Door Number Three
Chapter 17
When I left, I knew exactly where I was going- Adrian’s home. I needed to see him,
speak to him. I needed to know if he was interested in me, or was I merely wasting
my time with the hope that he wanted me.

I ran to the end of his street and looked down it, wondering if he was home or if he
was still out with Valerie. I thought about going up to his front porch, knocking on
the door and asking his father if I could speak to him. However, I knew that would
only complicate things. According to my mother, he already seemed suspicious of
me. Why else would he ask if I had a girlfriend after one of his parishioners
mentioned my name? I suspect it was someone who had heard rumors that I was
gay and asked him if his son knew me.

I pulled out my phone and called Valerie. I knew it might be dangerous to call
Adrian at home for fear his father would answer the phone. He had talked to me a
few days ago, and I was afraid he’d recognize my voice. It rang three times before
she answered.


“Valerie? This is Zac.” She didn’t say anything immediately. For a brief moment, I
thought she might hang up on me.

“What do you want?” She finally spoke, but her voice sounded bitter and tense.

“Is Adrian with you?”

“No,” she replied. “He should be at home, but don’t call him.”


She hesitated a moment before answering. “He doesn’t want to speak to you.”

“Look,” I said quickly. “If it’s about seeing me earlier with…” She cut me off.

“Zac,” she said. “Adrian just isn’t ready for this. He thought he was, but he isn’t.”

“So that’s it?” I shouted into the phone. “He starts all this then he just dumps
me?” I was again becoming increasingly upset with the situation.

“He’s not dumping you.” She paused as she thought what to say next. “It’s just
that...” This time I cut her off.

“I want to talk to Adrian.” I was determined to see him and talk this out. If he  
wouldn’t come to me, then I’d go to him. “Call him and tell him he’d better be down
on the corner in five minutes, or I’m going to his house. Tell him to wear his
running shoes.”

“Zac,” she pleaded, “He can’t...” I shut my phone before she could make up an
excuse. I then paced nervously on the corner, stopping occasionally to see if he
was coming out.

I waited ten minutes, and then I decided I’d go to his house. If his father wanted
to kick me off his porch, then that was a chance I’d have to take. I was halfway
down the block when I saw the front door open and Adrian step out. He walked off
the porch and started jogging towards me.

“Not here,” he remarked angrily as he ran past without even looking at me. I
started running, staying about three feet behind him. The sun was setting, but it
was still light enough to admire his muscular back as I followed behind him.

When we were about two blocks from his house, I ran up beside him. I looked over
but he refused to look at me. His face was taut and he appeared angry. We ran
another three blocks before we came to a wooded area. He turned and started
running up a hill. The area was densely populated with trees and shrubs so I had
to be careful not to trip over dead branches or scratch my legs against a bush.

He stopped when we got to the top, bent over and tried to catch his breath. I
stared at his ass which was outlined by the skimpy shorts he was wearing. I walked
over, thrust my cock against him and pulled him into me tightly.

I wanted him. I don’t think I had ever wanted anything so badly in my life. I had
determined on my way to his house that I was going to put up a good fight to
keep him. I didn’t want my one chance of happiness to pass me by without at least

He pushed me away, turned and stared at me. “What are you doing?” His eyes
glared at me until he looked down and saw the erection through my shorts.

“I love you,” I said softly as I approached him and pulled him into an embrace. My
mouth cupped his into a passionate kiss. He started to push me away, but when I
held him tighter, he didn’t resist. My hands started to roam over his body as I
kissed him. I reached around and took his firm ass in my hands and kneaded it
gently. He moaned into my mouth. I then took his large, erect cock into my hand
and started stroking it. He reached down to stop me, but again I resisted. I almost
collapsed in his arms when his hand cupped my cock and gently started to stroke

Knowing this may be my only chance to ever have him, I dropped to my knees and
pulled his shorts down to his ankles. His erect cock throbbed in front of me. It
glistened with precum that had formed from me stroking him. I tentatively put out
my tongue and tasted it. He grabbed the back of my head and moaned when he
felt my mouth touch him. When he thrust his body toward me, I opened my mouth
and engulfed his immense cock.

