Mark's Revenge
Chapter 7
Things were going really well for Bobby and me. We were hanging out almost daily.
This was a new experience for me. I had never had anyone I considered a best friend.
Now I had a best friend and a boyfriend all in one small package. I think the same thing
applied to me as far as he was concerned, except my package was bigger!

Everyday Bobby never seemed to amaze me. He was like super intelligent. I didn’t
know kids like him existed. He may have looked like a twelve year old, but he was
smarter than any adult I knew. It was like a man living in a little boy’s body. I would say
I felt sorry for him, but he seemed extremely happy being who he was. By being
around him, I also felt better about myself.

If I ever ran into a problem, he’d always tell me to stop and think. There was no
problem so large that it couldn’t be handled by thinking logically. My only problem was I
didn’t think logically, my thoughts were emotional. However, he reminded me how I had
dealt with my sister, Amy. I handled it logically and the results had been positive. My
sister was no longer seeing boys and the threat of a teenage pregnancy had been

“What about Scott when school starts?” I reminded him one day. I still feared going
back to school. I had heard through the rumor mill that his uncle had enrolled him in
our school for the fall. He was also going to be a sophomore. There was a good chance
that we would probably share some classes together. I wouldn’t have Bobby in any of
my classes because he was in the accelerated program. I made good grades, but only
because I worked my butt off for them. They didn’t come easily.

“What about Scott?” he asked. “I told you. He’s not going to bother us.”

“You may be sure of it, but I’m not,” I said worriedly. “He’s crazy. You know that. Plus
now he has a band of guys who follow him around like he’s a superstar or something.”

“Good. You know that the bigger they are the harder they fall.” I gave him a
questioning look.

“What do you have in mind?” I knew since he’d found Scott’s parents on the internet
he was planning something. Every time I’d ask him, he would give me vague answers.

“I really can’t say right now.” He shrugged his shoulders. “I have to wait for school to
start. We’re going to have to watch what he does. Everyone makes mistakes. We have
to wait for him to screw up, and then move in.”

“What kind of mistakes?” I asked.

“Not sure yet,” he said. “You’ll probably have him in some of your classes. I want to
know where he sits, particularly if he has access to a computer. I want to monitor his

“And just how do you plan to do that?” I raised a doubting eyebrow.

“It’s easy. I’m going to be working in the library last period as an aide. They don’t have
any classes to offer me that period. It was either be an aide in the library or a gym
assistant. You can imagine which one I took.”

“I would have taken the gym. Just imagine- naked boys!” I said excitedly.

“Yeah, right. Like I really care. I get to see you naked whenever I want to.” He wiggled
his eyebrows, and I started to blush.

“Perv.” We both started to laugh. “Seriously, how can you monitor his activity?”

“Easy. The school has a central data bank located in the library. They monitor activity
on the all the computers. It’s like a Net Nanny. All the school’s computers are hooked
up to a cable network. If someone tries to download something they shouldn’t, a
warning goes off.”

“No, shit!” I screamed. I’m glad I had never downloaded any porn at school. I had
thought about it a few times, but always chickened out.

“Remember Mr. Shavers?” he asked.

“Yeah. The science teacher who left after the first semester?” I hadn’t had him as a
teacher, but others thought he was pretty cool.

“They caught him watching kiddy porn,” he said excitedly. “The superintendent fired
him on the spot. He had to give up his license or they were going public with it.”

“Damn, dude. How do you know all this?” I asked. He gave me a wicked grin.

“Dr. Sanders came to me last year and asked me help him monitor Shavers computer
after school.” Dr. Sanders was the district superintendent. I looked at Bobby wide-
eyed as he told me all this.

“They thought he was sending dirty emails to a female student,” he continued. “Then
they found out what else he was doing. I was only allowed to hack into his computer.
They wouldn’t let me see what they found, but  I’d always go back in later and read it
myself. The guy was a real horn dog!”

“Shit!” I didn’t know what else to say. Bobby had been involved in getting a teacher

“Can you do that with Scott too?” I was excited. I would really like to know what sites
he was accessing. It would be interesting if he was going to the same ones I did.

“Yeah. It’ll be a piece of cake. The librarian never pays attention to what I do. She
trusts me, so I’m pretty free to do whatever I want. Just tell me where he sits when
he’s at a computer and I can monitor what he does.” We were both grinning ear to
ear. I could tell by the look on Bobby’s face that he was going to pay Scott back. This
was going to be good, and I had front row seats to the best show in town!

