Mark's Revenge
Chapter 15
The day I'd been anxiously awaiting finally arrived- Revenge Day. I was so excited
that I could hardly sleep. I had wanted Bobby to spend Saturday night with me. I
thought another ‘massage’ could help me relax. But he had to go with his parents
to visit his grandmother and wouldn’t be home until late.

Richard called and invited me to go to the movies with him and Randall. At first I
refused. I didn’t want to feel like I’d be imposing, but they said it’d be all right.

We had fun. After the movie we went to the food court for a bite to eat and then
we spent the rest of the night at the arcade playing video games.

Bobby arrived early Sunday morning. After eating an early lunch, we got on our
bikes and headed over to Riverside. We wanted to be there by noon so we’d have
plenty of time to set up for Ryan and Scott. My hands were sweating from the
excitement. I was sure that they would be able to hear my heart pounding from
the dining room.

Bobby checked out the lighting and opened a few of the drapes. He had me sit on
the floor and take out my dick and jack off. He said he wanted to make sure he’d
get a good picture. I think he did it because he wanted me on video playing with
myself. He’d probably download it to his computer and jack off to it at night.

Around 1:50 we heard the front door open. We scrambled to our position in the
dining room. Ryan and Scott came walking in. Before the door was even closed,
Scott had grabbed Ryan and began kissing him.

“I’ve missed you so much, Baby,” he said, kissing him deeply. Ryan put his head on
his shoulder and looked over at the dining room door. I pushed the curtain aside
and gave him a thumb’s up. He returned it behind  Scott’s back.

Ryan went over to the couch and pulled out a bottle of rum. He then went into the
kitchen for some glasses and ice. Scott walked around checking out the room. I
was afraid he might snoop around and look in the dining room. Ryan suddenly
emerged, holding up two glasses filled with ice.

“You sure your aunt won’t be coming back this afternoon?” Scott asked worriedly.

“I told you, she’s out of town until tomorrow.” He pulled Scott into a kiss. “Don’t
worry about it. Let’s have some fun.” He poured some rum and coke in a glass and
handed it to Scott. He took a drink, and then started coughing.

“Sip it,” Ryan warned him. “Don’t drink hard liquor fast.” I noticed that Ryan
pretended to drink, but his glass always seemed to remain the same. Scott, on the
other hand, made himself three drinks while they sat on the couch making out.

“Come on, Baby,” Scott said. “let’s go to a bedroom and get comfortable.” He
began pulling Ryan’s shirt over his head.

“In a minute. Don’t rush it,” insisted Ryan. He began rubbing Scott’s cock through
his pants. Several times he’d look over at the door to make sure we were watching.
I’d carefully pull back the curtain slightly so he could see.

“Let’s get naked,” he suggested to Scott. Ryan stood and took off his clothes.
Bobby and I nudged each other when we saw his hard cock. He had a muscular
build with a really nice long cock and set of huge balls. Scott got undressed and
staggered over and took Ryan in his arms. It was obvious he was feeling the
effects of the drinks.

“Come on. Let’s find a bedroom,” he said as he took Ryan’s hand.

“No. Let’s do it here.” He held Scott from going further. “I don’t want to mess up
one of my aunt’s beds. Besides, it’ll be fun to do it on the floor.” He grabbed Scott
and they lay on the floor and again began kissing. Ryan pushed Scott onto his
back and lay across him.

I reached over and felt Bobby’s dick. He was bone hard from watching the action
before us. He looked at me and grinned. Then he reached over and felt me. I was
as hard as he was.

Ryan kissed Scott on the chest and then worked his way downward. Scott was
moaning loudly. When Ryan pushed his finger into his ass he jumped.

“What are you doing?” he screamed.

“You told me I could fuck you,” Ryan said angrily.

“Well, I’ve changed my mind,” he said. Bobby looked over at me and frowned.  It
looked like our plan was going to fail.

“Fine,” said Ryan. “Go to hell. Don’t ever call me again.” He stood and reached for
his underwear. Scott went over and grabbed him.

“All right, Baby,” he said nervously. “Just for you.” Ryan kissed him while he gave
us a thumbs' up behind Scott’s back.

Scott lay down on his back. Ryan pulled his legs back to his chest exposing his
ass. He then began licking him. Scott started moaning loudly again.

Bobby took his camera and began filming. His hands were shaking so badly I was
afraid he was going to drop it.

“Damn, that feels good!” Scott screamed. He was pushing his ass harder into
Ryan’s face. Ryan took his finger and licked it, then pushed it harshly into Scott’s

“Ouch!” he screamed. “That hurt.”  

“Quit being a baby,” replied Richard angrily. “Take it like a man.” He grabbed a
bottle of lube out of a bag and applied a generous amount on his cock. He then
poured some on Scott’s still exposed ass. He took his finger and again began
probing Scott’s hole. Scott moaned his approval.

