Apple of Her Eye
Chapter 11
(This section is written in the third person POV.)

Shaun was walking down the hall with his arm wrapped around Melissa’s small
waist. Students were walking past them, occasionally exchanging hellos or nodding
their heads. He had been with Melissa for over four weeks. It was close to setting a
record for him.

Suddenly, he felt a hand grab his arm. He turned around expecting to see a friend’s
face; but instead, he was staring into the glaring eyes of Mrs. Carson, Gary’s

He was fond of Mrs. Carson, or Mom, as she had insisted on him calling her on his
second visit to Gary’s home when he was in the fifth grade. She had been a second
mother to him, sometimes almost a first mom. His own mother worked all the
time and rarely spent much time with him. She was a good mother; however, she
wasn’t blessed with good maternal instincts.

Mom had filled that role, and he never once questioned her love for him. There had
been many nights he had fallen asleep in her lap during his numerous sleepovers
with Gary. He would be on one side of her, and Gary would be snuggled on the
other. When it was bedtime, she would help them up to bed and kiss them

When he broke his arm in the sixth grade while he and Gary climbed an oak tree in
Gary’s backyard, it had been Mom who took him to the hospital and stayed with
him in the emergency room. Mom had called his own mother, and after finding out
he was all right, she said she would be there when he got home. It was Mom who
held him and comforted a very scared little twelve-year-old boy.

Now he was looking directly into the eyes of the woman he most admired, and a
wave of guilt overtook him. This was the one thing he had been trying to avoid.
Since his fight with Gary, he had missed Mom. He knew that one day she would ask
why he wasn’t coming around anymore. He was sure she had heard the rumors
about what he had said to Gary in the cafeteria. By now, the whole school knew the

She held his arm gently and said, “Shaun, can I talk to you for a moment?” The
look in her eye told him that it wasn’t a request.

“Sure, Mom,” he responded. He whispered goodbye to Melissa, and she gave him a
peck on the cheek and walked away.

“In my room,” she directed. “This is my planning period. I’ll write you a pass for
your next class when we are done.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Shaun replied sheepishly as he entered the room and took a seat in
the front row. Mrs. Carson pulled up a seat and sat down, facing him.

She asked, “Would you like to tell me why I haven’t seen you in over a week?”

“No, Mom. I can’t,” he replied. How could he tell her that he had outed Gary to the
entire school? In doing so, he had destroyed their six-year friendship.

He realized that he didn’t hate Gary. He had been caught off guard by last week’s
incident. Guys their age were taught to hate gay people. That had been the
bantering in the gym classes since the fourth grade. Queers, fags, cocksuckers,
butt buddies. All these words had been ingrained in him for years as dirty. When
any guy innocently checked out the size of another guy’s cock in the shower, the
teasing would be endless.

So that night in his room, when he saw Gary staring sensuously into his eyes, he
reacted instinctively. When he mentioned it to his friends the next day, it became a
major issue. They had instigated his confrontation with Gary in the cafeteria. He
had reacted childishly, and now he regretted it.

Since then, he had left Gary alone and he hadn’t said anything to him. On several
occasions, he had even told his friends to shut up when they started talking about
him. On the day he returned to school and Billy and Robert began to harass Gary,
he was about to jump in when Josh suddenly shouted out.

“Why aren’t you Gary’s friend anymore?” Mom startled him from his thoughts when
she questioned him.

“It’s complicated. I don’t think you’d understand,” he muttered softly.

“Is it because he’s gay?” Shaun raised his head and looked surprisingly into Mom’s
eyes. She knew Gary was gay?

“Yeah,” He answered timidly. The guilt was coming in waves, and for the first time
he felt embarrassed.

“He made a mistake, Honey,” she explained. “He never meant to hurt you. If he
could take last week back, believe me he would.”

“He made a mistake?” Shaun asked incredulously. “I’m the one that fucked up.” He
put his had to his mouth. “Sorry, Mom, that slipped.” He couldn’t believe it.  He
had ruined Gary’s life. He had outed him at school, resulting in him being beaten
up. However, Gary was the one who was sorry!

Mrs. Carson smiled warmly at Shaun. “He loves you. You’re his best friend. He
misses you terribly.”

