Scott's Story
Chapter 7
I was startled out of my sleep when someone jumped onto my bed. I felt a wet
tongue licking the side of my face. I slowly opened my eyes to see Cricket looking
at me and wagging his tail. Alex was laughing in the background.

“Get up,” he ordered. “It’s time for school.”  

I looked over at the alarm clock and noticed it was a little after five in the
morning. My eyes looked across the room at a naked Alex standing in the doorway
with a morning hard on. I let my eyes stare at the erect image in front of me. He
started laughing and rushed over to the bed, tossing back the covers.

“Yeah,” he laughed. “Like you don’t wake up with one.” I tried to cover myself, but
he had taken me by surprise. My hard cock was pointing toward the ceiling. Even
though we had jacked off together the night before, I was still embarrassed being
totally exposed to him.

“Get you ass up.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed. We were both
standing naked before each other. He let his eyes wander over my body

“You’ve got a nice body,” he remarked. “Did you play sports back home?”

“No,” I replied. “It never really interested me.”

“Well, with a body like that,” he said, “you’ll definitely be on the football team.”

“I’ve never played football,” I informed him. “Besides, the season has already

“I’m the quarterback,” he smiled. “If I want you on the team, then it can happen.”

“Now get in the bathroom and take care of that.” He reached out and thumped me
on the head of my hard dick. I bent over moaning in pain. He ran from the room

I took a shower and jacked off. I exploded against the wall thinking about Alex
sitting on the toilet seat the night before with cum on his chest. Once done, I
returned to my room and dressed for school. Alex came in and sat on the side of
my bed and talked to me as I put on my shoes and socks.

“Would you tell me why we are up so friggin’ early in the morning?” I looked at the
clock and it was only a ten to six.

“We’ve got chores to do.” He looked at me and grinned.

“We?” I laughed. “You have a mouse in your pocket?”

“You live here now,” he replied. “And since you’re the youngest, they become your

“What?” I said loudly. “That’s not fair.”

“Who said life was ever fair.” He hit me upside the head and disappeared from the
room. I finished dressing and went into the kitchen. Aunt Marie and Melanie were
also dressed and eating breakfast.

“It’s about time,” my aunt said. She set a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage
and grits in front of me. She then poured a large glass of milk. I looked at the
enormous plate of food.

“I can’t eat all of this,” I informed her.

“Good.” Alex grabbed my plate and shoveled half the food onto his now empty

“Alex!” my aunt shouted, “Remember your manners.”

“But he said he didn’t want it.” He looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders
and started to eat the now half empty plate.

After we finished, I followed him out to the barn. I hadn’t noticed the day before
that they had farm animals. He first led me to the chicken coop in which there
must have been about 20 hens. He grabbed a basket and started collecting eggs.

“Watch what I do,” he grinned, “because tomorrow you get to do it.”

I started to protest, but he grabbed my head, pulled it under his arm and started
giving me another noogie. I pulled away and rubbed my head as he laughed and
continued walking around the barn.

He feed the chickens and then walked over and grabbed a bale of hay and walked
around to the back of the barn. Two horses were waiting for him. They were
beautiful. One was a roan and the other was a dapple gray.

“This is Sarah Belle.” He walked over and rubbed the roan’s nose. “And this is
Pistol Pete.” The horse nudged him and put his face against Alex’s shoulder. Alex
pulled away and started throwing hay over the fence. I started to help him. I’d
never been around a horse before, so I was scared. I kept watching them to make
sure they didn’t nip me.

“They ain’t going to hurt you,” Alex laughed. “I’ll take you riding this weekend.”  
I nodded; however, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try to ride a horse.

After completing the chores, we went back inside while Alex got his book bag. He
walked over to the corner of the kitchen, picked up another one and tossed it to

“Here,” he said. “Everything you need is in there.” We left the kitchen and I
headed to his pickup truck.

“What about registering? I asked. “Doesn’t Aunt Marie have to come with us?”

“Naw,” He replied. “She already took care of it. All you have to do is stop by the
office and get your schedule. I’ve already seen it, so you should be all right. Just
remember, we ain’t California.” He laughed as he started up the truck.

