Chapter 20

Blake put his arm around my waist and held me as we went to his bedroom. Once inside, he closed the door and led me over to the bed. “Lie down,” he said as he knelt and pulled off my shoes. I lay down, and he placed the blanket over me. He then removed his shoes and lay down beside me.

He pulled me into his body and wrapped his arm around me. “What happened, Seth?” he asked.

I sighed and replied, “It was horrible. If Mr. Ellis, Uncle Steve and Aunt Marie hadn’t been there, I don’t know what would have happened. Mom slapped me as soon as I walked in the door, and Stacy tried to kill me.”

“Wow!” said Blake as he pulled me tighter. “My parents acted the same way when I told them I was gay. Dad threw me across the room, and my mother kept hitting me in the chest. I ran to my room and locked myself in.”

“Why, Blake?” I asked as tears filled my eyes. “We’re gay. It’s not like we told them we murdered someone.”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I guess we just didn’t live up to their dreams.”

“But we have dreams, too,” I cried. Blake put his head on my shoulder and kissed my cheek. “What about our dreams? I always dreamed of falling in love.” I turned my head and our lips met. I pulled away and said, “My dream came true when I met you.”

“Me, too,” he smiled as he kissed me again. A sad expression appeared on his face as he asked, “What do you think is going to happen now? Is your mother going to kick you out?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “She isn’t upset that I’m gay. She even said she suspected that I might be. She’s just mad because she thinks I stole Stacy’s boyfriend.”

“You didn’t steal Craig from Stacy.”

“That’s what I told her,” I said. “I told her he wanted it as much as me. Now, she’s mad at him because he deceived Stacy. She never wants to see him again.

“That’s going to be hard,” replied Blake. “Especially now that he’s our boyfriend.”

I giggled and said, “Do you know you just said?”


“You said now that Craig is our boyfriend,” I smiled.

“I meant your boyfriend,” Blake said as his face reddened.

I leaned forward and kissed him. “Our boyfriend works for me as long as you’re okay with it.”

“I am,” smiled Blake as he returned my kiss. He pulled away and asked, “How do you think Craig is doing?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. I pulled my phone from my pocket. My battery was almost dead, so I got my charger and plugged it in. “I’ll give him a call. I hope he has his phone turned on.” I dialed Craig’s number. It rang several times before it went to his voicemail. I hung up without leaving a message.

Blake asked, “He didn’t answer?”

“No,” I said worriedly. “I hope he’s okay.” Just then, my phone rang. It was Craig.

“Are you alright?” I asked as I answered. “Blake and I are worried about you.”

Craig assured me he was okay. I put it on speakerphone so he could hear. Craig told us that he was in his room. He said the past couple of hours had been difficult for him. When I asked him what happened with his parents, he said they were very upset. He said his father took it worse than his mother.

“Did he hit you?” I asked. He said he didn’t, but he thought for a while that he might. He said he didn’t want a homosexual for a son. He said he wasn’t raised that way. There was a long pause until Craig said he didn’t feel that his father would ever accept him.

“What about your mother?” He said she cried a lot, but she kept mentioning things that Mr. Elliot had told her. He felt that she might eventually accept him. He was worried, though, that he might cause a lot of problems between them.

He asked us how things had gone with us. I started to tell him, but he stopped me. He asked if we could meet at the warehouse. “Right now?” I asked. I looked at the clock and it was almost nine. After a minute of begging, I told him we would be there in fifteen minutes.

Blake asked worriedly, “Will Aunt Marie and Uncle Steve let us leave this late at night?”

“We won’t know until we ask them,” I replied. I took his hand and led him from the room and into the family room where they were watching a movie. I lied and told them that we were hungry, and I asked if we could go somewhere to get something to eat.

They looked at each other, and Uncle Steve looked at this watch. “It’s late, Boys,” he said. “I want you back by eleven.”

“Bet,” I smiled as I grabbed Blake’s hand. We headed outside and to my car before they had a chance to change their minds.

Craig was standing outside his car waiting for us when we pulled into the vacant parking lot. I parked beside him, and Blake immediately jumped from the car and rushed over to Craig, pulling him into a tight embrace. Both were crying when I walked up. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I hugged them both.

