No More Rainbows
Chapter 9
Brent and I felt awkward when we entered his bedroom. I looked around the room,
wondering where he would want me to sleep. He had a queen size bed, so it was big
enough for both of us.

“You want to shower first?” he asked nervously.

“Sure,” I said. I usually take my shower in the morning, but he seemed like he wanted
me to take it then. I grabbed my pajamas out of the bag I had brought, and then I
went across the hall to the restroom. I locked the door, removed my clothes and
jumped in the shower. When I finished, I dressed in my pajamas and went back to
Brent’s room.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed in just his underwear. I stopped when I saw his
near naked body. He may have been small, but he had a well-built body. It was
obvious he had been working out. He blushed when he saw me staring at him.

“You’ve got a nice body,” I said admiringly.

“Thanks,” he mumbled. “Jared makes me work out with him in the basement.”

“It shows,” I replied.

He stood and walked across the room to the bathroom. I turned and watched his
small bubble butt disappear out of the door. I looked around the room. He didn’t
have posters on the wall like most boys. Instead, he had pictures of landscapes,
most of them mountain scenes. The books on his bookshelf were exactly as he had
described it in my room. Most were science fiction. He also had a couple of books
written for gay teens. I took one, walked over to his bed, sat down, and started

He walked in a few minutes later, still in only his underwear. He started blushing when
he saw my eyes riveted to the cock that was tucked inside. He walked over to his
dresser, took out a pair of shorts and put them on. He then walked over and sat on
the bed beside me.

“My dad gave me that.” He said after noticing the book I had been reading.

“How long have your parents known you were gay?”

“About three years.”

“Three years!” I shouted. “You came out to your parents when you were thirteen?”

“Twelve, actually,” he grinned. “I’m a year younger than you.”

“How did they take it?” I couldn’t imagine someone so young telling their parents they
were gay. How does someone so young even know?

“They really didn’t say much,” he said. “Dad talked to me and told me I was too
young to really know, and then he gave me the book you’re looking at.”

“But you’re sure now?”

“I kissed you, didn’t I?” He giggled. “So yeah, I guess I’m pretty sure.”

“When did you know?” he asked. We spent some time talking about my awareness of
being gay. Eventually, the subject drifted to my father. Brent was supportive, and
said he could understand the conflicting feelings I was having for my father. I wanted
to hate him, but after sixteen years of love, it was hard too.

“Do you want to see him again?” he asked. I sat for a long time before I answered
him. He could tell that I was wrestling with an answer. Before the phone call tonight,
I would have said no. However, after hearing his voice, I realized that he still loved
Randy and me. He was probably going through as much right now as we were.

“I think I do,” I finally said. “I just don’t know what to say to him.”

“You’ll know when the time comes,” he responded.

He started yawning, and then stretched. “I’m tired.” He moved up on the bed, pulled
the covers back and then crawled in. I sat looking at him, not sure what he wanted
me to do. He started laughing, and then pulled back the covers beside him.

“I thought you wanted to sleep with me,” he giggled. “That’s what you told me the
other day in the Pizza Palace.” He laughed louder when he saw my face redden.

“Come on, Big Boy.” He wiggled his eyebrows. I moved up on the bed and crawled
under the covers next to him.”

We sat up against the headboard. Neither of us knew what to say. He started
giggling, and then elbowed me in my side. I elbowed him back, and soon we were
wrestling on the bed. I couldn’t believe how firm and muscular his body was. He may
have appeared small, but he was able to roll me over and pin me down.

“Say Uncle,” he grinned as he looked down into my face. He was lying against my
body, trying to hold me down. I pushed up and felt his erection pressing against mine.

“Your old Aunt Bertha,” I laughed. He pressed his body harder into mine. This time he
pushed deeper against me. I was afraid I was going to cum inside my pajamas if he
continued to thrust against me.

He leaned in and kissed me gently. He thrust one more time, and then he rolled off
me and sat back down on the bed. I was afraid that I had down something wrong
and he was mad at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Why did you stop?”

“I promised my dad that we wouldn‘t...” He stopped and looked over at me.

“Wouldn’t have sex?” I asked. He blushed slightly and then nodded. I started
laughing as he gave me a puzzled look.

“I promised my mother the same thing,” I said. “That was the only reason she let me
spend the night with you.”

