It's Not Easy Being a Tree
Chapter 13
Okay, I’m like all weirded out. I just got out of bed, and it’s 4:10 in the friggin’
morning- on a Sunday! I can’t sleep. I woke up with Jeff’s arm wrapped around
me. He was poking my butt with his hard cock. So I had to get up and go into the
bathroom and jerk off again.

I haven’t decide if this is one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever spent in my life,
or if I’ve made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I guess I’m now officially
out, and that is a good thing, I suppose. Jeff and I have been having sex for two
days. I kind of have mixed feelings about that.

Jeff is a great guy, but I know he’s not looking for a boyfriend. He just likes sex-
a lot of it. All this time I thought he was some nerdy guy, and he’s a sex-crazed
teenager. Having sex with me doesn’t seem to bother him. The way he talks, I
guess he’s trying to get it out of his system before he meets a girl, gets married
and settles down. I guess I’m okay with that. I don’t think he’s using me. He
seems to really like me. At least he was honest in telling me before I started to
think of him as a boyfriend.

I’m also trying to figure out Connor. I know he’s gay, and he likes sex as much as
Jeff and me. Jeff has even indicated he would like to have sex with Connor. Things
just seem to be getting a little out of control. I’m not sure where this is going. I
know Connor wants to have sex with me, but what if Jon finds out? What if he
walks in the bedroom and sees us doing something? Connor seems like the guy
who enjoys taking risks. He pulled down my pants and starting sucking me the
other night knowing that Jon would return. And what if I hadn’t been ElmerFudd?

I jumped when someone knocked on the bathroom door. I was still sitting naked
on the toilet. Since I’d cum earlier, my dick was no longer hard. “Woody?” Jeff
whispered. “Are you okay?”

I stood, wrapped a towel around me and opened the door. I smiled when I saw
the worried look on Jeff’s face. He was standing naked in the doorway. “I’m fine,”
I said as I walked past him and lay back down on his bed. He got in and scooted
his body next to mine.

“You sure?” I could hear the concern in his voice as he wrapped his arm around
me and held me tightly. I lay quiet a moment as I felt his heart beating gently into
my back. I then rolled over and faced him.

He smiled at me, and then I closed my eyes and leaned in to kiss him. When our
lips touched, I could feel his pursed tightly together. When I opened my eyes, he
moved his head back and said softly, “I can’t do that, Woody.”

“I know,” I sighed as I pulled away and turned from him. He spooned me again,
pulling my body into his.

“What we are doing is fun,” he said softly into my ear, “but it can’t be anything
more than fun.” He held me as he gently rubbed my chest. “I care about you,
Woody.” I lay for several minutes feeling his gentle breaths against the nape of
my neck. He didn’t say anything when I rolled back over and disappeared under
the covers. He moaned softly several minutes later when he came.

Jeff’s mom took me home in the afternoon. I could tell he wanted to do
something before I left, but his little brother stayed with us as we milked the
cows. Afterwards, we played basketball for a while. Jeff’s father had put up a
hoop on the side of the barn when he was little. His brother and I played against
Jeff. Jeff fell to the ground and roared with laughter when Brad looked over at me
and announced, “You suck,” after I’d missed several easy lay ups.

“How was it?” Mom yelled out from the family room when I entered the back door.
“You have a good time?”

“Yeah!” I hollered back as I headed to my room. It was after three and I just
wanted to fall into my bed and sleep for a couple hours before dinner.

I could hear Jon and Connor laughing as I trudged up the stairs. “Damn,” I
muttered. I was hoping they would be out for the day. Connor’s face lit up when I
walked into the room and dropped my gym bag on the floor.

I gave him a cautious look when he asked, “How was your sleepover?” He grinned
mischievously. I glanced over at Jon, but his eyes were glued to the football game
on television.

I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes. I couldn’t sleep because Jon kept
yelling at the television every time a player on the team he was rooting for made a
bad play. “These mother fuckers are weak!” He shouted as he got of the bed. I
opened my eyes and noticed the game was in half time. He stood and looked
down at Connor who had been sitting in my computer chair watching the game.  
“I’m going downstairs. You want anything?”

