Mark's Revenge
Chapter 12
“What did you find?” I asked excitedly. The grin on Bobby’s face told the whole story.
It had to be good.

“Not here,” he responded. “Come on. Let’s go to your house.”  

We couldn’t get there fast enough. He wouldn’t tell me what it was about. Several
times I thought about stopping and tickling the information out of him. My sister was
home when we got there.

“Hi, Mark. Hello, Bobby.” She greeted us as we walked through the door. She had
changed dramatically since she had run away. She stopped calling me fag, and she had
even asked me to help her with her homework a couple of times.

One night last week, I heard her crying in her room in the middle of the night. I went in
to see what was wrong. She said she had been having a nightmare about the truck
driver. She dreamed that he had taken her on a desolate road and raped her. I held
her in my arms and let her cry. She later told me I was the best big brother anyone
could ever have.

After stopping by the kitchen for a quick snack, we headed to my room. Once there,
Bobby kept kidding me about what he knew. I threatened to drag him onto the bed
and pound the information out of him. He said I could pound him later after he told me
what he knew about Scott. I started tenting my pants just thinking about it.

“Look,” he said after reaching into his book bag and pulling out a sheet of paper. It
looked like an email conversation.

“I don’t get it?” I said, examining the paper. What does this have to do with Scott?”

“I monitored a conversation he had with someone sixth period. When they were done I
printed it out.” He was grinning as he watched me read the paper.

“Damn!” I exclaimed. “You sure he wrote this?”  

“Yep,” he grinned. “Station 27.”

I reread the conversation again.

Lover16Boi:  Hey. Hows it going

AZHotScott:  This place is fucked i hate it here

Lover16Boi:  i miss u

AZHotScott:  u know i miss u babe

Lover16Boi:  im hard right now thinking about u

AZHotScott:  me 2  wish u were here

Lover16Boi:  What wuld u have me do

AZHotScott:  everything babe  i cant sleep at night thinking about u

Lover16Boi:  hehe  do u think about me when u play with it

AZHotScott:  hell ya  that’s all I think about

Lover16Boi:  you keeping your promise?

AZHotScott:  you know I have  noone but u  babe i promise

Lover16Boi:  i don’t even think about other guys  just u all the time

AZHotScott:  same here  i told u no one else and i ment it  when can i see you again?

Love16Boi:  not sure  but soon  i cant wait to have sex again

AZHotScott:  dam  i need u right now  I’m so hard  i hope noone sees it

Lover16Boi:  me 2  if i keep this up i’m gonna cum in my pants

AZHotScott:  i gotta go the bell is gonna ring soon  i’ll chat wit u tonite

Lover16Boi:  ok  laterz

AZHotScott:  luv u babe  only u

Lover16Boi:  same here  by babe

AZHotScott:  bye

“He’s got a boyfriend?” I was astonished with what I had just read.

“It looks that way,” replied Bobby.

“Do you know who he is?” If he’d gotten this much, he probably knew more.

“Nope,” responded Bobby. “I couldn’t find out anything else.”  

“Damn. He’s really playing him. The son of a bitch is telling him he’s being faithful and
he’s here fucking with everyone,” I said angrily. “Wish we could write this guy and let
him know what Scott’s really up to.”

“Give me some time,” said Bobby. “I’ll figure out something, now that we know what’s
going on. Let me see if he goes back in and chats again.”

“I hate that fucker,” I spat. “He goes around making our life miserable, and he’s just as
gay as we are.”   

“We’ll get him,” Bobby reassured me. Then he put his hand up and I high-fived him.

“Revenge!” he shouted.

“Revenge!” I exclaimed.

I pushed Bobby down on the bed and snaked my hand into his shorts. He became
hard instantly. I unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock. I leaned down and took it
in my mouth. Bobby let out a low moan.

Suddenly there was a rapping on the door. We both sat up and Bobby quickly zipped
his pants up.

