A Different Road

Chapter 12

I was fifteen minutes late arriving on the field. Coach Davis yelled at me and made me run a couple of laps. As I ran around the field, Brett kept watching me as he threw passes to the receivers. When I finished, I trotted over to the coach.

“What the hell you doing here, Singer?” he shouted. “You’re supposed to be practicing with your quarterback.”

I walked apprehensively to the middle of the field. I still hadn’t spoken to any of my teammates. Most of them were angry with me, anyways. They blamed me for the loss we suffered on Friday night.

“All right, guys,” Brett barked out. “Take you positions. On three.”

Brett received the ball from the center and then faded back. I tore off down the field, defended by two of our defensive players. They tackled me and threw me roughly to the ground. One of them kneed me in my back when I started to get up.

“Mother Fucker,” he muttered angrily. “Should have kept your ass at home.” 

When I trotted back, Brett walked up to the player who had kneed me and pushed him to the ground. He knelt down and said something to him, then hit him on the helmet. The guy nodded his head and got up. He looked over and gave me an angry look.

We lined up and Brett gave the signals. I tore off down the field. This time I was able to outrun the defense. I reached the end zone and turned around just as Brett let loose with the ball. It traveled twenty yards, straight into my arms. I looked over and saw Coach Davis grinning.

I ran back to the center of the field and handed Brett the ball.

“Nice catch, Corey.” His face was expressionless. I didn’t know what to make of it.

“Nice pass, Brett.” I smiled at him. He let a slight smile form in the corner of his mouth.

“Ok, Girls,” he shouted out. “Let’s do it again. Only this time do it right.” He looked at me and laughed.

The rest of the practice went well. After a few awkward moments, it seemed like I had not been away. I was glad I had made the decision to return. It wasn’t as bad playing with Brett as I thought it would be.

Any time a player said something to me about last Friday, either Brett or Coach Davis would call them over and speak to them. I couldn’t tell what was said, but it was an angry exchange. By the time practice was over, the comments had ceased.

When we went back into the locker room to shower, Tommy came up behind me and hit me in my back. Brett grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him. Tommy screamed out in pain.

“If anyone has a problem with any other player on this team, you come see me,” he shouted out to everyone. We were standing in the middle of the locker room and everyone stood quietly looking at him.

“We are a team,” he said. “We play as a team. No one will disrespect another teammate.” He twisted Tommy’s arm tightly until he cried out in pain. “Does anyone have a question?” He then tossed Tommy onto the floor.

“If you can’t do that,” he continued. “Then get the fuck off the team.” Everyone began to undress and head for the showers. Brett looked over at me, turned back to his locker and began to remove his clothes.

I undressed and headed for the showers. There was a lot of rowdiness with guys bantering back and forth. Several guys began to hit each other with wet towels. We would laugh each time we heard a loud pop. We knew someone would have a large welt somewhere on his body.

Brett walked in and took the shower next to me. I tried not to look at his body, but I had become so familiar with it over the years. I occasionally glanced down and looked at his huge cock and large balls. I looked at the patch of hair on his chest I used to love to run my hands through.

Several times, I noticed Brett looking at my ass. Once, it seemed his cock started to harden and he turned away. We finished and I headed back to the locker room to dress. I kept looking over at Brett. He met my eyes each time I looked at him. When he had finally finished dressing, he walked over to me.

“I’m glad you’re back,” he said smilingly. He extended his hand.

“Thanks, Brett.” I reached out and shook it. I could tell he wanted to hug me, but he pulled away and walked out of the locker room.

As I was walking to my car, my cell phone rang.

“Road Kill Café,” I giggled. “You kill ‘em- we grill ‘em.”

“Dumbass,” laughed Charlie. “We’re at the Hamburger Derby. Get your hot ass over here. Someone’s waiting on you.”

When I arrived, they were sitting at a booth in the back. Charlie and Julie were sitting on one side and Adrian was anxiously waiting on me.

“How was practice?” he asked worriedly. He knew how nervous I had been to see Brett again.

“It went pretty well,” I assured him. He looked around, took my hand and squeezed it.

“Aw,” Charlie laughed. “Aren’t they just the cutest things you ever saw?” She looked at Julie and they both began to laugh.

“I don’t know,” said Julie. “We make a pretty cute couple too.” Charlie leaned over and gave her a kiss right in the restaurant. My face began to redden. Maybe it didn’t embarrass them to kiss in public, but it did me.

