Chapter 9
“You do know Mike's gay, don’t you?”

The words echoed in my head long after Rodney left the room. I was puzzled what
he meant by them. He stated it as a matter of fact. There was no derision or
animosity in his voice.

Thinking back, it seemed like most of his teammates were aware of his sexuality.
At lunch, they had made several jokes that hinted that he might be gay. Even
Wentworth had warned me that Mike was a player. Why would he have warned me
unless he knew that I might be Mike’s next target?

I was also beginning to worry that associating with Mike at school might make
others suspect that I was also gay. Perhaps, that is why Curtis had called me a
faggot. Earlier on Friday morning he was angry because he thought I was
interested in his former girlfriend, Monica. After seeing me with Mike, he no longer
acted as if I was a serious threat.

Rodney didn’t strike me as someone who was homophobic. While we had worked
out, he didn’t seem worried that I might make a move on him. I’m not even sure
he would have even reacted angrily if I had. However, one thing I was sure of- he
was completely straight. A gay guy can instantly sense that in another guy.

However, I wasn’t sure about Curtis. His anger towards me made no sense. I had
given him no reason to react like he does when I’m around. Naturally, he didn’t like
me moving in unexpectedly. However, Karen, Lane and Rodney seemed to quickly
adjust to my presence.

Curtis has to resent me because he assumes I’m gay. Maybe my father told
everyone about the incident with Rollie. I’m sure my mother told my father about
it. However, neither Karen nor Rodney said anything. Lane certainly wouldn’t have
been told because he wouldn’t understand.

So he probably suspects I’m gay because of Mike. Mike seemed to instantly know
that I am gay. He began flirting with me as soon as he stepped up and pulled me
away from his sister. It was as if he instinctively knew I needed to be rescued from

Curtis could be a serious threat. He had provoked two fights with me. It was as if
he was challenging me. However, he learned quickly that I was not one to back
down from a fight. I stood my ground.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower after my workout with Rodney. When I
finished, I reached for my towel, and someone handed it to me. I pulled back the
shower curtain, and as I expected, Lane was grinning at me.

He asked hopefully, “Did I scare you?”

“Nope, Little Brother,” I replied. He gave me a toothy grin.

“I like it when you call me Little Brother,” he smiled as I stepped out of the tub and
dried myself. Lane sat on the toilet seat and watched.

I asked him, “Don’t you have anything better to do? It is Saturday.”

He shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Not really. Me and Mom got back from the
mall, so now I’m bored.”

I laughed and corrected him, “Mom and I got back from the mall.”

He giggled, “You didn’t go with Mom, I did, Silly.” He giggled louder when I rolled
my eyes. When I went back to my room, he followed.

“Wanna go look for frogs at the pond?” Lane asked as I got dressed.

“Frogs at the pond?”

“Yeah,” he replied excitedly. “There’s a pond behind the McConnell house, and
there’s a whole lot of frogs.”

“The McConnell house?” I wondered if it was the same house where Mike and
Monica might live. “Does Mike live there?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “So. Do you want to go with me to look for frogs? Mom won’t
let me go by myself.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me from the room.

I waited in the foyer while Lane asked Karen if he could go to the pond with me. I
knew her answer when he came skipping down the hallway towards me. “She said
yes,” he announced cheerfully. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the

The McConnell home was two blocks away, located at the end of a cul de sac. The
house was like my  father’s and all the others, except it had a dense field beside it.
The backyard had a privacy fence, and I could see a pool between the slates.

I followed Lane as he skipped down a narrow path into the field. We walked about
an eighth of a mile until we came to an opening. Just as Lane had said, there was a
small pond with lily pads floating along the bank. Lane let out a shriek, “There’s
one!” He ran to catch a large frog, but it hopped away and jumped into the lake. I
stood back and laughed as he ran along the bank looking for more frogs.

Suddenly, I saw one to his right and yelled, “There, Lane!” He looked to where I
was pointing and ran toward it. When he did, he lost his footing on the wet ground
and tumbled into the lake. I roared with laughter at his antics.

He got up and gave me an angry look. “It’s not funny, Casey,” he pouted. “Now
I’m all wet.” I laughed louder as he walked toward me. His shorts, shoes and socks
were soaked. The back of his plaid shorts were covered in mud.

I bent over and grabbed my stomach. “That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!”

