Newsletter for Couples of Miami Valley
April  2018
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Dayton, OH

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4/25- Paula (Becky)
4/2-  Ron and Tony
4/8- Mitch and Mario
It's a
Spring Affair!

April 14
6:00 pm
2018 Calendar of Events
January:  Ron and Tony
March:  Amy and Julie
April: Brenda & Margaret
May: DR and Rob  
June:  Mitch and Mario
July:   Ken and Rob
August: Tim and Don
September: Marie and Emily
October:  OPEN
November: OPEN
December: Ward and Fabian
Thanks to everyone who volunteers.
We wouldn't exist without your participation.
Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder
where the birdie is? Well, that little birdie told
me he was heading over to Margaret and
Brenda's house on Saturday, April 14, to
celebrate the arrival of Spring!

Margaret and Brenda will be preparing a picnic
basket with ham and sandwich fixings. They ask
you to help fill it with delightful picnic goodies
like potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs,
salads, appetizers or desserts. When you
contact them, let them know what you'll be
bringing to avoid duplications.

They will also provide soft drinks, and they
request no alcoholic beverages. They hope the
weather will cooperate so we can enjoy a nice,
enjoyable Spring day on the deck.

I would start singing April Love, but then I
would be dating myself. Besides, you might
reach into the picnic basket and throw the
deviled eggs at me!