Chapter 11
A Delicate Situation
“No!” I screamed as Raleigh lifted me off the ground. “Leave me alone!”

“Shut up!” he yelled as he pulled me into the shower area. “You think you’re too good
for us. We’ll show you.” He then turned to Travis. “Let’s pants him!”

“NO!” I tried to wiggle out of his arms, but he was too strong. I kicked at Travis when
he started to unfasten my jeans. “Stop it!” I screamed. “Help!”

“Stop struggling!” Raleigh shouted as he put his arms around me so Travis could
remove my jeans. With one yank, my lower body was exposed to them. Raleigh
laughed and placed his arms around my waist. “Now his shirt,” he told Travis. My shirt
was pulled over my head and I was naked before them. Raleigh released me, and
threw me against the shower wall. I put my hand around my genitals in an effort to
cover myself.

Travis stepped up to me, bent down and said, “Don’t feel so big and important right
now, do you? Your boyfriend isn’t around to protect you.”

I shrunk back and tried to cover my nakedness. I was trembling because I didn’t know
what they planned to do to me. “Let me go, please?” I pleaded.

Raleigh reached out, grabbed me by my neck and pulled me into the middle of the
shower. “We ain’t done with you yet, Rich Boy.” I struggled to free myself, but his
grip was too tight. I attempted to kick him, but he moved behind me and wrapped his
arms around my body. “Quit struggling!”

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked nervously.

He looked over at Travis. “What do you want to do with him?”

Travis shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. This was all your idea.” I continued to
try to break free, and I pleaded with them to let me go.

“I know!” Raleigh laughed. “Let’s take him downstairs in the elevator and throw him
out into the lobby.”

“NO!” I screamed. I tried to kick at Travis, but he grabbed my legs.

“Come on!” he said to Raleigh. “This will show him he’s not as big as he thinks he is.”
I kicked and screamed as they carried me to the elevator. No one else must have been
in their rooms, because no one looked out to see what was happening.

I continued to fight them as we got on the elevator and the door closed. However,
with Raleigh holding me around my waist, and Travis holding my legs, it was
impossible for me to break free. Suddenly, the elevator stopped on the ground floor
and the door opened. They put me down and pushed me naked into the lobby. Two
girls, who were waiting to get on, jumped back and gasped when they saw what was
going on.

As the elevator door began to close, Travis waved and said, “See ya, Fag.”

I quickly looked around to see who was watching. Besides the two girls, there
appeared to be about eight others sitting watching television. They stared at me as I
attempted to cover my nakedness.

“My God!” One of the girls shrieked. “What is going on?” She took off her blue
sweater and handed it to me. I quickly wrapped it around my waist. “Are you all right?”

I was trembling violently as she pulled me away into an area that contained vending
machines. “Are you hurt?” she asked worriedly. Her friend disappeared out of the
room. The girl was still trying to comfort me, when a minute later her friend
reappeared with a guy whom I had noticed often in the lobby.

He bent down and asked me, “What happened?” When I didn’t answer, he said, “I’m
Brian Loggins. I’m the dorm resident advisor.” He asked the girls to leave as he placed
his arm around my back and led me from the small room. He tried to cover my naked
body with his large build as we walked to his room that was located not far from the
elevator. If he hadn’t been holding me tightly, I would have fallen to the ground.

When we got to Brian’s room, he went to his closet, took out a robe and handed it to
me. “Here, put this on.” I wrapped it around my body and sat down on the bed. He
sat down and asked me what happened. I was still too upset to talk about what had
occurred upstairs. He stood and walked into a bedroom. I could hear him talking on
the phone, but I was unable to make out what he was saying.

A minute later, he walked back in and sat beside me on the bed. “What happened,
Dorian?” I looked over quickly at him. As far as I could remember, I hadn’t told him
my name. When I didn’t speak, he got up again and disappeared again. He returned a
few minutes later and handed me a cup of coffee.

“Here,” he said as he handed me the cup. “This will help.” I took it and carefully sipped
from the mug. After a minute, he again asked, “What happened? Although I have a
good idea.”

I looked into his eyes and asked, “How do you know who I am?”

He laughed nervously. “I’ve known who you are since you first arrived. It’s my job to

“Is Dr. Avery having you watch me?” When he turned and got up, I knew the answer.
A minute later, someone knocked at the door. Brian walked over and opened it. Two
campus security officers appeared, and Brian walked out into the hall to talk to them.

When they returned, one of the officers, a huge man with a stomach so large one of
the buttons on his shirt had popped off, approached me and crossed his arms.
“Would you like to tell me who stripped you naked?” He took a small notebook from
his pocket and waited for me to respond.

