Scott's Story
Chapter 2
I don’t know what happened to me in that bathroom. Suddenly, I felt empowered.
For so many years I had been the whipping boy and brunt of so many jokes. When
I saw the frightened look on Mark’s face as he ran from the bathroom, I felt like a
new person.

I had control over someone’s life. It was like I was the hunter and he was the prey.
I knew something about him that he’d probably never told anyone else. This was
going to be fun. I could now make someone fear me

When I went into the kitchen, my uncle was downing another beer. He’d been
drinking all morning. I think he was now on his fourth one.

“What happened to Mark?” he asked. “He went running out of here like a scared

“Did you know he was queer?” I asked my uncle with a smile on my face. This was
great. Never would my uncle suspect I was, if I told him about another boy. My
secret could finally be safe.

“What the fuck did you say?” My uncle’s face reddened.

“Yeah,” I tried to sound upset. I think I was even trying to squeeze a tear out. “He
tried to grab me in the bathroom.”

It was fantastic. My uncle ranted and raved the rest of the afternoon. He called
Mark’s house several times. Finally, I heard him talking to his mother. He was
pissed. He was accusing Mark of practically raping me. I should have felt guilty,  
but I didn’t. He was a fag, so he did deserve it, didn’t he?

I was convinced that the only way to prevent being picked on and abused by others
was to be the attacker. Mark had made it easy for me. Seeing the fright in his eyes
that morning made me realize that I could have power over others. For the first
time in my life, I could control the forces around me.

I was able to put it to the test a few days later, when I was out in the yard and saw
a very small boy coming down the street on a bike. At first I was going to ignore
him, because I thought he was much younger than me; but as he approached, I
could tell he was about my age. He looked like a geek, though. He was wearing a
white shirt, black pants and black shoes. He was cute, but his small stature kept
him from being appealing.

He cautiously approached me on his bike. After appraising me for a minute, he
decided to speak.

“Hi,” he said with a boyish smile. “You new around here?”  

“Yeah.” I extended my hand and shook his frail hand. “My name is Scott.”

“Bobby,” he responded as he stared into my eyes. I could tell by the way he was
looking at me that he found me attractive. With so many people having
commented on my looks over the years, I had developed a ‘feel’ for those who
were more than just friendly. Bobby was definitely interested.

“Wanna play some ball?” I asked, throwing him the basketball. He looked at me
and frowned.

“I’m not very athletic,” he admitted timidly. He awkwardly threw the ball back.

“Well, then. Let’s go inside and play a video game,” I offered. “Can you play Grand
Theft Auto?”

“Enough to beat you,” he grinned. I was going to have fun with this kid. He seemed
to be a really easy mark.

“We’ll see,” I replied with a smirk. I led him inside to the living room. Since I didn’t
have a computer, we played on the television. No one was home. My aunt and
uncle had left to go to work. I was told not to have anyone in the house while they
were gone; but they weren’t here to know, right?

We played for about a half hour. He was pretty good. In fact, he was killing me. I
had been a good player in Phoenix, but I was no match for him. It was obvious he
had been practicing a lot.

“I’m tired,” I said, putting down the control. I leaned back on the couch. I made
sure that my shorts were tight and that my cock could be seen through the
material. Bobby looked down and his eyes widened as he saw it protruding out.

“I better go,” he said hoarsely. He started to get up, but I grabbed his small arm
and pushed him down on the couch.

“Hey,” I said angrily, “not so fast. Things are just getting good.” He fought to get
up, but I held him down.

“I know you’re a fag,” I said. “I saw how you wanted this.” I pushed against my
cock, which by now had hardened considerably. He continued to struggle, but his
eyes never left my shorts.

“Please let me go,” he pleaded. “I’m not like that.”

“Sure you are,” I said. “I want you to do me a favor.”

He started to cry as I opened my shorts and reached in and pulled out my cock. I
was excited. I was actually going to make someone else do what years ago I had
done. I pulled his head toward my lap as he resisted.

