Writing for Joe
Chapter 9
Matt awoke from someone loudly clearing their throat. He was lying in bed, still
spooning  Joe’s warm body. He was snoring slightly, so Matt knew that the
intruding sound did not come from him.

Another loud cough came from the direction of the door. He rolled over and saw
Jessica propped against the door with an irritated look on her face. She was
scanning the room and looking at the clothes scattered about. Her eyes widened
when she noticed the discarded cum-filled condom lying beside the bed.

Realizing they were naked and the covers were down around their feet, Matt
quickly grabbed the sheet and pulled it over them.

“What do you want, Jessica?” he asked as he sat up in bed.

“Hello! I live here, remember?” she replied. “What in the hell did you guys do last
night? It looks like a tornado went through here.”

She then added, “And if you stained my sheets, I’m going to ream your ass!”

“You’re about seven hours to late for that.” After realizing he spoke too quickly, he
began to blush a scarlet red.

Joe stirred beside him, then reached out and groped Matt’s cock. “You were
wonderful last night,” he purred.

“Ahem!” Jessica coughed loudly.

Joe’s eyes flew open and he instantly removed his hand from Matt’s limp cock.
“Christ, I didn’t know you were here.” He sat up and pulled the sheet tightly
against his body.

“Obviously,” Jessica smirked. “From the looks of this room, you guys must have
fucked your brains out last night.”

“It wasn’t my brain getting fucked out!” Matt laughed. It was Jessica’s turn to
blush. Joe raised the sheet and covered his laughing face.

“Damn! Too much information!” she exclaimed. “You sex maniacs get dressed and
come downstairs. Sergeant Nichols and Daniels are here. They said it was

“And wash the sheets!” she yelled as she closed the door.

Matt looked over at a very embarrassed Joe and laughed, “Nothing like getting
caught with our pants down!”

“Pants down? Damn, we didn’t even have our pants on! She didn’t see us naked did
she?” he asked worriedly.

“I’m afraid so, my good man. She saw your family jewels.” Matt started laughing
hysterically. “She was standing in the doorway when I woke up. We were both
butt-assed naked!”

He reached over and started stroking Joe’s cock, bringing it to life. “And may I add,
they are very nice jewels!” He leaned over and gave Joe a kiss.

“Ew! Morning breath!” Joe laughed, pulling away and getting off the bed. “Let’s
brush our teeth before we do that again.”

Matt watched him walk naked around the room, looking for his clothes. He was
mesmerized by the beauty of his body. He was ripped. Hours in the gym had
produced a magnificent body. He still couldn’t believe that last night he had gotten
to explore and enjoy it.

Joe announced, “I’m going to jump in the shower. I can’t go downstairs smelling
like sex.”

“Wait a minute and I’ll join you.” Matt jumped from the bed and chased after him.
They stood beside the sink and brushed their teeth. When they finished, they
turned and held each other as they passionately kissed.

Joe turned on the water to the shower. When the temperature was suitable, he
took Matt’s hand and led him in. They again wrapped their bodies together, feeling
the warm water cascading over their excited bodies.

“We have to hurry. We’ve got people waiting for us. They can probably hear what
we’re doing,” Joe warned. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

He knelt down, took Matt’s hard cock in his mouth and sucked it. Matt’s loud moan
could probably be heard by their awaiting guests.

“Later, Babe.” He stood up and grinned at Matt.

“Tease!” Matt shot back. “My cock’s going to be hard all day now!”

“Good! Just the way I want you. Horny!” Joe laughed.

They quickly washed each other, realizing they could not finish their sexual
adventure. Jessica came to the door once and pounded, reminding them that they
weren’t alone in the apartment.

Once dressed, they walked down the hall into the living room. Jessica was sitting in
an arm chair, and Nichols and Daniels were sitting on the sofa. Two chairs from the
kitchen were sitting off to the side for them to sit.

Matt and Joe blushed when they entered the room. Nichols and Daniels looked
uncomfortable, while Jessica sat with a knowing smirk on her face.

“All cleaned up?”

“Shut up, Jessie!” Matt shot her a disapproving look. “Sergeant Nichols, Officer
Daniels.  Any news yet?”

“I’m afraid so, but you’re not going to like it,” he replied worriedly.

“What’s wrong?” Joe took hold of Matt’s arm, afraid to hear what Nichols might say
next. He could sense that Matt was getting upset and wanted to comfort him.

“You know a girl named Tiffany Armstrong?”

“Yeah, she goes to Central,” replied Matt. “She’s in my psych class. Why?”

“She was shot last night.” Jessica gasped while Matt’s face became pale. Joe
increased his grasp on his arm.