“It seemed easy at the time,” he sighed. “But now.” He lifted the covers and I could
see his cock straining to get out of his underwear.

“Me too,” I laughed as I pulled back the covers and showed my cock poking through
the opening of my pajamas. His eyes widened when he saw its hardness.

“Wow,” he said. “You have a nice one. Mine’s kind of small.”

“Yours is cute,” I replied.

“Great,” he giggled. “I have a cute dick. That really boosted my ego.”

“It looks good to me.” I leaned in and gave him a kiss. He kissed me back more
passionately. I opened my mouth and he snaked his tongue in. I moaned as I sucked
on his hard, wet tongue. Suddenly, he pulled away.

“We’ve got to stop, or I’m going to break my promise to my dad,” he said. “He’ll be
disappointed if we do something.”

“I have an idea,” I said excitedly. “We can jack off. We’ll close our eyes and not look
at each other. That way we won’t break our promise.”

I could see him thinking about it. He looked over and grinned. “Okay, but don’t
watch.” He lifted his ass and pulled his underwear down to his knees. I did the same.
We pretended to close our eyes as we began masturbating. I couldn’t help but watch
him out of the corner of my eye. I could tell he was doing the same thing.

His cock is about 5 inches long and thin. He didn’t have a lot of pubic hair
surrounding it. However, I was very aroused watching him. My cock is about six
inches and average thickness. I could tell that he was enjoying watching me through
his squinted eyes.

“I’m cumming, Artie,” he moaned. A small amount of cum shot out onto his stomach,
followed by a few thicker blasts. Watching him cum, made me begin to shoot.

“Ummmmm,” I moaned. I’m not a shooter, but a dribbler. Soon, my hand was coated
in warm white cum. I looked over into Brent’s face and he was grinning at me.

“Hey, you pervert,” I kidded. “You weren’t supposed to watch.”

“Watch what?” He reached over, pulled some tissue from his dresser, and handed me
some. “Here clean the stuff off you I didn’t see you do.” We both giggled as we
cleaned ourselves off. When we were through, he pulled his underwear up, and then
took the tissue and walked to the bathroom. He returned and crawled back into bed.

“That was fun- that thing we didn’t do,” he giggled.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I laughed. He reached over and turned off
the lamp. He snuggled up against me as I lay down and wrapped my arm around him.
Within minutes, we were both sound asleep.

“Rise and Shine!” I was suddenly awakened when Jared pulled the blankets off the
bed and started shouting down at us. Brent must have jumped a foot off the bed.
He had been sleeping peacefully snuggled into my body.

I was aware that my erect cock was poking into the underwear near  Brent’s ass.
Jared noticed, and then grinned. “He’d still better be intact.”

“Just shut up, Jared,” shouted Brent as he climbed out of bed. He walked
unashamedly from the bedroom with his cock straining his underwear. Again, my eyes
stared at his firm, small butt as he walked out of the room.

“He likes you,” said Jared. I looked up and saw a serious look on his face. “It’s been a
long time since I’ve seen him so happy.”

“He’s a great guy,” I responded.

“Yes, he is,” said Jared. “I used to worry about him because he always seemed so
lonely. He’d stay holed up in his room reading books rather than spending time with
friends like other guys do. I’m glad you came along.”

I could tell that Jared shared a brotherly love with Brent like I did with Randy. “You
don’t care that he’s gay?” I don’t know why I asked him that, but it seemed strange
that someone like Jared, who was so popular and athletic, would be so accepting of a
gay brother. At first glance, he appeared to be the stereotypical straight jock.

“It used to bother me,” he confessed, “but I love Brent. I’d die for him if I had to”
Tears began to well up in his eyes as he spoke so tenderly of his brother. “Being gay
is who he is. It’s also who Amber is. I love both of them.”

Just then, Brent came walking back into the room. He still had a scowl plastered on
his face. One thing I learned about him- he wasn’t a morning person. I excused
myself and walked across the hall to the bathroom. When I returned a few minutes
later, Jared and Brent were hugging each other.

“Come here.” Jared reached out his arm for me. I walked over and he pulled me into
a hug with him and Brent. After a minute he moved away. “All right now, Guys. Eat a
light breakfast and meet me in the basement in a half hour. Just because it’s
Saturday doesn’t mean you get to take a break.” Brent moaned and fell across the
bed. Jared laughed and then walked out.