We ate and had a lively conversation. Charlie insisted on us telling her everything we had done so far. Adrian and I were blushing brightly as she ran through every position known to gay sex and asked us if we had tried it yet. We both screamed, “Stop!” when she started telling us everything she and Julie had done.

Afterwards, we decided to go to the mall and catch a movie. Charlie and Julie walked in front of us with their arms around each other. Adrian and I followed, walking with our shoulders lightly brushing against each other. As much as we would like to have walked holding hands like the girls, neither of us had the nerve to do it.

I froze when we entered the theater. Adrian reached out and took my arm as Brett and Cindy approached. Brett noticed the gesture and looked up into my eyes. He seemed to have a sorrowful look on his face. I nodded to him as they passed us.

“You all right?” Adrian asked.

“I’m with you,” I smiled. “Of course I’m all right.”

 Charlie and Julie approached with a big box of popcorn. We entered the theater and took seats in the middle. Brett and Cindy were about three aisles in front of us.

When the lights went down, Adrian reached over and grabbed my hand. He held it throughout the movie. I was afraid to look over at Charlie and Julie. It was hard to tell what they may be doing.

I paid little attention to the movie. Besides Adrian being a nice distraction, I also kept watching Brett and Cindy. She leaned over and put her head on his shoulder several times, but he would always lean away so that she would have to remove her head. Twice she tried to kiss him, but he turned his head. I was familiar with that gesture.

When the movie was over, Brett watched me leaving with Adrian. He nodded, then cast his eyes downward and left the theater with Cindy.

It was around 11:00 when I took Adrian home. We had school the next day, and I didn’t want to stay out too late. We sat in his driveway and made out for a few minutes. I reached down and felt his hard cock through his pants.

“Take it out,” I insisted.

“No,” he replied nervously. “Someone will see us.”

I began to unbuckle his pants. He lifted himself off the seat and pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. He was shaking nervously as he looked out the car windows.

I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking. He pushed my head deeper onto his cock. I could tell by his movements that he was still looking to see if anyone was watching.

After about five minutes, he moaned, “I’m cumming.” He filled my mouth. I gulped quickly so it wouldn’t run down sides of my mouth. I brought my head up and kissed him passionately. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, tasting the remains of his cum. After a minute, he pulled his pants up and laid his head on the headrest.

“I can’t believe we did that right out here in the open.”

“I’ll do it with you anywhere,” I said as I kissed him again.

“What about you?” he asked worriedly. “You want me to get you off.” 

“Nope.” I kissed him on his nose. “Tonight was your night. Mine’s tomorrow.” I looked at him and wiggled my eyebrows.

“Then I can’t wait,” he responded, kissing me for the final time. He opened the door and got out. I waited until he was safely inside before I pulled off.

I stopped suddenly when I approached my house. Brett’s red car was parked outside. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted so late at night. I drove up and parked in the driveway. Brett got out and walked up to me.

“Can we talk, Corey?” he pleaded. “Please.”

I studied his face for a moment. We had to talk. I had been putting it off for so long. There were still of lot of unfinished issues between us. If we were going to play on the field and see each other at school each day, then we needed to talk. It was late, but it was as good a time as any.

“Sure,” I said. “Come on.” We went in the house and walked to the kitchen. I got a couple of sodas out of the refrigerator and grabbed a bag of potato chips. Brett followed me to my bedroom. The lights were out in the house, so Dad must have already gone to bed.

Brett went over to my bed and sat on the edge. I sat in my computer chair on the other side of the room. We opened our sodas and started to drink.

“Come here.” Brett patted the side of the bed, motioning for me to come over and sit beside him. He kicked off his shoes and sat back on the bed.

I cautiously approached, toed off my shoes and sat beside him. We didn’t say anything for a minute. Suddenly, he leaned in and started to kiss me.

“Don’t Brett,” I said as I pushed him away. I couldn’t believe what he was trying to do. In twelve years he had only kissed me once, and I had to con him into doing it then. Now he wouldn’t stop. He pushed me down on the bed and brought his lips to mine again.

“Please, Corey,” he pleaded. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.”

“Brett, I... I can’t.” I pushed him away again. He sat back and studied my face.

“Is it because of Adrian?” he asked sadly. I nodded.

“And Cindy.” I said. He put his head in his hands and sighed. I looked over at the sad figure sitting on the bed beside me. He looked up and his eyes were misty with tears.

 “I know I was a lousy boyfriend,” He said as he hung his head dejectedly. “I never, ever meant to hurt you, though. It was never anything you did.”

“I know that now,” I replied.