“Let’s go inside,” said Craig as he pulled away. We followed him down the desolate hallway until we came to the entrance of ‘our place.’ Blake lit a nearby candle, and we walked over to the makeshift bed and sat down.

“God, Guys,” cried Craig. “I never thought I would see you again.” He pulled us into a hug. I asked him if he had any trouble leaving his house. “My old man doesn’t give a shit what I do. He told me I’m not his son anymore.” Tears fell  down his cheeks.

Blake replied tearfully, “My old man feels the same way. He once told me he wished that I hadn’t been born.”

Craig asked us how things went with us. He was happy that my aunt and uncle were going to become Blake’s guardians. “At least you’ll be safe,” he said. He then frowned and warned Blake not to ‘fuck it up.’

“I won’t,” Blake assured him. “It’s like a new beginning for me. I’m not going to do anything to fuck it up.” We told him how Blake was going to attend counseling session with Mrs. Reinhart. I was surprised that Blake seemed eager to do it.

“What about you, Seth?”

I told him about my encounter with my mother and Stacy. He was surprised that my mother had slapped me. However, he said that Stacy’s reaction was exactly what he expected. “I’m sure she’ll do the same thing to me when she sees me.” He was upset when I told him my mother never wanted to see him again. They had become very close when he started dating Stacy. My mother often told him he was like a son to her. I always got upset because I thought she liked Craig better than me.

“I expected that,” he said. “The bad part is, I won’t be able to see you.” I assured him we would see each other. It just wouldn’t be at my house.

“We can always meet at my aunt and uncle’s house,” I suggested. “And,” I grinned, “We can always meet here.”

Blake giggled and said, “I can go for that. At least we won’t have to be quiet so no one can hear us.”

“You mean hear you,” I laughed. “You’re the screamer.”

He replied, “I can’t help it. It felt too good.” He reached over and tried to grab Craig’s crotch, but he batted his hand away.

“Not now, Guys,” he said. “It’s been a rough day. I just wanted to see you guys to make sure you were okay.”

Blake seemed disappointed, but he didn’t say anything. We talked for about fifteen more minutes, relating what had happened since we last saw each other. I was really worried about Craig. He didn’t talk about killing himself, but I was afraid that if things got worse for him at home and school, he wouldn’t be able to handle it. I knew Blake would be fine. In fact, things were looking up for him. I wasn’t sure about my situation. I felt that I could live with my mother, but I wasn’t too sure about Stacy. We had never gotten along well in the past, and I didn’t know if we could now exist in the same house together. I would have to constantly watch my back to make sure that she didn’t put a knife in it.

Craig looked at his watch and said that he had to go. We did too. Uncle Steve had told us to be home by eleven, but it was almost 10:40. We went outside and stood beside my car. None of us wanted to leave, but we knew we had to. Craig asked, “Are you going to school tomorrow?”

“No,” I replied. “Mr. Elliot is coming to get me tomorrow and take me back to my house. I hope Stacy isn’t there.” Blake told him that Mr. Elliot was also meeting with his mother, and if things went well, my aunt and uncle would become his guardians.

“I’m staying home too,” said Craig. “I just can’t face everyone right now. I’m calling Coach and telling him I’m off the team.”

“Why?” I asked. “I thought you loved playing football. Maybe it won’t be too bad once you get back on the field.”

Craig sadly shook his head. “I never liked playing football. My father liked me playing football. Besides, I’m sure Stacy and her girlfriends can’t wait to call me names from the stands.” I knew Craig was right. Stacy would be unrelenting in letting everyone know what Craig had done. Things might also get out of hand whenever she sees Craig at school. My sister can be an evil bitch. Her revenge will be unmerciful.

Craig reached out and embraced and kissed me. He then turned to Blake and did the same. We held each other for several minutes before we finally pulled away. Craig said tearfully, “I’m glad you are my friends. I couldn’t get through this without you.” We hugged again before he got in his car and pulled away.

