The world lost a remarkable young man, Codey, on November 4, 2007 at the age of seventeen.
Codey was a poet, author and creator of
Codey's World.  

Join me in keeping a candle lit for Codey.

Read Codey's  "From the Heart."
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I’m often asked, “Who was Codey?” Since I have a page dedicated to him, and I ask my
readers to help me keep a candle lit for him, then I need to tell those of you who never
knew Codey about an extraordinary young man.

Let me go back over five years ago when I first began to write. Just months after creating
The Mustard Jar, a young man wrote me and told me he enjoyed my stories. He asked if    
I’d like to link our sites. He told me he had created Codey’s World. I agreed and we
instantly became friends. He told me he had created Codey’s World as a safe haven for
young gay and lesbians to visit. He was a prolific writer. He had written numerous poems,
short stories and a novel, From the Heart. He also hosted other writers that met his strict
guidelines of good, clean writing. He wasn’t interested in pornographic stories that weren’t
suitable for the audience he was attempting to attract.

I immediately admired him for his intelligence, wit and caring. He was one of the most
remarkable young men I’d ever met. We soon began to chat online, and after gaining a
trust in me, he began to tell me details of his life, most of which were extremely difficult to
learn. When he was twelve, his family van was hit by a drunken driver. He lost his mother,
father and brothers in an instant. He was left with a broken body that took years to heal.
And he was told at a young age that because of the severity of his injuries, he would
probably not live to see eighteen. I met him when he was sixteen, and his health was
becoming increasingly worse. However, he continued to write because he knew that his life
was nearing an end. He wanted Codey’s World to be his legacy and a memorial to his life
here on earth. His dream was that it would always remain a safe haven for gay teens.  

For months Codey tried to get me to read his book, From the Heart. I hesitated because I
knew what it meant to him. It was his way of expressing to his family and friends his inner
thoughts of death. After finally reading it, I truly realized just how remarkable Codey was.
He also wrote a poem, I Dance with Unicorns. I have reread it many times over the years.  
I can sense the hopes and dreams Codey felt when he wrote it.  Codey completed more in
his short lifetime than most of us can ever hope to achieve.

Codey left us physically on November 4, 2007. He never saw his eighteenth birthday.  
However, his creative genius will remain with us for eternity. I encourage my readers to
visit his website and enjoy his writings and the works of other
talented writers that you find there. Join the forum where you will discover some really
wonderful people. And to my younger readers, become an active participant in Codey’s
dream. Submit your writings to be posted. If you need help, you'll find an editor or two
who will be willing to help you.  It was always Codey’s dream that it would be maintained
by teens, so if you’re interested in becoming involved, contact Azyclar or Colin, the

It’s been almost five years and I still keep a candle lit in Codey’s memory. Not a day goes
by he doesn’t cross my mind. So help me light a candle and keep his dream alive.

And to Codey, I’ll end this like I ended our chats- Love ya, Kiddo.