He told me the school was about twelve miles away. I wouldn’t be able to walk to
school like I was accustomed to doing. A bus did run by the house, but Alex told
me he’d drive me to and from school. I’d have to wait for him until football
practice was over. I wasn’t looking forward to sitting around for about two hours
waiting for him. I started to ask him how to go about riding the bus home, but I
was afraid I’d hurt his feelings if I did. He seemed to want me to wait for him.

After riding down side roads for about twenty minutes, we finally pulled up outside
the high school. Alex parked his truck between two other cars with guys sitting
inside. It seemed like they had been waiting for him to arrive.

Four guys emerged from both cars and headed to the truck.

“You’re late, Cantrell.” A guy about Alex’s age walked up and patted him on the
back. He was tall and muscular with short black hair and dark brown eyes. He
looked over at me and smiled.

“Damn, Alex,” he said excitedly. “You didn’t say you had a little brother.” He
looked at me and extended his hand.

“David Gordon,” he said with a heavy southern drawl. He grasped my hand tightly.
I tried to return a firm handshake.

“This moron is my best friend,” Alex informed me. “We have been friends since we
were in diapers.” David started laughing.

“Yeah,” he laughed. “Mine didn’t have poop in them, though.”  Alex slapped him on
the side of his head.

Alex spent the next few minutes introducing me to his other friends. All of them
were members of the football team. They couldn’t get over how much Alex and I
looked alike.

“He’s going out for the team.” Alex grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into him.

“What position?” David asked. I looked at Alex and shrugged my shoulders.

“Running back.” Alex gave David a smirk.

“Hey!” he shouted. “That’s my position.”  

“Was,” Alex stated as he threw his arm around my shoulders and led me into the
school. David ran next to Alex begging him not to let me replace him on the team.
Alex looked at me and winked while David continued to plead.

The high school we entered was nothing like the large schools I had previously
attended. It school could have fit into the corner of the one I had attended in
California. It was also old. There were cracks on the ceiling, and the walls could
use a coat of paint.

One thing that was different, though; everyone seemed friendly. I guess I was
experiencing what I had heard was southern hospitality. I don’t think I’d ever
shaken so many hands. Alex was extremely popular. There wasn’t a person in the
school he didn’t know; and everyone seemed genuinely happy to see him.

He kept introducing me as his little brother. Everyone was amazed at how much
we looked alike. It was a little awkward trying to explain how I had suddenly just
popped up in Arkansas.

“His parents are separated,” Alex explained to David and a few people. “He’s
staying with us until things settle down.”

I was proud of Alex. He hadn’t told them the truth, but at the same time he hadn’t
lied. My parents were separated. He just didn’t tell them that they were separated
by iron bars.

I also found it unusual that no one seemed to suspect that I was gay. At other
schools, boys immediately began to hit on me. No one here seemed to pay that
much attention to me, at least not in that sort of way. I was being treated like one
of the guys. I guess being Alex’s cousin helped.

Alex led me to the office where I met the principal, Mr. Waters. He seemed like a
friendly enough man. Like everyone else, he was surprised that Alex and I looked
so much alike. He told me he hoped I would be a good student like my cousin. I
was beginning to worry that a lot of people were expecting too much of me. I’d
been a failure all my life, so I knew I’d probably mess this up also.

The first three periods went well. Everyone kept asking me if I was Alex’s little
brother. Teachers went out of their way to help me with make-up work that I had
missed. My second period literature teacher said she would assign me a tutor so
that I could catch up.

I left third period and headed to the cafeteria for lunch. Alex told me he’d meet me
there. He said he usually ate with the football team. I had met most of them when
we arrived earlier that morning, so I was looking forward to sitting with Alex and
his friends.

As I was trying to find my way to the lunchroom, I student stepped back from his
locker and knocked my books out of my hand. He was a rather small and skinny.
He reminded me a lot of Bobby. He had medium brown hair and big brown eyes.
They were masked by the large glasses he was wearing.

“Watch out, fag,” I said angrily as I pushed him back into the locker. He shrunk
away from me, expecting me to hit him. He muttered, “Sorry.” I started to push
him again, when I was suddenly grabbed by my neck and lifted off my feet.

Someone was carrying me through the hallway. I was trying to stop them, but
they had a vice grip on my neck. I couldn’t make out who it was. Everyone
stopped in the hallway and watched as I was quickly whisked into a boy’s restroom.

