Scott's Story
Chapter 9
I was quiet during the ride home. I was trying to understand what had happened in
the shower room. Even though I had really enjoyed it, it left me with a lot of
questions. Alex and David had seemed so comfortable with us jacking off. Alex
knew I was gay, so why had he put me into such a situation?

David seemed to have really enjoyed it. His eyes had never left my body the
whole time. He came watching me stroking my cock. To anyone watching, they
would have thought we were all gay. I knew Alex was straight, but I wasn’t sure
now about David.

Devin’s reaction also left me curious. Why did he get so mad at us? He obviously
knew what the ‘initiation’ was, but why did he get upset when I had been involved?

“You all right?” Alex spoke, bringing me back to reality. He was looking at me
curiously. “You’re not upset about what we did, are you?”

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly. “It was just kind of strange.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” he laughed. He looked over and saw me staring blankly at him.

“All right,” he said. “You have to understand something. All of us guys have grown
up together. We’ve known each other since we were five, and we’ve been taking
showers together since we were in junior high school.”

He watched my reaction, expecting me to understand.

“We’ve watched each other’s bodies grow. They were there when I got my first
pubic hairs when I was twelve. We’ve compared our cocks for years. So naturally,
when we first started to have orgasms, we shared those too. We get horny, so we
take care of it together. It really doesn’t mean anything. We’re just horny guys
getting off together.” He looked at me again for approval.

“Isn’t it a little gay, though?” I asked.

“From your point of view, yeah,” he said. “But we don’t do anymore than just jack
off together.”

“Never?” I raised an eyebrow. He started laughing.

“Well,” he smiled. “I suspect a few of the guys have probably gotten together and
done a little more.”

“Have you?” I knew I was probably crossing a line, but I was curious.

“Honestly?” He turned and looked out the window. “Yeah. A few years ago. We
probably all did when we were thirteen or fourteen.”

“But I thought you said you were straight?” I asked.

“I am.” He pulled the truck to the side of the road and stopped. He turned and
looked at me.

“A lot of guys mess around when they are young,” he explained. “It doesn’t make
them gay. It’s a form of experimentation. I did some things with some guys and it
was fun, but I outgrew it. I’m with Karen now, and she’s all I need.”

“Did you and David mess around?” I asked.

“You saw us in the locker room,” he laughed. “What do you think?”

“Is he gay?” I was curious because he had seemed a little more interested than
just jacking off in the shower.

“You‘ll have to ask him that question yourself,” Alex answered. He suddenly got
quiet. He started the truck and pulled back onto the dirt road. We drove in silence
for a while.

“No,” I said, breaking the silence. He looked over at me.

“No, what?” he asked.

“I’m not upset by what happened in the shower.” I said with a grin. “Two hot guys
jacking off, why would I be upset?”  

“Shut up.” He replied with a grin.

“Can we do it again tomorrow?” I laughed.

“Maybe.” He looked over and gave me a wicked smile.

“Really?” I asked hopefully.

He wiggled his eyebrows and laughed. We pulled onto the drive leading to the
farm. It was starting to get dark and my stomach was growling from hunger. It
had been a long and fun-filled day.

When we arrived at school the next day, David was sitting in the car waiting for us.
I didn’t see Devin with him. David got out of the car and gave me a huge smile. He
then walked around and slapped me on my back.

“Ready for another day in Hell?” He laughed.

“Yesterday wasn’t that bad.” I replied. “I think I’m going to like it here.”

“We’ll see if he says that next week.” He looked at Alex and laughed. We headed
towards the school.

“Where’s Devin?” Alex asked. looked over at David, awaiting his response.

“He’s sick.” David looked worriedly over at Alex.

“Another headache?” Alex asked. David nodded his head.

“Headache?” I looked at them for more information. They seemed to be hiding

“Devin suffers from migraines.” David said. “Ever since the accident, whenever he
gets upset, he gets a severe headache.”

“What upset him?” I asked. I knew he appeared mad when he left school
yesterday. I had thought about it the previous night. I couldn’t get the hurt look in
his eyes from my head.

“You.” David responded.

He grabbed Alex by the arm and led him into the building. I watched them walk
down the hall talking, leaving me with more questions than answers. Why would a
small, shy boy be upset with me? We had only met yesterday, and he seemed to
bounce back and forth between moods. One minute he was joking and playful,
then the next minute he was quiet and angry.

The excitement of the first day didn’t carry over the next. Why is it that no matter
what school you go to, classes are the same? In the space of three hours, I had to
endure a lecture on the Civil War, work twenty geometry problems, and read two
chapters of Canterbury Tales. Talk about a boring morning.

I met up with Alex and David at lunch. A few of the football players teased me
about my ‘initiation’ the day before. One guy even remarked that I seemed to like
it a little too much. Everyone laughed, but I noticed the look David gave me. I
guess he was gauging my reaction. Normally, I would have retaliated with a snide
comment, but I felt it was best that I keep my mouth shut.

