Chapter 28
Shade was waiting for me when I entered the small bedroom. He was lying on the
bed in only his underwear. He smiled and told me I should lock the door.

As I was removing my clothes, he lifted his hips and tugged off his underwear. I
looked down and smiled at his naked body. He was stroking himself to get an

I removed my underwear and lay next to him. “Let me take care of that,” I said
softly as I removed his hand. When I leaned in to take it in my mouth, he stopped

I looked up and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he smiled as he took my body and lifted me so I lay atop him. When I
did, he wrapped his legs around my body. He asked almost in a whisper, “Have
you ever done it before?” He then lifted his body against mine and tightened his
legs around me.

I nodded and said, “Yeah.” Rollie and I had experimented, but we were too afraid
to do it completely. Being inexperienced, we were afraid we would do damage to
our bodies. However, that night with Terry, he had let me penetrate him. In fact,
he had come prepared with several condoms. I was able to cum inside him once,
but I was too drained to do it again.

He asked worriedly, “Does it hurt?”

“I don’t know,” I confessed. “I was the top. But if we do it right, I don’t think it will
hurt too much.”

He reached down and gripped my cock as he raised his hips so that it rubbed
against his ass. “I want to try,” he said nervously. “It’s all I think about anymore.”
He tried to pull me closer toward him. “I want to feel you in me.”

When I sat up, he lowered his legs. I was straddling him, and I could feel his
erection against mine. “Did I say something wrong?” he asked worriedly.

“No,” I smiled as I leaned down and kissed him. “We just have to give this some
thought. For one, it’s going to hurt like hell if I just ram it inside you.”

“Yeah, right,” he agreed. He looked over at my dresser. “You got some lotion or

I said, “Hold on,” as I jumped off the bed and went to the door. I peeked outside to
make sure no one was in the family room watching television. The lights were out,
so I tiptoed to my bathroom and got a bottle of baby oil that I applied sometimes
on my body when my skin felt dry. I rushed back to the room, closed the door and
locked it.

I straddled Shade and held up the bottle. “This should do,” I said with a smile.

He asked worriedly, “What about a condom? Shouldn’t we use one?”

“Shit,” I hissed. I climbed off the bed and started to pull on my underwear.

Shade asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see if Rodney has one,” I replied.

Shade responded excitedly, “You can’t do that!” His face started to redden. “He’ll
know what we want one for.”

“Well, duh,” I laughed. I thought for a moment, and then I asked Shade, “Have
you ever done it with anyone before?”

He shook his head. “Of course not,” he replied. “You’re my first boyfriend.” Then a
worried looked appeared as he said, “But you said you have.”

“We used a condom,” I assured him.

He gripped my soft cock and started stroking it. “Then we should be okay,” he said
as I started to harden.

“Yeah,” I moaned. Shade grabbed the bottle of baby oil, poured a little in his palm,
and then applied it to my erection. I thought I would cum when he started to stroke

I grabbed his hand so he would stop. “Now you,” I said as I took the bottle and
poured some into my hand. Shade raised his body so his ass was exposed to me. I
gently ran my hand across his ass, making sure he was well oiled. Carefully, I
inserted my index finger slightly into his warm hole. He gripped the sheets tightly
and moaned.

I started giggling and warned him to be quiet. “If you get any louder, everyone in
the house will know what we’re doing.”

“But it feels great,” he moaned as he pressed against my finger. “Try two now,” he

Shade didn’t seem to experience any pain. In fact, he was completely into what we
were doing. Each time his body gyrated, another inch of my fingers would go
deeper into him. Finally, I was completely inside him. “Do it,” he moaned as he
began to press against my fingers. I could feel him trying to clamp down as he
attempted to get me to go deeper.

It must have been about ten minutes before he took my hand and pulled my
fingers away. He then reached for my erection. “I think I’m ready now.”

I leaned down and kissed him. “You sure?” He smiled and nodded. I leaned
forward, and he wrapped his legs around my waist. He took my erection and
directed me forward. I felt my cock touch his hole, and then he thrust forward. He
hissed when about an inch entered.

“Wait,” he said as he pushed his hands against my chest. “Let me get used to it
first.” My instinct was to push forward because it felt so good being inside Shade.
However, I knew we had to go slowly so he could enjoy it. Terry had been with
other men before, so there was no need to wait. We just did it. However, I wanted
my first time with Shade to be memorable.