A few weeks later Bobby and I decided to go swimming. We hadn’t gone that much
this summer because Scott always seemed to be there. I think he enjoyed walking
around half naked in front of everyone. When he first started going, he always wore
baggy shorts. However, recently he was wearing white Speedos. Girls followed him
around everywhere he went. It was disgusting to watch them follow behind him like
dogs in heat.

He seemed to love the attention, but it was really strange because I don’t think he ever
dated any of them. Any time I saw him at the mall he was always with a few of the
guys. Bobby and I had also sat behind him and his friends at the theater. There were
never any girls around.

On this day we thought that he was not going to be at the pool. We always looked
before we went in. If he was there, we’d usual walk on. We didn’t see him anywhere.

We went into the locker room and began to undress. If we were alone, Bobby would
change in front of me. If others were around, he’d put his towel around him when he
dressed. This would usually cause me to laugh.

After we had dressed, we turned to go into the pool area. Bobby came strutting in
with Richard and a few of his other cronies.

“Well, well, well,” he said smugly as he blocked the door. “It’s the two little boyfriends.”
His friends started giggling. “Did we break up anything?”

He stepped away from the door and approached Bobby. “How are you doing Sweet
Lips?” My face was beginning to burn with anger. His friends continued to laugh in the

“Why are you with little dick here when you can have this again?” He reached down and
pulled his cock out of his shorts and began stroking it.

“Leave him alone!” I shouted. I was trembling, but there was no way I was going to let
him hurt Bobby again. I would probably get my ass kicked, but at least I could try.

“Aw, isn’t this sweet.” He turned and looked at his friends. They began to laugh. “His
boyfriend is trying to protect him.”  

“I said leave him alone.” I stood in front of him and stared into his eyes. They became
dark, and I watched as his mood changed from amusement to anger.

“And just what do you plan to do, fag?” He pushed me backwards. Bobby stepped
between us just as Scott threw his fist at me. It connected to Bobby’s left eye. I saw
him reel backwards and fall down.

“You fucker!” I screamed as I charged him. I had never been in a fight before, so I had
no idea what to do. I just started swinging my arms hoping that something would
connect. The next thing I knew I felt a stabbing pain to my right temple. I stumbled
back and landed on my ass on the wet floor. I tried to get up but he kicked me in my
side, almost causing me to throw up.

“Let’s get out of here,” I heard him say. I managed to look up as he and his friends
walked past me and exited the door. I could make out Bobby crawling towards me.

“You all right, Mark.” He grabbed the side of my face and looked at me. I could see
complete fear in his eyes. “Are you hurt?”

“Are you all right, Baby?” I reached out and pulled him into me. I looked at his left eye
and noticed that it was already red and swollen.

“Yeah. I’m okay,” he began to cry. “But you don’t look too good. I’m going to go get
help.” He jumped up and ran out into the pool area. He ran back in seconds later
followed by the head lifeguard. He lifted me up, and with Bobby’s help, managed to get
me to his office.

After a quick examination, the guard decided that I had not been hurt too bad. My
temple was beginning to swell, but otherwise I was all right. He kept holding up fingers
and asking me how many. He stopped doing it when I kept responding thirty.

He tried to call my mother, but she was not at home. She had probably already headed
out to the restaurant. I kept insisting I was all right and could make it home, but he
wouldn’t let me leave until I could get in touch with an adult relative. I reached into my
pocket and pulled out Aunt Janice’s phone number and handed it to him. He talked to
her briefly on the phone and then announced that she was on her way.

He left to go back out and guard the swimmers while Bobby and I remained in his office
waiting for Aunt Janice to arrive. Bobby kept hold me and kissing my forehead. If I
wasn’t in so much pain, I’d have found it cute. Besides, I was also concerned for him.
His eye was beginning to close and was turning blue.

My aunt arrived a half hour later. Her face paled when she walked in and took one look
at us.

“Oh, Sweet Jesus!” she shouted. “What happened to the two of you?” We both stood
and she rushed over and threw her arms around us. She then stepped back and
examined our faces.

“Let me guess,” she said angrily. “Scott?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Bobby replied timidly. “He was picking on me and Mark tried to stop him.”