“I like your brother,” I said. “He’s really cool.”

“Yes, he is,” responded Brent proudly. “I’m lucky to have a brother like him.”

“Twenty-five minutes!” Jared shouted as he walked past the door on the way

“Well, most of the time,” laughed Brent. We quickly dressed and then went
downstairs. Brent’s parents were sitting at the table eating breakfast. Kevin was
reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. Everyone stopped and looked at us
when we walked into the room.

The first thing that ran through my mind was if they were wondering if Brent and I
had had sex the night before. I guess it was obvious that we had shared his bed. In
a way I was glad we hadn’t, because I’m sure guilt would have been written over both
our faces.

“Did you sleep well, Artie?” Mrs. England asked as she walked over to the counter and
poured us a glass of orange juice.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I responded.

“He sure did,” laughed Jared from across the room. “You should have seen how they
were snuggled together when I woke them up a few minutes ago.”

I don’t know whose face was redder, Brent’s or mine. I couldn’t believe that Jared
had just managed to embarrass us. I guess it was a trait that ran in the England

“Jared,” admonished his mother. “Leave the poor boys alone. It’s not like I haven’t
caught you wrapped in the arms of a girl or two in the den late at night.” I laughed
when I saw Jared’s face glow a bright red. It was definitely an England trait.

Amber came strolling into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes, trying to wake up. I guess
she and Brent were both slow to wake up in the morning. She yawned and then
walked over and sat down, laying her head on the table.

“I still don’t know why we have to get up so early on Saturday,” she moaned loudly.

“Life is too short to be sleeping it away,” replied her mother. “Besides, look how
beautiful it is today.” She handed Amber a glass of juice as she hummed a song.

“I’d rather watch it from the comfort of my bed,” she again moaned. Everyone at the
table laughed at her moody behavior.

“Okay, Guys,” ordered Jared. “Downstairs.”

“We haven’t eaten yet,” said an upset Brent.

“I told you, a half hour,” replied Jared. He looked up at the clock. “It’s been thirty five
minutes. So move it.”

Brent looked over pleadingly at his father. His dad merely shrugged, and then
grabbed a section of the morning newspaper and began reading it.

Their basement was like a gym room in a health club. There were several workout
areas, complete with exercise machines. I could see why Jared and Brent were in such
good shape.

I gasped when Jared removed the sweatshirt he was wearing. I’d never seen anyone
as well built as he was. His body was really developed. It was almost perfect. He
looked better than any guy I'd seen on the internet. I thought I’d pass out when he
removed his sweats and stood before us in nothing but his jockey strap. My eyes
immediately went to the enormous cock that was stuffed inside the pouch.

Brent elbowed me in my sides and started giggling. “You’d better put your tongue
back inside your mouth.” I looked over and he was grinning widely. “Nice isn’t he?” He
whispered in my ear.

I wasn’t sure if he was making a statement or asking me a question. He giggled again
when I looked blankly into his face. Brent then stripped off his shirt and pants and
was standing in nothing but his underwear.

“Get undressed, Silly. You can’t exercise properly in your street clothes.”
Embarrassedly, I removed my clothes and stood before them in my boxers. Jared
circled around me, appraising my body.

“You’re too soft,” he said as he felt my arms and abs. “We need to work on building
muscle tone.” My cock started to harden when he knelt down and began feeling my
legs. “Not too bad. You must do a lot of running.” He looked up and thumped my
growing erection.

“Down boy,” he laughed as I jumped back, holding my throbbing cock. Brent fell to
the ground laughing uproariously. I thought I was going to die from embarrassment.

I spent the next hour in one of the most excruciating experiences of my life. I
thought since I was new to using exercise machines, Jared wouldn’t work me as hard;
but I was wrong. When we finished, there wasn’t a muscle in my body that didn’t
ache. I could also tell that Brent was feeling much like I was.

“Next time, Artie,” Jared said seriously, “I’ll give you a good workout.” I moaned and
fell to the floor. He threw a towel around his shoulders and walked out of the room.

“I think I’m going to die,” I moaned. “There isn’t a part of my body that doesn’t ache.”