He wrapped his arms around me as he thrust his hips forward. I felt several more
inches penetrate him. He hissed slightly, but continued to push his hips forward
until we had developed a rhythm. I was careful not to push too hard. Slowly, he
kept taking me until I was completely submerged in him.

“Wait,” he moaned as his breathing became more rapid. “Just stay like that for a
minute,” he said. He leaned forward and kissed me, “I can’t believe how good this

After several seconds, he tightened his arms around me and started moving his
hips until we were in a steady rhythm. “Oh yeah,” he moaned as he kissed my
neck. “I love you, Casey.”

I no longer had to worry about hurting him. Shade was enjoying what we were
doing. I leaned forward and kissed him as I thrust in and out of him. “I love you
too, Shade,” I moaned as I fully penetrated him.

Shade wrapped his arms around me and let out a loud, “Oh, God.” When he did, I
could feel him erupting onto my stomach. As he did, his ass tightened around my
cock. That was all it took. I pulled out and came all over his chest.

“Oh shit!” I moaned as I continued to drain the last remaining drops. When I
finished, I collapsed on top of him. He kissed me several time on the neck and
continued to tell me he loved me.

After I caught my breath, I kissed him passionately. “God, Shade. I love you so
much.” We rested in each other’s arms for several minutes before I finally lifted
myself from his body and lay beside him.

“That was incredible,” I whispered softly as I looked up at the ceiling.

He lay on his side and started rubbing my chest. “Incredible,” he muttered as he
leaned down and kissed my nipple. I pushed his head away and started giggling.

“Don’t!” I laughed. “That tickles!” He tried to do it again, but I held his face and
kissed him.

He looked down at the cum that was coating our bodies. “I guess we should get
cleaned up?”

I laughed and replied, “It probably wouldn’t hurt.” I scooped a little of his onto my
fingers and tasted it. “Um,” I said.  He did the same with mine, but then he made a
sour face.

He licked it again and said, “It’s a little salty.”

I climbed off the bed and grabbed his hand. “Come on,” I said. “We better take a

He asked worriedly, “What if someone comes downstairs?”

I looked over at the clock. It was past midnight. “They should all be asleep. We’ll
just take a quick shower, and then we’ll get back in bed. Since tomorrow is
Saturday, we don’t have to worry about getting up and going to school.”

It was anything but a quick shower. We spent over an hour making out and
satisfying each other orally. I thought I would be drained, but Shade easily made
me cum again.

Someone knocking softly on the door awakened me in the morning. I was spooned
against Shade with my arm wrapped around his waist. He moved slightly when the
rapping continued. He muttered sleepily, “You going to get that?”

“I wasn’t,” I moaned as I pulled back the cover. As I climbed out of bed, I stopped
to admire Shade’s naked body curled up on the bed. I still couldn’t believe the
incredible feelings we had experienced just hours earlier. I never imagined that I
could be so much in love with someone else.

Just in case it was Karen at the door, I pulled the sheet over Shade to cover his
nakedness. I pulled on my underwear and cautiously opened the door. Curtis
peeked inside and asked, “You guys asleep?”

I opened the door wider and answered sarcastically, “We were. What do you want?”

He pointed over to the exercise equipment. “I need to work out,” he said. He
looked down at the cast on his arm. “I haven’t done anything since I broke my

I asked, “Can’t you do it another time?”

He looked disappointed and replied, “Yeah. I guess. I’ll come back down this

I moved away from the door. “Naw,” I said. “Go ahead. We were going to get up
anyway.” I looked over at Shade, and he rolled his eyes.

“You sure,” asked Curtis. “I don’t want to interfere if you guys want to do

It suddenly dawned on me that Curtis had perhaps planned to come down to see if
we were doing something. He had on a couple of occasions asked me if I wanted to
mess around with him. I was beginning to wonder if he thought he could join in a
threesome with us. I walked over and sat down protectively beside Shade. I had no
desire to have sex with Curtis. As I told Shade, I was a one guy guy. I was hoping
Shade felt the same way. However, I wasn’t sure after he had seen Curtis’s large

Shade pointed to the floor and asked me to hand him his underwear. I looked over
to see if Curtis watched as he put them on, put he didn’t. He was lying on the
weight bench lifting a set of barbells.