Ryan got on his knees and approached Scott’s ass. Once he was lined up, he
rammed his cock into Scott’s ass.

“Damn, mother fucker!” Scott hissed. “That fucking hurts.” I had to put my hand
over my mouth to stop from laughing. It was obvious that Ryan was going to give
Scott a fuck he’d never forget. He pushed Scott’s legs back over his shoulders and
began to sink his dick into Scott’s virgin ass. Scott was trying hard not to cry out.
By the look on his face, he was in immense pain.

After several minutes, Scott began to relax and was meeting Ryan’s movements.
The pain had subsided and he was beginning to enjoy being fucked.

“Yeah, Baby,” he moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” He was thrashing around
wildly as Ryan continued to plow his dick into his ass. Ryan was careful to keep his
head up and out of range of the camera.

“Yeah, bitch!” Ryan yelled. “You’ve got a nice pussy ass.” He pulled Scott’s legs
back and gave the camera a good shot of his cock entering him to the hilt. Scott
grabbed his cock and began jacking off.

“Okay, Bitch!” Ryan screamed. “Here it comes!” He thrust deeply into Scott and
began moaning as he shot his cum into Scott’s ass. Scott let out a yell and began
shooting his cum out on his stomach.

“Oh yeah!  God that feels good!” he screamed. Ryan thrust into him several more
times and then collapsed onto Scott. Both boys were exhausted. Scott tried to
kiss Ryan, but Ryan got up and started getting dressed.

“What’s wrong, Baby?” Scott said as he grabbed him around the waist. “We’ve got
all day. What’s the rush?”

“I forgot that I told my mom I’d mow the yard this afternoon,” explained Ryan.

“That can wait.” Scott kept trying to remove the clothing Ryan was attempting to
put on.

“Damn it, Scott!” he yelled. “I have to go now.” Scott stepped back and gave him a
disappointed look. He grabbed his clothes and started slowly dressing.

“Will I see you next weekend?” he asked sadly.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever,” Ryan replied. “Let’s go.” He headed for the door with
Scott trailing behind. Once they were gone I looked excitedly over at Bobby.

“Did you get all that?” I screamed.

“Hell, yeah!” He said with a smile. “Every inch of it.” We started laughing.

We spent the next few minutes cleaning up the living room. We were careful to get
rid of the half empty rum bottle. Other than messing up the cushions on the
couch, there really was little evidence that anything had taken place.

As we were getting ready to leave, my cell phone rang. It was Richard.

“What’s going on?” He sounded worried.

“What do you mean?” I didn’t know what he meant. “We did everything the way we
said we would.”

“No, not that,” he said. “When Scott left there were two guys waiting for him
outside my house. One was a really tall guy. They talked to him for a minute and
then pulled him into a car. It looked like he didn’t want to go.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I looked over at Bobby and shrugged my
shoulders. “We don’t know anything about that.”

“I hope he’ll be all right.” He again sounded worried. “I don’t like him anymore,
but I don’t want to see him hurt.”

We spent a few minutes talking about the taping of him and Scott. We again
assured him he wouldn’t be in the video. He even told us he didn’t care if he was.
He thought he’d done a good job of fucking Scott. It might be his ticket to being a
porn star someday.

Bobby and I rode our bikes back to town. When we got towards my house, he
stopped and looked at me.

“You go on home,” he said. “I got something to do. I don’t want you involved.”  

“What?” I was surprised. He hadn’t said there was anything more that had to be

“Plan B,” he grinned. “Trust me.” He got on his bike and rode away. I watched him
bike down the street as I shook my head. It was starting to get dark. I knew if I
wasn’t home soon my mother would start to worry.

Bobby came over early Monday morning and we walked to school together. I still  
wasn’t sure what he was going to do with the video. He still hadn’t told me
anything. I kept asking him, but he’d only say, “Just wait and see.”

When we entered the school grounds there was a wave of activity. Students were
running around excitedly. I saw students talking to other students and then
pointing towards the football field. They would then take off running in that

“What’s going on?” I asked Bobby.

“I don’t know. Let’s go see.” When we arrived at the football field, students were
surrounding the southern goal post. We could hear people laughing wildly. We
pushed our way to the front and let out a gasp when we saw what they were
laughing at.

Scott was tied naked to the goal post. Someone had taken duct tape and taped his
hands above his head and his feet to the post. He was screaming wildly.

“Someone cut me down!” he screamed. “You mother fuckers let me down.”
Everyone was laughing uproariously. It was a comical sight. Scott’s eyes met mine,
and I fell to the ground laughing at him.

“Mark, I’m going to kill you.” he screamed. Just then the Dr. Johnson and the
school security staff arrived. They cut him down as he continued swearing.
Everyone was told to get to class. The halls were filled with laughter and students
mimicking what they had witnessed. No one was in a hurry to go to class.

