Mark's Revenge
Chapter 13
Bobby was really shaken up when we left the theater. As we stood in the lobby, he
was trying to hold back from crying because he didn’t want people to see him. I put
my arm around him and could feel him trembling. An old woman even stopped us and
asked if he was all right.

By the time we left the theater, he was feeling a little better. We still hadn’t said a
word about what had happened. I was pretty sure that Scott hadn’t hurt him. If I
hadn’t arrived when I did though, it’s hard to say what might have happened.

As we walked through the mall, I turned when I heard someone running up from
behind. At first, I was afraid it was Scott. Instead, it was Ryan.

“Wait a minute,” he said breathlessly. “Can I talk to you guys?”

“What about Scott?” I asked angrily.

“Fuck him. He’s still back at the restroom nursing those kicks you gave him.” He
sounded as angry as I was.

“Good. Fucker deserved it,” I said.

“So, can we talk?” He gave me a pleading look.

“Sure,” I replied as Bobby and I continued to walk through the mall. I had no reason
to be angry at Ryan. Other than having a bad choice in boyfriends, he seemed like a
pretty nice guy.

“I’m Ryan,” he said as he stopped and turned toward us.

“Mark. This here is Bobby.” I extended my hand. His features were very striking. He
had beautiful gray eyes, or at least they appeared gray. His soft brown hair flowed
down just above his shoulders. He had really sexy lips. I couldn’t help but stare at him.

“I get that a lot,” he laughed.

“What?” I was embarrassed that he had caught me staring at him.

“People looking at me. It’s awkward sometimes,” he said sadly.

“Sorry,” I said. I guess I never thought about how sometimes good looks could be a

“You all right, Man?” he asked, putting his hand on Bobby’s shoulder. Bobby at first
flinched, but relaxed when he realized that Ryan posed no threat to him.

“Yes, I think so. I’m pretty scared though. He was trying to rape me.” I looked at him
and saw tears in his eyes. I reached over and held him while he softly sobbed into my
shoulder. Ryan gently rubbed his back.

“I’m really sorry,” said Ryan as he looked around to see if anyone was watching us.

“It’s not your fault,” Bobby said as he sat up and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“What’s with Scott?” Ryan asked. “I’ve never seen him act like that before.”  

“Can we go somewhere at talk?” I asked. I thought that Ryan needed to know what
Scott was doing at school, but I didn’t want to discuss it in a crowded mall.

He looked at his watch. “The food court is open until 11. It’s only 9:30.”

We walked quietly to the food court. Ryan kept looking back to see if Scott was
following us, but he wasn’t.

We spent the next half hour talking about Scott. We told him how he had outed us to
the school and how he had been threatening us. I even told him how I had gotten
suspended for three days because of him. Ryan didn’t say much. He listened to us
talk and shook his head as we told him about Scott’s behavior.

He also told us how he had met Scott. They had been standing in line for a ride at a
local amusement park during the summer. They started talking and ended up riding
the ride four times together. He said that Scott asked his uncle if he could spend the
night with him. They had been boyfriends since that night. They got together on the
weekends and chatted online almost daily. I looked over at Bobby and gave him a
knowing smile.

“Should we tell him?” I looked over at Bobby for his approval. He nodded his head.

“What?” Ryan asked.

“We’re trying to get revenge on Scott,” I informed him. I told him how Bobby had put
posters all over school with his parent’s pictures, but it  didn’t seem to have had
much of an effect.

“From what you’ve told me,” he said angrily. “someone needs to get his ass. After
tonight, I’d like to see someone fuck him up. I might even do it.”

We sat quietly for a few minutes. I looked over at Bobby and he was deep in thought.
I knew he was thinking about how we could get even with Scott.

“I’m such a fool,” Ryan said sadly. “He told me he loved me. I believed him.”

“That’s it!” Bobby said excitedly. “We can use that against him.” Ryan and I gave him
a puzzled look.

“How far are you willing to go to get even with him?” Bobby asked Ryan.

“After tonight, I’d be willing to do anything,” he replied.

“Anything?” Bobby asked.

“Anything,” Ryan stated again. Bobby looked at me and gave me a big grin.

“I think we have Plan B,” he smiled broadly.

“What?” I asked. I could tell by the expression on his face that he had devised a good

“Not yet,” he said. “I need to think about this for awhile. We can’t make any mistakes.”

