Scott's Story
Chapter 3
I went home that night worried that by morning I’d have no friends. Sure, James
and William had been impressed, but that wasn’t hard to do with two shallow
people like them. They had, after all, followed me around all summer.

But I wasn’t sure how the other students would react. However, I didn’t need to
worry. The phone rang all night. My uncle kept shouting that I was tying up the
phone. I’d been here for weeks, and not once had anyone called him.

Everyone wanted the story on my parents. By the time I went to bed, I had a
father who was a hit man for the Mafia. He had supposedly killed nine people one
time in a shootout. My mother was his accomplice. She had killed at least three
people herself. I didn’t volunteer any of this information. I just didn’t dispute it
when they’d ask me something bizarre.

When I entered the school the next day, I was treated like a celebrity. I was the
son of a gangster. I had even adopted a kind of New Jersey accent to make it
seem all the more real. Kids moved away from me in awe when I walked down the
hall. I guess they were afraid I was going to pull out a machine gun and start
spraying the hall with bullets.

I tried to intimidate Bobby for putting up the posters, but that dumbass principal
kept watching every move I was making. One time I accidentally ‘bumped’ into
him in the hall and she took me into her office. She told me if I messed with him or
Mark again, she’d see that I was expelled from school for sexual harassment. What
was that all about? Mark had been the one who had attacked me. Why was she
now on my case?

My newfound celebrity status gave me many rewards. Even teachers showed a
renewed respect for me. I guess they were afraid my father would send out a hit
man if they gave me a bad grade.

Girls approached me in the hall and literally asked me to sleep with them. One girl
even told me she wanted to have my baby. I guess she thought her child would be
heir to a fortune. Several guys asked me to have sex with them. I did a number of
quickies in the restroom between classes. Teachers never said anything to me
when I’d show up late for class.

Mark returned later that week to school. Bobby was always beside him. I was
surprised when I entered the cafeteria on Friday and saw Richard sitting with
them. He had been ignoring me for several weeks, but now he had joined the
enemy. I couldn’t believe it. I started over to say something to him, but Dr.
Johnson stepped in front of me and gave me an angry look. I wish my father was a
gangster. I’d certainly put out a hit on that bitch.

I went to the mall on Saturday night with some of my friends. We went to the food
court and then headed off to a movie. While we were standing in line, I saw a
really cute boy. Have you ever seen someone and really wished you knew them?
It was as if your whole world stopped, and you were totally drawn to that person.
That is how I felt when I saw this guy.

He didn’t go to our school, or I would have noticed him before. I felt I really had to
know him. He was with a couple of other guys. I thought it was strange, because
with his looks, he should have been with a girl.

“Ryan!” William yelled. The cute boy looked over at my friend, as he rushed over
to him and gave him a hug. William actually knew this boy! I stood stunned as he
took his arm and led him over to us. I couldn’t stop looking at the dark, brown
eyes and curly eyelashes. This guy was definitely hot.

“Ryan,” William brought him over to me, “I want you to meet my good friend,
Scott. His dad is a gangster,” he said admiringly. Ryan stood and looked into my
eyes. It was as if we were locked into a stare and neither of us was willing to break

“Uh, guys,” William giggled. “Enough already. Get a room.” Both of us started

“Ryan is my cousin,” he explained. “He lives in Riverside.”

William invited Ryan to join us for the movie. Ryan sat beside me when we took
our seats. William was on my other side. About ten minutes into the movie,
William reached over and started stroking my cock through my jeans. I couldn’t
believe he was doing it in front of his cousin.

Ryan looked down and saw William’s hand. I started to push his hand away, but
Ryan leaned over and whispered, “No, don’t.” I could tell by his shaky voice that
he was getting excited.

William unbuckled my pants and then unzipped them. I was wearing boxers, so he
snaked his hand in and pulled out my erect cock. I heard Ryan gasp when he saw
it. William began stroking me, as I watched  Ryan’s mesmerized eyes. He soon
reached over and placed his hand over William‘s. William pulled his hand away and
Ryan began to stroke me.

I couldn’t believe it. This extremely cute guy sitting next to me was gay. It seemed
like all my dreams had finally come true. I reached over and placed my hand in his
lap. He was hard as a brick. His cock was begging to be set free. I placed my hand
on the top of his shorts and he sucked his stomach in, letting my hand snake into
his pants.