I was so nervous, I had to clasp my hands together to keep them from shaking. I
looked over at Brian. “Do I have to tell him?” He nodded. I took a deep breath. “Travis
Slade, and a boy named Raleigh. I don’t know his last name.”

“Halderman,” Brian stated angrily. “He’s a real asshole. He’s caused nothing but
trouble since he got here.”

Just then, the officer’s radio blurted out an alert. He looked at his partner and said,
“We’ve got a disturbance on the fourth floor.” They turned and bolted for the door.

“What happened?” I asked Brian.

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. There must be a fight or something.” I
thought that maybe Raleigh and Travis might have gotten into a fight over stripping
me naked. They both had appeared drunk when they did it. Brian sat down and kept
asking me if I was all right. He wanted to know if they had sexually assaulted me. I
told him they hadn’t physically hurt me, but I was humiliated when they shoved me
naked from the elevator.

Brian got up when there was a knock on the door. The two campus security officers
entered. A second late, a third entered holding Seth tightly by the arm. He pulled
away from the officer and knelt down in front of me.

“Are you okay?” His face was flushed, and there appeared to be new bruises on his

I asked worriedly, “What did you do?”

“Forget about me,” he said. “Did Travis and Raleigh hurt you?”

“No,” I insisted, “but how did you know?”

“When I went to the restroom,” he replied, “I saw your clothes lying all over the
bathroom floor. When I didn’t see you, then I knew Travis or Raleigh had to have
done something to you.”

The officer who had escorted Seth into the room remarked, “He pert near killed one of
them boys. You should see his face. One of his eyes is so swollen, he can’t even see
out of it.”

Seth smiled nervously, “That would be Raleigh.”

I looked up at Brian and asked, “What’s going to happen now? Is Seth in any
trouble?” I didn’t want him to be expelled from school because of me. If he hurt
Raleigh as bad as it sounded, then he could be in a lot of trouble.

“I don’t know,” replied Brian. “I’m waiting on a call from Dr. Avery to see what he
wants to do.”

“Dr. Avery!” I shouted. “Please don’t get him involved in this. He’ll tell my father.”

“Sorry,” he said. “When I saw what happened to you, I had to call or he would have
had my ass.”

I sat nervously on Brian’s bed, and Seth sat close to me. Brian paced around the
room and kept looking down at his phone. The three officers remained by the door,
blocking it in case Seth or I tried to leave. After an awkward fifteen minutes, Brian’s
phone finally rang. He walked out into the hallway so we couldn’t hear his

A few minutes later, he reappeared and told the officers, “You’re to escort Dorian and
Seth back to their rooms and help them pack up their belongings.”

“What!” I hollered. “We’re being kicked out of school! We didn’t do anything!”

“Why do we have to go?” Seth asked as he threateningly approached Brian. Two of
the officers stepped between them.

“Look,” Brian replied nervously. “You’re not getting kicked out. He looked over at me,
“For Dorian’s safety, we’re moving you down to the first floor.”

“I was told there are no rooms available.”

“Actually,” he replied, “there aren’t. But down the hall from here are the rooms for
married graduate students. One just became vacant last week. A new couple was
supposed to move in next week, but Dr. Avery ordered me to let you and Seth have

Seth and I looked at each other. Brian continued, “I think you’ll like it. It’s like living in
a small apartment.”

One of the security guards said gruffly, “Come on, Boys. Let’s go get your things.”

Before leaving, I asked Brian, “What about Travis and Raleigh? What’s going to
happen to them? Will they be kicked out of school?”

Brian shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. Usually when dealing with these kinds of

I interrupted him when I screamed, “Pranks! This wasn’t a prank! They stripped me
naked and tossed me out of the elevator!”

“Okay,” Brian replied nervously. “Let Dr. Avery sort this out.”

I looked worriedly at Seth. “I guess that means I’ll be going home.” He put his arm
around my shoulder as we followed the three officers out to the elevator. Students
stared at me as I walked still draped in Brian’s large, green robe.

The hallway was eerily quiet when we approached the room. It appeared that the
dorm floor might have been evacuated because two other security officers were
stationed at the end of the hall. Several large boxes had been placed inside the room
for us to pack our belongings. Seth closed the door behind us after we entered.

“What in the hell went on this morning?” I looked over at the clock. It was after two o’
clock. I had missed lunch and my afternoon classes.

I walked over to my dresser, removed some clothing and tossed them into a box.
“When I came back to the room,” I told Seth, “I went into the bathroom. Raleigh and
Travis were in there. They blocked the door so I couldn’t get out. They called me a
fag, and said they were going to get even with me. Travis told Raleigh they should
pants me, and then they took me to the elevator and threw me out naked onto the
first floor. That’s when Brian saw me and took me back to his room.”