“Oh, God!” He moaned as he rammed his cock into my mouth. I looked up and he
had his head back and his eyes closed as he thrusted deeper into my mouth. He
moaned again when I cupped my hand around his hairy balls and rolled them
gently around in my hand. He gave a few violent thrusts and screamed, “I’m
cumming!” I started to pull off, but he grabbed my head and pushed his cock
deeper into my mouth. He released me when the first volley shot down my throat
and I started gagging. He pulled off, grabbed his cock and continued to release his
large volume of cum onto my face and hair. When he squeezed it of the remaining
drops, I leaned in and took it once again in my mouth. He moaned gently as it
softened in my mouth.

I felt his hands grip my shoulders as he pulled me to my feet. I closed my eyes
when he leaned in and kissed me passionately. Tears welled up in my eyes when I
heard him mutter softly, “I love you, Zac.”

When I pulled away and looked into his eyes, they too, were wet with tears. Tears
for me. His face was smeared with his cum that had been on my face. I smiled,
removed my shirt and gently wiped it off. When I was done, he took the shirt and
wiped my face and hair clean.

“I guess I made a mess,” he chuckled.

“Have you been holding that for a week?” I laughed.

“More like two.” He looked at me, smiled and kissed me again. I could feel his love
surge through me when he wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me
tightly into him.

“Wow!” I grinned when I pulled away. I walked over and sat down on a large
branch that had fallen. I watched as he took my shirt and wiped his now limp cock
off. When he looked up and saw me staring at it, he gave it a couple of shakes
before pulling his shorts back up. He walked over and sat down beside me.

I scooted nearer to him and rested my head on his shoulder. His chest was still
heaving heavily. He wrapped his arm around my waist and held me tightly. We sat
quietly for a minute before he sighed and said softly, “I thought I was going to lose

I looked up into his sad face and smiled. “No way,” I said as I kissed him on his

“But that guy you were with.” I put my hand to his lips. I then explained how
Omari was someone I had just met and we were merely going to a movie with
Irene. I told him that Omari meant nothing to me; but I could tell by the skeptical
look on his face he didn’t quite believe me.

I returned my head to his shoulder. Again, I heard him sigh. “What are we going to
do now?”

I lifted my head. “What do you mean?”

“Us,” he stated sadly. I knew what he was saying; but now that I knew he loved
me, I was willing to do whatever he wanted to do.

“We’ll just have to be careful,” I said. “We’ll come up with some kind of a plan.”

It surprised me when tears appeared in his eyes. “I don’t want to live like that,
though. It’s not fair to you. That’s why I’ve been trying to avoid you. I was hoping
you would forget about me. But tonight...” He wiped a few tears that started to fall
away with the back of his hand, “When I saw you with someone else.” He leaned in
and kissed me, lightly at first, but then it became more passionate. He pulled away,
muttered, “I love you,” before kissing me again.

I jumped when his hand dropped into my lap. He started stroking it until it
lengthened to a full erection. I sucked my stomach in when he snaked his hand into
my running shorts and gripped it in his hand.

He dropped to his knees, grinned and then grabbed my waist band. “Lift up,” he
said as I raised my body from the log. He pulled my shorts off and stared at my
cock. I could tell he was unsure what to do as he took it tentatively in his hand and
started stroking me.

“Do whatever you feel comfortable doing,” I said softly as I stretched my legs out
to his sides. “Just jack me off if you want.” He nodded his head and began to
slowly pump my cock. I closed my eyes and leaned further back enjoying the
sensation he was giving me. It was the first time anyone had ever touched me and
I liked what he was doing.

I opened my eyes when I felt warmth over my cock. I looked down as Adrian
covered it with his mouth. His eyes were tightly closed as his hand wrapped around
the girth while his lips sucked gently at the head. Soon he released his hand and
took more of me into his mouth.