He was already wet with precum. He also had a very large cock. I positioned it
upward and it appeared out of the top of his shorts. We looked into each other’s
eyes as we continued to stroke each other. I heard William make an angry huffing
noise. It was obvious he was jealous. We’d been playing around for months, and
now his cousin had stepped in and gained my attention.

Since he had introduced me to his cousin, I guess I owed him a favor. I reached
over and began feeling his hard cock. He readily opened his shorts and let his cock
out for me to get a better grasp. Knowing he was a quick cummer, I stroked him
rapidly a few times. I heard him moan softly, as I felt his warm cum begin to flood
onto my hand. He took some tissue from his pocket and wiped himself off. He gave
me another one to wipe my hand. When he finished, he whispered, “Thanks.” Then
he got up and headed for the exit. I guess he was going to the restroom.

“He never could hold it long,” Ryan giggled. I continued stroking him, only more
rapidly. I figured he wanted to cum also.

“Let’s wait,” he whispered. “You want to go home with me tonight?”

“I’ll have to call my uncle,” I told him. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. Uncle
Roger usually  didn’t care what I did as long as I didn’t bring the police to his house.

William returned from the restroom a few minutes before the movie ended. As we
were walking out, Ryan suggested that I call my uncle before his mother arrived to
take him home. I had come with William, and his dad was probably already
outside waiting on us.

William begged Ryan to let him go with us, but Ryan refused. William became
angry and then began to pout. He knew we were probably going to Ryan’s house
for some fun, and he didn’t want to be left out. Ryan kept insisting that we weren’t
going to do anything; however, William knew better.

When we left the theater, William went and got in his dad’s car. He slammed the
door as he angrily looked out his window at us. Ryan shrugged his shoulders and
led me to his mom’s car. We rode about twenty minutes to Riverside. It was my
first time to visit the small town. It only had one stop light in the whole town. I
also noticed an ice cream parlor. It was still open and I was hoping we’d stop for

“Mom!” shouted Ryan. “Pull over.”  He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the

“See you at home,” he told his mother as he closed the door. She gave him a nod
and pulled off.

“You’ll love this place,” he smiled. “It has the best ice cream.”

We went inside and ordered our ice cream in waffle cones. I had rocky road and
Ryan ordered cherry vanilla. We then went outside and sat at one of the umbrella
tables. The ice cream was delicious.

I looked over at Ryan and he was licking his cone seductively. He kept looking into
my eyes and smiling. My cock began to harden in my pants as I watched him. He
was really turning me on. When I reached down and rearranged myself, Ryan
started giggling.

“How’s the ice cream?” he asked, as he licked the cone. “Is it hard enough?”  

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned as I licked seductively around my cone, “It’s really hard.”

We both started laughing. We continued to talk and play sexually with the ice
cream. After about a half hour we headed toward his house. He said he lived about
three blocks away. After we had left the bright lights of the ice cream parlor, Ryan
reached down and held my hand as we walked. It worried me at first that someone
might see us, but it didn’t seem to bother him. After a few minutes, I relaxed and
enjoyed the togetherness we were sharing. I had never felt like this before.

We reached his house and entered. He introduced me to his father. Ryan looked
remarkably like him. He was an exceptionally attractive man; that is, for someone
as old as he was. He had to be at least thirty-five.

After stopping by the kitchen for a snack, we went upstairs to his bedroom. He
turned on the light and locked the door behind us. Once inside, he grabbed my
hand and pulled me over to the bed and pushed me onto my back. He then
straddled me.

“I’ve wanted you all night,” he murmured as he began planting kisses all over my

“Mmmm,” I purred, “me too.”  I began to kiss him deeply. He started to squirm on
top of me. Both of us were hard and throbbing.

He pulled my shirt over my head and began to nibble at my nipples. I was
thrashing around on the bed. He giggled, knowing he was exciting me. He then
pulled his shirt off. I rubbed his hairless chest and felt his velvety skin.

He suddenly jumped off the bed and started to undress while I lay back and
watched. He was absolutely beautiful. The more he took off, the more excited I
got. He stripped to his yellow bikini underwear. There was a small patch of precum
that had formed. His cock was straining to get out.

He seductively grabbed the side of his underwear and began to pull them down.
Before he exposed his cock, he quickly turned around and pulled them down over
his ass, showing me a perfect bubble butt. Instinctively, I reached down and
started rubbing my erection.

He bent over as he removed his bikinis. I could see his hole, pink and hairless. He
turned and his hard cock protruded nicely out from his body. He took hold of it and
stroked it a couple of times as he walked over to me. I leaned up and pulled him
by his legs until his cock was facing me.