“I knew something had happened,” replied Seth, “when Sydney said you came back to
the room alone, I had a bad feeling. I came to check on you. When I found the door
unlocked, and you gone, I knew something had happened. When I saw your clothes
on the shower floor, I went looking for Travis. He and Raleigh were in their room.”

“What happened,” I asked. “The officer said you messed Raleigh’s face up really bad.”

“Yeah,” he grinned. “He told me had taken care of my boyfriend. When I approached
him and asked me what he had done to you, he tried to swing at me. That was his
mistake.” He looked down at his knuckles and rubbed them. “I never told him I trained
for a while in high school to be a boxer.”

“Did you really hurt him?”

“Naw,” he laughed. “I don’t think so anyways. Two jabs to his right face and he
dropped to the ground. Travis tried to hit me, but I gave him a left to the stomach.
He bent over and blew his lunch all over the floor.”

“Ewww,” I giggled. “Gross.” I pulled a pair of underwear, shorts and a white tee shirt
from a box and began dressing.

“Yeah,” he smiled. “They can bully someone like you, but when they have to face
someone their own size, they are nothing but little girls.” We laughed and continued
to pack our clothes into the boxes. After twenty minutes, we stood back and
observed the room.

“Did we forget anything?” asked Seth.

“I don’t think so,” I said as I rechecked my dresser drawers. “What do you think our
new room looks like?”

“Who cares,” commented Seth angrily. “At least we’ll be away from these assholes.”

“What do you think will happen to us?” I asked worriedly. “Dad is sure to find out
what happened. What if he makes me go home?”

Seth put his hand reassuringly on my shoulder. “You didn’t do anything, Dorian.
Besides, he may not find out what happened.”

“If Dr. Avery knows,” I remarked, “then Dad knows.” When we opened the door, two
of the officers helped us carry the boxes down to Brian’s room.

Brian was waiting in the hall as we approached. “You guys are really lucky,” he said as
he handed Seth and me a key. “These rooms are reserved for grad students. Even I
can’t get one.” We followed him to room 118. Seth took his key and opened the door.
When we entered, it was if we had walked into a small apartment. The room was
large. It looked similar to Amanda’s apartment. There were a tan sofa and small chair
off to the right. A 19” flat screen television was mounted on the wall. To the left was a
small kitchenette, complete with a microwave oven, a small refrigerator and a table
with two chairs. A door directly in front of us led to a bedroom and bathroom.

“The bed is full-size,” announced Brian, “and the sofa folds out into a bed. I guess
you guys will have to decide who gets the bedroom.” Seth looked over and grinned.

“Not fair,” I whined. “Just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you get the bed.” Brian
started laughing.

“I have an idea,” he said as he dug into his pants for a coin. He looked at me, “Heads
or tails?” He then tossed a nickel into the air.

“Heads!” I shouted as I watched him catch it, put it on his arm and place his hand
over it. I held my breath as he removed his hand.

“Yes!” Seth shouted when he saw the coin was facing tail’s up. I frowned and flipped
him off. Just then, one of the security guards appeared and told Brian that our
belongings were in the living room.

We went out and looked around. “Now we have to put all this shit back,” grumbled

“Yeah,” I remarked cheerfully. “But look what we got.”

Brian asked us to have a seat. He sat down in the chair as Seth and I sat together on
the sofa. “Okay,” he began. “We need to talk about this.”

“What’s going to happen next?” I asked.

“Dr. Avery wants this to be kept as quiet as possible,” he stated. I looked over at
Seth. “You’re not an ordinary student, Dorian. The school is going to a lot of expense
to make sure this doesn’t become an issue.” He looked around the room. “These
rooms are normally rented to grad students. You’re getting to live here as if it were a
dorm room.”

“So what happens to those assholes upstairs?” Seth asked angrily. “If you want to
keep things quiet, does that mean you’re going to forget what they did to Dorian?

“No,” answered Brian quickly. “There will be a hearing with the Dean of Student
Affairs. He’ll decide what to do with them.”

Seth asked sarcastically, “So things will be swept under the rug?” Brian frowned.

“Does my father know what happened? I asked worriedly.

“I don’t know, Dorian,” replied Brian. “I guess it’s up to Dr. Avery to tell him.”

I looked over at Seth and remarked, “Then he knows.”

Brian clapped his hands together and announced, “I’d better be going.” He looked at
the boxes and clothing on the floor. “I’ll let you two get settled in. If you need
anything, I’m right down the hall.”