“I feel so sorry for him,” remarked Blake when he turned onto the street. “He’s had to live a lie his whole life. Now that the truth is out, he’s going to have trouble dealing with it. I know what he’s going through.” I told Blake we should hurry home. We didn’t want to upset Uncle Steve and Aunt Marie on Blake’s first night of living with them.

They were in bed when we arrived. We locked up and went into Blake’s room. We took off our shoes and lay across the bed. Since we didn’t have school in the morning, we could stay up late.

“I’m worried about tomorrow,” I said. Blake looked sadly at me. “After what happened today, I’m not sure I can stay at my house anymore. I’m afraid Stacy might hurt me when I’m asleep.”

Blake spat, “I wish there was some way you could get even with her. If only you had something on her that you could blackmail her with.” I shook my head and told him I didn’t. Just then I got a text message from Ty. He wanted to know if I was returning to school in the morning. I told him it may be a few days before I did. He told me to let him know if I needed anything. When I went to put my phone down, I suddenly remembered something.

“Shit!” I hissed. Blake jumped and asked me what was wrong.

I opened my phone and went to my photos. “I just remembered something!” I said excitedly. Blake looked over as I scanned through my pictures. I stopped on a picture I had been searching for.

“Damn!” shrieked Blake. “When did you take that?” Before us was the enlarged picture I had taken off Stacy’s phone of Craig’s naked body. I had jerked off several times looking at it.

“I didn’t take it,” I said. “Stacy did.”

“What!” Blake grabbed the phone from my hand and looked at Craig’s erection. “Damn he’s big.”

I giggled and said, “You should know. You’ve sucked it.”

“When did Stacy take it?” he asked. I told him about the night that Craig had attempted to have sex with Stacy. He laughed when I told him that Craig couldn’t get hard and do it with her.

“No boy is going to get hard for your sister,” he giggled. He looked at the picture again and added, “He didn’t have any trouble getting hard for us.” He gave me a puzzled look and asked, “What good is this picture going to do? If anyone sees it, Craig will get really mad.”

“No one is going to see it,” I replied. “But don’t you get it? Stacy was going to have sex with Craig. If my mother finds out, she’ll kill her.”

“But no one will believe that Stacy took the picture,” he replied. “She’ll just say you took it.” I told him how Craig had taken naked pictures of her.

“Aww!” he squealed. “You saw your sister naked?”

I laughed and replied, “I’ll probably have nightmares the rest of my life.” He asked if I had saved it. I told him I hadn’t.

“Then what good is this going to do?” he asked as he looked at Craig’s naked body. I giggled when he reached down and rearranged his growing erection. “You can’t prove that Stacy took the picture.”

“Sure I can,” I said as I enlarged the picture. In the right hand corner you could see a portion of Stacy’s leg. She must have been lying on the sofa to take the picture. There was a small pink butterfly tattoo on the leg.

I pointed it out to Blake. “See this tattoo?” He nodded his head, and I explained. “Two years ago, Stacy wanted a tattoo on her leg because Maggie got one. She begged my mother for weeks about getting one. Because she was only fifteen, my mother had to sign a form giving her permission. Finally, Mom got tired of listening to her whining and let her get the tattoo on her leg.” I pointed again at it. “She got it right there.”

Blake looked at me and grinned. “You’ve got her!”

“I know,” I replied. “But how am I going to get even with her? If I show her the picture on my phone, she’ll just take my phone and delete it.”

Blake pulled out his phone and told me to send him the picture. I laughed and called him a pervert. “You just want it to jack off to.”

My face reddened when he replied, “Like you didn’t?” I giggled as I sent him the picture in a message. When it downloaded, He said, “Now, if she deletes it, we have a copy.” He grabbed his erect dick and said, “I can also use this to jerk off to.”

“Pervert,” I laughed. I scooted to the side of the bed and thought out loud, “Now, how am I going to use this picture?”

“Send Stacy the picture,” he suggested.

“What!” I can’t do that.

“Sure, you can,” he replied. “Let her know you have it. Tell her if she does anything to you or Craig, you’ll show it to your mother and tell her that you saw her and Craig having sex. You said that they know you saw them.”

“She’ll just deny it, and my mother will believe her,” I replied sadly.

