Writing for Joe
Chapter 2
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“Shut up!” Matt yelled at Jessica Livingston.

“But I don’t understand why you don’t just tell him,” insisted Jessica.

Matt had met Jessica his freshman year. He had wandered around campus for three
weeks, never having really talked to anyone. Jessica approached him in the library,
sitting down uninvited while Matt worked on a literature assignment.

They talked briefly, when suddenly Jessica came out and told Matt she found him
attractive and invited him to dinner. He accepted. They went to dinner, and then back
to her apartment for a late night drink. After three gin and tonics, Matt became very

As the sat on the sofa, Jessica became aggressive and began kissing Matt. They
made out for a few minutes while she waited for him to make the next move. She had
given him every indication that she was willing to offer him more, but he had
apparently missed all the signals.

Out of desperation, she began rubbing his cock, stroking him lightly through his
shorts. He made an attempt to reach up and grab her tits, but then stopped. After
five minutes of rubbing, Matt still remained flaccid.

She sat up and looked at him, removing her hand from his still soft cock. “Are you
gay?” she asked.

“Yes,” he admitted. He looked her briefly in the eyes, and then stared at the empty
television screen.

“Why did you come back with me then?” she asked. She didn’t appear angry. She
would love to have had hot sex with Matt. What girl wouldn’t? He exuded sex with
his hard body, soft blonde hair and deep green eyes.

“I don’t know. I thought I might be able to do this just this once.” He blushed as he
admitted his virginity with females to her.

He had experimented with several boys in high school. He had even had a steady
boyfriend his junior year. That ended when the boy moved to another state.

He had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a girl, to stick his cock
into a pussy. He wondered if it would be different than a guy’s tight ass. He found
Jessica to be extremely sexy, and he thought he might be able to perform with her;
however, Little Matt didn’t cooperate.

“You were going to use me?” Jessica asked angrily.

“I’m sorry.” Matt covered his face with his hands and let out a loud sigh. “Guess I’d
better leave now. I really am sorry, you know.” He rose to his feet and prepared to
rush out of Jessica’s apartment.

“No,” she said. “I’d like you to stay. Come to the kitchen and we’ll have a cup of
coffee.” They talked for the next few hours. Matt told her his life history and his
experimentation with boys. She listened intently, interrupting him several times to
ask him some embarrassing questions.

Since that night four years ago, Matt and Jessica had formed a very strong bond.
She now had a steady boyfriend, and they were planning to marry after graduation.
It didn’t stop her, though, from becoming Matt’s closest friend and confidante.

Jessica was with him when he went through his relationship in his sophomore year
with his roommate, Jake. Things had been wonderful for months. He thought he was
falling in love. Then one night he returned to his room early, only to find a boy down
the hall with his cock rammed deep into Jake’s ass.

There was a huge scene, and Jake left the room that night. He never returned the
following year. Matt heard through mutual friends that Jake had moved west and
gotten involved in drugs.

He made the mistake last year of mentioning to Jessica his attraction to Joe. Since
that time, she had made it her mission to get the two of them together. She wanted
to see Matt find happiness. He had been lonely since his breakup with Jake. He never
dated, and he was constantly busy with his newspaper assignments.

“I don’t know why you won’t be more open with him,” she said. “I’ve talked to some
people and they say that he and Marilyn are going through some rough times. Maybe
this would be a good time to move in.”

She looked over and Matt and grinned. She knew Matt was weak when it came to Joe,
but he would never get up the nerve to make the first move. He had been waiting
patiently for three years for Joe to show some interest in him, but had never.

“You’re going to lose out. We graduate in five months and you may never see him
again,” she warned. “What if you could have had him and missed the opportunity?”

She was beginning to make sense. “Dammit,” Matt thought to himself. “What if I tell
him how I feel and he beats the shit out of me?”