“Bring me a soda.” Jon nodded and turned toward the door. “Bring Woody one,
too,” he said as he looked over at me. Jon didn’t say anything as he closed the

When he heard Jon descending the stairs, Connor sprang from the chair and sat
down beside me. “That was fucking awesome last night!” He reached inside his
shorts. “I shot off again after I signed off.”

My eyes widened when he pulled his cock out of his shorts. He grabbed my hand
and wrapped it around it. “Oh, yeah,” he moaned as I began to stroke it. I was
scared because I was afraid Jon might return and catch us. Connor took the back
of my head and forced my head toward his erect cock. “Suck it, Woody, before
Jon comes back.”

I didn’t hesitate. After watching him masturbating several times on cam, I wanted
to know what it would feel like in my mouth. I had enjoyed sucking Jeff; and since
Connor knew I was gay, I had nothing to lose. I opened my mouth and took as
much as I could. Connor moaned softly.

“That feels good,” he purred as held his hand against the top of my head. It
seemed like his cock was getting even harder as I sucked him. Suddenly, he
jumped up. I could hear Jon coming up the steps. I rolled on my stomach to
cover my erection. By the time Jon came in, Connor was sitting at my desk. He
walked over and gave Connor a soda. He then tossed one on the bed beside me.

We didn’t get an opportunity to do anything more. Jon continued to yell during
the second half of the game, and Connor spent most of his time looking at me.
Fortunately, he was behind my brother, so he couldn’t see him staring at me.
When the game was over, they headed downstairs. A few minutes later, I heard
Jon’s car pull away.

I got up from bed, sat down at my computer and opened my email. One was from
Connor, thanking me for the fun last night. I guess he’d sent it after he’d signed
off. Another was from Jeff. He’d sent it just a few minutes earlier. He thanked me
for a fun weekend and he said he hoped we could do it again soon. He even asked
me if I was doing anything next weekend.

The last email I opened was from Kate. I thought about deleting it without
reading it. I already knew what she was going to ask. I was right. The first line
read, “Are you still a virgin?” It was followed by a grinning emoticon. She then
went on about what she suspected Jeff and I had done all weekend. Except for
the ‘fudge packing,’ as she called it, most of it was accurate. And fudge packing?
Where the hell did that come from? I figured she must have googled anal sex and
used it to embarrass me.

I emailed her back and simply said, “You’ll never know.” I was surprised when a
minute later she responded to my email.

“I already do,” she wrote. “I just got off the phone with Jeff.” It was followed by
an emoticon giving me the finger.

I was afraid to send her another email. I wanted to call Jeff to see what he had
told her, but I already knew. Kate has a way of getting information out of
someone. I teased her last year by telling her that in an earlier life she must have
been an inquisitor for the Spanish Inquisition.

Mom wasn’t much better at dinner. She kept bombarding me with questions.
“What did you do? Were you respectful? What’s Jeff’s mother like? Does she
keep a clean kitchen?” Clean kitchen? I’m a teenager. I never looked at the kitchen
except to see what we were going to eat.

Dad wanted to know about Jeff’s dad, especially after I’d told him about him
giving me a tour of the grain elevators. Since Dad manages a warehouse, so I
guess he found that sort of thing interesting.

The whole exchange at dinner was embarrassing. Not because of the questioning,
but I suddenly realized about halfway through dinner, it was the first time I’d
actually ever done anything without them being involved. I also wondered what
they would have thought if they knew that my first time away from home by
myself was spent having sex with another boy. I was glad that Jon was at   
Debbie’s house, or he might have made a joke about it, and I’m not good at
hiding things. Mom always said she knew when I was lying because my cheeks
turn red. If Jon had made a comment about sex, they could have probably turned
out the kitchen lights and eaten by the glow coming from my face.

After dinner, I went to my room and caught up on my homework. I had a couple
chapters to read in Mrs. Livingstone’s class. They were two short stories, one by
Ernest Hemingway and another by Willa Cather. Both I found rather boring, but I
was able to finish the assignment without falling asleep.