I reached down and started rubbing his head, letting him know I enjoyed what he
was doing. He opened his eyes and attempted to smile with my cock in his mouth.
“That feels good,” I encouraged him. He nodded, closed his eyes and sucked me
deeper. After a couple minutes, I felt my balls tightened and knew that I would cum

I grabbed for my cock and he pulled away. I then began stroking myself. He sat
back and watched as I moaned and cum shot out across my chest and stomach.
“Wow!” He exclaimed when he saw the huge amount. “You must have been saving
it up too.”

I leaned back on the log as he grabbed my shirt and gently wiped the mess off me.
When he was done, he pulled my shorts back onto my waist. He returned to the
log and leaned in and kissed me.

“That was nice,” I said softly as I rested my head once again on his shoulder.

“Yeah,” he replied as he took my hand and held it. “It was.” We sat quietly for
several minutes until my cell phone started ringing. When I answered it, Valerie
shouted excitedly, “Is Adrian with you?” He sat up when he heard her voice coming
through my phone. I handed it to him.



“Why did you tell him that?” The tone of his voice became angrier.

“I don’t care.” He shut the phone, scowled and handed it back to me.

“Is everything all right?” I could tell he was very upset by something Valerie had

“My dad,” he spat. “He wants me to come home. He’s called her four times wanting
to know where I am.”

“What did she tell him?”

He looked sadly at me. “She finally told him I was with you.”

“So?” I couldn’t understand why that was a problem. He knew that we were
friends. He had even let Adrian have dinner at our house.

“You don’t understand.” He got up and started pacing before me. Finally, he
stopped and looked down. “He knows you’re gay. One of our church members
goes to our school. She told him.” Now I understood why he had questioned my
mother about me having a girl friend.

“Why would she do that?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I think she has this crush on me. I guess she felt
threatened. He even found your number on my phone and deleted it. “

He sat back down beside me. I felt encouraged when he pressed his body against
mine. I was afraid he was going to run away from me again. We sat quietly for a
minute. I could tell he was trying to decide his next move. He was at that
crossroad. Whatever he decided to do would have an effect on our future.

He stood and held out his hand. When I rose, he pulled me into him and kissed me
deeply. After pulling away, he looked at me and smiled. “That may have to hold us
for a while. I’m not sure what may happen next.”

I leaned into him and joked. “Then we better make it a good one.” We kissed
passionately, rubbing each other’s stiff cocks inside our shorts. He pulled away and

“I guess I better get back.” He reached down and arranged his cock. “I’m glad you
called tonight.” Tears appeared in his eyes. “No matter what happens, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” We leaned in and kissed. I think both of us were worried that it
could well be our last. We made our way back through the brush. We hadn’t
realized how darkness had crept up on us, but the moon glowed overhead lighting
our way. Once we were on the sidewalk, we trotted side by side back to his house.
When we reached his street, I wanted to kiss him again, but I knew I couldn’t. He
waved and I watched as he walked slowly back to his house. Before entering the
door, he looked down the street to where I was standing and under the porch light
waved goodbye.

I walked slowly home. I wanted to remember everything that had happened the
past hour. Adrian and I had finally made love. I wanted to relive every touch, kiss
and embrace. I ran my tongue around inside my mouth hoping that I could still get
a taste of the remains of his cum. My cock hardened as I recalled his mouth
wrapped around my cock as I ran my hand through his curly hair.

I was in love. We were in love. We had finally admitted our feelings for one
another. Chills ran up my back when I recalled his ominous words, “No matter what
happens, I love you.” Did he know something I didn’t? Was he warning me that it
could be the last time we would share a kiss?

Panic seized me and I turned around, heading back to his home. But I knew that I
would only make things worse if I went to his home. Adrian would have to work
things out with his father and family. He indicated he wanted us to be together, so
I knew it meant I’d have to wait on the sidelines. I would wait forever if he asked
me to.

When I arrived home, I went around back and sat on the deck. I could see a light
flickering inside, so I knew everyone was probably in the family room watching
television. For the moment I just felt like being alone. I really didn’t want to be
alone; I wanted to be with Adrian. I wanted to rest my head on his shoulder with
the moon shining overhead after making love to him. I sighed and sat back in the
lounger and soon dozed off to sleep.

I was awakened when my cell phone rang. It was Irene. I let it ring four times
until I decided to answer it. “Where are you?” She sounded irritated.