He walked up and said sadly, “I can’t go home like this. Mommy will never let me
hunt for frogs again.” I stopped laughing when I saw how disappointed he was.

“Tell you what,” I said as I knelt down in front of him. “Take off your shoes, socks
and shorts, and we’ll lay them over that rock to dry.” He looked over at the large
boulder to our left. He quickly removed his clothing. He handed them to me as he
stood naked from the waist down. For the first time, I saw just how
underdeveloped he was. He looked more like a ten year old than a boy who was
entering puberty. When he saw me staring, he put his hands over his genitals. “I
told you I was kind of small.”

“It will get bigger,” I assured him as I took his clothes and laid them out on the
rock to dry in the sun. I sat down on the rock and watched as he ran around the
pond trying to catch frogs. He didn’t seem embarrassed to be running naked in
front of me. I was just glad no one was around to see him.

Thirty minutes later, his clothes had dried, so I told him to get dressed. He whined
and said he enjoyed ‘being free,’ but I insisted that he put his clothes on. I was
worried that someone might follow the path to where we were. I had noticed
bicycle tracks, so it was obvious that other people sometimes came here to play.

When we cleared the field as we walked back home, I saw Mike mowing his lawn
on a riding lawn mower. He didn’t have a shirt on, and his body glistened with
sweat in the bright sun. He rode the mower over when he saw noticed us exiting
the path.

“Hey,” he said with a smile. He gave Lane a curious glance before looking back at
me. “What are you doing out here?”

“We was catching frogs,” announced Lane excitedly. “I fell in the water.”

“Cool,” replied Mike dismissively. It upset me because he acted as if he hadn’t even
heard what Lane had said.

He got off the mower and stood before me. He flexed his muscles and dared me to
look at his body. “It sure is hot,” he exclaimed as he adjusted himself through this
thin athletic shorts. It was obvious he had no underwear on underneath. I watched
as he slightly stroked his cock. “How about a swim in the pool?”

“Yeah!” squealed Lane. He looked eagerly at me. “I want to go swimming. Can we

Mike glared angrily at him and said, “No one invited you, Runt.” Lane looked like
he was getting ready to cry.

I walked over, put my arm around Lane and replied angrily, “Then I guess I’m not

“Come on, Casey,” Mike pleaded as he rubbed the front of his athletic shorts. “Ditch
the runt, and let’s go swimming.”

I was too angry to say anything. I knew if I did open my mouth, I’d say something
that I would later regret. Mike was the first real friend I had made at school, and I
didn’t want to jeopardize that. However, with his attitude toward Lane, I wasn’t
sure if I wanted to be his friend.

“Come on,” I said to Lane as I put my arm on his back to lead him away.

Mike said sharply, “Your loss.”

I gave him a cold stare and replied, “Whatever.”

On the way home, Lane asked me why Mike had called him a runt. “Because he’s
an asshole,” I replied as I squeezed his shoulder. I was beginning to regret that I
hadn’t stood up for Lane more than I did.

“Yeah,” agreed Lane. “He’s a big poopie butt.”

“You can say that again.”

Lane giggled and said, “He’s a big poopie butt.”

                                                   * * * * * * *

Mike was still upset with me on Monday when I got to school. I passed him in the
hall after escorting Lane to his class, and he ignored me. I know he saw me, but he
kept talking to some guy he was with and looked away.

One thing to my advantage, from what I’d experienced on Friday, was that my
classes seemed as if they would be easy. Three of my classes- history, English and
Spanish, were more like a review of what I’d already learned at my former school.
Physics and trig were about the same as what I had been learning. I had never
taken law, but thumbing through the book last night, most of it seemed like it was
just common sense. So I don’t think I have to worry about falling behind. Besides, I
was a fairly bright student. I guess I never really applied myself before. Being on
the honor roll would have pleased my mother too much, so I intentionally failed a
test or didn’t turn in a major assignment so it would have a negative effect on my
grade. Of course, my mother always heard about it, and that normally led to an

After leaving my first period class, I was surprised to see Shade walking toward
me. He was talking animatedly with a very pretty girl. When he saw me, he
grinned, grabbed her arm and led her over to me.

“Hey,” he said as his eyes shimmered brightly. “I was hoping I would run into you
when you told me Saturday you go here.”

I glanced at the pretty brunette and looked back at him. A wave of sadness swept
over me, but I was able to contain it from showing. After spending time with Shade
on Saturday, I was hoping that he might be gay. Now, though, it seemed like he
had a girlfriend. “Well,” I replied cheerfully, “Here I am.”