I then went over to my computer and began working on an assignment for
biology. Mr. Dewberry had given us an assignment last week. We had to research
several biologists and write about their contribution to science. Some of it was
interesting. I especially enjoyed reading about Gregor Mendel and how he was
able to advance the study of genetics though plants. Mr. Dewberry had given us
thirty scientists to research. I had only three more to do before I’d be finished.

I was reading about John Bartram when I started to feel sleepy. It was almost
nine, and Jon still hadn’t returned from Debbie’s house. I closed the window and
opened the chat room. I was surprised to see Connor online.

Indyboi91: hey buddy

I smiled when I realized he saw me in the chat room.

ElmerFudd: hey

Indyboi91: have fun today?

To most of the guys in the room, it probably appeared like a normal question
someone would ask another person. I wonder what they’d say if they knew
Indyboi91 was asking me if I enjoyed sucking his dick.

ElmerFudd: yeah  hehehe

Indyboi91:  me 2

Several guys started asking us if we’d jack off again for them. They talked about
how hot we were the night before. Several asked me where my friend was.

Indyboi91:  gtg  got a shitload of work to do

ElmerFudd: k

Indyboi91: soon k?

ElmerFudd: k

Connor signed off. I thought about opening my cam and jerking off for the thirty
nine guys online, but I was too tired. Besides, Jeff had drained me. It could be a
week before I could cum again. Well, maybe not a week. One day, maybe.

The ride to school was getting dangerous. As soon as Connor and Ross got in
the car, they’d give me a broad smile and a knowing look. Connor would glance
down at my cock as soon as he got in.  Ross would see him and snicker. I was
afraid it wouldn’t be too long until Jon caught on.

They were also beginning to talk more to me. Ross would try to get me to talk
about school. Connor would turn and ask me about video games. Of course, he
never looked up at my face when talking. Jon would try to interrupt and talk
about girls, but the conversation would usually drift back to me. I noticed Jon
staring in the rearview mirror at me several times. I think he was trying to figure
out why the Radford brothers were suddenly showing an interest in me.

Ross was also making a habit of jumping out of the car when Jon would pull up in
front to let me out. That only added to Jon’s suspicions. At least it was Ross and
not Connor. Ross was closer to my age. However, Ross was till a jock. Jocks   
don’t hang around guys like me.

“Connor’s really getting into you,” Ross remarked as we made our way into
school. “He talks about you all the time when we’re alone in the bedroom.”

“Me?” I stopped and looked blankly at him. “What does he see in me?”

He laughed and leaned in toward me, saying almost in a whisper, “One, you have
a big dick.” He laughed when my face turned red. “And two, you’re a great guy.
He likes that.” He threw his arm around my shoulder and led me to my locker.

I knew I was in trouble when Jeff and Kate were standing beside it waiting for me.
Kate had a shit-eating grin on her face. Jeff gave me a puzzled look when he saw
me approaching with Ross who still had his arm wrapped around my shoulder.

Ross patted me gently on my back. “Gotta go, Buddy,” he said as he turned and
headed down the hall.

“Hey, Woody,” Kate sang out as she blocked my locker. “How was your
weekend?” I glanced quickly at Jeff. His face was beginning to redden.

“It would have been better if someone didn’t have a big mouth,” I responded as I
gently moved Kate from in front of my locker and glared up at Jeff.

“You weren’t complaining about his mouth on Saturday,” Kate giggled. I looked
around to see if anyone could hear our conversation. Jeff’s face was a bright red.
I continued to act like I was angry as I gathered my morning books from my

Kate came nearer to me. “Come on, Woody,” she said apologetically. “We’re just
kidding you.”

I looked at her and Jeff. Both seemed worried that I was upset. Actually, I wasn’t.
I was glad that they were good friends and that I could share my life so openly
with them. It made me feel that what Jeff and I did was all right. It wasn’t like we’
d snuck around in some dark alley satisfying our sexual urges. I’d spent the
weekend with him, we had sex, and the world didn’t come crashing down on me.

