Remember when you were young and single? It was enjoyable to go out to the
clubs for find fun and entertainment. But now you’ve aged somewhat. Your hair is
beginning to show signs of graying or is now completely gray. And you no longer go
out to single clubs because you’ve met that certain someone and you’ve decided to
commit your life to a loving and monogamous relationship.

You want to socialize with others like you. But where do you find other gay and
lesbian couples? The answer: Couples of Miami Valley.

The purpose of Couples of Miami Valley is to provide a social, educational and
humanitarian forum for gay and lesbian couples, to promote the validity of same-
gender relationships and to endorse the gay and lesbian couple as a socially
responsible unit. Couples of Miami Valley has no specific political or religious

CMV was organized in 1998 with a few member couples. It was originally affiliated
with the Couples National Network, but it became an independent organization in
the early 2000’s.  Today it has over 20 active gay and lesbian member couples from
the Miami Valley area. Some couples have been together for over 30 years, others
just a few years.

Member couples generally range in age from mid 30’s to late 60’s. However, all gay
and lesbian couples over the age of twenty one are eligible for membership. The
$36 annual membership due has been waived the past few years.

Couples meet monthly in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Events are hosted
by member couples. Potluck dinners, picnics, dining out, boating outings and
annual Christmas parties are some of the activities in which couples have
participated.  Hosting an event is not mandatory, but most couples find it to be an
exciting experience.

Long lasting friendships have been formed through CMV. Many couples find that
they may socialize with other couples outside of the monthly activities. Some
couples have been friends for many years.

Become involved in Couples of Miami Valley. Contact
and ask to receive the monthly online newsletter which provides information to
Couples events. All correspondence is strictly confidential. We do not share our
membership list with any other group or organization.
We hope to see you soon!
Couples of Miami Valley