Blake pointed to the tattoo and said, “Your mother will believe that.” He took the phone from my hand and asked for my sister’s phone number.

“Blake!” I shrieked. “You can’t do that.”

“Yes, I can,” he insisted. Reluctantly, I gave him my sister’s number. He downloaded the picture and added the text message, ‘I know what you did. I’m telling mom.’

Before sending it, he handed me my phone and told me to call Craig and ask him if he had a naked picture of Stacy. “You said you saw it, so Craig has to have it too. Tell him to send it to you.”

“I don’t want to see my sister’s naked picture again!” I shrieked. He took my phone and said he would do it. I listened while Blake explained to Craig the blackmail plan we had devised. Craig was upset that I had seen the pictures on Stacy’s phone, but then he began to realize that we could stop Stacy from seeking revenge. He told Blake he still had the picture. If he hadn’t called when he did, he would have deleted it. Blake told him to save it, and to send it to my phone. He hung up, and a few minutes later I got a text message from him.

Blake handed me the phone, but I pushed it back at him. “I don’t want to see it,” I insisted. He opened the picture and acted like he was going to vomit. He then grinned and assured me that we had my sister.

“First,” he said, “I’m going to text her the naked picture of Craig. We’ll see how she reacts.” He looked at the picture again before hitting send. “Now, we’ll wait.

“What if she denies it?”

“Then we’ll send her the picture Craig sent us.” He rose and stretched. He then began to take off his clothes. “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep.”

“Me, too,” I said as I began to undress. We lay down and began to kiss. “This is nice,” I whispered in his ear.

“Yeah,” he cooed as he reached down and grabbed my erect cock. Just then, my phone buzzed, indicating I had a message. I opened it and handed the phone to Blake.

you mother fuckr where did you get this that’s not me I’ll kill you!

I turned my head when Blake pulled up my sister’s naked picture. He wrote ‘yes it is’ and hit send.

We waited a few minutes to see if Stacy replied. When she didn’t, we lay back down. Blake opened my phone to Craig’s picture, and we began masturbating. Ten minutes later, Blake rolled on his side. I spooned him and fell asleep.

Uncle Steve came to the room and woke us up at 9:00. He told us that today would be a busy day, and that we should come downstairs and eat the breakfast Aunt Marie had prepared for us. We hurriedly dressed and went into the kitchen.

She told us to go into the dining room and wait. A few minutes later, she brought two plates filled with pancakes, scrambled eggs and toast. She also placed two large glasses of orange juice on the table.

“Hey!” I said, “Why is it when I stay overnight, you only give me a bowl of cereal?”

She walked over and hugged Blake. “I like him better than you.” She left the room laughing. I looked over at Blake, and he stuck out his tongue. We ate like two people who had been lost on a deserted island for weeks. We didn’t speak as we shoved food into our mouths. When he finished, Blake leaned back in his seat and let out a big belch.

My aunt hollered from the kitchen, “Thank you!”

Blake gave me a puzzled look and asked, “Why did she thank me?” I explained that it was the custom in some places that a burp after eating showed the cook that they enjoyed the meal. I laughed when he did it again and my aunt hollered out another thank you.

We cleaned the table and took our plates and glasses and put them in the dishwasher. My aunt told us to go into the family room and sit. A few minutes later, she and Uncle Steve joined us.

“Now, Boys,” she began. “Today is a big day.” She looked at Blake. “Mr. Ellis will be here sometime this afternoon to discuss Steve and I taking legal guardianship of you. But first, we need to know if that is what you really want, Blake?” Blake didn’t say anything. He rose, approached Aunt Marie and Uncle Steve and gave them a huge embrace. He was crying when he sat back down.

My aunt wiped tears from her eyes and said, “I take that as a yes.” Blake smiled and nodded.