“I know,” I smiled. Jeff let out a sigh of relief. As I closed my locker, I looked over
at Kate. “And he does have a great mouth.” Jeff’s expression went from horror
that I’d made such a remark, to sudden laughter.

He nudged me in my side. “Yours wasn’t too bad, either.”

Kate gave us an exasperated look. “I think this is going beyond a case of too
much information.”

“Well,” I kidded. “You’re the one who started it.”

“Yeah,” Jeff laughed as he grabbed my arm and pulled away. “You need to get a
life and stay out of ours.”

“But yours is more interesting,” she quipped as she turned and headed to class.

I still can’t get over how for the first time in my life, that statement was true. I
was actually feeling something inside me that I’d never felt before. I was becoming
happy being me. I was accepting the fact that I was gay, and best of all, two
really hot guys liked me. Why, I don’t know. I’m getting tired of trying to
question it and figure it out. For now, I’m just going to accept it. After all, I’m
only sixteen. Life should be about having fun. And for the first time in sixteen
years, I’m having fun. For the first time in my life, I like being me.

“You okay, Little Buddy?” Jeff threw his arm around my back as we walked to first

I looked up at him and smiled. “Yeah, I am,” I said happily. “Thanks.” He gave my
shoulder a squeeze and then dropped his arm when a group of guys approached.
It was Jon, Connor and a few other football players.

Jon ignored me, but Connor slowed down until all his friends were in front of him.
He then looked behind us to see if anyone was looking, then he winked at us.

After they passed, Jeff elbowed me in my side. “Connor’s cool,” he remarked. He
then leaned down and said softly, “And hot as hell.”

“Yeah,” I giggled. “He is.” I was tempted to tell him how I’d briefly sucked his
cock, but I was afraid he’d stop me and want more details. He already seemed like
he was interested in Connor, and that would have just whetted his appetite more.

Jeff suddenly stopped and pulled me over to the side. “I got an idea,” he said as
he looked around the hall to see if anyone could hear us. “Why don’t you come
spend this weekend with me,” he looked around again before continuing. “I’ll
invite Connor to come by.” He waited for a response.

“I don’t know,” I said worriedly. “Sooner or later we’re going to get caught.”

“Naw,” Jeff responded confidently. “We’ll be careful. We’ll just invite him over to
play some basketball.”

Suddenly, a teacher hollered out that the bell was getting ready to ring. “I’ll think
about it, okay?” We then hurried to our next class.

Kate was anxiously waiting for me when I entered the cafeteria. Jeff and Anna
were already at the table. I headed to the food line to get something to eat. As I
was deciding between chicken fingers or a Johnny Rib, I noticed Lucas behind me.
I turned and smiled.


“Hi,” he said as he returned my smile. He looked really cute. He always looks cute,
but he had on a light blue polo shirt that made his blue eyes appear even
brighter. He also had a strand of hair falling down his face and across his left eye.
I wanted to reach up and push it back.

“What are you eating?” I watched as he studied the items behind the glass.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I think I’ll go with the chicken fingers.”

I looked at the dried chicken in the aluminum pan. “I guess I will too.”

We got our food and paid for it. He went first, and I noticed that he paused a
second as he walked into the cafeteria. I stepped up beside him.

“Want to eat with me?” I looked over and smiled.

He hesitated a minute before saying, “Sure.” I headed over to the table where my
friends were sitting. I was afraid Jeff would get upset, but he stood and got
another chair from a nearby table and placed it beside him. I sat down in it, and
Lucas sat beside me.

“Hi Lucas,” Kate sang out as she looked over at me and smiled.

“Hey,” Lucas responded as he threw up his hand and gave a slight wave to

“You remember Kate, Ann and Jeff, don’t you?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said shyly as he picked up a chicken finger and began eating it.

In a way, I was glad he had joined us. At least it would prevent the barrage of
questions Kate would have certainly asked. Most of our conversation was about
school. Kate quizzed Lucas on what classes he had. I think all of us wondered
why, since we were in the same grade, we never shared any classes with him.