“Yeah?” I called out hoarsely. Amy slowly opened the door and peered in.

“Mom’s home early,” she informed us. “You guys better stop or she’ll hear you.” She
then closed the door. Bobby and I looked at each other.

“Did that just happen?” he asked. “She didn’t even call us fags.”

“That’s the new Amy,” I informed him. “She’s been like this ever since she ran away.
Your dad’s been a big help too.”

“Wow. That’s great,” he smiled. “Maybe now we won’t have to kill her.” I leaned in and
gave him a quick kiss.

“We’ll have to go over to your house and finished what we started.” I wiggled my
eyebrows. He giggled.

“Come on.” He grabbed my hand and we quickly ran across the street.

I awoke the next morning and looked forward to going to school. I don’t think I had
felt this happy in a long time. Going to school had always been a horrible experience.
Now I had friends whom I was looking forward to seeing. Friends. Normal people would
never understand, but to someone who had been lonely all his life, having friends was
a new and wonderful experience.

As usual Bobby came over and we ate breakfast together. Mom fed him cold cereal and
toast. I guess the novelty of me having a boyfriend had worn off. She was treating him
like me and Amy now. I was going to miss having bacon and eggs in the morning.

I looked across the table and studied Bobby while he ate. He was getting cuter every
day. Now that he was dressing like a normal teenager, most of the teasing other
students had engaged in over the years had almost stopped. He no longer looked like
a geek. I was actually becoming worried that he was becoming too cute. I had noticed
that the girls at school were beginning to try and talk to him more each day.
Fortunately for me, he always seemed to ignore their advances.

When we got to school, Richard and Randall were already at our usual table in the
cafeteria. They were sitting close together with their elbows touching. Bobby and I sat
down across from them. Usually Richard had been sitting on my left side, but I
suppose he was much happier with the present situation.

“Hey guys.” I smiled at them. They looked up and returned my smile.  “How’s it going??

“Couldn’t be better,” Richard responded with a wide grin. He casually rubbed his elbow
against Randall’s.

“So I heard you guys are going to the movies tomorrow?” I said. Richard began to
blush. I didn’t know if this was something I shouldn’t have mentioned.

“Yep,” Randall beamed. “I asked and he said yes.” He looked over at me and winked.

“That’s great guys. I’m happy for you.” It made me feel good that I had somehow
been responsible for getting them together. They really made a handsome couple.
Richard’s black hair and dark brown eyes complimented Randall’s light brown skin and
soft brown eyes. Both could have been models.

As usual, Scott was sitting across the cafeteria watching us. He seemed a little less
aggressive towards me and Bobby since we had been befriended by Randall. I guess
he was intimidated by Randall’s size and his popularity among other students. It was
one thing to push around someone like me, but to try and take on a 6’7” star
basketball player was another thing.

“That guy has a serious problem,” Randall exclaimed while looking across the cafeteria
at Scott. “What is it with him? He seems obsessed with you guys.”

“He’s been like this since he arrived here this summer,” I told him. I then briefly
explained to him how he had outed me and Bobby to our families and other guys in
the neighborhood. I don’t know why, but I felt comfortable telling him how Scott had
been treating us.

“Is that how Bobby got that black eye?” He looked over and Bobby shyly nodded.

“He won’t touch you while I’m around,” Randall said angrily. “I’ll knock him into
tomorrow if he hits you again.” He looked at Scott and scowled. I looked back and saw
Scott get up and walk out of the cafeteria. It was as if he had heard our conversation.

“If you ever need me for anything, let me know,” he assured us.

“Me too,” Richard added. I looked at both of them and smiled. It was a nice feeling to
have friends you could depend on.

“We may have to take you up on that soon,” I said worriedly. “According to Richard,
he’s still planning on getting even with us for putting those posters all over school.”

“Dudes, you did that.” Randall began laughing. “That was brilliant. I gotta hand it to
you.” He held up his hand and we high-fived.

