Writing for Joe

Chapter 1

“Hey, Matt.” Joe Monroe called out to the guy next to him at the table littered with paper.

Joe looked over at the blonde boy next to him. They had been classmates for the past three and a half years at Central College. Both were seniors looking forward to graduating in five months. It was their third year together on the newspaper staff. Joe was editor of the school newspaper, and Matt Adams was one of his stellar reporters.

If there was a good lead, Matt was his go-to guy. He had scooped the story last year of an alumnus hosting a wild party at his mansion after the homecoming game. After hearing rumors around the school, he investigated and found out that drugs and alcohol had been abundantly supplied to underage revelers. He took his notes to the police. In return, he received first rights to all information on the arrests.

As a result, the small town had its first real scandal in years. Matt had earned himself a name at Central. Many admired his reporting abilities; others hated his guts. Several students had been expelled because of their involvement, so there were many students in the school who would like to have seen him hanging from the rafters of the gymnasium.

The alumnus, Mr. Samuel J. Wellston, was a well-respected man in town. He owned several car dealerships, and he was a major donor to the institution. Each year he donated over $50,000 so the town could have a spectacular fire works display on the Fourth of July. Wellston was not a man to be messed with. He had power and money. However, he was now sitting behind bars in a federal penitentiary as a result of Matt’s investigation.

“Yeah?” Matt asked as he looked over at Joe.

Matt admired Joe. Not just admired him, he had a huge crush on him. Unfortunately, it was a one-sided affair.

Joe was an extremely good-looking black guy. He was incredibly smart, and he had a wonderful sense of humor. He stood 6’2” and weighed around 175 pounds. He had beautiful caramel skin.

He shaved his head, and had possessed a slight mustache and thin goatee which added to his sexual appeal. Matt thought he looked a little bit like Usher, only sexier.

Matt had signed up for journalism as a sophomore for the sole purpose of spending at least one hour each day with Joe. Later, he joined the newspaper staff because Joe was one of the top reporters. This year Joe was the editor. To please him, Matt put in 110% on any story given him. When the story he did on Wellston last year gained state wide attention, he was thrilled watching Joe’s reaction.

Working with Joe on the story had formed a special bond between them. They had spent many hours at school working on the story and formulating plans to gain information. Those months that they worked together were very satisfying for Matt.

He didn’t care that he had become a celebrity in the town. The only thing that had pleased him was seeing the excitement in Joe’s eyes. Joe had joined him when he went to the police, and was there when the media interviewed him. He never tried to take credit for the story. He gave Joe the byline, and he insisted he only acted as an editor and confidante.

“I have an idea for a story,” informed Joe.

“Okay, let’s hear it,” replied Matt. Matt was thrilled. Anytime Joe suggestion might mean the possibility of spending long hours together working on it.

“All right, but hear me out before you say no.” Matt’s attention was piqued. It was the first time Joe had given him an option. Normally, the assignment was handed to him, and he eagerly accepted.

“You know last year when you did the Wellston story?” he began. “Well, I think another story might have come out of your investigation.”

“Okay, I’m listening,” replied Matt. It was beginning to sound interesting.

“You discovered that many of the students had engaged in sex at that party.” Matt nodded. “No one really said much about it. They were more concerned with the booze and drug angle.”

“I’m still listening,” replied an interested Matt. Sex. Yes! He liked the sound of it so far. Working with Joe on a story about sex had a lot of possibilities.

“Several football players had been found in an upstairs bedroom. No one mentioned it, but according to your notes, they were all naked,” he said thoughtfully.

Matt could feel his cock start to harden. The image of hot football players naked in bed was sending erotic images to his head. He remembered that witnesses said that there were two separate bedrooms with sexual activity going on.

One room contained male and female students. However in the other room, only guys were present. Some might have even been of high school age. He envisioned hard cocks being sucked and firm asses being fucked.

“You with me, Man?” Joe asked, bringing Matt back to reality from his erotic fantasy.

“Sorry, I’m still with you,” he replied as he pushed his hard cock down with his elbow.

“I want you to do a little more research,” Joe continued. “Ask around and see if you can find out who was involved. We might have a story here.

“I want to do an investigative story on sexual activity at Central. You know, the usual- who was involved, how rampant it is, maybe staff involvement. We’ve got to be very careful, though. If word gets out, we could be in a lot of danger,” he warned.

“No shit, Sherlock,” laughed Matt. “After getting several of our popular students expelled last year, if they find out I’m looking into their sex lives now, my ass is grass!”

“All right. I’m just suggesting it right now,” remarked Joe. “Just think about it. I haven’t decided on doing it yet. It is dangerous and there might be all sorts of school rules we could be violating. I’m going to run this by Dr. Olsen and see what he thinks.” Dr. Olsen was the journalism professor and staff adviser for the school newspaper.

“Don’t go to Olsen yet,” pleaded Matt. He wanted desperately to do the story. He didn’t care what they uncovered. He just wanted to work secretively with Joe. It could be a story that would require many hours alone with him.

Joe had never given any indication he might have played for the other side. With his exceptionally good looks, girls were always hitting on him. There were many times when girls would stop Joe in the halls and tell him they had a ‘story’ for him. However, he would have to come to their apartment or dorm room at night for the ‘information.’

Joe would just laugh them off and tell them to speak to one of the reporters. He would tell them his job was editor. He didn’t write ‘stories.’