Suddenly, someone else knocked on the door. It was Rodney. He looked over at
Curtis and then at me. “You guys care if I come in? I wanted to work out for a little

I laughed and replied, “You might as well. We’re awake now.” Rodney looked down
at Shade and I sitting in our underwear. The remainder of our clothes was strewn
all over the floor.

Rodney grinned and said, “Looks like you guys had fun last night.”

My face reddened as I stood and headed toward the door. I announced nervously,
“I gotta take a piss.” Rodney laughed and slapped me on my butt on the way out
the door.

After using the bathroom and brushing my teeth, I went back to my room. I was
surprised that Shade was lying on the bench lifting weights as Rodney spotted him.
Curtis was walking on the treadmill watching them.

Rodney gave me a sly glance and said, “I figured you might like him with a little
more muscle.”

I walked over and looked down at Shade. “I like him just the way he is,” I said.

Curtis giggled and said, “I bet you do.”

It surprised me when Rodney told Curtis, “Your boyfriend could use a little more
muscle, too. He’s a skinny little fucker.”

By the look on Curtis’s face, it appeared he had seen a ghost. His face whitened
before turning a scarlet red. He jumped off the treadmill and stammered
nervously, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Rodney continued to spot Shade who looked like he would rather be anywhere
other than between Curtis and his brother. “I’m talking about Joshua,” replied
Rodney nonchalantly. “He’s kind of soft.”

Curtis headed for the door, but Rodney stepped in front of him to block his exit.
Curtis attempted to step around him, but Rodney put his hand on his chest. He
looked sympathetically at his brother and said almost in a whisper, “You need to
talk about it, Curtis.” He looked over at me and down at Shade.  “If you can’t do it
now, you’ll never be able to do it.”

Curtis asked defensively, “Talk about what?”

I stepped in front of Curtis and faced Rodney. “This isn’t a good idea,” I said.

“Sure it is,” insisted Rodney. “Curtis needs to talk about it. He needs to know that
we don’t care if he’s gay.”

“I’m not gay,” replied Curtis as he stared defiantly at his brother.

Rodney responded sarcastically, “Bullshit, Curtis.” He stepped around me and stood
in front of Curtis. I walked over and sat down beside Shade on the bench. I felt we
should leave so they could discuss the issue, but Rodney wouldn’t have started
talking about it if he didn’t want Shade and me present. I think he thought that
since we were gay, it would give Curtis more confidence to come out to him.

Curtis walked over and sat on the bed. He buried his hands in his head and
muttered, “I ain’t gay.”

Rodney sat down beside him and patted his leg. “I’ve known for a few years now.”

Curtis glanced over at me and then told Rodney, “I’m bi.”

Rodney laughed slightly and said, “Gay, bi. What difference does it make?” He put
his hand on Curtis’s shoulder and said softly, “You’re my little brother. I  don’t give
a shit if you like guys, girls or sheep.” He started laughing and added, “Well,
maybe the sheep is going a little bit too far.”

I wanted to say something, but I figured this was a conversation that Curtis would
have to deal with himself. Besides, if he couldn’t discuss it with Rodney, he would
never be able to discuss it with anyone.

We watched as Curtis fidgeted on the bed. It was obvious that he was facing a
turning point in his life. Rodney had given him the opportunity to open up. Looking
at him, I wasn’t sure he would take it.

Finally, he said softly, “Okay, maybe I do like guys a little bit.”

Rodney smiled and said, “Thanks.” He then patted Curtis on the back.

Curtis asked, “So you’re not mad?”

Rodney laughed, “Why should I be mad?” He shoved Curtis’s shoulder. “Now
maybe you’ll stop being such a douche.”

Curtis laughed and replied, “Yeah, I guess I have been lately.”

Rodney playfully shoved Curtis again. “I was ready to kick your ass.”

Curtis shook his head sorrowfully. “Man,” he said. “All this shit builds up inside your
head and you don’t know what to do with it.” He looked over at me and smiled. “If
it hadn’t been for Casey, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Shade put his arm around me and pulled me toward him. “We all need to face
ourselves,” I said. “Once you get past the bullshit, you realize that things aren’t as
bad as they seem.” Curtis nodded his head.

Rodney playfully shoved him again. “But does it have to be Joshua? He’s such a

Curtis shoved Rodney back. “But he’s cute.”

Rodney laughed and replied, “I wouldn’t know.” He stood and held his hand out to
Curtis. After helping him up, he put his hand on his shoulder and started leading
him from the room. “We got some talking to do.”