“Roll over on your stomach,” ordered Brent. I rolled over and closed my eyes. I felt
Brent straddle me and then begin rubbing my shoulders.

“Mmmmmm,” I purred. “That feels good.”

“It sure does,” he giggled, as he started rubbing on my back. I lay enjoying the
massage he was giving my aching body. He worked his way down my legs, rubbing
my sore calves. He then told me to roll over on my back.

“I can’t,” I said. I had gotten an erection from his rubbing his hands over my body.

“I saw it last night, remember?”

“You weren’t supposed to be looking,” I laughed. He grabbed my side and began
pulling me onto my back. I watched his face as he stared at my cock, poking out
through the opening of my boxers. I moaned when he lifted his body and sat down
on it, pushing it up against the material of his underwear.

He leaned in and began rubbing my arms. As he did so, he was moving his ass
against my erection.

“Remember our promise,” I whispered.

“What?” he asked innocently. “I’m just giving you a massage.” He looked down and
grinned evilly, as he continued to rub his ass against me. He began rubbing my chest.
When he put some spit on his fingers and then started rubbing on my nipples. I
couldn’t hold it any longer. With one hard thrust, I erupted onto his underwear.

He gave me a surprised look, and then sat up and looked at the cum still covering my
cock. He grinned and then sat back down on me.

“Did you like your massage?” He leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned into his mouth. “I liked my massage.” I lay there for a minute
trying to catch my breath. I also wondered if we had just broken our promise to our
parents. Technically, we still hadn’t had sex yet. It was only a massage, I convinced

“Now your turn,” I said as I pulled him over onto his stomach. I straddled him and
began rubbing his small body. I marveled at the strong muscle tone he had. To be
small, he was built nicely. After massaging his back, I had him roll over and straddled
his body, like he had done me, pressing his dick against my ass.

He moaned and then began rubbing his cock against me. His eyes were closed tightly
and I could tell he was really enjoying the sensation. At one point, his cock entered
through the side my boxers, and I felt his dick poking at my bare ass.

“Oh, God,” he moaned. With a final thrust, I could feel his cum soaking my ass. I
peered down into his face and saw a contented look. He opened his eyes and smiled
at me. I leaned in, and once again we kissed gently.

I lay down beside him as he caught his breath. After a minute, he jumped up,
disappeared into a nearby room, and then returned with two towels. He threw me
one and grinned.

“We really worked up a sweat. You better wipe off.”

“I don’t have any...” I caught on to what he was saying. “Yeah,” I said as I wiped the
cum off me. “Gotta take care of this sweat.”

We wrapped the towels around us as we snuck upstairs to his room. All we needed
was to be caught wearing our cum-stained underwear. For two guys who had
promised their parents we wouldn’t have sex, we were sure having fun not having it.

“Do you think you’ve broken your promise to your dad?” I asked guiltily. Even though
I had enjoyed what we did, it still bothered me.

“Nope,” he stated flatly. “Did I at any time touch your dick? Did I put my hand on it or
put it in my mouth?” I shook my head. “See, then. We didn’t have sex.”

“You’re right,” I grinned. “We really didn’t have sex.”

We took turns showering, and then dressed in front of each other. We felt
comfortable walking around his bedroom naked. He didn’t seem as shy about himself
as he had the day before. I guess he figured I liked what I saw. I did.

Linda was sitting in the den with Amber when we went downstairs. I looked around
and didn’t see anyone else in the house. They seemed to be engrossed in a movie on
the television.

“Hey,” I said. They threw up their hands without taking their eyes off the screen.

I sat down, and Brent sat beside me. He snuggled into me, laying his head on my
shoulder. Linda elbowed Amber, and they both looked over at us.

“You two look comfortable,” said Amber. “It’s almost like you...” A strange expression
appeared on her face.

“You didn’t!” she shouted.

“Didn’t what?” Linda asked. Amber whispered in her ear; then she looked over at us
and winked.

“Dad’s going to kill both you guys,” warned Amber. “You know what he told you

“We didn’t do anything,” insisted Brent. “Artie never touched me. Honest.” He gave
me a slight jab in my side.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “We haven’t touched each other.” Amber eyed us suspiciously and
then went back to watching television.

“That was close,” whispered Brent. “But at least we didn’t lie.” I nodded as he
returned his head to my shoulder.

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