“Now, Seth,” my uncle said. “After we finish with that business, Mr. Ellis and I are going to take you home to talk to your mother. You’ll have to make the decision if you want to stay or not.” He looked at Aunt Marie and added, “We personally would like you to remain at home. It is where you belong. I know your mother was harsh on you yesterday, and she said and did some things she shouldn’t have. However, she is deeply sorry. While you and Blake left to go get something to eat last night, she came here to talk to you. She doesn’t hate you. What happened took her by surprise, and she is aware that she made some mistakes. When you return home today, hear her out and find it in your heart to forgive her. If you can’t, then you always have a place to stay here.”

It was my turn to get up and tearfully hug my aunt and uncle. I would do as they asked, but I didn’t know if I could forget what happened. There would have to be a lot of healing to forgive her.

Blake and I returned to his room to wait for Mr. Ellis to arrive. Charlie hadn’t taken his desktop computer, so we tried to open it. However, we couldn’t because it had a password. After several attempts, I grew frustrated. Blake said, “I have an idea. Did Charlie have a girlfriend?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I think her name was Shelly. He typed that into the password box, and the computer opened. We were surprised to find that Charlie was a big gamer. He had a lot of games stored on his computer. We opened Street Fighter and began playing. Blake was good, but I had more experience playing games. Long hours alone in my room had made me an expert player.

We were in our third fight when the door opened, and Craig walked in. “Hey, Guys,” he said as he approached. “Cool!” he said excitedly. Street Fighter. I play winner.”

Blake rose from his seat and grumbled, “You can play now. Seth cheats.”

“I don’t have to cheat to beat you,” I laughed. “You’re weak.”

“Weak this,” exclaimed Blake as he flipped me off and walked over to sit on the bed.

Craig boasted, “You met your match now, Rookie!” We played an intense game, but I finally won. Instead of pouting like Blake, he high fived me.

We rose and sat on the bed with Blake. He had fallen asleep. Craig reached out and groped him. “Hey!” squealed Blake. He squirmed for a few seconds before lying still and let Craig feel him.

“Not now,” laughed Craig as he playfully slapped Blake’s crotch. Blake rolled on his side and moaned.

A sullen look appeared on Craig’s face. “How’s things going with you guys?” I explained that Mr. Ellis would be coming shortly to talk to my aunt and uncle about becoming Blake’s legal guardians. I also told him that I would be going back home to talk to my mother. He was worried because he was afraid that my mother and Stacy might hurt me.

“Talk about Stacy,” he said with a puzzled look. “What did you guys do last night?”

“Why?” I asked.

“She texted me last night after I fell asleep. It woke me up,” he explained. “When I read it, she was begging me to delete the pictures I took of her.”

“Pictures?” I asked. “There’s more than the one you sent me?”

“Yeah,” he said as he reached into his pocket for his phone. “Want to see them?”

“No!” shouted Blake and me in unison.

He put his phone in his pocket and continued, “Anyway, she begged me to delete the pictures from my phone. She said your mom would kill her if she found out about them.”

Blake looked at me and grinned. “I told you it would work.”

“What would work?” asked Craig.

“We’re going to use the pictures to blackmail Stacy,” he replied. “So, whatever you do, don’t delete them.” He looked at me and smiled. “If she does anything to Seth, you or me, we’ll send them out to all her friends.” He laughed and added, “And it would be a shame if we accidentally sent them to your mom.”

“Yeah,” I giggled. “That sure would be a shame.”

“She’s really scared,” said Craig. “I don’t think she cared if her girlfriends knew we had sex. She doesn’t want proof of it.”

Blake gave Craig a puzzled look. “I thought you couldn’t get it up for Stacy?”

Craig’s face reddened. “I couldn’t, Man,” he explained. “As soon as I saw that shit, I almost puked.”

Blake laughed and said, “I almost puked, too, when I saw Stacy’s bushy pussy.”

“Enough, Guys,” I laughed. “I don’t want to hear any more about my sister.”

Blake reached out and grabbed Craig and my crotch. “I don’t, either. I’d rather talk about these bushy things.”

“Now, you’re talking,” giggled Craig as he grabbed the erection in Blake’s pants.

Just then Uncle Steve hollered out, “Blake! Mr. Ellis is here. Come to the family room.”

Blake rose and hugged us. “Wish me luck,” he said nervously. We watched as he walked over to the door, turned and waved, and then walked out.


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