Shade looked over at the girl and said, “Casey, I want you to meet my best friend,

She smiled demurely and waved, “Hi, Casey.”

Shade put his arm around her and pulled her into a tight hug. “Megan and I have
grown up together,” he said as he looked at her and smiled. “We’re practically

Megan’s face blushed as she lightly elbowed Shade in the side. I thought to myself
that they made a really cute couple. Megan was about an inch shorter than Shade.
She had long auburn hair and big brown eyes. However, with her good looks, she
didn’t seem to fit the mold of the cheerleader type. She struck me more like a free
spirit, someone who would avoid the ‘in’ crowd. It made sense since Shade had a
similar personality.

“It’s nice meeting you, Casey,” she said. She looked over at Shade and added,
“Shade has told me so much about you.” When I looked over at him, he shrugged
his shoulders slightly.

He grabbed Megan by the arm and started to pull her away. “The bell is getting
ready to ring,” he said. “We’d better get to class.” They waved goodbye and
hurried down the hall.

In second period, I tried to piece together the exchange in the hall. Megan seemed
to be Shade’s girlfriend, but he introduced her as his best friend. However, he
added that they were inseparable. That could only mean that they were dating.

I was also confused why Shade would have told Megan about me. The way she
looked at him when she said it was as if they were sharing a secret. By the end of
the period, I had convince myself that Shade and Megan were committed to each
other, and that Shade would probably be no more than just an acquaintance.

Lunch posed another problem. After going through the line to buy my lunch, I stood
and looked around as to where I should sit. On Friday, Mike had accompanied me,
but today he left class hurriedly. Suddenly, I heard him call out my name. He was
standing at a table with a few other baseball players. He called again and motioned
for me to join them.

As I walked toward the table, I passed by where Lane was sitting with his friends.
Lane jumped up, ran over to me, grabbed my hand and attempted to pull me over
to his table. “Sit with us, Casey.” Then he whispered softly, “You can meet Donnie.
He’s sitting beside me.”

I quickly looked over at Mike. I had to make a decision- and fast. I looked down at
Lane, and I remembered how hurt he was that I hadn’t sat with him on Friday. I
looked over at Mike, and I remembered how rude he had been to Lane on
Saturday. My decision was easy to make.

I let Lane pull me over to his table. There was a small boy about Lane’s size sitting
with two girls. All of them seemed excited that I was sitting with them. I was also
relieved that Donnie was small. He had a head full of bright red hair, and freckles
dotted his face. When Lane told me about their encounters in the bathroom, I was
concerned that Donnie might be a big boy who was bullying Lane and forcing him
to engage in sex. However, Donnie seemed to pose no threat to Lane. In fact, he
seemed like he could easily be intimidated and bullied himself.

“Hey, Guys!” I said cheerfully when I sat down. They all looked at each other and
giggled. Lane introduced Donnie to me, and then the two girls. They were shy, and
they giggled nervously when Lane told me their names.

The one with long brown hair was Cynthia. She spoke with a nervous stutter. It
quickly disappeared when she became more comfortable with me. The other, a
larger girl, was named Roberta. She was a black girl whose clothes seemed rather
worn and threadbare. She spoke very little.

When I asked them how school was going, Lane and Donnie animatedly told me
about a lizard that another boy had brought to school for show and tell. Lane
excitedly related how the lizard had gotten loose, and it had raced across the room
as students jumped on chairs and started screaming.

As I was laughing at their story, I looked over at Mike’s table. He was staring
angrily at me. My first instinct was to flip him off, but I didn’t. Besides, several
teachers were circulating around the cafeteria. I knew I would get in trouble if any
of them saw me.

As we were cleaning our table, Mrs. Crawford approached. She smiled warmly at
me. She looked at Lane and his friends and remarked, “I see you have a visitor

Lane replied excitedly, “My big brother ate with us today. We told him all about the

She laughed and said, “And did you tell Casey how you jumped on the table and
screamed?” Lane’s face reddened, and I burst out laughing.

“He told me how the others screamed,” I laughed. “He didn’t tell me he did.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Donnie. “You screamed like a little girl.”

“Did not!” insisted Lane. Just then, the bell rang.