The bell rang and we got up and headed to class. I walked Bobby to his first period
then headed to Mr. Allison’s class. Before I got there, someone grabbed me from
behind and pushed me into the boys’ restroom. I turned and looked into the angry
face of Scott. His eyes were dark and ominous.

“Look, Fucker,” he snarled angrily. “Just because you’ve made a few friends around
here, doesn’t mean shit to me. You’re still a fag.” He hit me hard in my stomach. I bent
down and felt I was going to throw up. I could see him starting to unbuckle his belt.

“You’re going to suck my dick, fag. You wanted it earlier. Now I’m going to give it to
you.” He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards his hard cock.

“Fuck you!” I yelled as I pushed him backwards. He landed against the trash can and
fell to the floor. I quickly headed for the door.

“You’re dead, faggot!” I heard him shout as I ran out the door. Before leaving I turned
around and flipped him off.

“Bite me!” I shouted as I closed the door and headed to class.

Scott didn’t show up in first or second period classes. I didn’t know where he was. It
kind of worried me after what had happened. I was afraid he was somewhere planning
my demise. However, he did show up in sixth period. He didn’t say anything to me.
Instead, he remained pushed up against his monitor as if he was blocking what he was
typing. I laughed when I thought of Bobby sitting in the library watching what he was
doing. If he only knew!

When class was over I ran into Richard and Randall walking down the hall together.

“You guys have fun tomorrow at the movies,” I said with a grin.

“We will,” Randall said, returning my smile.

“What are you going to see?” I asked.

“Who cares?” Richard laughed. “We probably won’t be paying any attention to the
movie anyway.” When Randall slapped him on the arm, I started laughing.

“You guys have fun.” I walked away and headed to my locker. When I got there Bobby
was waiting for me.

“Well?” I asked. I could tell by his grin that he had some more good news. Scott must
have had another conversation with his boyfriend.

“How about a movie tonight?” I looked at him with a surprised look. I thought he was
going to tell me something interesting, not ask me out.

“Sure,” I said. “Why tonight? I thought we were going tomorrow.”

“Because Scott is going tonight. He’s meeting his boyfriend,” he grinned. “They made
plans last period. His boyfriend’s name is Ryan.”

“Damn,” I said in disbelief. I still couldn’t believe he could monitor their conversation.
“Anything else?” I laughed.

“Yeah,” he smiled widely. “Scott’s going to suck his dick during the movie. He promised
Ryan he would.”

“Oh, man,” I said. “I don’t want to miss that. You can suck mine if you want to.” I
wiggled my eyebrows.

“Maybe,” Bobby responded with a giggle. I could feel my dick hardening with

Bobby came over around 6:30 and my mom drove us to the mall. Scott and Ryan were
going to the 8:10 showing. We had to be very careful so that we would not be seen.
We could be in serious trouble if Scott found out we were snooping on him.

We went into McDonald’s and ordered a meal. We then sat at a table near the window
where we would have a clear view of the theater entrance. It was about a half hour
until the show would begin.

We were talking when Bobby motioned for me to look out the window. We saw Scott
and Ryan slowly strolling by.

“He’s cute,” Bobby whispered.

“Yeah. He is. What’s he doing with an asshole like Scott?” I asked.

“We’ve seen him before. Does he go to our school?” Bobby said.

“I’ve never seen him. Wait. Look at his shirt.” He was wearing a red tee shirt with the
logo of the Riverside Bisons. They were a rival team. The school was also located in the
city where my aunt lived.

“I know where we’ve seen him,” Bobby said excitedly. “He was the 10 we saw when we
were with your aunt at the ice cream place.”

“You’re right.” I now remembered seeing him when we were joking around with my
aunt. “He lives in my aunt’s town.”

We watched as they entered the theater and purchased a ticket. They went to the
concession stand and got popcorn and a drink, and then disappeared into the theater.
We thought we should wait a few minutes before going in.