When the bell rang, I followed David out into the hall. Alex started to approach,
but at the last minute turned and headed into the opposite direction.

“Is Devin going to be all right?” I asked. I don’t know why, but he had been on my
mind all morning. David looked over at me with a sly smile.

“Why?” He grinned. “You only met him yesterday and you’re already worried
about him?”

“Yeah.” My face started to redden. I didn’t want to admit it, but Devin had quickly
gained my attention. I was standing before his brother, who was oozing with
masculinity, but I was thinking about his frail younger brother.

“He’ll be all right.” He said. “The headaches only last about a day.”

“Good.” We continued to walk down the hall. He turned into a boy’s room, so I
followed him in. I’d had several cartons of milk for lunch, so I wanted to piss
before going to class.

We walked over to the urinals and pulled out our cocks. Since I had seen him
naked the day before, I knew what to expect. He started to piss and looked down
at me.

“You’ve really got a nice one.” He said admiringly.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” I looked down and saw his cock begin to grow in his
hand. I felt the blood begin to surge into mine as well.

After we finished pissing, he reached over and took my cock in his hand and
stroked it. It became erect in his fist. I reached over and took his. We continued to
jack each other off, carefully watching the door in case another student came in.

After a few minutes, he moaned and said, “I’m cumming.” I watched as he
exploded his load into my hand. Within seconds I moaned and shot my cum into

He looked over at me and winked. We shoved our cocks into our pants and walked
over to the sink and washed our cum-filled hands.

“Thanks.” He looked over at me and smiled. “That was fun.”

“Yeah.” I returned the smile. “It was.”

“We’d better get to class.” He said. “We’re already late. Just tell the teacher you
got lost.” He stared into my eyes and smiled. He gave me another quick wink, and
then disappeared out the door.

I was really confused. I couldn’t tell if David was gay or not. Did he like me, or was
he just looking for a sex buddy? He kept staring at me and giving me that sexy-as-
hell wink, but did it mean he was attracted to me? By now I should have figured
him out, but he was an enigma to me.

The afternoon classes were more boring than the morning ones. Without Devin to
keep me occupied, I found it hard to concentrate on school work. I kept thinking
about David and Devin. I found it strange to be drawn to two brothers with such
diverse personalities.

Football practice was fun. Again, Alex and I connected well on the field. The coach
would watch every time Alex handed me the ball. I was able to sneak around the
defense almost every time and either make big yardage or score a touchdown. I
didn’t know if I was really good at carrying the ball, or if our defense sucked. With
the team’s record, I tended to think the latter.

We didn’t repeat our jack off session after practice, although David did watch me
shower. I teased him by bending over and washing my ass really well. I laughed
when he left the shower room trying to cover up his erection. When I passed him
on the way back to my locker, I winked at him. His face reddened as he sat down
to put on his shoes.

“You want to join me and David for dinner?” Alex walked up and placed his hand on
my back. “My treat.”

“Yeah, sure.” I said, looking over at David who was watching us.

“Great.” Alex smiled. “We’re going over to his house and drop off his car, then
head out for eats.”

We followed David’s white Toyota to his house. Once there, he invited us in. We
followed him to his room. It was a typical athlete’s room. Posters of football and
basketball players adorned the walls. There was also a bookshelf with trophies and
pictures. I stood before one of Alex and David with their arms wrapped around
each other in a tight embrace.

“That was taken when we were in the ninth grade.” Alex walked up and took the
picture from my hand and looked at it admiringly. “We’d just won our first game of
the season. Unfortunately, it was also the last game of the season.” David walked
up and punched him in his arm.

“Hey,” he laughed. “At least we won a game.”

I looked out the bedroom door and noticed Devin go walking past in his pajamas.  
He peered in the room as he passed. Our eyes met briefly.

“Is he all right?” I asked David.

“Yeah.” He said. “He’ll be all right by tomorrow.”

“Can I go talk to him?” I asked. “You know, tell him what we did in class.”

“I don‘t know.” David gave me a thoughtful look. “When he’s like this he doesn’t
like talking to anyone.” He stared into my eyes and let a small grin appeared when
I gave him my best puppy dog face.

“Across the hall.” He pointed. “But remember, I warned you.”

I walked across the hall and found the door ajar. I slowly opened it and saw Devin
curled up on the bed with his back to me I walked over and sat gently down on the

“Leave me alone, David.” He said angrily. “I’m not in the mood.”

“It’s me, Devin.” I said quietly. I could feel him freeze in the bed. He lay there
silently for about a minute without saying anything.

“I better go.” I said awkwardly. His silence had made me feel uncomfortable. “I’m
sorry I disturbed you.”

“You can stay.” He mumbled into his blanket. I sat back down as he rolled over
and faced me. I could see that his eyes were wet with tears.

“Hi.” I smiled at him. He tried to blink away the tears. He didn’t have his glasses
on, and I thought he looked cute lying there with his hair mussed up. His brown
eyes were twinkling from the tears.