On the way out, Curtis looked at me and mouthed, “Thanks.”

After they left, Shade commented, “That went well.”

“Yeah,” I said. I kissed him and added, “But you know what is better?” He giggled
when I reached down and squeezed his crotch.

When I kissed him again, he moaned and said, “I think I’m getting ready to find
out.” We stood, and I went over and locked the door.

Shade left around noon. He was anxious to get home and spend time with his
father. He had called him earlier, and they made plans to go bowling. He invited
me to go, but I knew they needed time alone. There was a lot to catch up on.

I was lying on the sofa with Lane watching an old Star Wars movie. I had seen it
before, but Lane hadn’t. He was fascinated with R2-D2 and C-3PO. He would jump
up and imitate them every time they appeared. He had me laughing several times
with his antics.

He was pretending to be a robot when we heard someone coming downstairs. Lane
frowned and then ran over and sat down beside me. I looked up as Curtis entered,
followed by Mike.

Mike took a seat in one of the recliners while Curtis sat down beside Lane, grabbed
the remote off the coffee table and turned the channel to ESPN.

“Hey!” squealed Lane. “We was watching Star Wars!”

Curtis replied, “So?”

It surprised me when Mike glanced quickly at me and then told Curtis, “Turn it back
to the movie. I haven’t seen Star Wars in years.” Reluctantly, Curtis changed the
channel. He then put his feet on the coffee table, stretched out and watched the
movie. Mike did also, but occasionally I noticed him glancing at me out of the
corner of his eye.

I couldn’t understand why Curtis had invited him home. His arm was still in a cast
from their altercation in the hall. Yet, they had come downstairs like friends.
Occasionally, Curtis would look over at Mike and make a comment about
something in the movie.

I stood to go get a soda from the kitchen. I asked Lane if he wanted something,
and he told me to bring him a glass of orange juice. “I’ll take a Coke,” replied
Curtis, even though I hadn’t asked. He looked over at Mike and asked, “What
about you?” Mike shook his head and said he didn’t want anything.

As I was pouring Lane’s juice into a glass, Mike entered the kitchen. I positioned
myself in case he wanted to start trouble. Instead, he went over to the
refrigerator, opened it and took out two Cokes. When he turned, we were standing
face to face. He asked nervously, “How’s things going, Casey?”

I put the cap on the juice and placed the container back into the refrigerator. “All
right, I guess,” I replied coldly. I walked over and took a Mountain Dew from the

When I turned to go downstairs, Mike stepped in front of me. He stared me in the
eyes and said, “Look, Casey. I’m sorry about all that shit we went through.”

“Yeah, whatever,” I replied as I tried to step around him. I had no intention of ever
being friends with Mike again. There was very little he could say or do that would
change me from considering him a complete asshole.

Curtis gave me a weird look when I plopped down on the sofa and handed Lane his
juice. Mike hadn’t come back down yet. He looked over and asked, “Did you and
Mike talk?”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “Nope. He has nothing to say I want to hear.”

“Come on, Casey,” pleaded Curtis. “He’s trying to make up.”

Lane took a swig of his juice, and then said, “Mike’s a douche bag.” He looked over
at me and giggled,   “Ain’t he, Casey?”

Before I could agree, Mike came back downstairs and sat in the recliner. He didn’t
look over the rest of the movie.

When the movie ended, Curtis grabbed the remote and turned it to Sports Center.
He then took out his phone and called someone. He asked them, “You ready?” He
then looked over at Mike and said, “Yeah,  he’s here.” The person on the other end
spoke for a minute before Curtis ended the call with, “We’re on our way.”

He looked over at Mike and asked, “You ready to go get Joshua?”

Mike glanced quickly at me. He shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Yeah. I’m

Lane asked, “You’re not bringing him back here, are you?” I was curious as well. It
was bad enough spending my afternoon with Mike in the same room. I certainly
didn’t want to spend the evening with him and Joshua.

“Naw,” replied Curtis as he and Mike stood. “We’re going to go get him, and then
we’re going back to   Mike’s house to play some video games.” He looked down,
grinned and then wiggled his eyebrows.

When they left the room, I shook my head. I wasn’t sure if Joshua was aware of
what he was getting into. Then again, he probably did. By the conversation that he
had with Curtis, he seemed to know that the three of them would be together.
Even though I hated to admit it, the thought of the three of them together excited

                                                    * * * * * * *

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