“Listen, fag!” I shouted. “If you don’t do this I’m going to tell everyone you’re a
cocksucker. So you might as well do it.”  

He continued to resist, but I kept pushing his head into my lap until he had his
mouth against the head. His lips were pursed tightly.

“Open your mouth fag,” I insisted. “And don’t bite me.” He refused, so I pinched his
nose. He gasped, opening his mouth. I slipped my head in and he began to gag.

“Yeah, suck it,” I moaned. He was shaking with fear. I can’t begin to explain the
feeling of power I had. I was actually making someone suck me.

He continued whimpering as I shoved more of my cock into his mouth. He would
try to raise his head, but I held him tightly in place. I continued fucking his mouth.
I soon felt myself getting ready to cum.

“Oh, yeah,” I moaned. “That feels so good.” My cock erupted in his mouth. He
gagged and desperately pulled his head up and looked at me wild eyed. Tears were
staining his cheeks. I should have felt guilty, but I didn’t. I felt, I don’t know,
proud. I had actually been able to have complete control over someone. It was
probably the same feeling my father had when he used to whip me.

Suddenly, he jumped up and stared at me. I saw fear in his eyes. Tears flowed
down his face as he wiped off his mouth with his sleeve and then ran to the door.
He looked disgustedly at me before finally running out onto the lawn, getting on his
bike and riding away. I laughed as I saw him racing down the street. I went back
inside and took a shower, where I masturbated thinking about what had just

Before I went to bed that night, I called his home. He had given me his number
earlier so we could get together and play video games again. His father answered
when I called. I told him that Bobby had made a pass at me and had asked to suck
my dick. I was kind of disappointed that his father didn’t sound upset. He simply
told me thank you, and then he hung up.

What father acts that way when he’s just been told his son is a disgusting faggot?   
He’s supposed to rant and rave, right? Isn’t he supposed to go into his room and
beat him? He’s not supposed to just say, ‘thank you for calling.’ What kind of a
father is he, anyways?

I was going to tell my uncle what happened, but then I thought he might wonder
why all these boys were coming on to me in just a few days. He might begin to
become suspicious that perhaps I was encouraging them, so I kept my mouth shut.
Anyways, he was still raging about that Mark kid.

The next day I was out in the driveway shooting baskets when I saw Mark heading
down the street. I remembered how he had wanted me, so I thought I’d give it
another shot. I disappeared into the garage and dropped my shorts, giving him a
nice look at my hard cock. He took one look and tore off down the street. Here I
was going to help the queer out and give him some cock, and he just high tails it

Some guys really have a lot of balls. Can you believe that Bobby came by a few
days later and was going to tell my Uncle Roger that I had made him suck my dick!
He’s really got some nerve. First, he stares at me and wants it. Then when I give it
to him, he goes home crying. Now he wants to make it sound like I raped him.

After hitting him in the stomach and then pushing him into the bushes, I was finally
able to convince him that telling my uncle wouldn’t really be in his best interest.
Just as I was doing this, Mark came by on his bike. He looked like he wanted to say
something. I was really hoping he’d get off his bike. I was going to kick his ass
good. I was still mad because he hadn’t given me a blowjob, when I knew he really
wanted it.

He rode on down the road and turned the corner. After Bobby dug himself out of
the bushes, he hightailed it down the street, crying as usual. He was too easy a
prey. He was so weak; it almost wasn’t fun picking on him. However, I had been
weak and my father had delighted in whipping my ass.

I made a few friends during the summer. Being new in town, I guess guys were
intrigued by me. I was also an asset because I was a chick magnet for the girls.
Guys knew that wherever I went, there was always a bevy of girls following me
around. The guys I didn’t mind too much, but the girls I could have done without.
But I knew without the girls, the guys might just start picking on me. I had an
image to uphold.

I kissed a few of the girls, just to make it look good. Most of the time I’d ignore
them and they’d hook up with one of my friends. One of the guys I let get close to
me was a boy named Richard. He was really cute, and he wasn’t like the other
boys. Like me, he really didn’t get into the girls. With his looks, he could have had
all the girls he wanted. Instead, he’d follow me around wherever I went.