“Hey.” He lay there staring at me. He seemed so small and vulnerable lying under
the covers.

“You hungry?” I asked. I reached out and ran my hand through his hair. He
instinctively pulled away, but then stopped. “We’re going out to get something to
eat. I’d like it if you went with us.”

He studied my face for a minute, before responding. “Yeah.” A smile began to
creep across his face. “If you’re sure you want me along.”

“I’d like that a lot.” I returned the smile, as I gently brushed away a tear that had
fallen down his cheek.

“Get out and let me get dressed.” He said as he sat up, careful to keep himself
covered by the blanket.

“Want me to help you?” I wiggled my eyebrows.

“Perv.” He laughed. “You wish. Now get out before I change my mind.”

I crossed the hall and told David and Alex that Devin was going to join us. They
looked at each other with a stunned look on their faces. They looked back at me
like I had just said something unbelievable.

“You’re kidding, right?” David asked. I shook my head. He looked back over to
Alex. “He’s never gotten over a headache this fast. What are you, a miracle

“No.” I looked at them as they continued to stare unbelievingly at me. “I just
invited him to go with us.”

“You talking about me?  I turned and saw Devin standing in the doorway, dressed
in a light blue sweat suit. He looked really cute. He had combed his hair, and some
color had returned to his face.

“Go get your glasses, Devin.” David ordered, “And we’ll get out of here.”

“I have on my contacts.” Devin said. David gave Alex a surprised look. I looked at
them and wondered what was going on. David put his arm around Devin and led
him out of the room.

“He hasn’t worn his contacts since the accident.” Alex whispered in my ear as he
led me down the hall. “You are a miracle worker.” He put his hand on my neck and
squeezed it gently.

We drove to a nearby Italian restaurant. I was glad to see that they ate something
besides fried chicken and hamburgers. It seemed that all the places I’d see so far
served those items.

We walked in and the waiter led us to a booth. Alex and David sat on one side,
leaving me sitting beside Devin. He seemed so small sitting with us. It was hard to
believe he was the same age as me.

The waiter took our orders and then brought us our drinks. Naturally, the subject
of football came up immediately. Alex and David were excited because they
thought that with me being able to play this coming Friday; we might actually win
a game.

As we talked, I could feel David rest his foot against mine. Soon he moved his leg,
so that is was rubbing against mine. I looked at his face and he smiled. He was
intentionally trying to play with me. My face reddened when he placed his bare
foot in my lap and began to rub my cock with it.

I removed his foot and gave him a warning look. It was one thing to play in the
restroom when no one was around, but I didn’t feel adventurous enough to do it in
front of Alex and Devin. He grimaced, and then excused himself to go to the
restroom. I had a feeling he expected me to follow.

Alex continued to talk about Friday’s game while David was away. Soon I felt
Devin rest his leg against mine and rub it up and down a few times. I froze in
disbelief. First, his brother attempted to come on to me, now his little brother was
doing the same thing.

David returned to the table, but before sitting, he looked down and saw Devin’s leg
pressed up against me. He gave Devin an angry look, causing him to move away
from my side. My mind was in overdrive as I tried to figure out what was going on.

We ate in silence the rest of the meal. Alex tried several times to get everyone to
talk, but neither David nor Devin seemed interested in saying anything. They just
kept exchanging glances at each other. felt awkward, because they seemed to be
fighting over me.

I had definitely been attracted to David the moment I saw him. Who wouldn’t? The
encounter in the shower and the boy’s restroom indicated that he really liked me
too. I was even beginning to think that we could have something more than just
some random sexual encounters.

I liked Devin, but he was very complex. I understood that he had a lot of
emotional problems created by the death of his mother. One minute he seemed to
like me, then the next he could be cold and unemotional.

I had figured that David was probably gay. Alex hadn’t exactly confirmed it, but he
did give me a strong indication that he was. Now I was confused if his younger
brother could also be gay. Was it possible that both brothers liked me?

We left the restaurant and drove home in an awkward silence. I could tell that Alex
was confused about what had happened. One minute we had been four lively boys
talking about an upcoming football game. The next minute, no one would say

He dropped Devin off at home first. I expected David to get out, but he asked Alex
to step out of the car and they went around to the back and spoke for a few
minutes. They both came back and got in the car.

We drove home, again in silence. Alex pulled up to the house and stopped.

“Scottie.” He said. “You go ahead and go in and go to bed. David and I are going
somewhere to talk.” I nodded my head and exited the car. I watched as they
drove down the drive and pulled out onto the road.

I lay in bed tossing and turning, waiting for Alex to return. It was after   2:00 when
I heard his truck pull into the drive. Several minutes later he stumbled into my
room. It was obvious he had been drinking. I watched as he stripped down to his
underwear and then crawled into bed beside me.

He scooted over and threw his arm around me, pulling me into his warm body.

“We got a problem, Little Cuz.” He slurred. Seconds later he was snoring gently in
my ear. He had passed out without explaining his statement. I lay awake the rest
of the night wondering what he meant.

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