I frowned, but I knew Bobby. He wouldn’t tell me until he was ready. We talked a little
longer and then Ryan called his dad to come get him. We exchanged phone numbers
and told Ryan we’d get back with him sometime during the week. He seemed as
excited as us about getting even with Scott.

We both decided to return to my house when Mom picked us up. Bobby called his dad
and got permission to spend the night. It was after midnight when we finally went up
to my room. We quickly undressed and crawled into bed. Bobby scooted over and
curled up beside me, pulling me into him.

“I love you,” he whispered. “You saved my life tonight.”

“I love you too,” I replied as I hugged him tightly. “I would have killed him if he had
hurt you.”  

“It looked like you were trying to,” he said. “The way you kept kicking him.”  

“It crossed my mind,” I confessed. “but I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in
prison and never be able to see you again.”

He laid his head on my chest.

“You know the worst part,” he said softly. “I could feel him trying to stick his dick in
my ass.” He stopped talking and started to cry.

“I kept thinking that I always wanted you to be my first. I thought he was going to
take that away from me.” I wrapped my arms around him tighter.

“I will be, Bobby. Whenever you’re ready.” I clutched him tightly. “I love you.”

“I know. I love you too.” He nestled comfortably into me.

“We’ll do it someday. I really want to feel you inside me,” he said seriously. “I want to
give myself completely to you.”

“Have I told you I love you?” I said while kissing his neck.

“Yeah. About three times in the last five minutes.”

“Then I guess I owe you about ten more.” We quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I slept one of the most peaceful nights I could remember in a long time.

I awoke the next morning around ten. Bobby was snuggled tightly against my back
and had his arm around my waist. We were both hard. I could feel his boner pushed
against the crack of my ass. He was snoring lightly.

I carefully positioned myself so his dick pressed against my asshole. He murmured
lightly and pushed forward, humping me softly. I could still hear him lightly snoring, so
I knew he was still asleep. I pushed back and could feel his hard dick poking at the
opening of my ass. I pushed back and felt him enter me about a half inch. I was
breathing heavily with excitement. I had never thought of Bobby fucking me, but at
that moment I really wanted him to.

I pushed back even harder and felt him sink in about an inch. He began to stir slightly
and humped me even harder. I could feel him enter me about another inch. Bobby
was actually in me and it didn’t hurt. Suddenly, he reached around and grabbed me by
my waist and pushed harder. He was whimpering and lightly kissing me on my back. I
thrust back and he pushed his cock all the way in my ass. It felt wonderful. It didn’t
hurt like I thought it would.

“Fuck me, Bobby.” I didn’t need to say anymore. I slowly maneuvered my body so
that I was now on my stomach and Bobby was on top of me. He continued to thrust
his cock into my ass.

“Does it hurt?” He whispered. “I’ll stop if it does. God, Mark. This feels great!” He
moaned into my ear.

“Keep doing it, Bobby. It doesn’t hurt,” I assured him. “It feels good.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing it to you,” he said as he continued pushing his cock into me.
“I always thought about you doing it to me.”

He continued to gently fuck me. A few minutes later, he moaned, “I’m cumming!” He
pulled his cock out of my ass and I could feel him shooting his cum on my back. He
continued to moan softly. When he finished, he fell exhausted against me. I could feel
his chest heaving against my back.

“Roll over,” he said after a few minutes. My cock was still hard. He took me in his
mouth and began sucking me. He took all of me without gagging. It was the best blow
job he had ever given me. He was intent on pleasuring me, and I was moaning my

“Here it comes!” I warned him after a couple of minutes. Instead of pulling off, he took
my cock deep into his throat as I erupted. I could feel him quickly swallowing my load.
After licking me clean, he moved up and faced me.

“I love you so much, Mark,” he said as he stared into my face. “I never thought I’d
ever feel this way.” Tears began to form in his eyes.

“I know, Bobby,” I replied. “I feel the same way. You have no idea how happy I am
right now.” We put our arms around each other and kissed. We rested for several
minutes before speaking again.

“We’d better get up,” I said. “Richard’s coming over in a little while.”

“Do we have to?” He gave me a pouty face.

“Not really.” I squeezed his dick. “You could fuck me again.”

“I can’t believe I woke up and had my dick in your ass,” he grinned. “What made you
do that?”

“You were pushing it against me and it just seemed right,” I told him.

“It really felt great,” he smiled. “It didn’t hurt?”

“No,” I assured him. “I thought it would, but it felt good.”