She grabbed our hands and led us out to her car. She was walking so fast we could
hardly keep up with her. My aunt was pissed. I had no idea what she was going to do,
but I sure didn’t want to argue with her right now.

“Tell me what happened,” she insisted after we got in the car. We explained what had
happened in the locker room. She kept looking at us and shaking her head.

“Where does Scott live?” she asked as she pulled out of the parking lot. Bobby gave
her directions to his house. When we arrived she told us to get out of the car. She
grabbed our hands and stormed up to the front door and began angrily banging on it.
Mr. Olsteen answered.

“See what that mean nephew of yours did.” She grabbed our faces and began turning
them to show him our bruises.

“Go back to the car and wait,” she instructed us. “Mr. Olsteen and I are going to have
a little talk.” She pushed him out of the way and entered his house. Bobby and I
returned to the car and sat together in the back seat. He reached over and held my

“Thanks Mark,” he said sadly. “You didn’t have to try and stop him.”

“But I couldn’t let him hurt you,” I replied as I squeezed his hand. “If I knew how to
fight, I wouldn’t have gotten my ass kicked so bad.”  

“Yeah,” he began to giggle. “You looked like a windmill.”

“Shut up,” I laughed. “I was trying to be your knight in shining armor.”

“You looked more like Don Quixote.” We both were laughing hysterical. “Thanks.” He
leaned over and kissed me on my cheek.

We looked up and saw Aunt Janice storming out of the Olsteen house, her face red
with anger. She got in the car and slammed the door.

“That man is a jackass, just like his nephew!” she shouted angrily. Bobby and I looked
at each other and quickly buckled our seat belts. The ride home was going to be

She stopped at the grocery store on the way. Bobby and I sat quietly in the backseat
waiting for her to return. She came back out with two plastic bags. In one was a bag of
ice. In the other were a dozen lemons.  

She took us to Bobby’s house. His mother met us at the door and gasped when she
saw our faces. She rushed us inside and into the kitchen where my aunt began to
make bags of ice and place them on our faces to help stop the swelling. Bobby’s eye
had turned a beautiful shade of blue. I hadn’t had a chance to see what I looked like,
but by the way everyone was reacting, it must not have looked too good.

While Mrs. Owens attended to us, Aunt Janice began squeezing lemons into a pitcher.
As I watched her move about, I began to understand her statement about life handing
you lemons better. When she was finished and began to pour us glasses of lemonade,
she had calmed down considerably. After a while the mood had gotten lighter as
Bobby’s mother told us childhood stories about him. His face went through several
shades of red. Aunt Janice kept calling him adorable.

The mood changed again when Mr. Owens came home from work and saw our faces.
After a brief explanation of what had happened, he disappeared into his den and called
Mr. Olsteen. We could hear him shouting and cussing from behind the closed door. In
the past few weeks I’d known him, I had never seen him upset. He seemed to be a
pretty laid back guy. But tonight he was unleashing all his anger.

“That man is a jackass!” he screamed as he came storming into the kitchen. Bobby and
I looked over at Aunt Janice and started laughing. She told Bobby’s father to sit down
as she set a large glass of cold lemonade in front of him.   

Bobby and I headed to his room for a while. His mother warned us to keep the ice
packs on our swollen faces. We sat down on the bed beside each other and smiled.    
I looked at his black eye and he looked at my swollen forehead.

“Thanks again, Mark.” Tears began to form in his eyes.

“Hey. None of that. We’re warriors now. We have wounds to prove it,” I joked. He just

“We’ve got wounds. Unfortunately, our enemy doesn’t,” he said sadly. “We should
have at least kicked him in the balls.”

“Yeah, right,” I smiled. “The both of us together couldn’t fight our way out of a wet
paper bag.”

“He’s still going to get his,” Bobby said angrily. “He may have won this battle, but we’re
going to win the war.” Just then his mother knocked gently on the door and asked for
permission to enter.

“Come in!” Bobby shouted.

“Pack a bag, Son,” she instructed him. “Janice said you and Mark can spend a couple of
days with her.” He jumped up and excitedly grabbed his gym bag and started packing.
Mrs. Owens laughed as she walked over and helped him.

When we got to my house, my mother was waiting for us in the kitchen. For the third
time today, we had to endure another adult go into a tirade about our bruises. We
headed to my room to pack while my aunt tried to calm my mother down. She kept
insisting that she was going to call Mr. Olsteen, but Aunt Janice assured her that he
had already gotten an earful from her and Bobby’s father.