The grip was released from my neck and I was grabbed by my shoulders and spun
around. I was staring into the angry eyes of David. His face was flushed and he
had his fists balled tightly. I took a step back, waiting for him to hit me. He put his
fists down and started pacing around the room. He’d occasionally stop and look
angrily at me.

“If you ever touch that kid again,” he spat angrily, “I’ll knock the shit out of you.
Got it?” He was standing directly in my face, staring intently into my eyes.

I nodded my head. I was afraid to say anything because I felt he still wanted to hit

“And if I ever hear you call another kid a fag again,” he continued, “I’ll personally
make sure it will be a while before you can say anything at all.”

He just stood and looked at me angrily. I couldn’t understand why he was so
upset. I’d been doing this all my life and no one had reacted like he was now
doing. Actually, it was the first time anyone had ever challenged me. I probably
would have fought back, but I knew he was Alex’s best friend.

“Sorry,” I said apologetically. I walked over and washed my hands to avoid
showing my nervousness. I felt awkward the way he was staring at me. I guess I
hadn’t made a very good impression with him.

“Remember what I said.” He spoke in a low, angry tone. He hit the door and
stormed out of the restroom. I knew he would probably tell Alex about the
incident. I wasn’t in the school for more than four hours, and I had already fucked

I walked out of the restroom and headed to the cafeteria. This time I was a little
apprehensive about going in. I was afraid by now the entire football team would
know I was a bully.

When I walked in, Alex was standing at a corner table looking for me. He excitedly
waved me over. David was sitting beside him, giving me a disgusted look.

“You’re just in time for pizza,” Alex exclaimed. “Our boy Ollie went out and brought
back seven for us. I’ve already paid him for our share, so eat up.”  

I sat down across from Alex and David. I could tell that David was still upset with
me. Alex tried to get him to talk, but he was still angry. I looked up and saw the
small boy I’d pushed in the hall heading toward our table. He was walking with a
noticeable limp.

My heart began to beat rapidly, because I was sure he was going to say something
to Alex about the way I had pushed him into the locker and called him a fag.

“Devin!” Alex shouted. “Sit down. I have someone I want you to meet.”

The small boy sat down beside me. I could tell he was scared that I would do
something again to him. He looked over and gave me a nervous smile.

“Scott,” said Alex. “This is Devin Gordon. He’s David’s little brother. He’s in the
same grade as you.” I looked over at David and saw him watching me intently.
Now I understood why he had gotten so upset.

“Hi, Devin.” I cast my eyes down at the pizza on my plate. I was embarrassed by
the way I had acted earlier. I don’t think I had ever felt this way before.

“Hey, Scott,” he responded nervously. He extended his hand for me to shake. I
apprehensively took it in mine. It was so small and soft, but the handshake was
firm. I looked over and noticed a slight smile form on David’s face.

Lunch was awkward. I kept waiting for David to mention to Alex how I had bullied
his little brother, but he never said anything. Devin took a slice of pizza, but he
just picked at it.

The main topic of conversation was football. The team was playing an annual rival
on Friday night. Our school had lost the past two years, but they seemed confident
that they could win this year. Five of the opponent’s key players had graduated
last year, so they thought they might have a chance.

Alex kept insisting that I try out for the team. I tried to tell him that I had never
played sports before, but he said I had a natural body for it. He and his teammates
were finally able to convince me to at least come by practice after school and meet
the coach. Everyone, but David, that is. I still felt he hadn’t forgiven me for the
way I had treated his brother earlier.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out. I looked over at David and met his eyes. “Really.”

“I’m sorry, Devin.” I extended my hand to him. He reluctantly took it.

“What’s going on?” Alex threw us a questioning look.

“Nothing.” David looked at me and shook his head. “Everything’s cool.”

The rest of lunch was more comfortable. Devin and I actually spoke for a while. He
loved to play video games. He bragged to be the best Grand Theft Auto player this
side of the Mississippi. When I told him I was the best the west side, he challenged
me to a match.

“How much, Big Mouth?” I laughed as he gave me a smirk.

“Twenty bucks,” he responded.

“You’re on,” he giggled.