He had a girlfriend, but they seemed to be more like friends than a serious couple. Matt would see them holding hands occasionally, but they never kissed or exhibited any displays of affection that would be expected of an ordinary college couple.

“I have to go to Olsen,” Joe informed him. “There could be some serious liabilities for the university if this story backfires.”

“Tell you what,” suggested Matt. “Let’s just nose around a little and see if there is a story first. No use jumping the gun here.”

“All right. But at the first sign of trouble, the story ends,” Joe insisted. “You remember the problems we had last time.”

“Yeah. First sign of trouble.” He made a slashing gesture across his neck. Joe laughed.

“Come by after your last class tomorrow and we’ll talk about it,” he said. “When’s your last class?”

“European Literature. I get out at two,” responded Matt.

“Good, my last class is at noon. See you at two.”

YES! There is a god in heaven! Matt screamed silently to himself.

“Sure, tomorrow after class.” He gave Joe thumbs up and walked out of the room. He wanted to do somersaults down the hallway, but a janitor was busy mopping the floor.

“Damn! That white boy is hot!” Joe thought to himself after Matt left the room.

Matt had become a close friend over the past year. Because of all the long hours they had spent together on the Wellston story, he had developed a certain affection for him. After months, that affection had taken deeper roots. It was now bordering on love.

However, Joe wasn’t sure if Matt was gay. He had heard rumors for the past three years, but he never saw anything unusual about Matt’s behavior. Anytime he saw him outside of class, he was always with a girl named Jessica.

Matt did have a roommate the first year he was on the newspaper staff. Jake used to wait around for him often, usually getting in the way. After a few months, their friendship cooled. Jake never returned his junior year.

One of the rumors around school was that they had a terrible fight in the dorm early one morning. It seems Matt walked in and caught Jake in bed with another guy.

After years of writing stories from different viewpoints, Joe knew it didn’t necessarily mean a lovers’ quarrel had occurred. Perhaps Matt was homophobic and he didn’t like having a gay roommate. He never asked him about it. It was also around that time he was handed the Wellston assignment. He submerged himself totally in the story.

At first, Joe loved Matt’s work ethics. He was hard-working and relentless in gaining information. He was extremely intelligent. Joe had to do very little when he edited his stories. They were always flawless, exhibiting an exceptional writing style.

However, the more time they spent together, that admiration at some point became deeper. Matt was a very handsome guy. He was 6’0’ tall and weighed about 160 pounds. He had silky blonde hair that he wore slightly long and parted in the middle. He had beautiful green eyes; eyes that would captivate a person.

There were many times Joe would sit and just stare into Matt’s eyes. He would act like he was interested in what Matt was saying, but often he couldn’t remember what he had said when the conversation ended.

Until he met Matt, he had never questioned his sexually. He knew from an early age that he was straight, or so he thought. He had his first sexual experience at fourteen when the girl down the street seduced him one day.

He had just finished mowing their yard one hot summer afternoon. When he finished, he knocked on the door for payment. Tina, her sixteen year old daughter, told him that her mother had left and would be back soon. She invited him in and offered him a glass of iced tea.

He sat at the kitchen table waiting for his cold beverage. Tina brought it to him, leaning over his shoulder and placing it on the table. Her tits rubbed against his elbow as she rested them there for a second. Instinctively, he began to rub them as his cock began to swell inside his thin shorts.

She noticed, reached down and rubbed it. It immediately swelled to a hard six inches. She told him to stand and she pushed his shorts down. Kneeling to the ground, she engulfed his hard cock into her mouth. After sucking him for a couple minutes, she stood.

“Come on.” She grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to her room. Once there, she removed her clothes, exposing an ample set of tits.

Joe got his first look at a naked girl. He was mesmerized with the dark rings around her nipples and kinky hair covering her pussy. He removed his shirt and stood before her totally naked. His hard cock jutted out, and he slowly stroked it.

She handed him a condom, and he clumsily opened it. After finally figuring out how to place it on his enlarged cock, he pushed it down the entire length. She watched in anticipation as he completed the task.

She went over to the bed and lay down, spreading her legs invitingly to Joe. He walked over to the bed and mounted her. After ten minutes of ramming his hard cock into her lusty body, he deposited a large load into the condom.

He lost his virginity that day.

Now the handsome white boy had entered his life, and he was beginning to question his sexuality. After Tina, he had numerous sexual encounters throughout high school and college; however, he found none of them satisfying.

It was just sex. He got more satisfaction from jacking off late at night in bed than he did having sex with a girl. At least in bed, he could just roll over and go to sleep. With a girl, she expected some kind of commitment. She wanted to display him to her friends. She wanted him to take here places and buy her nice things.

He had been dating Marilyn, his current girlfriend, for five months. They fucked often, but his heart wasn’t into it. He knew he was a lousy lay. It was nothing but unfulfilled sex. They rarely showed any affection to one another. It was a meaningless relationship.

He wanted more, and he was beginning to wonder if he could ever find fulfillment with a girl. He didn’t want to be gay. There was too much of a social stigma associated with being gay.

If his parents would continue to support him, he wanted to go to graduate school next year. Some day he hoped to become an editor of a major newspaper. He didn’t think many major newspapers would hire a gay editor, though.

For now, though, he knew he had to keep his distance from Matt. He thought that he could easily fall in love with him. He didn’t want that to happen. It would produce too many problems. No, he couldn’t allow himself to fall in love with Matt.