“At home,” I responded. “Why?”

“Can I come by?” she asked.


“I just want to talk,” she assured me. “That’s all.” I really didn’t feel like seeing her,
but I knew that either she or Omari would want to know why I’d deserted them so
quickly earlier at the mall. After what happened with Adrian, I was sure I would
never go out again with Omari. I figured now was as good a time as any to try and
explain it to them.

“Is Omari with you?”

“No,” she responded. “We went to the movie and I just dropped him off at his
apartment. I’d like to see you before I go home.”

“All right,” I agreed. “I’m outside on the deck. Just come around back when you get
here.” I hung up and looked at the time. It was after ten. I figured it would take her
about fifteen minutes to get to my house.

I went inside and got a couple of sodas and a bag of chips. My mother heard me
from the family room, got up and came into the kitchen. “Where have you been?”
she asked as she opened the refrigerator and took out a diet Coke.

“I went running,” I said. She looked at my shorts and running shoes.

“Isn’t it a little late to go out running?” she asked. “You could get hit by a car.”

“I’m careful,” I assured her. “Listen, Mom.” She turned and looked at me. “Irene is
coming by for a little while. We’ll be out on the deck. Make sure no one disturbs us.”

She looked worriedly at me. “Is everything all right, Dear?”

“Sure,” I replied. “We’re just going to talk and I don’t want Josh or Billy coming out
and going swimming.” She walked over and opened the refrigerator. After taking
out some cheese, she opened a cabinet and took out some crackers and placed
them on the tray I was holding.

“You may get hungry,” she smiled. “I’ll make sure no one bothers you.”

I grinned at her. “That includes you.”

“Me?” She acted insulted as she placed her hand on her chest. “I’d never pry.”

“Right,” I giggled as I kissed her on her cheek. “You’d never pry.” I jumped away
when she tried to slap me on my ass.

I was lying on the lounger when I heard the gate open. I looked up and Irene
peeked her head around the corner of the house. “Can I come in?”

I sat up. “Sure.” I pointed to a chair next to mine. “Have a seat.”  I pointed to the
plate of snacks. “Hungry?”

“Actually, I am,” she said as she reached for some cheese. “I haven’t eaten since
dinner.” She looked over at me while she nibbled on a chunk of cheddar cheese.

“So, you gonna tell me what happened earlier?” she asked after several silent
minutes. “You took off so quickly. Omari was really hurt.”

I sat back in my seat and looked up into the moonlit sky. “I didn’t mean to hurt
him,” I looked over at Irene, “or you.”

“Did it have something to do with that guy we met,” she gave me a puzzled look.
“What was his name?”

“Adrian,” I stated softly. “His name is Adrian.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?” She sounded disappointed. “I would
not have tried to hook you up with Omari if I had known.”

“It’s complicated,” I said. I lay my head back on the lounger hoping she wouldn’t
pursue it, but I knew better.

She sighed deeply, and then started to get up. “Fine,” she said angrily. “If you
want to play these childish games, then go ahead.” She stood over me and looked
down angrily. “I think you owe me and Omari an explanation.”

She started to walk away, but I stopped her. “Okay,” I stood and faced her. “Fair
enough.” We took our seats, facing each other. I then attempted to tell her about
the feelings I had for Adrian. I told her about the problems we’d encountered. I
also inadvertently mentioned that I wasn’t sure he loved me until tonight.

“What happened tonight?” She asked innocently. She grinned when she saw my
face redden. I reached down and grabbed some crackers and cheese and started
eating. She looked around and then scooted nearer to me. “What happened
tonight?” she asked more forcefully.

“Umm,” I stammered. “He told me he loved me.” She laughed again when she saw
my embarrassed face.

“That’s all?” She giggled.

“Umm,” I stammered again. “That’s all you need to know.” I quickly took a bite of
cheese as she sat back and laughed.

She then sat up and stared at me. “So you love him too?” I nodded my head. She
reached over and took my hands. “I’m glad for you, Zac. I hope things work out
for you.”

“What about Omari?”