Richard invited me to spend the night at his house about two weeks after I arrived.
We played video games and shot basketball most of the evening. Around midnight
I was starting to get tired, so I asked if I could take a shower before going to bed.

He got me a towel while I undressed. I was standing naked with my back to the
door when I heard him let out a gasp. I turned around and he was staring at my
cock. This time I felt different, though. Instead of humiliating him like I had with
Mark and Bobby, I felt an attraction to him. I walked over slowly and took the
towel from his hand and crossed the hall to the bathroom. I could feel his eyes
boring into my bare ass.

When I returned, he was sitting at his computer playing a video game. He looked
over at me and blushed. He looked really cute. It was obvious he’d never played
this game before and he didn’t know what to do. As he sat staring at me, I dropped
the towel. His eyes widened. I walked over and stood beside him, stroking my
growing cock. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. I noticed that his cock was hardening
through his shorts.

I approached him with my cock in my hand.

“Take it,” I said softly as I reached for his hand and placed it around my cock. “It
won’t bite.”

He cautiously began to stroke it, looking into my face for approval. I smiled down
at him to give him courage to continue. After a minute, he leaned forward and took
it in his mouth. I let out a moan when I felt him wrap his lips around me.

He continued to slowly suck me. It was obvious he wasn’t very experienced. He
scrapped me with his teeth several times. After he sucked me for a while, I took
his hand and headed to his bed.

“Come on,” I said softly. “We’ll be more comfortable here.” I led him to the bed
and lay him down. I then lay down beside him and started stroking my cock to get
it hard once again.

“Suck it,” I told him. He leaned in and began to suck me. He was trying to pleasure
me, but I didn’t want to come too quickly. This was my first time in bed with a boy
since I was with Jimmy when I was twelve. I wanted to enjoy the experience.

Hungry to feel a cock in my mouth once again, I moved around and we got in a 69
position. He let out a moan when I took his hard cock in my mouth. I loved the
feeling. We continued to thrust into one another’s mouth.

I could feel myself quickly reaching an orgasm. With a final thrust, I shot in his
mouth while he gulped rapidly to swallow my load. I could feel his cock head
expand and knew he was getting ready to cum as well. I pulled his cock from my
mouth. He rolled on his back and I stroked him about three times before he began
to shoot a large load onto his stomach.

He moved around on the bed and lay beside me. He leaned on his elbow and
stared at me. He leaned forward and tried to kiss me, but I pulled away. It was
one thing to
have sex with him, but I wasn‘t looking for a boyfriend. He looked disappointed
when I turned my head. He got up and disappeared into the bathroom. I put my
head on the pillow and fell asleep before he returned.

Richard became a good friend, or should I say fuck buddy. I could depend on him
to be there when I needed release. It seemed he was always happy to please me,
and I let him please me a lot.

I was also becoming very popular in the neighborhood. Popularity was something
that had eluded me. I had always been extremely cute, and I had my share of
other boys and girls who wanted to know me; but I was always afraid of bringing
anyone home because of my mother and father. I never knew when my dad might
snap and whip me in front of a friend. So for the first sixteen years of my life, I was
a loner.

But in California, I was almost like a god. With my long blond hair and beautiful tan
I was admired by everyone when at the pool. I loved to tease others by wearing
white Speedos which were a size too small. I had been blessed with a rather large
cock, and I loved to parade around showing just what I had. Not only would girls
ogle me, but boys as well.

Before long I had a rather large number of groupies who tended to follow me
where ever I went. Girls would swoon if I even spoke to them, and there was
always some guy who was willing to get down on his knees and make me happy.

Several guys would even let me fuck them. Richard quickly became my favorite.
Besides being extremely cute, he had a nice, tight bubble butt. I loved it every  
time he’d bend over for me.

One afternoon after having sex in his bedroom when his parents weren’t home, I
convinced him to call Mark and just fuck around with him. I dialed his number and
handed him the phone.