“I’m officially a sophomore,” he said when Kate asked him about a class, “but I
take a lot of junior classes.”

“Why?” Jeff asked as he looked over at Lucas. I smiled when Lucas’s face began
to redden.

“I’ll probably be a senior next year.”

“How can you go from being a sophomore to a senior?” Kate asked. Lucas looked
over at me as if I had the answer.

Lucas let out a sigh. “Okay,” he said. “My mom home schooled me until this year.”
He took a bite of his chicken finger and acted as if he had answered our question.

Kate looked at him and asked, “And?”

“Oh, yeah,” Lucas smiled. “When they tested me this summer, they found out I
already knew most of the sophomore material. I have to take American history,
and then I’ll meet the requirements. So I’m mostly taking junior classes this year.”

“Wow,” whistled Jeff softly. “You must be pretty smart.” Lucas’s face reddened.

“I wonder if I can be tested?” Anna asked. Lucas seemed relieved when everyone
looked over at her. “I’d love to graduate early.”

“You can’t!” Kate hollered.

“Why?” Sarah gave her a puzzled look.

“Who else will let me copy their assignments?” We all started laughing because it
was true. Jeff, Kate and I had been copying Anna’s work for years when the
assignment was either to difficult or we were too lazy to do it. The latter usually

“Well, I’m going to ask Mr. Jeffries.” Mr. Jeffries was our guidance counselor and
the person who made out our schedules.

“No!” Jeff, Kate and I shouted in unison. Lucas covered his mouth and giggled.

When the bell rang ending lunch, we threw our trash in a container and headed
for the door. I was walking beside Lucas when Jeff grabbed my arm and pulled me
toward him.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Lucas is really cute. Maybe he can
spend a weekend with us.”

I looked up into his expectant face and laughed. “You’re a horn dog.”

“Yeah,” he laughed. “But ask him anyway.” He wiggled his eyebrows as I laughed
and walked away.

Kate was waiting for me outside when school ended. I knew she wanted details. I
couldn’t figure out if it was something all girls who have gay friends find
interesting. Kate and I have always been good friends, but since she found out I
was gay, it seems like we are closer than ever. I think I’ve gone from being a
potential boyfriend to a little brother who she fells she has to protect.

I’m also not sure she is a lesbian. We haven’t discussed it since she hinted she
might be interested in girls. Looking back, I think she did it to trick me into telling
her I was gay. I keep watching her at lunch to see if she stares at any girls, but
she doesn’t. She also doesn’t stare at any guys. I’ve been with her a few times
when we’ve passed Brandon Metzger in the halls. She doesn’t even look his way.
If she did trick me, I’m glad she did. It feels good having a friend I can talk to with
my problems.

As soon as I walked up to Kate, Dad pulled up in his truck and honked the horn.
Kate frowned and muttered, “Shit.” I laughed and headed for the truck. When I
looked back, Kate flipped me off.

“You seem to be in a good mood,” Dad remarked as I got in the truck and looked
back at Kate.

I gave him a puzzled look. It was the first time all year Dad had made a comment
about me. Usually, as soon as I get in the truck, he starts griping about
something that happened at work.

“How was work?” I asked, attempting to change the subject.

He looked over at me. “How was school?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “It’s school.”

He started to laugh. “Yeah,” he said as he came to a stop at a light. “I remember
high school.” He then spent the rest of the ride home talking about how things
have changed since he was a kid. I stopped listening when he started rambling
about his football days. I’ve heard his story about how he won the state
championship when he ran the ball for a 33 yard touchdown with only twenty
seconds left in the game.

For just a fleeting moment, I had actually thought he cared about how I was

Later that night, I was lying on my bed doing homework when Jon came into the
room. He undressed and headed across the hall to the bathroom. A few minutes
later I heard the shower. Minutes after that, I heard what I thought sounded like
a cat that had just been hit by a car.