“Don’t worry about Omari,” she assured me. “I’ll deal with him. Besides, we were
just going to the movies. It wasn’t like you were going to get married.”

“Thanks.” I leaned in and gave her a hug.

She pulled away and smiled. “Now tell me about this Adrian.” I spent the next
fifteen minutes telling her how we had met and the problems we were encountering
with his father and his fears of being outed.

“I went through a similar thing with Sarah,” she said when I got done. “She was
dating a guy when we met. She knew she was a lesbian, but she was scared of
anyone finding out.

“What did you do?”

“Waited,” she responded. “We did a lot of talking, and I did a lot of waiting until
she was willing to accept the fact she was gay.”

“But it worked out, right?” She was giving me hope that perhaps things could work
out with Adrian.

She started laughing. “Yeah, Zac. It worked out. We’re deeply in love. When she
graduates we’re going to move in together.”

“I’d like to meet her,” I said.

“And I want to met Adrian again,” she responded. “He’s a lucky guy.” She leaned in
and hugged me. We talked for about ten minutes. When we finished, the contents
on the plate had disappeared.

Irene looked at her watch. “I’d better be going. I have to work tomorrow.”

“On a Sunday?”

She frowned. “The mall is open on Sunday, remember?”

“Will you see Omari?”


“Tell him I’m sorry for running out on him tonight.” Omari is a good guy. If I wasn’t
in love with Adrian, I would definitely have been interested.

“I will.” Irene stood on her tiptoes and kissed me. “See you tomorrow?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe,” I responded. “I don’t have practice, so I may
stop by.” I took her hand and led her to her car. We hugged before she got in and
drove away.

The house was quiet when I entered. Mom and Dad must have gone to bed. When
I entered my bedroom, I looked over at Billy’s empty bed. I grinned when I thought
he must be spending the night at Lonnie’s. I was surprised Mom and Dad was
letting them spend the night together so soon after discovering they were gay. I
guess after they had “The Talk” with him, there wasn’t much more they could do if
they decided to see each other.

I stripped down to my boxer briefs and lay across my bed watching a baseball
game on ESPN. I thought of Kenny and all the times I’d attended his games
watching him pitch. Even after what happened between us, I still wanted him to
fulfill his dreams of one day playing in the major leagues. I knew I wouldn’t be
there when it happened, but I still wanted him to achieve what we’d spent years
dreaming about.

I wondered if he thought of me that way. He had attended as many of my meets
that he could the past three years. I always knew that when I finished a race I
could look up into the stands and see him grinning and giving me a thumbs up. I
was going to miss that. In a way, it was our long talks about achieving our goal
and going on to college together that motivated me. I may have trailed around
behind him like his loyal lap dog, but Kenny was competitive. He would never let
me just drift along. He always made me give things my best shot. I now worried
if I could be as successful without his encouragement.

I had drifted asleep when my cell phone rang. I sleepily looked to see who was
calling me so late. It was Adrian. I quickly answered it.

“Hey!” I said excitedly. “Is everything all right?”

“I guess.” There was a tone of sadness in his voice. “Dad and I got into it when I
got home. He asked me where I had been. When I told him I was with you, he got
really upset.”

“Why?” I couldn’t understand why his father would have a problem with Adrian
seeing me.

“He doesn’t want me talking to you anymore.” There was a long pause while I tried
to comprehend what he had told me. I thought of that crossroads again. It
appeared that Adrian had to make a choice. By the skepticism in his voice, I wasn’t
sure I’d like the direction he’d choose.

Finally, I asked nervously, “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know,” he sighed. “Before what happened tonight, I thought it would be
easy to just walk away. Now I don’t want to.”

I smiled to myself. I could feel that the tide was turning in my direction. Just
maybe, he would open Door Number Three and let me in. “I love you,” I whispered
softly into the phone.

There was a brief pause. I felt he was looking around to make sure no one could
hear him. “I love you, too,” he said almost inaudibly. I then could hear loud
pounding as if someone were knocking harshly on a door. Then I heard his father’s
angry voice.

“Open this door!” I heard his father shout angrily. “You’d better not be talking to
that pervert.”

The phone went dead.

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