“Shot?” Matt asked nervously.

“We think Cobra shot her.”

“Is she dead?”

“No,” replied Nichols. “The bullet grazed her brother’s arm, and hit her in the
shoulder. She’ll live.”

“Jeremy was shot too!” Matt screamed.

“Not really, just grazed his arm. You know him?”

Matt buried his head in his hands. Joe scooted closer and put his arm around Matt.
Nichols and Daniels looked at each other and raised an eyebrow.

“Yes. I talked to him about the incident at Wellston’s. I think he was involved.”
Matt informed them. Little did he know he was giving them information they had
kept hidden.

“That explains a lot. I don’t think Cobra was shooting at Tiffany. Jeremy must have
been the intended target,” suggested Daniels. Matt’s face lost all its color.

“It’s all my fault.” Matt‘s voice trembled. “I should never have talked to him. Now
he could get killed.” Jessica got up from her seat and helped Joe comfort a
devastated Matt.

“It’s not your fault, Honey,” he said softly. “You had no way of knowing.”

“That’s true.” agreed Nichols “You really had no way of knowing. But, like I told
you yesterday, I wish you had come to me before you started this investigation.”

Joe asked, “What can we do now?”

“Not much we can do. We have to wait it out until Cobra decides to strike again.
One thing’s for sure. None of you are safe while he’s loose,” warned Daniels.

“We’re going to put all you guys under protective custody. We think you should
move into a hotel. We’re going to hide Jeremy and his friend, Franklin, until it’s
safe. Jeremy’s mother took Tiffany to stay with an aunt who lives 300 miles away.
She should be safe there. We don’t think Cobra will leave the city,” Nichols
informed them.

“Have Jeremy stay here,” suggested Matt. He looked over at Jessica for her
approval. She shrugged her shoulders.

“What?” shouted Nichols. “We couldn’t think of doing that. It’s not safe. Cobra
probably already knows you’re here.”

“That’s just it,” replied Matt. “We’ll be the bait. We can flush Cobra out.”

“That’s crazy!” Daniels screamed.

“Hold on. The kid may be onto something here,” Nichols responded thoughtfully.
“This apartment’s perfect for surveillance. We could surround it and wait for Cobra
to show. He’d never come near a hotel. He’s smarter than that.”

“Yeah,” Matt continued. “There’d be four of us here if he did show. Plus you guys
would be swarming the place in seconds if he came anywhere near us.”

“Let me think about this,” responded Nichols. “I’m going to run it by my superiors
and see what they think. If we feel we can protect you safely here, we might try it.
You guys stay put, and don’t leave. Jessica, I don’t want you coming back here
until we give you the all clear. It’s too dangerous for you. Cobra might hurt you to
get back at Matt. We’re dealing with a real psycho. It’s hard to say what his next
move may be.”

“Trust me, we won’t be going anywhere,” replied Joe. “I’ve already dealt with this
crazy son of a bitch once, and I don’t want to face him again.”

“You’re right. We have a psychiatrist advising us, and it doesn’t look good. Cobra is
out of control right now. He’ll do anything, without remorse,” warned Daniels.

“I’m going back to the office right now. Daniels will be outside. If we do this,  you’ll
see a lot more police around here. That’s for sure.” He rose from the sofa with
Daniels following.

“Remember what I said. Stay put.” He closed the door and left.

“I’m going back over to Brian’s,” Jessica said disgustedly. “I love him, but I  wasn’t
ready for the live-in thing just yet.”

“Hell, you know you like it,” Matt laughed. “Cock 24/7!”

“Just like you have it here,” Jessica shot back. Matt’s pale complexion brightened.

“What’s wrong with 24/7 cock?” Joe laughed.

“Oh, no!” Jessica buried her head in her hands. “I don’t even want to thing what
my apartment is going to look like when I return to it. Four horny guys living
alone. It’ll take me months to get the smell out!”

Matt and Joe sat on the sofa laughing hysterically while Jessica disappeared into
the bedroom. She reappeared a few minutes later carrying some clothing.

“Pick that damned condom off the floor!” she screamed. “That’s fucking disgusting!”

Matt and Joe to laughed even harder. She shot them a dirty look and headed for
the door.

“Bastards!” she yelled as she slammed the door. Seconds later, they heard her
turning the key in the door as she returned.

“You guys be careful. I love you both.” She walked over to Matt and embraced
him. She then turned to Joe and did the same. Wiping tears from her eyes, she left
the apartment.

                                             * * * * * * * *

Just after three there was a knock on the door to the apartment. Matt and Joe
were sitting on the living room floor playing a game of Scrabble. It was their third
game, and they were tied, 1-l. Joe was currently ahead in the tie-breaking match.