I had already told him what to say. He was to tell Mark he heard that he was gay
and he wanted him to come over and take care of him. Richard at first refused to
do it because he went to school with him and liked him. When I threatened to stop
messing around with him, he relented and made the phone call. I listened with my
ear against Richard’s. It was priceless. Mark became very upset and started
cussing. I was howling with laughter.

I watched as Mark and Bobby became friends- probably fuck buddies. They were
always together. Mark tried to protect Bobby from me, but he couldn’t fight worth
shit. Once I took Bobby’s swim shorts in the locker room and left him standing butt
naked. It was so cool.

Later I saw the two losers sitting on the bleachers outside the pool. They were
watching me angrily. Like I’m supposed to be scared! There was nothing they could
do to me. I had guys all around me. The two of them were alone. Fat chance they
could hurt me.

A few weeks later they were alone in the locker room when I went in, followed by
some of my boys. I tried to get Mark to suck my dick in front of everyone, but he
refused. He even tried to fight back. Stupid mistake. I knocked him flat on his ass.

When I got home later, this stupid, crazy woman stormed into our house and
started yelling obscenities about me. She called me a dirty little bastard. She said  
I’d been picking on her poor nephew and his friend. My uncle went off on her when
he found out she was Mark’s aunt. He said the fag deserved everything he got.

I had been hiding in my room during the exchange. I was afraid of what she might
do. Uncle Roger called me out to the kitchen after she left. He pulled a cold beer
out of the fridge and offered it to me. He said I had earned it for beating up those
queer boys.

Richard seemed to change after that. He quit hanging with me. Every time I called
and asked him to come over, he always had an excuse. I really wouldn’t have
cared, but he was a great lay.

School started after Labor Day. I was very hesitant about the beginning of school. I
had earned a reputation as a ladies’ man during the summer, so I was fairly
confident that my reputation would stay intact. However, being in school, I would
have less control over situations. I was worried that students might start picking on
me again.

Although, I had nothing to fear. Mark cemented my reputation as a hard ass. He
walked into class and sat in the front. A friend had handed me a water balloon, so I
threw it at him, hitting him square in the back. The balloon exploded, soaking him.
It was hilarious.

He got up and charged me like a mad man. He was screaming and throwing his
arms in every direction. I was a good fighter, but I had trouble defending myself
against his wild tirade. The dean eventually grabbed him and hauled his sorry ass
off to the office.

I had to go and tell my side of the story. Of course, I played up the part of being
the helpless victim. The dean bought it- hook, line and sinker. Mark was suspended
three days for assaulting me. I thought it was unfair, because it should have been
ten days.

I froze when I left my last period class. My heart seemed to jump up into my
throat. There were posters of my mother and father everywhere. It had their
prison pictures on them. I hadn’t seen them since they last appeared in a Phoenix

Now it would all start over again- the laughter and ridicule. I would again become
the butt of all prison jokes. I had to endure this for two years while my mother and
father were going through their trials. I had no friends at that time. Everyone had
tried to avoid me. Now I was sure it was going to happen again.

I didn’t know who had put them up or how they had gotten hold of the pictures. I
was pretty sure it was probably Bobby. I’d heard that he was some kind of a
computer geek. He certainly looked like one. I was determined I was going to hurt
him the next time I saw him.

I tried to hurriedly escape the school, but I was stopped midway down the hall.
Some of my friends were holding the posters up and shoving them in my face.

“This your old man?” James asked as he thrust it in my face. “This guy really your

“Yeah,” said William, another friend. “He do this shit?”

I just hung my head with shame. How was I going to explain that both my parents
were in jail and I had to come to California because I had no where else to go.

“Damn,” said James excitedly. “This is so fucking cool! You’re parents are

“My old man’s just a plumber,” William said. “Your dad belongs to the mob!”

A small smile formed in the corner of my mouth as I looked at the excited faces of
my friends. Maybe this wasn’t going to be too bad after all.

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