As we passed my sister’s room she opened the door and saw our faces.

“What happened to you two? Make another pass at someone?” she smirked.

“Bite me,” I responded angrily.

“Naw. Don’t think so. Let your boyfriend do it.” She slammed the door shut and locked
it before I could reach it. We retreated to my room and I packed a bag. We then joined
my aunt in the kitchen for the ride to her house.

The two days I spent at my Aunt Janice’s with Bobby were probably the best days I’d
ever had. I was able to be me. You have no idea how that made me feel. I didn’t have
to worry about hiding who I was. I was with my best friend, or should I say boyfriend,
and my aunt who is also gay. I also didn’t have to deal with Amy, who still continued to
call me fag.

It was late when we arrived the first night. My aunt was still fretting about us like a
mother hen. She would have made a wonderful mother. It’s too bad she never had any

We watched television for an hour while she made sure we kept the ice packs on our
faces. I was afraid I was going to freeze my brain if I left it on too long. She assured us
that it wouldn’t.

We went to bed around midnight. We had the upstairs to ourselves. Aunt Janice’s
bedroom was on the first floor on the opposite side of the house. We didn’t have to
worry about how much noise we made if we started horse playing around like we
usually do.

That night, however, we were extremely tired. The excitement of the day had worn us
both out. We stripped off our clothes, leaving on our underwear. This was the first
time we had slept together, so it was a little awkward. We argued over who would get
which side of the bed. It seems that we both like to sleep on the right side, so we
ended up tossing a coin. I lost.

After slipping into bed, Bobby scooted over and curled up beside me putting his arm
around me and resting it on my stomach. He gently stroked my stomach and chest,
tweaking my nipples a few times. Needless to say, I was getting hard as a rock.

“Mmmmmmm,” he murmured. “This is nice. I feel like an old married couple.” He began
to giggle. He lowered his hand and began stroking my dick through my underwear. I
felt like I was getting ready to explode. I grabbed his hand and made him stopped
before I shot too quickly.

“Stop,” I gasped. “I’m going to cum if you don’t stop.” He didn’t say anything. Instead,
he grabbed the top of my underwear and pulled them down. I lifted my ass as he
pulled them down to my ankles and then removed them.

He started giving my chest gentle little baby kisses. I was moaning my approval. He
lowered his head and kissed downward until he reached my cock. He took it in his hand
and squeezed it. I moaned and raised myself slightly, trying to force him to stroke it
harder. He lowered his mouth onto my cock and engulfed it. I let out a gasp and
rammed it into his mouth. He started gagging.

“Sorry,” I whispered hoarsely. “It’s just that this is my first blowjob. God, it feels
great.” Gaining his confidence he began to suck me deeper and harder. I wasn’t going
to last long.

“Here I cum,” I moaned and reached down to force his head off me. I didn’t want to
cum in his mouth. I knew he had said he wanted to take things slowly. Instead, he
batted my hands away just as I exploded into his mouth. He sucked harder, swallowing
my large load. He began to gag again slightly as he swallowed the final drops.

He moved up beside me and rested his head on my heaving chest. He rubbed it gently
as I came down off the high he had taken me too. After a few minutes, I rolled him
over and began to lick his tiny nipples. He wiggled around on the bed, begging me to

“That tickles!” he screamed. It’s a good thing my aunt’s room was far from ours. He
was making a lot of noise. I licked downward until I came to his erect cock. It was so
cute standing straight up and shining a bright red. I licked around it and then headed
for his small balls. I took them both in my mouth has he again let out a large moan. I
licked around for a minute until he grabbed my head and directed it to his cock.

“Now!” he moaned. I took his cock to the base just as he began to cum. I pushed it
deep in my throat and could feel his cum shooting out. This was the most exciting
thing I had ever experienced. I could feel him pulsing with each shot. He grabbed my
head and pulled me off.

“It’s starting to hurt,” he said. I moved up and lay beside him. We didn’t even bother
to put our clothes back on. Bobby curled up into a ball behind me and spooned me. He
threw his arm over me and pulled me in tightly. I was beginning to drift off to sleep
when he put his mouth to my ear and whispered,

“I’m falling in love with you, Mark.” I took his hand and kissed it gently.

“Me, too,” I whispered as I fell asleep.

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