The bedroom contained a double closet, so finding space for our things wasn’t a
problem. I was still upset that Seth got to sleep in the bed, while I had to sleep on
the sofa in the living room. I wanted to suggest that we could share the bed, but I
was afraid he might think I had another motive. I liked Seth- a lot. However, he was
like a big brother to me. Having sex with him had never entered my mind. He was
straight, and I would never interfere with the relationship he had with Sydney.

We had almost finished, when someone started banging on the door. Seth went into
the living room while I stayed in the bedroom. By the harsh knocking, I was afraid it
might be Travis and Raleigh.

Sydney and Jade burst through the door when Seth unlocked it. “Where is Dorian!”
Jade screamed as she rushed into the room. When I stepped from the bedroom, she
and Sydney ran over and embraced me tightly.

‘Thank God you’re all right,” Sydney cried into my shoulder. “We just heard what
happened to you.”

Jade stepped back and studied me. “Did they hurt you?”

“I’m okay,” I assured them. I was worried because I didn’t know how they found out.
“Who told you?”

“It’s all over the dorm,” Sydney replied. She gripped my arm when she noticed the
sullen look on my face.

“Shit,” I moaned as I sat down on the sofa. I looked up and asked, “The whole dorm
knows what happened?”

“They know what happened,” Jade replied. “I don’t think they know it was you. They
just know someone got pushed out of the elevator without their clothes on.” She
started pacing around the room. “That is so fucked up.” She asked Seth, “Did they
arrest the bastards?”

“No,” he said. “Brian, the dorm resident, said they’ll probably have some kind of
hearing. I don’t think they will do much to them.”

“This isn’t right,” replied Jade. “I’m going to call Cameron and see if we can do
something about it. This is gay bashing, sexual harassment or something. They
should get their asses thrown out of school.”

I stood and insisted, “No, Jade. If this gets back to Dad, he will remove me from
school. Dr. Avery already warned me if I do anything to bring attention to myself, he’ll
call my father.”

She stepped up to me and replied, “But you didn’t do anything, Dorian.”

“But he’ll think I did,” I said sadly.

She walked away, pacing around the room before returning to me. “Damn it, Dorian.
You can’t live your life worrying all the time what your father is going to say.” She
looked down at my crotch. “Someday you’ve got to grow a pair.”

“Please don’t start again, Jade.” I walked to the other side of the room. Seth and
Sydney were quietly watching our conversation. “You know how my life is.”

“That’s just it,” replied Jade as she walked over and poked me in my chest. “That’s
how your life is. It’s not how it’s supposed to be. You’re nineteen now. You’ve got
your own life to live.”

I walked over and sat down on the sofa, placed my head in my hands and moaned,
“Then what am I supposed to do?”

Seth walked over and sat beside me. He put his arm around me and said, “Dorian has
been through a lot today. Let’s just forget about it and go get something to eat. We
can talk about this tomorrow when he’s not so upset.” I leaned back into his embrace.
I felt safe.

Taking a cue from Seth, Sydney started walking around the room, peeking into the
bedroom. “Is this yours?” Seth explained how Brian had gotten a call from Dr. Avery
telling him to let us have the room. Jade laughed when he told how I had lost the coin

We sat around and talked for a few more minutes before deciding to go to dinner
somewhere. I told them I didn’t want to go, and I would have preferred to stay in the
room. I didn’t want to show my face. Jade and Sydney already indicated that others in
the dorm knew about my experience. It would only take a day or two before they
realized it was me.

Jade literally drug me from the room. I kept insisting that I wasn’t hungry, but she
would reply, “Yes, you are.” Only a few students were sitting in the lobby as we left
the dorm. None of them even looked up as we walked out.

“See,” exclaimed Jade as we continued down the sidewalk. “I told you no one would
notice you.” Instead of eating at one of the student dining areas, we decided to eat at
a nearby KFC. For a weeknight, it was rather crowded. Since there were no seats in
the dining area, we decided to take our order back to the dorm room.

As we approached the dorm, I noticed a large, black Buick parked in front. When we
were ten feet away, the passenger door opened, and a familiar figure exited the car.
He was tall and wore a dark blue suit.

I stopped and muttered softly, "Shit."

The others looked in the direction of the man standing before us on the sidewalk.
Seth instinctively moved in front of me. Jade asked, “Who is that?”

“Leo Sturzer,” I replied. “Dad’s campaign manager.”

Sydney asked, “What’s he want?”

I responded, “You know what he wants.”

I looked over when Leo called out my name, opened up the back door to the vehicle
and ordered, “Get in, Dorian.”

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