We bought our tickets, then waited around outside until the feature began. We hoped
that they would be watching the show and not pay attention to us going in. When we
entered we saw them sitting on the right side of the theater. It seemed like Scott
looked at us, but it was too dark to see if he recognized who we were. We walked
around to the back of the theater, and then sat down about five rows behind them.
There were not many people watching the movie, maybe about thirty. We had to very
careful not to be seen.

They kept leaning into each other and giggling. Several times Ryan threw popcorn at
Scott. About thirty minutes into the show, we saw Scott’s head disappear into Ryan’s
lap. Bobby gripped my hand from excitement. Scott was giving Ryan the promised
blow job. Every once and a while we could see his head emerge above the seat then go
back down.

Bobby took my hand and placed it in his lap. He was hard as a brick. I began to rub
him. I looked around to see if anyone was noticing us. It appeared as if everyone was
engrossed in the movie on the screen.

“Take it out,” I whispered.

“No. We’ll get caught,” he said nervously.

“Open your pants, and let me hold your dick,” I pleaded. Bobby slowly reached down
and unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear. His dick was wet with precum.
He was breathing heavily from excitement.

“Someone’s going to see us.” He looked around the theater to see if anyone was
watching. I leaned down and took him in my mouth. He gasped. I only sucked him
about twenty seconds before he came in my mouth. I had to swallow because there
was nowhere to spit the cum without everyone knowing what I was doing.

He quickly zipped his pants up and looked cautiously around. I looked down the aisles
and noticed that Scott was still sucking Ryan’s cock. He must not have been as excited
as Bobby. We watched for about five more minutes, and then Scott’s head
reappeared. He looked over at Ryan and giggled. They began whispering as they
continued watching the movie.

Bobby reached over and felt the front of my shorts. I was still hard from all the
excitement. He began rubbing my cock through my pants. He cautiously looked around
the theater.

“Take it out,” he said nervously. I didn’t have to be asked twice. I carefully unzipped
my pants and released my hard cock. Bobby stroked on it for a minute, then leaned in
and took it in his mouth. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. After about
two minutes I shot into this mouth. He gagged slightly as he swallowed my load. I was
afraid that someone might have heard and knew what we were doing. I looked around
and no one seemed to have noticed.

“That was exciting,” he said as he came up. “Did anyone see us?”

“No. I don’t think so.” We resumed watching the movie. A few times Bobby looked
over at me and giggled. Once he started rubbing me and asked if I wanted to cum
again. I told him we better wait until later. We’d been fortunate not to have been
caught earlier. I didn’t want to press our luck.

“I gotta pee,” Bobby whispered. “I’ll be right back.” He got up and left the theater. A
couple minutes later Scott got up and left. I immediately became worried. What if he
had seen Bobby leaving by himself?

I got up and hurried out. I headed quickly to the restroom. I was afraid to imagine
what. Scott might be doing to Bobby if he caught him alone. I opened the door and
didn’t see anyone. Suddenly, I heard scuffling coming from one of the stall. I tried to
open it, but it was locked.

“Bobby!” I shouted. “Are you all right?” I started banging frantically on the door.

“Mark! Help me!” I heard the door unlock and I threw it opened. Scott had torn
Bobby’s shorts down and was trying to fuck him. I grabbed his back and threw him
out of the stall. His pants were around his ankles, so he landed hard on his ass. I
began kicking him in his sides as hard as I could.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” I turned and looked at a stunned Ryan. Scott was
lying on the ground with his pants wrapped around his ankles, as Bobby stood crying
in the stall. I gave one final kick to his side, and then rushed to Bobby. I helped him
pull up his pants, and then wrapped him in my arms.

As we started to leave, I walked over and gave Scott one last kick. He had been
looking at Ryan and didn’t notice me approach. He winced in pain when my shoe made
contact with his right side.

“Ask your boyfriend what happened!” I shouted angrily I put my arm around Bobby
and led him out the door.

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