“Name the time and place,” I said challengingly.

“My house, Saturday morning.” He looked over at David for his approval. David
smiled and gave him a nod.

“Scott,” Alex laughed. “You’ve been had. You might as well hand him the money
now.  I’ve seen him play. He’s awesome.”

“I’m pretty good too,” I informed him. “I lived at the arcade back in Phoenix.”

“Guess we’ll see Saturday, then.” David looked over at me and smiled. “Alex can
bring you over, and you and Devin can play while we go to football practice.”

Just then the bell rang. Devin got up, looked over at me and said, “Bring your
money.” I laughed as I watched him limp away.

Alex threw his arm around me and walked me to my next class. Halfway down the
hall, he stopped and turned toward me.

“What’s going on?” He stared me in the eyes. “I’ve never seen David upset with
anyone before the way he was with you. Did something happen?”

“Can we talk about this later?” I asked. I didn’t want to confess what had
happened in the middle of a crowded hallway. He gave me a puzzled look, and
then nodded his head.

“Don’t forget football practice after school,” he reminded me. “Come by my locker
and I’ll take you to meet the coach.” I told him I would see him later, and then
headed off to class.

I saw Devin walking ahead of me. I was curious why he walked so slowly with a
limp. I stepped up beside him and began to talk with him.

“Hey.” I looked over at him and smiled. He cringed when he noticed it was me
beside him.

“Hi, Scott,” he said nervously. “You’re not going to push me into the wall again,
are you?”

“Look, Devin.” I stopped and grabbed his arm. He looked down at my hand. “I’m
sorry about that. I didn’t know you were David’s brother.”

He looked up and met my eyes. “So if I wasn’t David’s brother, it would have been
all right to pick on me?” I was suddenly puzzled. It was probably true. I would
have continued to pick on him if David had not threatened me.

“I said I was sorry.” I was becoming uncomfortable. Devin was staring me in the
face as if he was trying to figure me out.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” He turned and started limping quickly down the hall.

“What class do you have now?” I asked as I ran up beside him.

“Geometry,” he said coldly. “Mr. Stanford.” I looked quickly at my schedule and
noticed I had the same class.

“Cool,” I said. “Me too.”  I walked beside him, occasionally looking over at him. He
didn’t seem particularly interested in speaking to me. In the cafeteria he had
appeared to like me; now he was distant and aloof.

He walked into class and took a seat at a table in the front of the room. I was
expecting him to invite me to sit with him, but he didn’t. I looked around the room
for another table to sit.

Mr. Stanford walked in and introduced himself to me. Like everyone else, he
remarked how much Alex and I resembled each other. When I asked him where I
could sit, he pointed to the chair beside Devin. He rolled his eyes when I sat down.

“What is it with you?” I whispered. “You seemed to like me in the cafeteria.”

“I was being nice to you because I like Alex,” he whispered back. “He’s like a big
brother to me. I didn’t want to hurt him.”

“Why don’t you like me?” I looked over at him and met his eyes.

“Because you’re a bully,” He stated angrily. “I’ve dealt with guys like you before.”
He took his book from his backpack as he spoke. “You think because I’m small,
I’m an easy target.”

Suddenly, I envisioned guys like Mark and Bobby. What he said was true. I did
enjoy picking on smaller boys. I had been ridiculed all my life; so when I finally
developed physically, I took advantage of my size to bully boys smaller than

Mr. Stanford handed out the assignment. He told me that he had no extra books
and it would probably be a week until he could obtain one. He asked Devin if he’d
share his book with me. I looked over and I gave him a pleading look.

“Yeah, sure,” He said reluctantly. I scooted my seat next to his. He looked over at
me and gave me a hesitant smile.

I knew that I now had a new start at a new school. Perhaps the incident this
morning did serve a purpose. It made me realize that I would have to change my
behavior if I was going to make a change.

I looked over at Devin. He was working diligently on the assignment. I stuck out
my hand to him. He gave me a questioning look.

“Hi, I’m Scott,” I said with a smile. “I want to start over.”

A wide grin appeared on his face. He took my hand in his and shook it.

“Hi, I’m Devin.” We both sat grinning at one another. I knew the next few years
were going to be much different than they had in the past. I had just made my first
real friend.

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