“I know,” Shaun stated. “But things are different now. We can’t be friends.”

“Why? What’s changed?”

“My friends would talk about me. They’d call me gay, too.” Shaun hung his head.
As soon as he said it, he realized just how inane the comment was.

“That’s more important to you than his friendship? You would turn your back on a
friend to keep other people from talking about you? How shallow are you? You are
going to have hundreds, maybe thousands of friends in your lifetime. But you will
be able to count on one hand your true friends- those who will stick by you no
matter how bad, as you say, you fuck up.” She reached out and gently held
Shaun’s hands.

Shaun looked up and met Mom’s eyes. He knew he had been wrong, but he didn’t
know what to do about it. Things had gone too far. “I don’t know what to do. I
outed him to the entire school. I don’t think he will ever forgive me. I know I

“Talk to him Shaun, he might surprise you,” she said assuredly. “Gary has a very
forgiving heart.”

“I’ll try.” It was all he was able to say. He wanted Gary’s friendship again, but had
too much happened? Was there anymore going back? Maybe going back wasn’t the
answer, maybe they had to move forward.

                                                 * * * * * * * *

“Come here, you perv!” I shouted as I pushed Todd down onto his bed. “You
pinched my butt in the hall today in front of everybody.”  

We had returned to Todd’s house after school to do our homework; but since no
one was home to monitor us, homework was the last thing on my mind. I was
more interested in taking a pop quiz on kissing, and we all know what was going to
pop up!

I leaned in and began to kiss Todd passionately. It felt so good, so right. I could lie
here all day like this. Soon we began to grind our hard cocks into each other, and
he began to moan in my ear.

“We have to stop,” I said breathlessly, pulling myself off him and lying down on my
back. Todd glanced at my dick poking through my khaki pants. A small, wet patch
was beginning to form.

“Why? It’s just getting fun,” Todd giggled as he pressed down on my cock, stroking
me lightly through my pants.

“Because last night after we made out in my room, I had to take a shower and jack
off. Since my right hand was in a cast, I had to use my left. It didn’t feel right.” I
began to blush as I remembered the fantasy I had about Todd in order to make
myself cum.

“Then maybe I can help you,” he replied shyly. He began to rub my crotch more
forcefully. I closed my eyes and let out a slight whimper.

When he began to unbuckle my belt, I wanted to stop him. However, my other
head wouldn’t let me. I knew we weren’t ready for real sex yet, but a hand job
would feel really good!

“Lift your butt up,”ordered Todd. He unzipped my pants, pulled them off and threw
them on the floor.

My dick was tenting my white briefs. Todd gently stroked me through the cotton
material. He was playing with my head to see if he could get anymore precum to
soak through my briefs.

“Lift up again,” he said. He pulled my underwear off, leaving me exposed to him.

“It’s beautiful,” he said admiringly. He took my cock in his hands and began
stroking me. He reached out and helped me remove my tee shirt. It was a little
difficult because of the cast. I was now completely naked before him.

He continued stroking my cock with one hand while rubbing my balls with the
other. When he leaned over and began sucking on my nipple, I moaned so loud the
neighbors had to have heard. Todd giggled and went back to licking my chest.

He let his tongue travel downward and licked around my belly button. Then he
traveled further, nibbling at my pubic hair. With my eyes closed, and I was
reveling in the feelings. My moans were becoming louder.

Todd removed his hand from my dick, and a strange warmness engulfed it. My
eyes shot open, and I looked down to see Todd sucking my cock into his mouth. He
was careful not to scrape me with his teeth. It was better than any anything I had
ever experienced while jacking off. It was better than my dream.

I wish I could say I lasted for an hour, but I didn’t. This new experience had me
feeling so excited, I   couldn’t hold it very long. After about three minutes, I
informed Todd I was going to cum.

“Here I cum!” He pulled his mouth off, and cum shot out in giant streams. One flew
up and landed on my neck. Another on my right nipple, and then several more hit
my stomach. The remainder coated Todd’s hand.

“Cool.” He looked up and grinned. He knew he had done a good job.  “Not too bad
for my first time,” he giggled.

“Oh God! I’ve died and gone to heaven!” I said breathlessly. “That was fantastic!”