Mrs. Chambers had her students line up so she could escort them back to class.
Before leaving, she pulled me aside and whispered, “Thank you, Casey. I’ve seen a
big difference in Lane since you’ve come to live with his family. He seems more

I didn’t know how to respond, so I simply said, “Thank you.” She patted my arm
and then walked away with Lane and the others trailing behind her. I watched as
Lane skipped beside Donnie as they left.

As I was walking to my fifth period class, Mike stepped up beside me and said
angrily, “I see you ate lunch with the dummy class.”

I turned, balled my fist and muttered angrily, “Shut the fuck up, Mike. You have
one more time to say something about Lane.”

He smirked, looked at my fist and asked smugly, “Or what?”

The last thing I wanted to do was start a fight in the hallway. I saw how my mother
reacted to me getting a ten-day suspension. I had no idea how my father would

I took a step back. “Just ease up, Okay?” I turned and hurried to class. I sat down
at a desk on the other side of the room where I had on Friday. When Mike entered,
he looked around for me. He gave me an angry look as he headed back to his desk
just as the bell rang.

The rest of the afternoon was tense. I knew Mike was angry with me, but I should
be the one upset with  his behavior. He was quickly becoming an asshole. He was
no better than Curtis.

Things escalated in gym class. After Wentworth took attendance, he told two
students to get some basketballs from a storage room. He then left us to play
basketball. Before leaving, he assigned Mike and Curtis to be captains. I was the
last one chosen. Unfortunately, I was on Curtis’s team.

There were eleven guys on a team, so I sat most of the period on the bench. With
five minutes remaining, we had a lead of ten points. Curtis decided to put in the
guys who hadn’t played. Mike was determined to win, so he kept in his starting

A boy named Drew passed me a ball from across the court. As I jumped to catch it,
Mike plowed into my side with his head down. I took a direct hit to the kidneys, and
I fell to the floor gasping for air. Drew and a couple of my teammates rushed over
and knelt down to see if I was all right. I looked over one boy’s shoulder and saw
Curtis high five Mike. Both looked down and laughed at me.

Still gasping for air, I managed to pull myself up from the floor and stumble over to
Mike. When I got close enough, I attempted to throw a right hook, but the pain in
my side was excruciating.

He shouted “You fucker!” as he rushed at me. He grabbed me around the waist and
we both tumbled to the ground. He hit me several times in the face.  I was
defenseless to hit back because I was in so much pain. Just as he hit me again, I
heard Wentworth blowing his whistle from across the gymnasium. He ran over and
pulled Mike off me.

He shouted, “What the hell is going on?” Mike attempted to lurch forward to hit me
again, but Wentworth pushed him so hard he fell to the ground.

“McConnell!” he shouted. “Go hit the showers! When you’re dressed, I want to see
you in my office.”

Mike started to protest, “But, Coach!”

Wentworth’s face reddened as he angrily shouted, “Get your ass out of here! Now!”

Curtis threw his arm around Mike, and they headed toward the dressing room. A
couple of my classmates wanted to stay to help me, but Wentworth told them to go

When the gym was empty, Wentworth helped me to my feet. My side was aching
from   Mike’s head bunt, and I could hardly see out of my left eye. Wentworth
examined my injuries and asked, “What the hell happened?” He put his arm around
my waist and helped me across the gym.

When I didn’t respond, he asked again, “What happened, Casey?”

“A little misunderstanding is all Coach,” I replied. Since Mike was a popular athlete,
and he seemed to be a favorite of Wentworth’s, then I figured it would do no good
to try to explain what happened. Besides, I was the first one to throw a punch.

Wentworth helped me to his office, and he had me sit in a chair. He told me he’d be
right back, and he quickly disappeared from the room. I stood and looked at myself
in a mirror on a side wall. My face was red, and there was bruising around my left
eye. It was swollen and almost closed shut. I rubbed it gently and thought, ‘That’s
going to be a nice shiner.’

I was upset because Mike hadn’t given me a fair fight. If he had, his appearance
would be worse than mine. I had been in a few fights over the years, and I knew
how to defend myself. However, he attacked me as I gasped for air and couldn’t
swing at him as he hovered over me on the ground fighting to breathe.

I waited in Wentworth’s office for about fifteen minutes. The longer I sat, the
angrier I became. I was sure that he was asking the other guys what had
happened. I was also convinced that none of his teammates would testify that Mike
had instigated the fight by head bunting me.

I waited around five more minutes before leaving.

                                                    * * * * * * *

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