One of his favorite singers is Eminem, and he was trying to sing one of his
current songs. I couldn’t stop laughing when he made a scratching sound as if he
was a DJ. I was still laughing when he returned to the room a little later with a
towel wrapped around his waist.

“What?” He gave me a puzzled look when I kept looking at him and laughing.       
I then tried to stifle a laugh as I imitated him in the shower.

“You think that’s funny?” He removed the towel from around his waist, swung it
into a tight knot and approached the bed.

“No!” I screamed as I tried to jump from the bed. I screamed again when the
towel hit my thigh. It felt like he’d ripped the skin off.

He laughed and walked over to the closet while I inspected the red blister on my
leg. I returned to the bed and began working on my assignment. My leg was
throbbing, but I didn’t want him to know he’d hurt me. He already thought I was
a wuss, so complaining about something that he probably did daily in the locker
room to other guys would only make me seem even weaker.

When he finished, he turned and posed. “How do I look?” He was dressed in a
black polo shirt and docker pants. He’d spent a lot of time fixing his hair. I guess
it sounds perverted to think your brother is hot, but he was.

“Like a dork,” I responded as I glanced up.

“Debbie won’t think so,” Jon said as he turned back to the mirror to look at

“Are you going out?” I asked. “It’s a Monday night.”

“Yeah, well,” he replied. “It’s her grandparents’ fiftieth anniversary, so we’re going
downtown to the Regal for dinner.”

“The Regal?” It was one of the classiest restaurants in town.

He finished running the brush through his hair and turned to me. “Don’t wait up,
Honey,” he laughed. “I’ll be home late.” He then turned and left the room.

“Yes!” I shouted silently. I didn’t think I’d be able to visit the chat room because
Jon is usually home and watches Monday Night Football. I quickly finished my
assignment. I sure Connor would be online, but I was hoping some of the other
guys I enjoyed chatting with would be. By now I knew all the regular guys. Even
though most were much older than me, I still felt like I knew them personally.

When I went into the chat room, I was surprised to see Connor online. He even
had his camera on. He spoke to me as soon as I entered the room.

Indyboi91:  hey buddy thought u might be on tonight

I started to ask him why, but then I realized that Jon had probably told him about
the dinner. He knew I’d have the room to myself.

ElmerFudd: hi

I opened his cam. As usual, he was stroking his hard cock.

Indyboi91: Like?

About a dozen other guys responded before I was able to tell him, “Yes.”

Indyboi91: wanna suck it again?

My face reddened when the chat started scrolling with guys wanting to know
when I’d sucked Connor.

Bidad36: u guys know each other?

ElmerFudd: no he was kidding

I was upset with Connor because he had told the other guys about me sucking
him. I think he did it just to see how the room would react. He got his answer,
because most of the guys   didn’t believe me.

Bidad36: did he cum in ur mouth Elmer?

I could almost see Connor laughing as he continued to stroke his hard cock.

Indyboi91: turn ur cam on Elmer and let me see that big dick of urs

Of course, the guys in the room started asking me to get on cam. Most of the
names I recognized, but a few were new to the chat room. I watched Connor
continue to jerk off as I took my webcam out of the drawer, set it up and turned
it on.

Indyboi91: there it is!

I looked at the screen and saw my cock. I was semi-hard; but within a few
seconds, I was bone hard.

Bidad36: damn elmer  that is one fine cock!

Indyboi91: it sure is

I continued to masturbate as more men opened my cam to watch me. The chat
was scrolling so fast I could hardly keep up with it. It appeared that most guys
were either watching me or Connor.

I stretched out to give Connor a better view. He kept telling me how much he
liked it. Suddenly, I developed a cramp in my leg. When I lifted my leg, it hit the
computer table. The camera fell off the top of my computer.

“Shit,” I muttered as I reached for it. I returned it to the top of my computer.
When I looked back at the screen, my heart stopped. The camera was pointed at
my face. Everyone in the chat room now knew what I looked like. I grabbed the
cam and cupped my hand around the lens.

Indyboi91: damn dude

Bidad36: woody?

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