“Who could that be?” Joe asked as Matt looked worriedly at him.

“Don’t open the door,” Matt warned. “Look out the peephole and see if you
recognize anyone.” He bent down and looked out.

“It’s all right,” he said as Matt let out a nervous sigh. “It’s Nichols.”

He unbolted the door and opened it up to allow the sergeant to enter. Behind him
were two young boys carrying two large gym bags and several book bags. He
looked them over as they shyly passed by him.

“These guys are cute,” he thought to himself. Matt was the only man to ever catch
his attention, but these boys were uncharacteristically good-looking. One was taller
than the other. The smaller one appeared rather boyish, but Joe guessed them to
both be about sixteen.

“Jeremy, I think you know Matt,” he began the introductions. Jeremy nodded.

“Jeremy this is Joe.” They shook hands.

“This is Franklin, Joe’s friend. This is Matt and Joe.” Franklin offered his hand.

“Now that the introduction are done, let’s sit down and talk for a minute.” Nichols
sat in the arm chair. Jeremy and Franklin sat closely together on the sofa. It
appeared that Franklin was almost sitting in Jeremy’s lap. Joe went into the kitchen
and returned with two chairs.

Nichols began to speak. “I don’t need to tell you guys how serious this situation is.
As you all know, there’s a mad man out there who would love to see you dead.
You’ll be safe here. The apartment is going to be under constant surveillance.
Daniels is outside in his car as we speak.

“Under no circumstances are you to answer the phone. Here is a police radio I
want you to use.” He handed the radio to Joe. “Communicate with us through this.
Cobra might try to call to see if you’re here.

“See this red button?” He held up the radio and made sure each boy saw it. This is
an emergency button. You press it, and there will be police all over this building.”

When Franklin began to cry, Jeremy pulled him into his body and cradled him. “I’m
so scared,” he cried. “I’m too young to die.”

“You’re going to be all right, Son,” Nichols tried to reassure him. “Nothing’s going
to happen to you here.” Jeremy continued to clutch him tightly, while Joe and Matt
exchanged a worried glance.

“Under no circumstances are you to leave this apartment. Keep the curtains drawn
and stay away from the windows,” instructed Nichols.

“Jeremy and Franklin.” They looked over and nodded. “We have someone getting
your school work for you. I want you to spend at least four hours each day doing
your work. I don’t want you to fall behind.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jeremy responded for both boys.

“As for you guys,” he began to speak to Matt and Joe. “I’ve talked to the dean,
and  he’s agreed to post your assignments online. Here’s the website.” He handed
them card.

“What about the newspaper?” Joe asked worriedly.

“Some of the work can be done from here,” he suggested. “Your assistant editor
will take over most of your duties until you return.”

“If we return,” Joe replied nervously.

“It’ll be all right, Boys. I don’t think you’ll be holed up in here for long. Guys like
Cobra usually make mistakes quickly. They get itchy for action. We’ll be ready
when he does.”

“I hope you’re right,” Joe stated worriedly.

“Any question?” Nichols asked. The boys looked at each other and then shook their

“Then I’m off. You guys will be safe.” He rose and approached the door.

“Lock this after I leave, and don’t open it unless you’re sure who’s behind it,” he

“Yes, sir,” they replied. When he left, Joe immediately bolted the door.

                                            * * * * * * * *

When Nichols left the house, he failed to look down the street and notice a red Ford
pick up truck. Instead, he went to Daniels car and got in. They discussed what to
do in case Cobra showed up.

If he had noticed the truck, then he would have known that its owner was found
dead earlier in the morning. The poor guy had entered a carryout to buy some
beer. When he returned to his truck, Cobra ambushed him from behind. He forced
him to drive to an abandoned warehouse outside of town. He ordered him out of
the truck. As he exited, Cobra shot him once in the back of the head.

Now Cobra sat in the truck observing all activities going on at the apartment
building. He knew that Daniels was conducting an around the clock surveillance
from his car. Officers took turns in eight hour shifts. Daniels was usually in the car
in the morning.

He also observed a car parked in back of the complex. It was occupied by two men
who were replaced every four hours. He also noted that a pizza delivery man
would arrive during every shift.

He knew all four boys were inside the brownstone apartment belonging to the dark-
haired girl. She had not made an appearance in two days, so he figured she was
not staying there. He wanted to kidnap her in an attempt to gain entrance to the
apartment, but now he would have to figure out another plan.

He picked up one of his guns laying on the passenger car seat and pointed it at the
building. He pretended to take several shots.

“Bang! Bang!” he shouted. “You’re all dead!”

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