Quickly, I sucked it into my mouth. He moaned as he rammed it into the back of
my throat. He pumped it into me several times before he stopped.

“Not yet,” he whispered breathlessly as he climbed back onto the bed and
straddled me once again. He unbuckled my pants and pulled down the zipper. He
reached in and grabbed my steel hard cock and started stroking it.

“Nice,” he smiled. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”  

He pulled my pants and underwear off and threw them on the floor. Then he sat
back and leaned in and took my cock in his mouth. I closed my eyes and reveled in
the immense feeling he was giving me. It was obvious he had probably pleasured a
few boys this way. I’m sure he and William had done this a few times.

Suddenly, he leaned forward and started kissing me once again. He took my
shoulders and rolled me over on top of him. I began rubbing our cocks together.
We were both hard, and I was afraid I was going to cum too quickly. He reached
down between us and grabbed my cock and started stroking me.

“Don’t,” I said breathlessly. “I’m going to cum if you keep that up.”

“Good,” I heard him say, as he continued to rapidly stroke me. Suddenly, I felt my
balls begin to tighten as I shot load after load into his hand and onto his stomach.
He giggled and rolled around on top of me smearing the sticky mess between us.

“I didn’t want to cum yet,” I said dejectedly. “I thought you wanted me to fuck

“I do,” He smiled. “We have all night. Now we can do it right and you  won’t have
to cum so fast.” Talk about experience. He knew if he made me cum now, my next
one would take longer.

“Let’s go get in the shower.” He jumped from the bed and grabbed my hand,
leading me into the adjoining bathroom. We showered slowly, making out as we
washed each other’s body completely. He insisted that I clean his ass. He didn’t
object as I inserted my finger in him as he held me tightly, moaning into my

“I can’t wait any longer,” he said excitedly, pulling me back into the bedroom and
onto the bed. He lay on his back and raised his legs, bringing them to his shoulders
and wrapping his arms around his knees.

“Lick me,” he ordered. I knelt on my knees and started licking around his ass. He
was moaning his approval.

“Now, rim me,” he moaned. I inserted my tongue into his ass as he squirmed
around on the bed. We did this for several more minutes until he told me to stop.

“Open the first drawer of my night stand,” he said. “Now get a condom and the

I giggled when I noticed that all the condoms were a different color. I held up
three- a yellow one, blue one and a red one. He pointed to the red one. I opened it
up and began to pull it over my cock as he watched intently. He pulled his legs
back again and I poured some lube on my finger and inserted it in his ass. He
hissed as he pushed back, wanting more. I poured some more lube in my hand and
rubbed it on my cock.

“Ready?” I asked excitedly. I couldn’t wait. Ryan was hot and extremely willing. Of
all the boys  I’d ever had sex with, no one had been as sexual as he was. He was
taking me to a level of sex I had never before experienced.

“Yes,” he said as he wrapped his arms around his knees. I placed a pillow under his
hips so he would be easier to penetrate. I knew I wouldn’t have to go slow with
Ryan. It was obvious he was no virgin to anal sex.

I aligned my cock to his pink hole and pushed forward. My cock sunk in quickly,
and within seconds I was entirely in him. He moaned and began pushing back.

“Fuck me, Scottie,” he moaned. He didn’t have to ask twice. With an urgency I’d
never felt before, I began to fuck him. I pushed his legs back, exposing his ass as
my cock rapidly moved in and out of him.

He had his head thrown back and was purring like a kitten. For someone so young,
it was obviously he loved to be fucked. This turned me on even more; knowing I
didn’t have to be careful not to hurt him.

“Deeper, Scottie.” He pulled his legs back further, allowing me to penetrate him
another inch.

“Yes!” he shouted.

I continued to fuck Ryan for several more minutes as he moaned under me. I could
feel myself getting ready to explode. He grabbed his cock and began stroking
himself. Within a minute he began to shoot cum out all over his stomach.

When he did, I could feel his ass muscles tighten as he was cumming. It was
enough to send me over the edge. I began to unload my cum into the condom. He
continued contracting his ass, milking me dry. I collapsed onto his chest. We both
lay there with our chests heaving against one another. A few times we managed to
kiss each other.

“That was fantastic,” Ryan finally said. “Damn. I’ve never been fucked like that
before.”  I looked into his smiling face.

“Really?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeah, really,” he insisted. We then continued to kiss. After several minutes, I
rolled over and lay on my back. He grabbed my shriveled cock and held it gently.