“I’ve been trying to deal with who I am for a long time. When I’m with you, I think of a girl. When I’m with a girl, I think of you. I know how I feel about you, but I know it would never be enough for you.” He leaned in and hugged me tightly.

“I know I’d only end up hurting you again and again. You deserve someone better than me,” he whispered softly into my shoulder. “You can‘t follow behind me all your life waiting for me to make up my mind.” After a few minutes, he released me and sat up.

“Can we at least be friends again?” he asked hopefully. “I can’t live like this anymore. I need you back in my life.”

“Of course.” I kissed him on his cheek.

“Wait here.” He jumped up and disappeared. He returned a few minutes later with a small knife from the kitchen and a bottle of alcohol. He dipped the knife in it, and then he looked at me and grinned.

“Give me your finger,” he said reaching for my hand.

“What are you going to do?” I pulled my hand back.

“Renew our oath.” He reached for my hand once again and held it. I closed my eyes as when he pressed the knife to my thumb. When he finished, I watched as he did the same thing to himself.

“Press your finger to mine.” We brought our fingers together and mixed the blood.

“Repeat after me,” he said solemnly.

“I, Corey Singer, will be Brett Weaver’s friend until the day I die.” With tears in my eyes, I repeated the words.

He then said, “And I, Brett Weaver, will be Corey Singer’s friend until the day I die.”

 He looked tenderly at me as he pressed his lips to mine. We shared our last kiss.

“I love you, Corey.” Tears were freely flowing down his face.

“I know,” I cried. “I love you too.” We held each other tightly. After a minute, he pulled away.

“Do you love him?” He looked into my eyes. He could always tell if I was lying.

“Yes,” I nodded. “I think so. It’s too soon to tell exactly how much. But yeah, I love him.”

“Good.” He seemed satisfied with my answer. “I’m glad. But if he ever hurts you...”

“I know. You got my back,” I laughed. He reached out and gave me another hug.

“I gotta go.” He wiped the tears from his eyes. “We have practice tomorrow.”

“I know,” I replied. “Practice.”

I walked him to the door and watched as he headed to his car. He waved before getting in. I watched as the tail lights from his car disappeared in the distance.

I went back to my room and got my cell phone. I hit speed dial and waited several rings until I heard the sleepy voice on the other end.

“Hey, Adrian,” I said softly. “I just really needed to hear your voice right now. I love you.”

The End

* * * * * *


Not all our plans turned out as we had expected. Brett and I got scholarships to different schools, so we didn’t get to play college ball together. He was successful as a quarterback at a major university. They were second in the nation his senior year. He was drafted into the NFL, but he was released after his first season.

I stayed closer to home and received an academic scholarship. I played for two seasons, but dropped out. The game just wasn’t any fun without Brett. Adrian and I roomed together throughout the four years.

Today we live with Dad. He and Mom got a divorce my senior year of high school. She took off to California and we haven’t heard from her since. Adrian’s mother also divorced his father. His church fired him as their pastor, and he moved out of state. No one is quite sure where he went.

Dad is dating an attorney in town. He proposed to her a few months ago, and they plan to marry next year. They are building a new home a few miles away, so Adrian and I get to keep this house. I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I love the memories it contains.

I received a master’s degree in architecture. I am a partner in my father’s firm. It is now Singer and Son Architecture, Inc. When he retires, I will take over the company.

Adrian earned a master’s degree in school administration, and he is now an assistant principal at a local junior high school. He comes home so tired sometimes. I guess kids today aren’t like they were when we were in school.

Charlie and Julie are always at the house. They bought a home down the street. Charlie is always reminding me about the time I stood naked in front of her. After all these years, I still blush. They were ‘married’ a few years ago. Adrian and I went with them to Vermont when they committed their lives to each other. Uncle Cornelius and John were there, too. It’s not official, because our state still refuses to recognize it. Someday, I hope that Adrian and I will marry and it will be a valid ceremony.

Brett broke up with Cindy right after graduation. He met a girl in college and they were married for three years. He has a little girl they named Carey. He says she is named after me. They separated after he called out my name one night when they were having sex. They divorced five months later.

He moved back to town a few years ago. He sells insurance and owns his own company. He comes over to the house at least once a week for dinner. Adrian is a great cook. All of us have put on a few pounds. We no longer look like we did ten years ago.

Brett is always dating different women. He never remains with one very long. I really feel sorry for him. He still hasn’t found that one person who can make his life complete. Sometimes he will just sit and stare at me while we are watching television at night. It makes me sad to think that he feels I may have been that someone.

I guess we did travel down different roads. Not once have I regretted the road I took. I’m not sure Brett feels the same way.


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