about Cobra’s warning.

“We’ll be all right. We’re both pretty big guys, so it’ll be two against one. Plus, Daniels is right outside,” Matt said confidently.

Joe shook his head. “Don’t bet on it. You should see this guy. He’s enormous. I’m in pretty decent shape and he threw me around like I was one of Jessica’s bears.”

“Why don’t you lie down and let me get you a pain killer.” He got up and went to the kitchen. A moment later he returned with a glass of water and a couple pills. Joe sat up and took them, then lay back down and closed his weary eyes.

Matt reached out and gently touched his cheek, and then he ran his finger over his slight goatee and around his full lips.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered. Joe opened his eyes. They stared into one another’s eyes as Matt continued tracing Joe’s facial features with his fingers.

Joe reached for Matt’s hand. Matt thought he was going to stop him, but he held it while he continued running his hands over his lips. He grabbed Matt’s hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it gently.

“You know...” He started to speak, but Matt interrupted him.

“I know. I’m not going to rush you. Figure things out in you head. I’ll be here when and if you need me,” he assured Joe.

“Thanks,” Joe replied as he kissed Matt’s hand again. Matt stood up, toed off his shoes, and then lay down beside him. Minutes later he could hear Joe gently snoring. Not long after, he fell into the most peaceful sleep he’d had in years.

* * * * * * * *

Joe awoke several hours later. When he opened his eyes, he saw Matt lying beside him. His blonde hair had fallen across his eyes, and he had a contented smile on his face. Joe had awakened to many women over the years, but he was never as happy as he was with Matt lying beside him.

As if he knew he was being watched, Matt blinked open his eyes to see Joe resting on his elbow staring at him.

“Do you know you talk in your sleep?” Joe laughed as he reached out and brushed Matt’s hair from his eyes.

“No, I don’t,” Matt responded embarrassedly. He stared into Joe’s dark brown eyes.

“Yes, you do,” Joe said as he brought his face closer.

 “You.” He kissed Matt lightly on the cheek.

“Said.” He nibbled on his ear.

“You.” He kissed him gently on his eye lids.

“Loved.” He brought his lips to the side of Matt’s lips and licked.

 “Me.” He pressed his lips down softly onto Matt’s.

Matt moaned as Joe’s kiss became more passionate. He was reveling in the feeling of Joe’s full, wet lips upon his. He knew kissing Joe would be a wonderful experience, but none of his wet dreams had prepared him for the tenderness he was now enjoying. It was gentle, warm and full of love.

Immersed in the kiss, he didn’t realize Joe had moved until he felt his weight against his body. He could feel Joe’s hard cock grind against his as they continued to kiss passionately. Joe moaned when Matt opened his mouth and let him enter. The kiss was becoming more urgent as Joe continued to grind into him.

Matt opened his legs and wrapped them around Joe as he pulled him closer. He reached up and pulled Joe’s shirt off, feeling his soft body for the first time. He ran his hands over his back, careful to avoid his bruises. Joe sat up and unbuttoned Matt’s shirt, removing it and throwing onto the floor. He stared at the smooth, hairless chest of Matt’s.

“Damn! You are so beautiful,” he said admiringly. He leaned down and gently licked Matt’s pink nipples. Matt moaned lustfully, grabbed Joe’s head and held it while Joe sucked one nipple, and then the other.

Matt couldn’t take any more. He had to have Joe. He carefully pulled him over onto his back. He straddled Joe’s body and pressed his ass onto Joe’s hard cock. He leaned down and kissed Joe passionately.

He then began to lick down Joe’s body. First, he licked sensuously on his chin before running his tongue to his caramel chest. He stopped at the hard brown nipples, jutting out like small erect cocks. He began hungrily sucking on them as Joe moaned, grabbed Matt’s ass and thrust his body upward.

Matt continued his southward movement, sucking at his belly button then biting gently at the sparse treasure trail. He opened the button on Joe’s jeans and unzipped him. His cock jumped out, tugging at the boxer briefs, begging to be released. Matt sucked on the material at the swollen, mushroom head. .