“You know he wouldn’t do that. Joe is a good guy and you know it,” Jessica

It was true. Joe was a good guy. In three years, he had never heard him say
anything bad about anyone. There had been many interviews over the years with
some real sleaze balls, but Joe never said anything bad about them. However,
nothing had ever come up about the gay lifestyle.

“What have you got to lose?” Jessica asked. “If you won’t do it, I will.”

“The hell you will!” shouted Matt.

“Watch me,” Jessica replied with an evil smirk. Matt knew that smirk. He had seen it
many times over the years. It was on her face the time she told him that she was
going to get her current boyfriend to fuck her after several weeks of a platonic

She walked into the coffee shop the next morning with that same smirk on her face
saying, “See I told you I would do it.” She then told Matt about a night of hot,
passionate sex with Brian, now her fiancé.

“Next time take pictures,” Matt replied after her erotic story. “Just edit yourself from
them.” She kicked him under the table, and they enjoyed a rousing laugh.

“You still need to talk to him,” she said. “What have you got to lose?”

“I’ll think about it,” he responded. He had already made his decision, though. He    
didn’t tell Jessica because she would be disappointed.

                                                * * * * * * * *  

The next afternoon Matt and Joe met in the journalism room to discuss Joe’s ideas
for a spin-off of the Wellston story. They discussed the dozen students who had
been found engaging in various forms of sex in two upstairs bedrooms.

Joe asked, “Do you still have your notes from the party?”

“Yeah, hold on. Let me get them.” Matt dug out two spiral notebooks. Because of his
thorough investigative nature, he had kept copious notes concerning the incident. He
had interviewed about forty people who had been present at the party. Most had
been unwilling to talk to him. Several had agreed; so he had a general idea of who
was involved and the types of activity they engaged in.

The police had also furnished him with the police arrest records, which went into
some detail on the activities. Most of the students involved were students at the
college. Fourteen students had been arrested for various misdemeanors, mostly
public indecency, public intoxication and possession of controlled substances.

Samuel J. Wellston was charged with twenty-six drug charges, mostly for distribution
of controlled substances. Cocaine, marijuana and Ecstasy had been found in his
home. He was also charged with of six counts of corruption of a minor. All of the
charges centered on his involvement with drugs and alcohol. However, in his notes,
Matt had witnesses who said that sex was also involved. The police never took that
information to the prosecutor.

Wellston was found guilty of four felonies: two for distribution of drugs, one for
possession of a controlled substance and one for corruption of a minor. He agreed to
a plea bargain. In doing so, many of the original charges were dropped. He was
sentenced by a judge to six years in a federal penitentiary.

“I want to focus on the sex involved at the party,” Joe informed Matt.

Matt liked the sound of it. He had wondered why nothing ever came of the sexual
activity involved at the party. Numerous students had been found in upstairs
bedrooms engaged in sex. According to two people who did give him information,
four of them were underage high school students- all boys. One of the boys was
believed to have been a freshman at the nearby public high school. The others were
believed to have been older, perhaps juniors or seniors.

What Matt had found interesting was the fact that the boys had not been engaged in
sex with girls. They had been with male college students. No charges were ever filed
with regarding their activity. He had always wondered why.

“According to your notes, there was a lot of fucking going on when the police raided
the place,” Joe said to Matt as he scanned his notes.

“Yeah, according to people I talked to, the place was like a Roman orgy. People were
getting high on coke and X. They were fucking anything that walked,” laughed Matt.

“Damn, how did we miss that party? No one told us.” Joe responded with laughter.  
“I wouldn’t have minded getting me a little pussy,” he said jokingly.

“Man, you’re a dirty dog! I didn’t know you were into kinky sex,” Matt responded. He
looked over at Joe to see how he reacted to that comment. Maybe Joe wasn’t the
clean-cut guy he tried to portray.

“Well, you never know,” he stated, wiggling his eyebrows. “If you can’t be with the
one you love, then love the one you’re with.”