We then saw Richard and Randall coming towards us with big grins on their faces.

“How’s it hanging guys?” Richard asked. They both broke out in uproarious
laughter. I looked at them stunned.

“You didn’t!” I screamed.

“Plan C!” Richard laughed. We high fived. Dr. Johnson was screaming over the PA
system for students to get to their classes.

“I gotta go to the library,” Bobby said suddenly.

“Why?” I asked.

“Plan B,” he grinned. He took off and started running down the hall. Ryan, Randall
and I hugged each other and headed to class. As expected, the topic was a naked
Scott at the goalpost. Even Mr. Anderson was laughing about it. He hadn’t liked
Scott since the first day of school.

Every Monday morning our school has a special activity the last ten minutes of the
period. The classroom televisions come on and we are expected to watch a
program that tries to keep us informed about current events. Most students just
talk while it is on. Many teachers turn it off and continue teaching.

The program came on as expected. Most students started talking loudly over the
television. All of a sudden there was a loud moaning.

“Yeah, Baby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” The room became deadly silent as everyone
looked at the screen and watched Scott lying on the floor with a cock shoved up
his ass.

“Oh yeah! God that feels good!” Scott shouted with his legs pushed back.

I looked over and saw the shocked look on Mr. Anderson’s face. He rushed over
and quickly turned the television off. The room suddenly exploded with 30 teens
screaming and laughing at what they had just seen. Mr. Anderson was shouting for
everyone to quiet down, but at that point he might as well have been talking to the
chalk board.

Twenty minutes later a frustrated Dr. Johnson came over the intercom and
announced that school was being dismissed early and that students should try and
contact their parents. She said that teachers were to hold the students in the
classroom until an office aide came around with a letter explaining what had
happened that morning.

She ended by saying, “Would Bobby Owens please report to the office.” My heart
sank when I heard those words. We were finally dismissed about an hour later. I
rushed to the office to see if Bobby was all right. When I got there his mother and
father were standing talking with police officers.

I saw Richard and Randall standing nearby. I walked over to them. They gave me a
worried look.

“Is he going to be all right?” Randall asked worriedly.

“I don’t know.” I was trying desperately not to cry. Most of this had been my idea
and I was worried that Bobby would get in serious trouble because of it.

“He’s not going to go this alone,” said Richard. “We’re going to tell Dr. Johnson
what we did.”  

“Let’s wait until we hear from Bobby,” I suggested. “His dad’s pretty smart. He’ll
get him out of this.”

We laughed minutes later when we saw Scott leave the school with his uncle. He
had a blanket wrapped around him. His uncle kept turning around and cussing at
him. Scott looked totally dejected. He looked over at us with tears in his eyes. I
don’t think I’d ever seen such a pathetic sight.

“You know,” Richard muttered angrily, “I don’t care if I get expelled. He had this

It was another half hour before Bobby finally came out of the office. He saw me
waiting and rushed over and collapsed in my arms. Richard and Randall threw their
arms around us and held us tightly.

“What happened?” I asked looking into his red and tired eyes. It was obvious he
had been doing a lot of crying. He looked exhausted.

“When his uncle got here he was really mad,” he started to explain. “He demanded
that I be arrested and taken to jail.” He began to break down. I wrapped my arms
around him and held him until he calmed down.

“Then they showed him the video,” he started to grin. “It took two police officers
and my dad to stop him from hitting Scott. He said no fag was going to live under
his roof. He told Scott that when they got home he wanted him to pack his things.
He was going to send him off to some aunt in Arkansas.”

“So what’s going to happen?” I asked.

“As far as the police are concerned, nothing. Scott’s uncle refused to press any
charges. He said the fag got what he deserved.”

“What about the video tape and the goalpost incident?” Richard asked.

“As far as the goalpost, Scott wouldn’t say who did it. He told the police that he
was blindfolded and couldn’t identify anyone.” I looked over and saw Randall and
Richard let out a deep sigh. They were off the hook.

“What about the video?” I asked worriedly. I knew that Bobby could get expelled
because of it.

“The superintendent was in the meeting. He asked me if I was involved and I told
him no.” He gave us a mischievous grin. “I could tell he didn’t believe me, but
he let it drop. I guess he figured he owed me for last year. He told Dr. Johnson to
continue investigating, but since the video came from the public library it could
have been done by anyone.”

“You sly fox. That’s what you did last night.” He looked at me and blushed.

“So guys,” I said. “I guess this deserves some...”

“Ice cream!” Bobby shouted.

We headed for the door. Before we exited, I held out my hand and shouted,

Bobby placed his hand on top of mine. Richard and Randall laid their hands atop

“Revenge!” We all shouted.


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