Dancing on a Star
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     Jack Woolery's life was safe and secure. He
was attending high school, and he had no
intention of coming out to his parents or best
friend, Jimmy.
    Then Tracy Craft moves in across the street
and changes his plans. Tracy, a new student and
an aspiring ballet dancer, is strong and confident.
He challenges Jack to reevaluate his life. Can Jack
become friends with an openly gay boy, and yet
maintain the secret life he trusts?
It's been three years since I last
posted a new story. I have started on
a story, and I am going to begin
posting it even though it is not yet
In the past, I posted a new chapter
weekly. I will not do that with this
story. I will update it regularly with no
set schedule. Please bear with me as I
get back into the writing mode.
Thanks, Ron