“I gotta have this again,” he said as he caressed it in his palm.

“Anytime.” I kissed him tenderly. “Anytime you want it.”

He lay on his side and threw his arm around me. We kissed and then fell asleep.
When I awoke in the morning, he was still wrapped around me. I felt I could
awaken every morning like that.

After breakfast his mother drove me home. She kept looking at us suspiciously. I
had a feeling she knew what we’d done the night before. We hadn’t exactly been
very quiet in our lovemaking. I’m sure she and Ryan’s dad had heard us.

Ryan had given me his cell phone number and email address. We had agreed to
meet the next weekend. His mother was going to pick me up and we were going to
the mall to see another movie. Then I was going to spend another night with him. I
couldn’t wait.

Things at school were getting strange. Richard had become close friends with Mark
and Bobby. He was sitting at the table eating lunch with them. A few times I tried
to talk to him, but he’d walk away when he saw me approaching. I didn’t have any
interest in having sex with him. Besides, I now had Ryan.

Something else happened that I didn’t understand. Randall Thompson, one of our
school’s most popular students, started hanging around Ryan, Mark and Bobby.
Randall was a star basketball player. I could understand him hanging with Richard,
but Mark and Bobby? They didn’t have anything in common with him.

Randall was also protecting Mark in gym. Anytime I’d try to do something to him,
Randall would retaliate. Once he grabbed me and told me to leave Mark alone. On
the way to the locker room, I asked Mark if he had hired Randall as a body guard.

It was becoming harder to do anything to Mark and Bobby. It seemed like
everyone was protecting them. If Dr. Johnson wasn’t watching me, then Randall
was. He’d even stare at me when we were sitting in the cafeteria. A few times he
flipped me off. Things were definitely not going as I had expected.

I also had a feeling they were planning to do something. They had already
plastered pictures all over the school with my parents’ prison pictures. It was hard
to tell what they were capable of doing. I just had a feeling they were watching
me, expecting me to mess up.

I really fucked up one Saturday night a couple of weeks later. Ryan and I had been
emailing each other all week. We were going to attend a movie. When we got
there, Mark and Bobby were at the theater also. I tried to act like I didn’t know
them. I was with Ryan, and nothing was going to spoil the evening.

I don’t even know what we went to see. All week long we’d chatted about me
giving Ryan a blowjob during the movie. I had been looking forward to it. About
thirty minutes into the movie I reached over and started stroking Ryan’s dick. He
pulled it out. After looking around, I leaned in and took it in my mouth. He held the
back of my head while I sucked him. After about five minutes he came in my
mouth. I sat up and looked around as he put his cock back into his pants.

Ten minutes later, I noticed Bobby head to the lobby by himself. I figured he was
going to use the restroom. I can’t explain it. Maybe I was horny because I had just
had sex with Ryan and I hadn’t yet gotten off. As I watched Bobby’s ass as he left,
an enormous urge swept over me. I wanted to fuck him. I had always wanted to
fuck him. He was so vulnerable. He was so much like me just a few years ago.

I told Ryan I’d be right back as I got up and followed Bobby into the men’s room.
He was standing at the urinal pissing when I walked in. I waited until he finished.
Before he could zip his pants back up, I grabbed him and pulled him into a stall. He
was screaming and struggling as I unbuckled his pants and pulled them to his

Finally, his ass was exposed. He tried to fight me off, but I was able to hold him
still as I directed my large, stiff cock toward his narrow ass.

Suddenly, someone grabbed me and threw me out of the stall. Since my pants
were down around my knees, I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I looked up
and saw Mark’s angry face just before he kicked me in my side. The pain was
excruciating. Flashbacks of my dad beating me filled my mind as he continued
kicking me.

The men’s room door swung open and Ryan walked in and looked down at me.

“What the fuck’s going on in here?” he shouted as he headed over to me.

“Ask your boyfriend what happened.” Mark said as he kicked me one last time. He
walked over and helped Bobby pull his pants back up and they left.

Ryan knelt down beside me as I writhed on the ground in absolute pain. He looked
into my eyes and then stood up.

“Did you try to rape that boy?” he asked angrily.

I couldn’t even respond. I was so ashamed of what I had done. I couldn’t explain
what had happened. Ryan and I could have had a good future together, but now I
had ruined that.

“Fucker.” His words were filled with venom. I knew he hated me. I heard the door
open and close. I lay in pain with tears running down my face. Again, my world
was crashing down around me. I should be used to it by now, but it still hurt. Hurt
like hell.

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