“Oh, really?” Matt raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

“Hell man, I’m just playing with you,” responded Joe when he saw the look on Matt’s

Matt was disappointed. For a while he thought that maybe Joe didn’t quite live up to
his puritan image. If he got high and was willing to jump into bed with a girl just for
some easy pussy, then maybe with a few more drugs and alcohol, he would fuck a   
guy’s ass.

“Let’s see what you got.” Joe scooted his chair closer and leaned into Matt to read his
notes. Their legs began to touch.

Matt was confused. Why was Joe getting so close? He could have just asked for the
notes and read them where he was sitting. Instead, he was now pressed up against
him, occasionally letting their legs touch.

“God! He smells good,” thought Joe. He was becoming intoxicated with the sweet
scent emanating from Matt’s cologne. He wasn’t sure why he did it, but he had
moved closer to his friend, and had even pressed up against him.

“What’s this?” Joe asked. “What does it say here about four boys? I can’t read your
handwriting.” As he spoke, he began to gently rub his leg against Matt. Nothing was
very overt, just a subtle little pressure.

“Oh, yeah,” Matt replied. “That’s the strangest thing about this investigation. They
found four high school boys naked in bed, but nothing further was said about it. It’s
like the investigation just stopped.”

He felt Joe’s leg against his, and he was breathing more rapidly. Beads of sweat were
beginning to form on his brow. He couldn’t believe that the man he had fantasized
about for the past three years was now sitting so close to him. He could feel the
pressure on his leg as Joe continued to lightly rub their legs together.

Matt’s cock began to harden inside his pants. The friction of their legs rubbing
together was having a very arousing effect on him. His most pressing problem was
how he was going to adjust his cock without Joe noticing. If it continued to grow, it
would leave an obvious tent in his pants.

“Wow!” Joe said excitedly. “It says here they were being fucked by college students.
Male college students!” Joe could feel his cock begin to rise. If it got any larger, Matt
would definitely notice. He reached down and quickly adjusted himself, pulling it up so
that it would not make a tent to the left of his pants leg.

Matt’s eyes caught this movement. “God Damn!” he thought excitedly. “Joe’s getting
an erection! Look at it!” He saw Joe discreetly try to adjust himself. “Damn, look at
the size of that! He’s got to be packing over seven inches!”

Matt was becoming extremely frustrated. He couldn’t contain his feelings. The man he
had wanted for so long, but seemed so unattainable, was getting a hard on right
before his eyes. He felt his own cock grow harder. He hesitated a moment, then
reached down and pushed his cock into a better position. The pressure against his
jeans was becoming unbearable. He looked down and noticed that a wet patch had
begun to form.

Matt’s action did not go unnoticed by Joe. He looked down and watched as Matt
rearranged himself. “Blondie’s got a hardon!” He thought to himself. His mind was
beginning to spin. It seemed like all the blood had left the head between his
shoulders and settled in the head on top of his cock.

“What’s this say here?” He reached over and put his shoulder against Matt as he
pointed out some scribbling on the page. In doing so, he pushed his leg harder into
him and began to rub more forcefully. It seemed like there was no turning back now.
He had entered a world that before had been unknown to him Never had he felt the
need to feel another man. His hand began to shake as he pointed out the place on
the page. He could feel his body getting warm, and he was beginning to break out in
a sweat.

Throwing all caution to the wind, Matt placed his hand on Joe’s leg as he looked at
the paper. Joe’s body stiffened when he began to gently rub his leg.

“Look, man. I gotta go.” Joe said excitedly. He looked at his watch. “I’ve got a
meeting in ten minutes at the administration office.”

When he stood, Matt stared directly at his hard cock. It extended upward in his
pants, poking out up to his belt. He wanted to reach out and touch it, but he decided
against it. Joe suddenly seemed extremely upset. He was hurriedly gathering his
papers and books. He was breathing heavily, and sweat was appearing on his face.

“Listen, we’ll get together tomorrow.” He quickly said; and then just as quickly, he
disappeared out the door.”

“Damn! What was that all about?” Thought a very confused Matt as he stared at the
empty doorway.

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