He ran to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and cleaned the cum off my chest. He
smelled his hand before he wiped my cum off.

“Ew, gross!” I shrieked. He giggled again. “How did you know what to do?” I
asked. “That felt really great.”

“I’ve been practicing,” he grinned.

“Practicing? On who?” I was starting to get upset. I thought I was his first.

“On a carrot.” He was blushing bright red.

“On a carrot?” I started laughing hysterically.

“Yeah. When I met you, I hoped we would do something someday. I wanted it to
feel good. So I’ve been practicing with a carrot.” His face burned even brighter.

“That is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of,” I laughed. “But it worked. That was

He grinned widely as he lay down beside me and put his head on my chest. “I love
you,” he quietly stated. I know my heart seemed to stop. After all the lonely years
I had experienced, I thought I would never hear those words said to me by another

“I love you too,” I responded as I rolled on top of him and began kissing him. We
made out for several minutes before I lifted him up and pulled his shirt over his

He lay back, and I began to nibble at his little nipples as he had done earlier. Since
this was my first time, I was trying to copy what he had done to me because it had
felt so good. I wanted him to experience the same feelings.

If I was a moaner, then Todd was a screamer. We could never have sex with
anyone in the house. He was squirming all over the bed. I lifted him up and pulled
his pants and underwear off. Forget the foreplay, I wanted him now!

His dick popped out and I got the first glimpse of my boyfriend’s cock. The best
way to describe it is cute, just like him. It wasn’t very big, probably five inches long
and slender. To me, though, it was just right. He had blonde pubic hair and hairless

Eager to please him, I took it completely in my mouth. Todd screamed and
rammed his dick deep inside my mouth. I loved the hardness in my mouth. I
hadn’t been practicing with a carrot, but it seemed that I instinctively knew just
what to do.

I sucked him deeply several times before he began convulsing on the bed. I knew
he was close. If I lasted three minutes, he only lasted two. Soon, I felt the head of
his cock expand, and he let out a scream.

“God, here it comes!” He rammed his cock to the back of my throat. I felt the first
shot blast into my mouth before removing it and letting the rest land on his
stomach. He didn’t cum as much as me, but it was still a nice load.

“Fucking Awesome!” He screamed breathlessly. I laughed because it was the first
time I had ever heard him curse.

I looked into his face and grinned. “You liked that, huh?”

“I loved it, just like I love you.” He leaned forward for another passionate kiss.
When I opened my mouth, he began exploring inside my mouth, tasting the
remains of the cum that he had just deposited there.

We lay quietly for several minutes. Occasionally, we would kiss; but most of the
time we just stared into each other’s eyes and smiled.

“We better get cleaned up,” suggested Todd. “Josh should be home soon.” He
blushed when he asked, “Do you want to take a shower together?”

“Does a cow have tits?” I responded. I slapped his cute ass on the way out of his
room as we ran naked to the bathroom.

When we finished showering, we toweled each other off and ran back naked to his
bedroom. As soon as we entered his room, we ran into Josh.

He looked at us standing naked before him. Both our dicks were hard and pointing
upward from the very thorough toweling we had given each other.

He looked astonished. Then suddenly he began to smile. Soon, he erupted into
laughter. “You Little Bros been naughty?” He asked with a wide grin.

“Yeah!” We both said at the same time. We looked at each other and began
laughing. We got another loud roar from Josh when we simultaneously grabbed our
cocks and started shaking them at him.

Josh held out his arms and we walked over to him still naked. He embraced us in a
huge bear hug. He let us go, but not before smacking us both on our bare butts.
We all burst out in laughter again.

Josh left the room, and Todd and I slowly dressed as we watched each other
closely. He walked over and buttoned my shirt while giving me little kisses on my
face. When he was done, I did the same to him.

He walked me to the door, and we embraced.

“I love you, Todd.” I said as I gave him a gentle kiss.

He returned the kiss and replied, “And I love you, Gary.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Call me tonight before you go to bed,” I told him.

“I will,” he replied. I kissed him one last time before I opened the door and left. I
looked back when I was half way down the block. He was standing on his porch
watching me. When I waved at him, he waved back. He was still watching me
when I turned the corner and headed for home.

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