“Lift up,” Matt ordered lustily as he removed Joe’s pants. He then reached out and stroked Joe’s cock through his underwear. Precum was already soaking through, as Matt again leaned down and sucked. He put his hands under the elastic of his briefs and pulled them down. Joe’s cock stood at its seven inch length.

He was uncut, and the skin was smooth and caramel colored, just like the rest of his body. “God, Joe. It’s beautiful.” Matt marveled as he took it in his hand and slowly started stroking it.

“Mmmmmm,” Joe moaned. His eyes were tightly shut as he reveled in the feelings Matt was giving him.

When Matt licked the shaft, Joe moaned louder. He took it in his mouth and engulfed it to the base. He gagged slightly It had been a while since he had taken such a large cock into his mouth. Joe rammed his cock deeper into Matt’s mouth.

“Damn, Matt,” he moaned. “That feels wonderful.” He opened his eyes and watched his cock disappear into Matt’s hungry mouth. Matt would pull off, suck on the head before taking it completely again into his mouth.

Matt ran his tongue back up Joe’s naked body until he once again reached his wet lips. He began to passionately kiss him. He raised his head and whispered into Joe’s ear, “I want you to fuck me.”

He got off the bed, crossed the room and opened the luggage that he had brought earlier. He searched for a minute, and then pulled out a condom and lube. He held them up to Joe and gave him a wide grin.

He walked over to the bed and handed them to Joe. He stepped back and began to strip for an anxious Joe. He seductively removed his pants, tossing them aside. Then he turned his back to Joe and slowly pulled his bikini underwear down, revealing his round, firm ass. He turned around and gave Joe his first look at his hard cock.

“Damn!” Joe’s eyes widened as he gazed upon the silky white beauty before him. His cock was jutting out about six inches, hard and inviting. He had a small, shaven patch of blonde pubic hair with smooth, hairless balls.

He got on the bed and mounted Joe again. Only this time, he could feel his hard cock jabbing at his hungry ass. He leaned down to suck Joe’s throbbing cock. He reached out and took the condom packet, tearing it open. When he pushed the thin sheath onto his cock, Joe moaned with pleasure.

He handed the tube of lube to Joe. Instinctively, Joe knew what he wanted. He poured some onto his fingers and reached around behind Matt’s back. He found his ass pulsing with anticipation. He gently shoved a finger in, preparing Matt’s ass for its eventual assault. After a minute, he shoved a second finger in.

When Matt hissed, he asked worriedly, “Am I hurting you?” Matt shook his head, and Joe leaned forward and began to lick his nipples.

“Oh, God!” Matt screamed, as he lifted his body, causing Joe to remove his fingers from his ass. He then positioned himself over Joe’s hard cock, sinking slowing down on it. When Joe penetrated him, he winced in pain.

“Go slow, Babe,” Joe urged him. He began to slowly push his cock in and out of Matt’s tight ass. He could feel the warmth wrap around his cock as it inched its way in.

After several minutes, he felt Matt’s weight on him. He knew he had penetrated him completely. Matt leaned forward and began to kiss him as he continued his slow thrust.

Matt leaned back and began to purr as he rode Joe’s cock. He was slowly fucking Joe, taking his entire length. He had never experienced such love with anyone, as he surrendered himself completely to Joe.

Joe lubed his hand, reached for Matt’s hard cock and began stroking it. Matt moaned with pleasure. As he continued to slowly fuck Joe’s cock, he could feel his own orgasm building.

“I’m cumming!” he screamed as the white liquid shot forward and landed on Joe’s brown skin. Feeling Matt’s spasms tightening around his cock brought Joe to a violent orgasm, as well. Matt could feel his first blast shoot into the condom as he tightened his ass muscles around Joe’s pulsing cock.

“Uhnggggggggg!” Joe screamed as he slammed deeper into Matt, releasing several more blasts.

Matt collapsed on Joe’s chest and lay in his own cum. He leaned forward until he reached Joe‘s soft lips. They kissed passionately as Joe’s cock softened and then popped out of his ass.

Matt looked into Joe’s eyes and whispered, “I love you.”

Joe kissed him again before responded with teary eyes, “I love you, too.”

Matt took Joe’s briefs and wiped the cum off his body. He lay down and pulled Joe into him. Within moments, both men were sleeping peacefully wrapped in each others arms.