“Next time, you can do me.” He kissed me. “I want to feel you inside me.”  

“You sure?” He nodded his head and gave me a quick kiss.

We got dressed and headed into the kitchen just as the doorbell rang. I walked over
and opened the door to a smiling Richard and Randall.

“What’s up, Guys?” I said. They walked into the kitchen and sat down. Bobby came
around and grabbed me by my waist. He stood on his tiptoes and put his head on my
shoulder, grinning down at our guests.

“Oh, my God!” Richard shouted. Randall looked over and wondered why he was so
excited. “You guys did it! Didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?” I began to blush. It was as if he could read our minds.

“Look at you two!” He laughed. “You did it. I can tell.”

“Shut up, Richard,” Bobby said. He was blushing worse than me.

“Did it hurt?” He looked at Bobby.

“Nope.” I suddenly blurted out. My red face turned scarlet. All three boys started
laughing at the way I had embarrassed myself. He looked over at Bobby and gave him
a high five.

“Congratulations, Old Boy!” Randall gave him a high five as well. As they continued
talking I prepared us breakfast- a bowl of Cheerios.

“How was the movie last night?” Randall asked. “Tell me it was good, please. I’m
taking Richard there tonight.” He reached over and grabbed Richard’s hand and held it.

“You won’t believe what happened!” Bobby exclaimed. We spent the next twenty
minutes telling them how we had seen Scott and Ryan at the movie. We told them
about Scott giving Ryan a blowjob in the theater. We didn’t tell them about us doing
it. They already thought we were horny enough; we didn’t have to tell them just how

When I told them about Scott trying to rape Bobby in the boys’ restroom, they both
became angry. We had to talk Randall out of going down the street and beating Scott
up right then. He was pissed. He walked out the back door and paced around in the
back yard for a while, trying to cool off. Richard followed meekly behind him, unsure of
what to do.

When they came back in, Randall had finally calmed down. Richard grabbed his hand
and held it tightly. They had just met, but they seemed to be silently communicating
well with one another.

“I’m going to kill him,” he threatened. “Let me see the mother fucker alone somewhere
and I’m going to fuck him up.” His voice was filled with anger.

“No one touches my friend and gets away with it.” He looked over at Bobby.

“I have a better idea,” Bobby said. “And we won’t have to go to jail.”

“What is it?” I asked. I could tell that he had been giving this some thought for
several days.

“Plan B,” he said.

“What’s Plan B?” We all asked in unison. Bobby looked at us and grinned.

We sat at the table and Bobby explained how he was going to pay Scott back. He was
going to expose him as the hypocrite that he was. He had been going around school
telling everyone how he and I were gay, when he was himself. Bobby was intent on
outing him to the school the same way he had done us.

“And how do you plan to go about doing this? I asked somewhat suspiciously. “He’s
not just going to come right out and admit it.”

“Then we need pictures,” Bobby replied. “Ryan said he wants to get even too. We’ll
call him and arrange for them to go to the movies again. We’ll sit behind them and I
can use my phone and take pictures like we did with Amy.”

“It’s too dark in a theater,” Richard stated. “No one will be able to see what’s going
on.” Bobby frowned. He knew what Richard said was true.

“Then we need to find a place where they can have sex where we can take pictures.”
He looked around the room hoping someone could come up with a better idea.

“I got it!” I screamed. Why hadn’t I thought of it sooner? Aunt Janice would be away
next weekend. We could use her house. Scott knew that Ryan lived in Riverside. Ryan
could say that my aunt’s house was a relative of his and that they were away for the
weekend. Bobby and I could hide in a closet and videotape them having sex.

“Damn, Mark!” Bobby screamed. “That’s it!” He leaned over and gave me a big kiss on
the lips. “All we have to do is convince Ryan. After last night I think he’ll be more than
happy to pay Scott back.”

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Richard asked excitedly. He was as anxious to
see that Scott got what was coming to him as anyone else. “I really want to nail that
bastard. This just might work.”  

“I have a Plan C,” Randall said with a grin. He looked at us and started laughing.

“What?” I asked.

“Can’t tell you guys, except Richard,” he said. “I don’t want you involved. You’re
already taking a big risk with this.” He looked over and gave Richard a knowing wink.

“Revenge!” I screamed. I put my hand on the table. Bobby put his on mine, and then
Richard and Randall placed theirs on top.

“Revenge!” We all shouted at the same time.

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